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Eye on Demand | June 21, 2018

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ITV Hub Review

ITV Hub Review

Review Overview

Quality of Video Stream
User Interface
Content on Offer
Device Availability
Mobile features

Live Streams on Roku & NowTV!

Traditionally the UK’s second broadcaster, ITV was Britain’s first commercial television network after launch in 1955. More than half a century later, ITV offer in addition to their terrestrial broadcasts an on-demand service which includes 30 days of free catch-up, an experimental rental library for their back-catalogue and live Internet simulcasts.

ITV are a veritable powerhouse on the UK television scene, and not to mention a global success as well due to hits such as Downton Abbey and Broadchurch. Along with being the UK’s oldest and largest FTA commercial broadcaster, ITV also accounts for some of the nation’s highest rated shows and one of the most widely used on-demand services.

ITV’s catch-up service started as ITV Player near the tail-end of 2008, and in late 2015 evolved into what we know now as ITV Hub, or at least for the most part. ITV Hub’s goal was to combine all of the great features of ITV into a unified online portal, merging the network’s catch-up content with live streams.

In theory this has huge potential and it was a great idea by ITV. But in reality it has seemed to have become a tad bogged down along the way. Five months after ITV Hub’s official launch, it is still really just a brand change for most platforms, which have not really experienced any updates outside of a new logo.

But if ITV’s mobile platforms are anything to go by, there could be some really interesting developments on the horizon.

Like All 4 and My5, ITV Hub also finances its catch-up service through advertising, both before and during shows. At least for the moment, ITV have fewer ads than their main commercial competitor All 4. In my opinion, the quantity of ads are acceptable for a free commercial service. After all, ITV do have to make ends meet. That said, if the commercials on ITV are still too much for you, ITV offers a level of ad-free viewing on iOS devices for a £3.99 monthly fee.



Quality SDStill, the most important criterion along with content is video quality, and this is where ITV lets its viewers down on many platforms. ITV’s streams average 1400kbps, which appears to the eye as a reasonably acceptable (if a little soft) standard definition feed. While rivals such as the BBC have been streaming in HD for years, and SVOD services like Netflix and Amazon Prime already offer 4K (ultra HD) content, many may consider it about time that ITV increases their video quality as well.

Finally, platform support is where it all matters these days, and if an on-demand service is not represented well on the hardware front, it will struggle to attract viewers. In this area, ITV sit squarely in the middle ground. Traditionally, ITV are usually the last of the UK’s major broadcasters to launch on a new platform, but they are currently to be found on iOS and Android mobile devices, selected Smart TVs, the Xbox One, Roku & Now TV boxes, and the Amazon Fire TV (all models).

Missing is support for the PlayStation 4, Android TV, Chromecast (and proper AirPlay for that matter), but above all else, the Apple TV 4. ITV’s lack of an Apple TV 4 app is especially worrisome, and the last time we were in contact with ITV in regards to this matter, they could not confirm any plans to add support.


  • Content

    ITV has the smallest library of the UK’s major catch-up services, mainly due to fact that it doesn’t offer free box-sets or on-demand content which can be found at My5 and All 4. But the network is still one of world’s production powerhouses, so there are still quite a few shows and series’ up for grabs.

    Content is generally available for 30 days, which is the industry standard. However, this also means that if you want to start a series more than 30 days since it began, you’ll miss the first episodes.

    Although ITV incudes the majority of their own productions in their catch-up service, they generally exclude films and foreign television shows. This doesn’t mean ITV’s free library is especially small, as the network does produce a large volume of its own material. Nevertheless sometimes the gaps are a shame.

    Check out below for what is currently available on the ITV Player.


  • ITV Hub via the Browser

    ITV Hub has reached their web portal in full eye-candy force, with a user interface that combines live content and catch-up through a beautifully designed website. When ITV Player was launched, it felt dark, cluttered and oppressive, but ITV Hub throws off the shackles completely by showcasing a well laid out design that is both fresh and ebullient. If this is the future of ITV Hub, then it certainly looks bright.

    Under all that beautiful skin is a contrasting mixture of innovation and disappointment. On one hand, the exciting new concept of incorporating live streams right at the centre of ITV’s online delivery demonstrates a move in the right direction, but on the other hand, a continued lack of episode management and dynamic links between live and catch-up content leaves users with a feeling ITV Hub is little more than a cosmetic improvement.

