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Eye on Demand | July 20, 2018

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Sky Go (UK) Review

Sky Go (UK) Review

Review Overview

Quality of Video Stream
User Interface
Content on Offer
Device Availability
Value for Money

Needs Greater Platform Support

How would you imagine one of the world’s largest satellite TV broadcasters to pull off an online delivery service? Would you expect top notch video quality, a vast range of platforms with comprehensive cross-platform support and a highly functional user interface? If you thought that sounds like Netflix you would be right. So what about Sky then?

Sky traditionally have been operating the UK’s most popular digital pay TV service via satellite for many years now, and despite old-school competition from the likes of Virgin media, as well as encroachment from OTT and other online delivery services like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and more, Sky have been rather slow in developing their own IPTV platform.

This doesn’t mean Sky was slow at starting their online delivery service. In fact, Sky were one of the early IPTV pioneers launching their first services in 2006. What originally was known as Sky Player, Sky Anytime on PC and then Sky By Broadband, Sky Go (as it is known now) has in one form or another been around longer than the BBC iPlayer.

So effectively, we should expect Sky Go to have become quite an evolved and feature rich service that has led the pack in the years of its development.

Why then do we find ourselves with possibly the least feature-rich major IPTV service in the UK?

Sky Go offers some of the best content of any service available in the United Kingdom. Major, new release films, a wide variety of exclusive television series including home grown productions and the nation’s largest selection of live sporting events including major tournaments such as the Premier League.

It’s worth mentioning here that Sky Movies operate in what is known as the 1st Pay TV window. In fact, Sky has so much dominance here, it is often referred to in the industry simply as the Sky Window. This period begins usually around 6 months after theatrical release. To put this into perspective, Netflix generally operates in the 2nd Pay TV window which can see a year or longer between the cinema and their subscription package.

Yet despite Sky’s phenomenal power in the UK entertainment industry, their online initiative – Sky Go, has some of the smallest platform support of any major service.

Quality ButtonVideo quality is also a debatable topic and varies between live and catch-up. At its worse when viewed on mobile devices, my tests averaged between 1920kbps* and 2670kbps*, but this improved to a far better 3450kbps* via a laptop and over 4000kbps on a PlayStation 4.

What sets Sky Go apart from the likes of Netflix is of course their live channels. Not only are their films and TV shows available on-demand, but a reasonable selection of Sky’s linear channels are also available, providing all the Movie and Sports offerings if the package selected includes this.

There are a few notable omissions of course. Whilst FTA channels like ITV and Four and Five are available, the BBC are nowhere to be seen, and there are some programmes Sky have not been able to acquire online licenses for.

The most confusing thing however, is that Sky offer a different range of live channels on different platforms, and typically for Sky, their website doesn’t exactly make this clear at all.


Warning: It looks as though Sky will end the contract-free Sky Go subscription and force everyone either through their traditional satellite TV subs or Now TV.

  • Sky Go’s on-demand content is split between their Movies and Entertainment packages, depending on which subscription you opt for. The best way to evaluate their content is to browse through it yourself, so check the posters below for a current line-up of what Sky Go offers.

  • Sky Go website

    I have to admit that I do get a little frustrated when the best platform on test for an IPTV service is when it’s via a browser. I like browsers – for browsing, but not watching television. Sadly, of the two currently tested platforms here for Sky Go, their web browser offered the best of the two options.

    Why? Higher quality streams, availability of more content, and the possibility to watch on the big screen – even if it is my personal pet-hate, through (gasp) an HDMI cable.

    The UI on the other-hand is nothing to be proud of. Sky Go ignore almost any of the modern standards and conventions found in leading on-demand services, and do their best to simply port over concepts from their Sat TV service. Just because something works fine via a Satellite, doesn’t mean it translates well to online delivery.

    Sky Go starts with a long list of available channels according to the customers subscription, with basic information on what is currently streaming live. Click on a channel and the viewer is taken to a details page which offers playback either in a window, pop-out or full-screen.

    I particularly liked the mini-EPG during playback that pops up when the mouse is moved. Here, the usual controls exist for on-demand playback but live streams also display now and next programme information, along with a quick channel selector.


