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Eye on Demand | July 16, 2018

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Smart DNS

Amazon Prime Instant Video (US) Review

May 11, 2016 |

Amazon Prime Instant Video is America’s second largest on-demand video subscription service and the chief pain in Netflix’s proverbial side. Sometimes good competition works in the favour of the consumer and this has given Amazon Prime some killer features that walk all over Netflix. But is it really as good as it sounds? Read More

How-To: Set-up an American Roku Box Outside the US

April 27, 2016 |

Got yourself a great Roku box or Stick to watch US on-demand television, but not living in the US? No need to turn it into a paper weight just yet. Follow these easy steps and you can be watching Netflix, Hulu, or one of the many other US Channels on this fantastic little puck! Read More

Apple TV 4 & Global Television – For Smart DNS Users

January 28, 2016 |

It may have been noticed by now that we’re really excited by the Apple TV 4, especially for global television viewing via Smart DNS. In fact, I can tell you one thing right now, this set-top-box looks to be the Smart DNSer’s dream machine. If you want a way to easily watch content from all over the world, whether it is BBC from the UK, Plus7 from Australia or Hulu from the US, we’ll show you how! Read More

All 4 (4oD) Review

January 12, 2016 |

Although Channel 4 is historically considered the third terrestrial television network in the UK after the BBC and ITV, it would come in many people’s minds a close second after the national public broadcaster. Channel 4, due to its public service remit, constantly delivers a broad range of cultural, artistic and entertaining programmes that often defy its commercial financing. Read More

BBC iPlayer Review

December 16, 2015 |

Writing a review about the BBC’s on-demand service is no easy task. After all, this is the world’s largest and oldest television broadcasting company and one of the great media innovators. The BBC’s iPlayer is quite simply the on-demand benchmark for traditional broadcasting networks, both public and private. Even if you have never used it before, once you start, it will be very difficult to part with it. Give it a whirl as it could change the way you watch television forever. Read More

How-To: Set-up a British Roku Box Outside the UK

November 9, 2015 |

Got yourself a great Roku box and want to watch UK on-demand television, but not living in the UK? No need to turn it into a paper weight just yet. Follow these easy steps and you can be watching the BBC iPlayer, BBC Sport, Netflix, Sky’s NOW TV, ITV Player, All 4 and Demand 5! Read More

How-To: Access Smart DNS in Hotels & Public WiFi via iOS & Getflix’s DNS-over-VPN

October 28, 2015 |

Whilst Smart DNS is almost certainly the most practical and easiest way to unblock geographic restrictions from television streaming services, some hotels or public hotspots don’t take too kindly to users having such freedom in their network. No worries, just fire up Getflix’s DNS-over-VPN. Read More

Eye on-Demand Launches Our New Forum!

July 10, 2015 |

We have finally done it! One of our most requested new features has just gone live, the Eye on-Demand Forum! A new community to chat about anything On-Demand, Catch-up and Cutting the Cordall from a global perspective. Whether you need advice on how to access television or movies from around the world, unblocking geographic restrictions or simply what to watch, you can do it all here! Read More

How-To: Use a Cheap Secondary Router for Smart DNS

May 1, 2015 |

This guide will show you how to use a secondary router for Smart DNS, with the secondary router to be placed between your main router and television set-top-boxes, in order to unblock regionally restricted content – and it’s a lot easier than it sounds! Read More

Sponsored News: Last Chance To Save up to 25% On OverPlay’s Smart DNS!

April 17, 2015 |

As many may already know, last month OverPlay added an incredible new feature called JetSwitch, returning control back to their subscribers by allowing them to switch easily between regions independently for each individual service. And today marks the last day for their massive savings of up to 25% off! So if you’ve been holding out, now is the time to grab that subscription! Read More