    Live feeds can be easily accessed by switching channels on the main page, but there are no quick links on the full playback screen to hop easily between channels. And while I can understand ads are needed for a commercial broadcaster, additional ads before the live feeds begin is especially annoying, since there will be ads anyway during the stream and this can slow down access to important events such as sports.

    Catch-up content can be accessed from the Shows page, which is effectively an A-Z listing, or Categories where you can flip through the various genres. But there are no Favourites or Recently Watched lists, which when combined with a lack of episode management, will make it hard to keep track of what shows you are following.

    Video quality varies depending on the programme being streamed, with the best reaching a tested average of 1300kbps*. To put this into perspective, the BBC iPlayer’s standard definition stream is only slightly better, and on the best quality shows such as Endeavour, I really couldn’t tell them apart. That said, other imported shows may not fare so well, with the pointless fast camera panning in Hell’s Kitchen causing very noticeable artifacts.

    ITV Web bitrate 1300kbps

    Live streams actually fared a tad better in my tests, averaging 1405kbps*. While far from perfect, I actually found the official ITV live streams to be some of the more reliable ones during major sporting events.

    ITV Web live bitrate 1405kbps

    Overall, the web portal for ITV is a good sign of things to come. Their design teams have created one of the most beautiful on-demand portals I have yet seen, and by this I mean from anywhere in the world. But without proper episode management, it remains little more than an (attractive) novelty.

    Platform Pros:

    • Easy to navigate.
    • Beautiful website.
    • Offers all live channels.
    • Resume feature offered.

    Platform Cons:

    • Sofa-unfriendly environment.
    • No Premium services.
    • No easy channel hopping during fullscreen live feeds.
    • Ads before live feeds.
    • No episode management at all.
    • No Favourites, no Recently Watched.
    • No cross-platform support.

    (Accessing ITV from outside of the UK may require using a Smart DNS service or VPN)






    This service is geographically unblocked on this platform by the following Smart DNS providers:

    Ad GetflixAd SDNSP

  • ITV Hub via iOS

    ITV Hub’s visual paragon of simplicity and beauty continues over onto their iOS apps, with both the iPhone and especially iPad demonstrating how a well designed layout can result in a pleasurable experience, even when lacking vital features that should have been available years ago.

    ITViPhoneNavigation now centers almost exclusively on browsing, with a Don’t Miss highlights home screen followed by dedicated sections for each channel ITV offers, including live previews – one of ITV’s innovations that while not really necessary, is rather neat. Each one of those dedicated channel screens can launch the full live simulcasts, but these can also be accessed by the handy drop-down menu which includes basic on now, programme information. When watching a live stream, you can easily flick through the channels using the More button on the bottom right of the screen, and to an extent you can even pause the live feed.

    The whole browsing experience is to be honest quite pleasant, with an additional search button in case you are after something specific. You can also sign in, which could offer a lot of possibilities in the future, but so far without cross-platform support there seems to be little point in doing so. And that leads us to some negative remarks, mainly with the lack of any form of Favourites or Recently Watched functions. These are serious omissions, as Episode Management is a crucial feature of on-demand television. It’s all very good improving the look of an app, but almost unforgivable to omit basic standard features. It’s a bit like booking a hotel which just renovated their rooms with a stunning paint-job and designer sheets, but removed the bathroom and bricked up the windows.

    As for video quality, it’s the usual ITV Hub fare, which means basic SD streams for the most part and bitrate tests averaging 1540kbps* – which looks acceptable on the full-sized iPad screen, excellent on the smaller iPhone 5 screen, and average when watched on any larger screen. The dips seen on the graph below correspond to commercial breaks.

    ITV iPad bitrate 1540kbps

    Live streams were similar to what we saw on the webpage, with average bitrates hovering around the 1400kbps* mark, and relatively stable as you can see from the graph below.

    ITV iPad live bitrate 1400kbps

    And that brings us to AirPlay itself; ITV have thankfully included this, but unfortunately they still use the mirroring method. This means there is no easy link direct from the video to stream to your television. You have to manually invoke mirroring in iOS, which replicates everything on your mobile device to your television, and then start the ITV Hub. Multitasking is impossible during mirroring for obvious reasons, although unlike My5, ITV Hub allow the video to display at full screen on your television.

