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Eye on Demand | July 16, 2018

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How-To: Changing Your Samsung J-Series (2015) TV/Blu-Ray Country App Store

How-To: Changing Your Samsung J-Series (2015) TV/Blu-Ray Country App Store

Just bought yourself a brand new J-series Samsung TV with the hope to install on-demand apps from your home country despite being abroad? It won’t take long to realize that the only store available in the smart hub is your local one with no way to change this – that is unless you use the backdoor, and in all honesty, it’s a pretty painless process.

Novice smallIt is quite possible to change which app store your Samsung TV will open, and in doing so you can access a wide range of countries with each store containing region specific apps. This could unlock exactly the services you are after, whether the BBC iPlayer from the UK or Hulu Plus and Netflix from the US.

This guide is for the 2015 model J series. If you have one of the older D or E series TV or Blu-Ray player, you may want to try this method, and if you have a F or H series TV, try this method.

What you can do:

  • Change the app store to any country Samsung supports.
  • Install any apps from your chosen region.
  • Change back to your original region at a later stage.

What this will not do:

  • Install apps from multiple regions; only apps from one store will be available at any given time. Previous apps will be deleted before your region is changed.
  • This will not change your existing satellite, cable or terrestrial services.

Who is this suitable for?

  • Perfect for the expat who lives in a different country, but wants to access apps and services from their home country. Smart Hub apps work via the Internet, so can be set separately from normal terrestrial, cable or satellite television.
  • Perfect for the cord cutter. Cord cutting is where viewers decide to watch OTT services such as on-demand or catch-up TV, and this method allows you to set your TV’s smart hub to a different country in order to access additional content.

  • Your TV must already be connected to the internet to set your country code.
  • Your TV or Blu-Ray player must have the “mute” key for this to work.
  • One very important thing to keep in mind is that changing regional stores and installing apps does not guarantee that the app will work outside of its native region. Many apps restrict themselves to specific regions and in order to access them outside of this, you may require a VPN or smart DNS service such as provided by Overplay, Getflix or Unblock-US.

Unblocking geographic restrictions on this device is supported by the following Smart DNS providers:

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Step 1:

Set the source of the television to “TV” by using the Source button on the remote.

Step 1



Step 2:

On the remote, open to the main menu as shown below.

Step 2


Step 3:

Using the remote, navigate to the system portion of the Main Menu, and then click to enter the submenu.

Step 3


Step 4:

Click on Setup to proceed to the next stage.

Note: If a pass-code is required, enter this now, the default code is 0000 unless it has been changed.

Step 4


Step 5:

You should now begin the on-screen setup that you completed when you first bought the television. To make things easier, your previously entered information should be retained.

Note: Don’t change the country at this point, keep everything as normal for the country you are in, this is not where you change the country app store.

Step 5


Step 6:

Continue through the on-screen setup until you arrive at the Smart Hub Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy page in the on-screen setup. DON’T PRESS THE OK BUTTON YET.

Step 6



Step 7:

Before doing anything else, and with the Smart Hub Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy page up on the TV press the following buttons in sequential order.

Step 7



Step 8:

The list of various countries should appear. Select your country from the list and then click to continue.


Step 8



Step 9:

Your country app store has now been changed, but you must complete the rest of the setup procedure.

I recommend rebooting the television and agreeing to any further smart hub updates. It is up to you to choose which additional apps you wish to install.

Once this is complete, your TV will have effectively a dual personality. All normal TV operations will remain as it was, so your cable, satellite or terrestrial feeds from your local country will not change. However, your television’s smart hub will now offer widgets from a second, alternative country. In most cases, this will include on-demand or catch-up services, but every now and again, you may come across a widget that offers live television as well.

All you may need to do now is set up a smart DNS or VPN service to unblock any apps that are restricted to a specific country. Because the Samsung Smart TVs do not have a facility to directly configure a VPN, it is recommended to choose a smart DNS service.

We recommend one of the following Smart DNS services:

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If this has successfully worked, you can now sit back, relax and enjoy on-demand content from back home, directly on your main television without the need of additional hardware.


Although the above steps are generally safe, Eye On-Demand takes no responsibility for any damage to your television or any other issues that may arise. Perform the above actions entirely at your own risk.


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  1. mehdi

    I don’t have the mute key on the remote, is there a way around it?

    • Shifau

      I am unable to do it
      Did u do it on a J Series TV
      Can u email me the detaila

  2. Adam Leach

    Thank you very much, worked first time with no issues.
    Thought I’d just blown €1100 on a useless screen for a while there.

  3. Shifau

    I am getting stuck at the Terms & condition privacy policy page

    Error code 999

  4. Beral Ramos

    How can you do that in a 2015 Samsung Home Theater HT-J5500. The remote does not have a Channel Up button. I tried the >>289<< to no avail. Pls help. Thanks.

  5. Sharon Beazley

    Step 7 did not work for me. Tried 3 times and no country list appeared… Help?

    • What model set are you using? Perhaps try moving closer or further from the TV, clicking the buttons faster or slower. It can be a bit fiddly sometimes, and I’ve had situations where it took a few goes.

  6. Eric


    I Have a am unable to unlock the geo-blocking.
    My System is Samsung UE48J6202.
    Terms and Conditions is different and contains only the following:
    “As Smart Hub is geo-blocked for this particular product, Samsung Smart Hub may not be available in your current location”.
    The key combination did not do anything. I tried at different speeds but noting worked. I also tried combinations from other sites. Still nothing.
    Any ideas?