    If you want to watch all this on a real television, you will need to physically hard-wire it via an HDMI cable. Not so practical when using a desktop, but potentially usable with a laptop. That said, I have had terrible experiences trying to second-screen the video with full-screen playback on the TV whilst still using the main computer. The full-screen playback on the TV kept dropping out whenever I started using the computer’s main monitor for other tasks. As long as I dedicate the PC or Mac to the task of playing back the stream, everything is fine, which to be honest is a little impractical.

    What is good however, is the live video quality. Standard definition live streams averaged 1240kbps* whilst HD streams topped at 3610kbps* and were very pleasing to the eye.

    On-demand was somewhat of a letdown during my testing period, as I couldn’t seem to achieve greater than standard definition, regardless of the film chosen to play.

    Platform Pros:

    • High quality streams.
    • Highest range of content and live channels of all platforms.
    • One of the few ways to watch Sky Go content on a TV (via HDMI cable).
    • Resume feature.
    • Pop-out, full-screen or windowed modes to choose from.
    • Easy to change channels with the mouse.

    Platform Cons:

    • Awkward and poorly designed UI.
    • Slow and cumbersome.
    • No Episode Management.
    • No Chromecast support.
    • No cross-platform support.
    • No Watchlist.
    • Can be painful during multi-screen playback.

    (Accessing UK’s Sky Go from outside of Britain may require using a Smart DNS service or VPN)









    This service is geographically unblocked on this platform by the following Smart DNS providers:

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  • Thankfully, as far as user interfaces go, Sky Go’s iOS app for the most part offers an improvement over their web portal.

    Sky Go iPhone 5At least now the Home Screen has clear categories to shortlist the various live channels on offer. Entertainment, Movies, Sports, News, Documentaries, Kids; International and Lifestyle are the choices provided, and this simple, but effective feature can make it quick and easy to select the channel to watch.

    As already mentioned, Sky Go’s live television package offers considerably fewer channels on mobile devices than it does through a laptop or PC. Since Sky wasn’t so clear on exactly what channels could be watched on the iOS, I’ve created a short list here based on my own experiences:

    Channels that offered live streams: ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, ITV Encore, ITVBe Four, Five, 5USA, 5*, STV, Sky 1, Sky Living, Sky Atlantic, FOX, Sky Movies Premiere, Sky Movies Showcase, Sky Movies Greats, Sky Movies Disney, Sky Movies Family, Sky Movies Action, Sky Movies Comedy, Sky Movies Thriller, Sky Movies Drama/Rom, Sky Movies SciFi/Horror, Sky Movies Select, Film 4, Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2, Sky Sports 3, Sky Sports 4, Sky Sports News, Sky Sports F1, EuroSport, Sky News, Ci, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Nickelodean, Disney XD, Disney, Disney Junior, Nick Jr, Cartoonito, Star Plus, Dave, Comedy Central, MTV, Sky Arts, Alibi, E4, More 4, National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo Wild, History, Eden, CITV and Good Food.

    Channels that require a traditional Sky TV subscription: Universal Channel, SyFy, TLC, Discovery, Animal Planet.

    The big draw-card for Sky Go is of course the Sports package. It’s one thing to access Sky’s movie and Entertainment channels, but since they can be available for the most part via Now TV for less money and on more platforms, for many people it will be the ability to watch Sky Sports live that attracts them here.

    Sky’s live channels tend to vary quite dramatically during my video quality tests, with anything between 1010kbps* and 2990kbps*. This presents a good quality stream, although nothing exceptional. These tests were performed on an iPad, but due to Sky Go’s draconian platform limits, I wasn’t able to test this on the iPhone as well.

    Sky Go LiveTV iPad 1010kbps

    SkyGo Sports Live iPad Bitrates 2900kbps

    Playback for on-demand and catch-up material was significantly lower, streaming across at 1770kbps*, which is still only standard definition.

    Sky Go Movie iPad 1760kbps

    AirPlay is not only unsupported, but Sky haven’t even allowed mirroring. Not that anyone would really enjoy basic mirroring anyway, since video quality takes a serious dive south, but complete blockage is rather unusual and a real shame, and just part of the whole list of gripes I have with this app.

    For a start, regardless of the otherwise great TV box sets that are available, there is absolutely no form of episode management. This means there is no way to keep track of which episodes have been watched, and at what stage they are at. There are no Profiles, no Watchlists, nothing. Which probably means you’ll have to keep a pencil and paper handy if you ever want to remember exactly where you were in a programme’s season.