    There is also a premium mode, which is currently only available via iOS. For £3.99 per month, you can remove all additional ads. Basically this means you lose the ads on catch-up or before live streams begin, but you will still have full commercial breaks on the live channels.

    Overall, the visual UI changes to ITV Hub on iOS are welcome and an enormous improvement, with the updated handling of live streams in particular getting the thumbs up. However, this all comes at a loss of some of the most basic and fundamental catch-up or on-demand features, namely a complete lack of any form of Episode Management. Make sure you keep a pencil and paper handy, as this will be the only way to keep track of which episodes you have watched and at what point you left off!

    Platform Pros:

    • Easy to use and navigate.
    • Beautifully designed on both iPad and iPhone
    • Good quality video due to the smaller screens.
    • Fullscreen AirPlay possible.
    • 6 Live channels streaming
    • 3G or 4G possible.
    • Premium service possible which allows for ad-free viewing.
    • Resume feature and previously watched material.

    Platform Cons:

    • No offline downloads.
    • No cross-platform support.
    • No Recently Watched or Favourites lists.
    • AirPlay requires mirroring and doesn’t offer any multitasking.
    • No Episode Management at all!
    • No Chromecast support.

    (Accessing ITV from outside of the UK may require using a Smart DNS service or VPN)

    Catch-up BUTTON Live TV BUTTON AirPlay BUTTONResume BUTTON





    This service is geographically unblocked on this platform by the following Smart DNS providers:

    Ad GetflixAd SDNSP

  • ITV Hub via Samsung Smart TVs

    Note: While ITV have rebranded their Samsung Smart TV app to ITV Hub, it is still the same old ITV Player app that hasn’t changed much for several years. Not only are live streams not available, but it hasn’t even been updated to the newer ITV Player version found on Roku devices, let alone a true ITV Hub app.

    This old version of the ITV Player Hub means there is no ability to actually log in either, not that this would be useful yet since ITV doesn’t provide cross-platform functionality, but it is still a real pity as once again there is no form of Episode Management available.

    What you do get however, is a pleasant enough interface allowing you to access most of ITV Hub’s free catch-up content, albeit in SD quality on your television. You have the ability to easily find content by browsing via A-Z, category or channel, and resume unfinished shows – if you manually keep track of which shows you have not completed – but there doesn’t appear to be any way to directly search.

    As for the video quality, we actually measured one of the highest bitrates in our 30minute test, averaging 1760kbps*. While I couldn’t personally see any difference between this and tests from other platforms, playback appeared without any serious glitches for up-to-date shows.ITV SamsungTV bitrate 1760kbps

    Overall I’m quite unimpressed with the app ITV provide for the Samsung Smart TV. It is underwhelming and a far cry from what we expect today after being used to apps from competing FTA or sVOD services.

    Platform Pros:

    • Excellent sofa-friendly environment (No other devices needed).
    • Easy to navigate.
    • Resume feature.

    Platform Pros:

    • No Premium services.
    • No live streams.
    • Just a rebranded ITV Player.
    • No Episode Management.
    • No cross-platform support.
    • No direct search option.
    • No Recently Watched list.
    • No Favourites.

    (Accessing ITV from outside of the UK may require using a Smart DNS service or VPN)







    This service is geographically unblocked on this platform by the following Smart DNS providers:

    Ad GetflixAd SDNSP

  • ITV Hub via Android

    The following app has been tested on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S running Lollipop 5.0.2. Due to the enormous fragmentation of the Android ecosystem, features, availability and UI may vary dramatically between devices.

    ITV Hub’s Android app is not that far removed from the iOS app, but with fewer features. Missing are the live previews, easy channel hopping, login options and ITV Hub Premium (offering ad-free viewing), but to its credit, it does have one unique feature – direct access to Audio Described content.

    For the rest of it though, the app more or less resembles ITV Hub on an Apple device, complete with live streams and catch-up content focusing around channel browsing, and all through the beautifully designed layout that characterises the new ITV Hub format available on Android, iOS and via the web.

    Still missing is proper chromecast support, but video quality hovers below the ITV Hub average for on-demand content at 1335kbps*. It is just such a pity there is no way to easily cast this to a proper television screen, nor provision for offline downloads.