  7. MaxShef

    Doesn’t work for me. My model is UE40JU6400W. Anyone help, please?

  8. deldev

    it’s work but now i have full memory i can not install any app. I have 0Kb available.
    how can i free memory or go back to my original setup. I have tried to reset tv and reset samsung hub but it still showing me full memory and i have only browser and netflix. Even default apps are not available cause the tv do not find memory.
    Please help.

    • Jo Chambers

      This is indeed odd. I’ve change regions on our TVs on a regular basis using this method, and never had any issues like this. It sounds almost like you have a hardware issue on your TV.

      I’d contact the folks at and see if they have any ideas. These guys know the Samsung TVs inside out. But at the same time, I’d also contact Samsung support. If there is an issue with your TV, it may still be under warranty.

      The steps provided here will not have voided any warranty, and are steps that Samsung themselves recommend their users do when they want to change regions.

  9. Steve

    Hicould not get Getflix to work. In the webpage account of getflix got green tick but when i try to load abc iview in australia does not work cant see app in play store. Im in New Zealand have J samsung. Questiom do i need to do change country on tv as well as have getflix? Is a dns that is easier to use yhat has a app?

  10. Jo Chambers

    Hi Steve, just a quick question first as I’m a little confused on one part. If you don’t see the ABC iView app in the Samsung’s app store, how did you start it up?

    If you have successfully switched the Hub to Australia, then you should see apps in the Samsung store like Stan, Presto, SBS, Plus7 and iView.

    Once iView is opened, if you have correctly set up Getflix either directly on the Samsung TV, or on your router, then iView should play with Getflix. I just tested this right now on my Samsung F-series TV.

    You don’t need to change your TV’s “region” to Australia (keep this to New Zealand so that you can still use the NZ tuner), just change the Smart Hub and app store.

    Getflix has a mobile app, and this makes it easier to register your IP address when it changes, but you don’t need to change any settings in this for iView.

  11. P. Chohan

    When I get to the country, the only option is Italy, but I am in the UK. The TV is model No: UE40JU7000TXZT

    • Konni

      could you resolve your problem in the meantime ?
      I bought my Samsung UE40j6200 here in Italy and on first setup when it came to country setup the only option was Italy, no other country.

      Now I wonder if I can try this out or if there is no way because Italy is the only option the TV accepts..

      I would like to switch from italy to Germany…

  12. Sir,

    Please advise how to download a chrome browser on my samsung UF55j6200 series.



  13. Moshe

    Hi everyone’s I need help
    I live in israel and I buy from USA Samsung un65js9000 wan I start on this tv in israel and I started to setup everything it’s look good wan he ask for zip code I give my sister she lives in USA
    And everything started good but wan I Mack reset to the hub the message I get on my tv is
    Your hub can’t be starting because your tv change country so please try to help me what I can do now because now my hub it’s not working at all???!!??

  14. Chris

    have you got any information on changing the code on the k series, just purchased ks9500

  15. Steven

    Hi, I have just bought a K-Series Samsung and can’t find any guides on changing the region. Is anyone able to help? Many thanks, Steven

  16. Hi I have still not getting anything for what I can do to fix my problems on my Samsung TV UN65JS9000 I buy this tv from USA and I am using this tv in Israel but like I say before on my add I can’t use the HUB tv it’s say I can’t use the HUB on this country(Israel) sam one can help me please what I need to fix this?? Or wan I can find any one on the internet can help me whit this
    Thanks for any can help me thank you

  17. My email is:saarlaser@gmail.comfor any help
    Thank you

  18. Lazzaro

    I also bought a K-Series Samsung recently. Strangely enough, there is no information on the net about changing the country for 2016 models.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

    • Lazzaro

      After a further investigation, I found the answer to my own question. When you arrive Terms & Conditions page, this combination works on K-series.

      MUTE -> Volume Up -> Channel Up -> MUTE.

      • Alex

        THANK YOU!!! 🙂

      • ky tavares

        Hi Lazzaro!

        My problema is that I cannot download Terms and Conditons, it getting stucks at this step. What to do? My tv is ue49ku6400

      • Saravanan

        Hi Lazzaro ,

        I was stuck with my K series trying to change the Location. thanks for your info. it really worked.

  19. s_s

    I have the same problem as mention above : I bought from USA Samsung Un60ju6500, when I made reset to the hub I’ve got the msg that my country doesn’t support smart hub And it geo blocked. Now I can’t use the smart hub. I tried the combination thru term & codition page but it didn’t worked
    Please help.

  20. Anna

    Wow, that was fantastic! Been struggling with my UE48JU7500 for weeks and this solved it perfectly. To be clearer it is the Smart Hub remote you use and the mute button is on the side. Thanks a million for this!

  21. Mark Smith

    To those still struggling to get that list of countries to appear. I was just as frustrated but somewhere on the Samsung forums there was the answer.
    First I changed the DNS settings to the great service of Unlocator so the TVs appears to the Internet to be in the uk ( not sure if that is essential but iplayer won’t work if you don’t).
    Then follow exactly as above, but, press through the sequence twice, one after another. ie mute return vol CH mute mute return vol CH mute, and quite rapidly about half a second between each press. Good luck. I have iplayer on an Oz tv in Oz