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Eye on Demand | July 16, 2018

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Global Free-to-Air Television via the Apple TV

Global Free-to-Air Television via the Apple TV

Imagine if you could switch on your television and watch not only local TV, but every free-to-air television channel on the planet – Thanks to Getflix and the new Apple TV 4, this dream is soon becoming a reality and we’ll show you how!

There are a lot of great things about the new Apple TV 4, but the best one all up is the ease and ability to add television streaming apps from all around the world. This means you can have the UK’s BBC iPlayer sitting next to Australia’s Plus7 or America’s NBC. With all of the world’s free-to-air television accessible in your home, that’s a vast library of content available at your fingertips!

Of course, the Apple TV 4 is a brand new platform which means not all of the world’s broadcasters are present yet. But every week a new one arrives somewhere, and we’re keeping track of all the major free English language ones right here. So bookmark this page and come back to check out any of the latest updates!

Right now we recommend installing the following apps on your Apple TV. All of them offer free-to-air content without any subscriptions or fees (Although some of the American apps request a cable subscription to increase their library). In order to unblock all of the apps below, we recommend Getflix, which is both easy to install, and great value for money.

BBC iPlayerThe world’s largest broadcaster offers a huge range of catch-up content for 30 days from airing, as well as live streams of all their channels. This is a incredible app that alone makes any streaming device worth the effort.



ABC iView

Australia’s answer to the BBC (even if it is a little like the BBC on valium). Still, it has a great range of Australian productions, as well as many imported UK shows and some from other countries as well.




Australia’s highest rated television network provides a reasonable library of their latest shows including Home & Away just after airing, along with some classic box sets.



TenPlay ButtonAustralia’s Network Ten provides a wide range of content from their various broadcasting channels including Ten, Eleven and One.




Possibly the best world movies and television service in the world, this app has a huge range of films and TV shows including many major releases. All in original language + English subtitles if needed.



CrackleCrackle is like a free version of Netflix and run by Sony. Offering a large library of ad-funded movies and TV shows including some original content. Getflix offers a switch to select different libraries including Australia, US and Canada.



3NowNew Zealand’s second largest broadcaster’s catch-up service provides both local and imported shows, and there are some real gems to be found here.



FoxNowAmerica’s FOX network has a selection of content available for free for approx. 30 days after airing. Anything after that requires a traditional cable sub to access.



WatchABCA Good range of shows are available on America’s ABC catch-up service, with selected content available free for approx 30 days, after which a cable contract is required.



NBCAlthough not a giant library of NBC shows, this app contains many of the network’s biggest hits and specials available during a catch-up window of approx 30 days.



PBSAmerica’s public broadcaster provides a good range of local productions as well as quality British imports. You’ll need to create a free account and select a local US region first though, but this is easy enough.



A&EDespite being a basic cable channel in the US, A&E still offers a small selection of content for free, so worth adding to the list.



HistoryWhile it has little to do with actual history these days, this A&E owned service offers a small range of shows for free without the need of a cable subscription.



LifetimePart of the A&E family, this channel focuses on their female audience offering a small range of titles for free if no US cable subscription is present.




Whilst TVPlayer doesn’t belong to any broadcaster per se, this great free service offers a pile of live channels from the major UK broadcasters including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and 5. A subscription service adds more channels like EuroSport.



Similar to TVPlayer but as well as the UK Channels there are major German, Swiss, Austrian, French, Italian and Spanish ones. Free, but a subscription adds HD streams along with 7 day catch-up of all programs and recordings.


Generally speaking, the above broadcasters restrict their content to their local country only, so despite the ability to add apps from around the world, without a Smart DNS service you won’t have much luck streaming from them. But simply adding Getflix’s DNS servers to your Apple TV’s network setting and you’ll suddenly open up the world of television in your home!



Some apps may only be available in certain country’s iTunes stores, but it is pretty easy to create a free iTunes account in another country by using this method.



21.12.2015: Article published.



Disclaimer: While everything written in this article is true and I personally recommend Getflix for unblocking apps on the Apple TV 4 right now, it’s only honest to point out that Getflix is an advertiser on Eye on-Demand.



  1. Sebastian

    Great site, Jo!

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    Hello from Thessaloniki, Greece

    Congrats Jo’ for your thorough site, but I think your article missed a great site/app. I’m talking about Teleboy (, a Zattoo-like app that offers plenty of European channels, most of which in HD, for free. I must also mention Wilmaa (, which is pretty nice, but not so good and complete as Teleboy.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Mark kelly

    What channels can apple tv4 get now with itunes canada , usa , uk , Ireland , Italy , uae , russia , Hong Kong / Japan and Australia / new Zealand