    ITV Android bitrate 1335kbps

    Live streams also look pretty reasonable on the mobile screens, averaging 1970kbps* in our tests, and while video quality would never be called flawless, it was certainly watchable, even for sports.

    ITV Andoird live bitrate 1970kbps

    As with all other ITV platforms, Episode Management is sorely missed, along with a Recently Watched or Favourites list, making it very difficult to keep track of shows and episodes currently viewed.

    All up, there is no doubt the Android version comes 2nd place to what ITV provide via iOS, but that said, it is still a far cry from the limited options found on most connected-TV devices.

    Platform Pros:

    • Resume feature.
    • 3G/4G support.
    • Live streams.
    • Easy to access Audio Described content.

    Platform Cons:

    • No Chromecast support.
    • No Cross-Platform support.
    • No Episode Management.
    • No Recently Watched.
    • No Favourites.
    • No live preview (as in iOS).
    • No premium content (as in ad-free).
    • No offline downloads.

    (Accessing ITV from outside of the UK may require using a Smart DNS service or VPN)


    Live TV BUTTON





    This service is geographically unblocked on this platform by the following Smart DNS providers:

    Ad GetflixAd SDNSP

  • ITV via Roku or Now TV

    ITV Hub is available on both the UK Roku and Now TV Boxes, with the latter making it the cheapest device around to watch ITV content.

    It’s fast, responsive, and easy to find shows from ITV’s library. But over-all, the new layout is just that little bit too simple and suffering from a few bizarre quirks. And I’ll be honest here, it won’t win any design awards either.

    The home screen is extremely basic, offering Featured, Latest and Most Popular lists, along with a guide for each channel and an A-Z. Notably absent is the Last Watched list, so it won’t be easy to keep track of previously watched television show, especially as there is nothing resembling episode management here.

    Tip: Can’t find a television show’s other episodes? For some odd reason, ITV have this well and truly hidden. First you will have to begin playback of an episode of your chosen programme, then select down on the remote, and left to highlight the button “View All Episodes”.

    Don’t become too dismayed by all the negative points, as this is still a nice solid way to watch ITV’s catch-up material. Once the programme begins playback, it works well.

    Since November 2014, ITV have quietly added a rather incredible feature that is not yet available on any other STB platform; live streams! Yes, it is actually possible to watch live ITV via the Roku or Now TV box through the ITV Hub. Simply head down to the Channel list and choose Watch Live ITV.

    Video quality is the current ITV standard, averaging 1600kbps* on my own tests, with some ITV made productions such as Endeavour looking every bit as good as the BBC’s own standard definition. Other shows, especially imported ones, don’t seem to be compressed so well and demonstrate more noticeable pixelation.

    ITV NowTV bitrate 1600kbps

    Live streams performed great during my tests, with an extremely stable 1980kbps* bitrate over the 30 minute period. Video quality looked acceptable for sports as well, although we would have preferred an HD stream.

    ITV Roku live bitrate 1980kbps

    Overall ITV Hub on this platform lacks the design and implementation found on iOS devices, along with the most important omission – Episode Management. The fact it has live streams is a huge boost though, and hopefully we will find a future update that address the other issues.

    Platform Pros:

    • Easy to use and responsive.
    • Live TV streams.

    Platform Cons:

    • No HD streams.
    • No Watchlist.
    • No Episode Management.
    • Very odd way to access extra episodes.
    • No Cross-Platform support.
    • No Favourites.

    (Accessing ITV from outside of the UK may require using a Smart DNS service or VPN)






    This service is geographically unblocked on this platform by the following Smart DNS providers:

    Ad GetflixAd SDNSP

  • ITV Hub via Amazon Fire TV (Stick or Box)

    ITV’s latest supported platform is the Amazon Fire TV. After a period of fragmentation, ITV Hub is now available across all Fire TV devices, from the Sticks to the more expensive Boxes. Unfortunately, we only find a rebranded ITV Player with no live streams and a very basic feature-set.

    Effectively we have the same UI as can be found across the Samsung Smart TV range, which is pleasant enough for the odd incursion into catch-up TV, but far from a comprehensive alternative to real television.

    At the top of the screen are four basic browsing options, Home (which lists highlighted content), Categories, Channels and A-Z, but no options for direct searching. Also missing are any hints of Episode Management or Favourites and Recently Watched lists, so there is no way to keep track of which shows you are watching, along with completed or partially completed episodes.

