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Eye on Demand | July 16, 2018

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How To: Setting Up Live TV Streams on the Apple TV 4 (Updated)

May 24, 2016 |

Imagine a television with a tuner that can pick up every live TV channel in the world. Well, we’re not quite there yet… but we’ve found a pretty cool start to it on the Apple TV where you can flip through live channels of your choice. Read More

ITV Hub Review

March 16, 2016 |

Traditionally the UK’s second broadcaster, ITV was Britain’s first commercial television network after launch in 1955. More than half a century later, ITV offer in addition to their terrestrial broadcasts an on-demand service which includes 30 days of free catch-up, an experimental rental library for their back-catalogue and live Internet simulcasts. Read More

News: BBC & ITV Planning Potential SVOD Service

March 11, 2016 |

According to a report from The Guardian, the BBC and ITV may be joining forces to create a Netflix-style SVOD service with a focus on archived content. If you ask me, this could be more revolutionary than it at first appears.  Read More

Searching for the Streams

January 25, 2016 |

It’s one thing to suddenly have access to a vast selection of global television, but finding out exactly what’s on is another story altogether. Thankfully, there are searching sites cropping up, dedicated to making it easier to find exactly what you want – and we just so happen to keep a list here. Read More

News: ITV Announces ITV Hub and an AFTV Launch!

September 23, 2015 |

If you’ve been wondering what ITV have been up to recently, today is the day you find out. ITV have announced ambitious plans to rebuild its online identity, combining ITV Player and into the ITV Hub, along with new platform launches planned for the Amazon Fire TV Box and Stick! Read More

News: Sky Go Adds ITV & Demand 5

April 29, 2015 |

In rather interesting news this week, Sky Go, Sky’s more expensive OTT service that is available on fewer platforms and with more restrictive device limits than Now TV, has added ITV and Channel 5 catch-up content. Now, Sky Go subscribers can watch the otherwise free-to-air catch-up programmes for a fee. Read More

How Not To Miss This Year’s UK Xmas Specials!

December 12, 2014 |

If there is one thing December is great for, it’s sitting in front of the telly! The skies are grey, and it’s horrible outside, so make sure you don’t miss all the great Christmas specials the UK broadcasters will be churning out! Read More

Amazon Fire TV & TVPlayer Quietly Herald In Television Revolution

October 12, 2014 |

Come October 23rd, Amazon’s Fire TV launches in the UK with a basic range of apps expected for “yet another” streaming set-top-box, including the usual suspects of Netflix and Amazon Prime. But along for the ride are a relatively unknown outfit who just may be paving the road for the end of traditional terrestrial live television. Read More

News: Sky Go Adds ITV Channels In Time For Live World Cup Streams

June 5, 2014 |

Just in time for the upcoming Fifa World Cup, Sky Go, the UK satellite broadcaster’s online service, has just added all of the ITV channels to it’s live television line-up. Read More

BBC Satellite Change – How To Keep Watching Live UK Television In Europe

February 5, 2014 |

Worried about the big Satellite change tomorrow morning that could render BBC signals across Europe dead? Fear Not! If you lose your Satellite service due to the new Astra 2E tight beam, it is still possible to enjoy almost totally normal live UK television via the Internet – right on your big living room TV. This is our rescue me from the blank-screen guide designed for the layman! Read More