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Eye on Demand | July 20, 2018

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ITV Hub Review

March 16, 2016 |

Traditionally the UK’s second broadcaster, ITV was Britain’s first commercial television network after launch in 1955. More than half a century later, ITV offer in addition to their terrestrial broadcasts an on-demand service which includes 30 days of free catch-up, an experimental rental library for their back-catalogue and live Internet simulcasts. Read More

News: BBC & ITV Planning Potential SVOD Service

March 11, 2016 |

According to a report from The Guardian, the BBC and ITV may be joining forces to create a Netflix-style SVOD service with a focus on archived content. If you ask me, this could be more revolutionary than it at first appears.  Read More

News: BBC iPlayer to Require TV Licence

March 3, 2016 |

Not many people realise that right now UK residents don’t actually need a TV Licence if they are just watching catch-up via the BBC iPlayer. But all that will soon end with the Culture Secretary John Whittingdale about to fast-track a licence change through parliament a.s.a.p. – which to be honest, is actually not a bad thing. Read More

News: BBC Three’s Linear Service Shuts Down

February 16, 2016 |

As of last night, the BBC’s youth oriented channel BBC Three, has gone dark on television screens across the UK, after the public broadcaster flipped the switch ending traditional linear transmissions. The only way to watch BBC Three now is via the Internet and on-demand. Read More

All 4 (4oD) Review

January 12, 2016 |

Although Channel 4 is historically considered the third terrestrial television network in the UK after the BBC and ITV, it would come in many people’s minds a close second after the national public broadcaster. Channel 4, due to its public service remit, constantly delivers a broad range of cultural, artistic and entertaining programmes that often defy its commercial financing. Read More

News Flash: BBC iPlayer Experiencing Technical Difficulties

December 31, 2015 |

Just in time for the new Sherlock or Doctor Who special, it seems the BBC iPlayer is experiencing technical difficulties. If you can’t access the BBC iPlayer right now, the chances are it’s not your WiFi, network, hardware or smart DNS provider. It looks like Aunty’s gone to hospital… Read More

BBC iPlayer Review

December 16, 2015 |

Writing a review about the BBC’s on-demand service is no easy task. After all, this is the world’s largest and oldest television broadcasting company and one of the great media innovators. The BBC’s iPlayer is quite simply the on-demand benchmark for traditional broadcasting networks, both public and private. Even if you have never used it before, once you start, it will be very difficult to part with it. Give it a whirl as it could change the way you watch television forever. Read More

News: BBC iPlayer Updates & Lands on Apple TV 4

December 14, 2015 |

It’s been a busy night over at the BBC with their iPlayer arriving earlier than expected on the new Apple TV, along with various updates on other platforms. Read More

News: ITV Player Lands on Amazon Fire TV

October 1, 2015 |

It was only a couple of days ago that we wrote about ITV Hub and their plans to arrive some time this year onto the Amazon Fire TV. But it seems the folks at ITV couldn’t wait and have just launched their existing player on the Fire TV Box in the meantime! Read More

News: BBC Announce Major iPlayer Update

August 19, 2015 |

The developers at the BBC really are relentless, with the world’s best television catch-up service just announcing even more great features, and this time they’re some of the most sort after! Read More