    At the end of the day there really isn’t a lot going on here. You can play back an episode and that’s about it. At least when you do, video quality is an acceptable 1840kbps* standard definition stream which is pleasant enough to the eye – at least for the latest content.

    ITV AFTV bitrate 1840kbps

    Fire TV owners (especially those with the original Stick) waited an incredibly long time for ITV to finally launch on this device, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find disappointment in the lack of a true ITV Hub complete with live streams. But the biggest letdown is that ITV Hub is still totally devoid of any form of Episode Management.

    Platform Pros:

    • Easy to navigate.
    • Resume feature.

    Platform Pros:

    • No Premium services.
    • No live streams.
    • Just a rebranded ITV Player.
    • No Episode Management.
    • No cross-platform support.
    • No direct search option.
    • No Recently Watched list.
    • No Favourites.

    (Accessing ITV from outside of the UK may require using a Smart DNS service or VPN)






    This service is geographically unblocked on this platform by the following Smart DNS providers:

    Ad GetflixAd SDNSP

  • ITV’s Paywall options

    ITV are not the only UK FTA television network to offer an additional Pay-wall service, as Channel 4 require PAYG fees when accessing movies otherwise shown for free on Film4. However, ITV have taken this quite a few steps forward and in somewhat confusing ways by offering two completely unconnected pay-wall services:

    ITV Player Premium is completely different and only available on iOS devices (Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad).

    • Special events may also be streamed through ITV Player Premium.
    • All catch-up content is now available without commercials.
    • Costs £3,99 per month and can be cancelled at any time.
    • Only available via iOS devices.

    ITV Essentials is sort of an expat or holiday package to allow addicts of selected soaps to access when abroad.

    • Does not work in the UK, but that is of course unimportant since the normal ITV Player will substitute.
    • Works in Austria, Belgium, France, Greece, Gibraltar, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia and Spain without the need of VPN or Smart DNS.
    • Only selected shows are available, such as Emmerdale and Coronation Street.
    • Includes latest episode at time of airing, plus 30 days catch-up.
    • Currently only available on computer web browsers, iOS and Android devices.
    • Access only by Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
    • Pricing from €4.99 in either a one off 30 day Holiday Pass or ongoing (contract-free) monthly Living Abroad package.

    Personally, I’d prefer to see ITV look into a subscription VOD service that offers their huge back catalogue under a contract-free, monthly fee, and unified into the ITV Hub. To make it even more attractive, they could also work together with the BBC, Channel 4, 5 and UKTV to create an additional sVOD package that could be the UK’s answer to Hulu, and this could be licensed abroad as well. If such a service is priced well to compete against Netflix and Prime, and is available across all major devices, it could prove to be a very popular service.

  • How to Watch ITV Hub from Abroad

    Watching ITV Hub on your home television outside of the UK is not only possible, but incredibly easy to do. The trick is to grab yourself a good Smart DNS service. While some people tout VPNs, that method is a little out of date these days and nowhere near as good as Smart DNS.

    Smart DNS is faster than a VPN, easier to set up than a VPN, cheaper than a VPN, and unlike a VPN, it can be configured on most smart TVs and set-top-boxes. So how easy is it?… well that depends on which device you are using. The easiest and cheapest of all for ITV would be the Amazon Fire TV Stick, although you will need to have a UK Amazon account set up (which is pretty easy), but you don’t need an Amazon Prime subscription.

    Although we love the Roku and Now TV devices (especially as they include live streams from ITV Hub), we don’t recommend them unless your router can manually configure DNS addresses, and many can’t (especially ones supplied by ISPs). If you prefer these devices though, contact us or your Smart DNS provider for more details.

    So otherwise grab yourself an Amazon Fire TV and watch ITV Hub today! You’ll need to add the app to the device, and outside of the UK this is incredibly easy if you already have a UK Amazon account and only want to use the Fire TV for that country’s apps. If you want to mix apps with your own country or another, you will need to follow this guide.

    Now, you just need to unblock ITV Hub. Normally ITV notices if your IP address is outside of the UK and blocks access to the streams. The easiest way to unblock this is via a Smart DNS service.

