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Eye on Demand | July 20, 2018

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News: 3NOW Adds Live Streams

April 11, 2016 |

New Zealand’s second largest FTA television broadcaster MediaWorks, has just begun rolling out a huge update to their catch-up service’s mobile apps, sporting a brand new look and adding live streams of TV3. Read More

News: HBO Now Arrives on Android Devices

July 16, 2015 |

HBO Now has finally lifted the 90 day restriction limiting their new OTT service to Apple devices, with their launch today on Android.

Read More

News: PBS Finally adds Android Support

June 12, 2015 |

It took an incredibly long time, but PBS have finally released a dedicated Android app for non-Apple mobile users. And possibly with a view of pacifying their viewers, it comes fully loaded with Chromecast as well! Read More

News: Amazon Prime (Finally) Launches an Android Tablet App

April 8, 2015 |

It took what seems more than a lifetime, but Amazon have finally released an Android tablet app for their Amazon Prime and Instant Video service. But in the process, they have still managed to kick some sand in our face… Read More

News: BET Adds Live Streams to Mobile Devices

March 31, 2015 |

The UK’s Channel 4 wasn’t the only network to add live streaming to iOS this week, with BET from the US allowing Android and Apple mobile users to watch live feeds as well. Read More

News: BBC Mobile Apps Now Offer Live UK Country Streams

February 27, 2015 |

Live BBC television streams on mobile devices is nothing new for UK viewers, with the BBC offering all of their channels live on the free BBC iPlayer apps via iOS and Android for some time now. But in the latest update, this also adds the option to switch UK countries as well. Read More

News: Aertv Adds Android and Chromecast Support

February 12, 2015 |

Aertv, the company that provides live Irish television over the Internet including RTÉ One, RTÉ Two (+HD), TV3, TG4, 3e and more, has just added support for Android and Chromecast – possibly the two most desired features for the live simulcasting service. Read More

News: Aertv Adds Chromecast & Android Support

February 3, 2015 |

Aertv, purveyors of live Irish television over the Internet, have finally launched their new Android app, and if you thought it was a long wait, it may just well be worth it, as they have also added native Chromecast support. Read More

How To: Sideload Android Apps To Amazon Fire TV

December 31, 2014 |

Although the Amazon Fire TV has some really amazing apps, it still misses a great deal. What not a lot of people realize is that the AFTV is in fact an Android box that can unofficially install standard Android apps from your smart phone or tablet. Follow this guide to sideload Android apps without any need of rooting either device. Read More

News: Hulu Offers Free Android Streaming Over Holidays

December 15, 2014 |

Got yourself an Android phone or tablet? How about living in the US, a good VPN or Smart DNS service? Then you have a wealth of free Hulu content for the Christmas holiday period! Read More