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Eye on Demand | August 15, 2018

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How-to: Watch the Formula One in the UK via IPTV

March 17, 2016 |

Now that Channel 4 has taken control of the BBC’s Formula One broadcast feeds in the UK, there may be a few people wondering how to watch the live streams via the Internet – after-all, as wonderful as All 4 is, they don’t actually make it as easy to watch live streams as the BBC did. Read More

How To Watch the Rugby World Cup From Wherever You Are In The World (Updated)

September 15, 2015 |

Once again, it’s time for the Rugby World Cup, the 4th largest sporting event in the world after the FIFA World Cup, Summer Olympics and the Cricket World Cup. And this year England plays host to the 20 nations competing. Having trouble watching live games in your country? No worries… we’ve got you covered! Read More

Review Updates: Week 02 – 2015

January 9, 2015 |

Gosh, week two already in 2015, and two review updates to mention here. First, some minor additions to the Xbox One review, adding a couple of new features. But the real showstopper this week is FilmOn’s new Roku app reviewed. Finally, live UK television from FilmOn via a proper set-top-box. This one is worth checking out. Read More

News: FilmOn updates Roku App (Updated)

December 13, 2014 |

FilmOn, the free live and on-demand television streaming service that provides many of the main UK FTA channels, have just made a major update to their Roku app, adding a pile of great features. Read More

How Not To Miss This Year’s UK Xmas Specials!

December 12, 2014 |

If there is one thing December is great for, it’s sitting in front of the telly! The skies are grey, and it’s horrible outside, so make sure you don’t miss all the great Christmas specials the UK broadcasters will be churning out! Read More

News: FilmOn Found In Contempt Of Court

July 28, 2014 |

Whilst FilmOn’s UK and global channels roll on without too many headlines, the same can’t be said for their US operations, as this week New York District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald, found the streaming company in contempt of court for continuing to stream live US channels after the Aereo ruling. Read More

News: FilmOn To Continue Broadcasting US OTA Channels

July 1, 2014 |

After last week’s US Supreme Court ruling against Aereo, it initially became unclear what would become of FilmOn’s similar service providing live American channels. FilmOn’s founder, Alki David, has just announced that the live US channels will continue to operate – although with a few changes. Read More

World Cup Streaming Services: Speed Shootout!

June 12, 2014 |

Planning to watch the World Cup today online, but worried whether the streaming quality will be good enough? Then check out our quick guide of selected services available around the world. Read More

Review Updates: Week 23 – 2014

June 6, 2014 |

We’ve just got hold of our first Android device for service reviews, a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, and already two reviews have been updated this week, with both also taking a look at their Chromecast features. Read More

News: FilmOn Adds Chromecast Support (Updated)

May 17, 2014 |

FilmOn, the hugely popular free television streaming service has just launched Chromecast support for Android devices. This is potentially huge news, as it could finally allow Android mobile users an easy way to watch live FilmOn television channels on their main TV. Read More