    There are a lot of Smart DNS services out there right now, but our current favourite for ITV Hub is Getflix, not only because they work great for the service, but they also have fantastic support for the Fire TV platform, meaning plenty of other apps like the BBC iPlayer, All4, My5, TV Player and more also work outside of the UK.

    Ad GetflixGetflix offer a two week free trial with no credit card required for the trial period! This means you can test it out risk free, to see if it works in your home network. If you are happy with the service, they’ll charge only US$3.95 per month and cheaper if you go for longer plans – and that’s less expensive than a cup of coffee these days! Not bad really when you consider full access to that live and on-demand UK content, as well as an enormous range of other services as well.

    So why not give it a go and see how easy it is to work for you. You can set up ITV Hub on some other devices including mobile phones and tablets (complete with offline downloads), as well as via a browser.

  • Conclusion

    I’m in two minds about ITV Hub. On the one hand, their launching of the new platform promised a bright and innovated future. Mixing live streams with catch-up is all the rage these days, and for good reason. VOD analysts talk of the fight for HDMI 1, but all this falls apart if users still have to switch between internal and external inputs.

    ITV’s bright new look is also beautifully implemented. Compared to the dank and dark days of early ITV Player apps, the fresh new ITV Hub is pure eye candy.

    But this means nothing if only the logo has been changed, and this is the problem we find on all connected-TV platforms. In fact, only the Roku and Now TV have anything closely resembling the ITV Hub of iOS, and even then it falls down very quickly.

    If there were any improvements to ITV Hub, they should be getting the basics right first, such as full cross-platform accounts, HD streams, and a wider platform support including chromecast and the Apple TV 4, and above all else, proper Episode Management – as viewers have so many choices available across multiple broadcasters and streaming providers, we can’t be expected to remember exactly where we are at in every show, especially after some time away.

    We also don’t need such a different user interface on every device. A consistent and unified approach is always the best way to go.

    All that said, ITV Hub still offers some excellent content, and it does so free of charge, commercial sponsorship aside. Despite its drawbacks, it is still worth heading over to ITV, after all, some of your favourite shows may be airing here first.


    • Catch-up content available for free for 30 days after broadcast.
    • Live TV streams are of a respectable quality.
    • Reasonable device availability.
    • ITV Hub holds lots of promise.
    • Premium version available to cut ads on iOS.


    • No HD streams.
    • Outdated UI on connected-TV devices.
    • AirPlay requires mirroring.
    • No Chromecast support.
    • No Apple TV 4 or Android TV support.
    • No offline downloads.
    • No Closed Captioning.
    • No Episode Management.
    • No cross-platform support.
    • No Recently Watched or Favourite lists.
    • Way to much fragmentation between platforms.








    13.02.2013: Review published. Score: 5, Average.

    10.05.2013: Updated with new graphics and Android compatibility info.

    13.06.2013: Updated with additional iOS ITV Premium, plus pay-wall info.

    13.11.2013: Updated with additional ITV Essentials information.

    18.07.2014: Updated adding Roku/Now TV & Android reviews, score increased to 5.5 for improved platforms support & video quality.

    19.08.2014: Updated with Tank Top TV content and score update

    10.10.2014: Overhaul of iOS review due to major update.

    04.11.2014: Updated Roku/NowTV due to new app with live streaming. Score increased to 6.

    15.03.2016: Major update due to ITV Hub features, but score dropped to 5.8 due to slow support for new platforms (Chromecast, Android TV, PS4 and above-all, Apple TV4), reduced AirPlay support, and retaining most apps on connected-TV platforms as ITV Player with little more than a logo change.

    16.03.2016: Completed update and added AFTV review. (Plus Roku live stream test)



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  1. Kat

    I have recently bought a Samsung UE32H4500 and am based in Singapore. I have a smart DNS service and everything is working fine apart from my ITV Player. I can access it and see all the content but a generic error message saying try again later appears when I try and play content. Is this related to the problems you mention above?

    • Hi Kat, this may not be a serious issue. It looks like ITV have just updated their Samsung TV app. This means they made some changes and your Smart DNS provider should be contacted. Head on to their support, and send them a mail. Hopefully it can be sorted relatively quickly.

  2. Jamil

    Just got register withe the ITV Hub, trying to watch Jane Eyre, keeps freezing and the picture disappears. After trying to watch this several times, I have given up. proving to be a waste of time and a pain in the arse!!!