    While all of these omissions may be annoying for a free service, it becomes less of a minor issue when you consider how much Sky charge for all this.

    The final nail is the inability to access Sky Go’s best iOS highlight, offline downloads. Unbelievably, this incredibly rare, but staggeringly useful feature is available on the Sky Go iOS app. Well, it is if you are a subscriber to Sky’s traditional satellite service and then pay an additional Sky Go Extra fee of £5 per month. If you are subscribing just to Sky Go, they won’t even let you pay for it. It is exactly this sort of marketing farce that causes so many people to dislike old-school pay-TV companies.

    If you are a traditional Sky customer, movies can be kept for 30 days, with all other shows available for 7 days after paying an additional £5 per month.

    Platform Pros:

    • Better UI than their web interface.
    • Can Resume shows where you left off.
    • 3G/4G compliant.
    • Good video quality, but not stunning.

    Platform Cons:

    • Catch-up & On-demand limited to standard definition.
    • No Episode Management.
    • No AirPlay support.
    • No Chromecast support.
    • No Watchlist or Profiles.
    • Sky Go Extra can not be purchased unless you have a traditional sub.

    (Accessing UK’s Sky Go from outside of Britain may require using a Smart DNS service or VPN)










    This service is geographically unblocked on this platform by the following Smart DNS providers:

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  • The following app has been tested on a Samsung Galaxy S 8.4 tablet running KitKat 4.4. Due to the enormous fragmentation of the Android ecosystem, features, availability and UI may vary dramatically between devices.

    Sky Go’s Android app is no less disappointing than their iOS one, lacking any optimization for larger tablet screens, forcing vertical viewing for navigation whilst horizontal viewing for playback, and neglecting Chromecast owners by not allowing any easy way to cast the video to a proper television set. If you felt like you’re paying through your nose for a Sky subscription, you won’t feel any happier once downloading this app.

    For those of you old enough to remember the first handheld television remote controls, the ones that became popular in the 1960s, you’ll remember how easy it was to change channels. Fifty-five years later, Sky have somehow managed to completely forget the basics. It takes no fewer than four taps of the mobile device to move one channel up; clicking the Back button twice, tapping the next channel, then selecting Watch. Grandad just pushed the up or down button – didn’t he live the dream…

    Live channels still show the pointless scrubbing bar at the bottom of the screen, which really has no use since Sky don’t offer any PVR features on this app. If they had to have things at the bottom of the screen, how about channel up and down buttons? (or even swiping up or down on the screen)

    Still, the scrubbing bar does work for catch-up and on-demand content, though there are no thumbnail previews to help the viewer along in finding the right spot.

    So after all that moaning, what does this app do right? Well, video quality isn’t terribly bad to be honest, although it does depend on the channel and video. The sports channels tested as high as 2940kbps* which is more than acceptable for the small screen. Although, as you can see in the second graph, video quality drops to pretty dismal levels for normal channels such as Sky 1.

    SkyGo Sports Live Galaxy Bitrates 2940kbps

    Sky Go LiveTV Galaxy 870kbps

    Playback video quality is just SD however, with our own tests managing an average of 1760kbps*. This is good enough for the small screen, but if Sky ever woke up to smell their departing cord-cutters and added Chromecast support, this would have to be increased.

    Sky Go Movie Galaxy 1770kbps

    There is an offline download feature, but only for customers of Sky Go Extra, which despite the fact it costs £5 more per month, I wouldn’t generally speaking mind – except that Sky doesn’t allow Sky Go customers to actually buy Sky Go Extra. As mad as it sounds (and really, this is a classic case of a giant conglomerate that has possibly lost its corporate mind), Sky Go really refuse to sell Sky Go Extra to Sky Go customers.

    I could live with this app if the service was free, but for the money we pay for Sky Go, or a traditional satellite sub for that matter as well, I have to admit I expected a lot more than what I see here.

    Platform Pros:

    • Sports streams are very good.
    • Once you get to playback, it, well… works.

    Platform Cons:

    • Outside of sports, only average video quality.
    • No way to access downloads without a Sky Go Extra sub.
    • Sky Go won’t sell Sky Go Extra to Sky Go customers. (Must have traditional satellite sub)
    • Forced vertical navigating.
    • Forced horizontal viewing.
    • Useless scrubbing buttons on live TV.
    • Four clicks to move one channel up/down.
    • No access to red button streams.
    • No Chromecast support.

