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Eye on Demand | July 16, 2018

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How-to: Getflix

How-to: Access Foreign Netflix via Smart DNS from Abroad

May 31, 2016 |

You may have heard that it is now harder to access foreign versions of Netflix when outside of their respective countries. While it isn’t yet impossible, it’s not quite as easy as it used to be. Not everyone is having problems, but if you are, check out our guide as it may offer a potential solution. Read More

How To: Setting Up Live TV Streams on the Apple TV 4 (Updated)

May 24, 2016 |

Imagine a television with a tuner that can pick up every live TV channel in the world. Well, we’re not quite there yet… but we’ve found a pretty cool start to it on the Apple TV where you can flip through live channels of your choice. Read More

Global Free-to-Air Television via the Apple TV

December 21, 2015 |

Imagine if you could switch on your television and watch not only local TV, but every free-to-air television channel on the planet – Thanks to Getflix and the new Apple TV 4, this dream is soon becoming a reality and we’ll show you how! Read More

Accessing UK Streaming Television from Anywhere in the World on the Amazon Fire TV

November 27, 2015 |

The Amazon Fire TV makes for one of the best platforms for watching UK television abroad. Supporting a wide range of UK streaming apps, combined with an easy way to unblock geographic restrictions via SmartDNS such as Getflix, and all for a great price, we’ll show you how easy it is to watch UK television wherever in the world you are. Read More

How-To: Access Smart DNS in Hotels & Public WiFi via iOS & Getflix’s DNS-over-VPN

October 28, 2015 |

Whilst Smart DNS is almost certainly the most practical and easiest way to unblock geographic restrictions from television streaming services, some hotels or public hotspots don’t take too kindly to users having such freedom in their network. No worries, just fire up Getflix’s DNS-over-VPN. Read More

How-To: Automatically Update Getflix IP via Cron Job

October 13, 2015 |

Using a Smart DNS to unblock geo-restrictions for global streaming services is such an amazing thing, but wouldn’t it be great also to automate IP registration if yours changes every day? One of the best ways to achieve this is via a Cron Job, and one of the best things about Getflix is that they support Cron Jobs – not all Smart DNS providers do! Read More

How-to: Switch Netflix Regions

September 11, 2015 |

So you’ve heard that it’s possible to switch the country region of your Netflix account to access even more movies and television series, but was wondering how difficult this is to do? Actually, it is really quite easy and we show you how. Read More