    (Accessing UK’s Sky Go from outside of Britain may require using a good VPN Service)









    This service is geographically unblocked on this platform by the following Smart DNS providers:

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  • Best 2Sky are masters of confusion, causing many people to find themselves scratching their heads wondering what the difference was between Sky Go, Sky On Demand and Sky’s Now TV. If that wasn’t enough, they’ve now created another reason to cause brains across the country to explode; “TV From Sky”. Yes, TV from Sky is different from Sky Go, yet the same as well. All I can say is that if you want proof that when a giant company becomes too large it’s left hand can’t see what the right hand is doing, look no further than Sky.

    So, as far as this reviewer is concerned, “TV From Sky” will simply be called Sky Go – after-all, a standard Sky Go sub will allow access to it. And before we get too far into this review, we have only had a chance to test Sky Go on the PS4. There is also a PS3 app that was recently released, but we have not had a chance to test it.

    Sky Go’s PS4 app is without doubt the flagship in their fleet. Whilst the website is rather meh (for want of a better word) and their iOS app disappoints us with low quality streams and a lack of AirPlay or Chromecast support, the PS4 app shines in so many ways – at least for Sky Go.

    There is a lot going on here, with access to a pile of live channels including ITV, Four, Five, Sky’s Entertainment and Movies, their Sports and and additional ones such as Disney and Film 4. As is so typical of Sky, not all of them will be available to contract-free cord cutters. Some channels, especially American based ones like Discovery, FOX (UK), Animal Planet and SyFy are only available to those with a traditional cable contract (sounds familiar to our American readers?).

    But when a channel does play, expect some of the highest quality streams for live UK simulcasts. Whilst Zattoo offered some of the best BBC and ITV1 streams we have seen online, the other ITV channels, along with Four and Five’s were relegated to standard definition. Sky Go on the PS4 has no such limits with rather good 3030kbps* HD streams from the likes of ITV2 and Channel 4.

    Sky Go LiveTV PS4 3030kbps


    Things get even better on some other channels, with Sky Sports often sucking in a very decent 4150kbps* stream – perfect for watching the cricket on Sunday afternoons. But keep in mind, not all channels stream via HD even on satellite, so these ones (like Dave) will funnel into your router at HD bitrates, but with clearly SD quality video.

    SkyGo Sports Live PS4 Bitrates 4150kbps

    Catch-up and on-demand content fares pretty good too, but oddly enough not at Sky Go’s highest rate of 3670kbps*. Generally speaking though, video quality is rather good with Sky Go via the PlayStation 4.

    Sky Go Movie PS4 3670kbps

    It’s not all a bed of roses however. Like Sky Go’s other platforms, for some reason the UK’s biggest pay-TV provider hasn’t provided a Watchlist, or any form of episode management. When you start to watch a television series, you better bring along a pencil and paper in order to keep track of where you left off, which in today’s Netflix era, is almost unforgivable.

    PS4 Controller Sky Go

    Controlling the app is pretty easy with the Dualshock, with FFW and REW offering speeds varying from 2x to 120x, but without any visual thumbnails to aid progress (and no, you can’t FFW or REW through commercial breaks once they start playing).

    Switching live channels could be a little more intuitive as well, especially as the stream starts so quickly. I would have liked something a bit more akin to old-school channel hopping. That is, a single-click of a button to flick up and down. At the moment, channel switching requires a minimum of three clicks to get to the next channel.

    A 7 day EPG exists for no apparent reason other than an alternative way of changing channels, since moving a few days ahead and selecting a show has no effect. Likewise, you can’t go back in time and access catch-up TV that way either (something the BBC iPlayer has been offering for years).

    All in all, this is without doubt Sky Go’s best app, but how on earth did no episode management or Watchlist get past quality control?

    Platform Pros:

    • The highest quality streams from Sky Go exceeding 4000kbps*
    • Very good UI.
    • Covers live, catch-up, on-demand, television, movies and sport.
    • Includes Resume.
    • 7 day EPG included for live TV.

    Platform Cons:

    • Not all live channels work unless you have a traditional satellite sub.
    • No Watchlist or favourites.
    • No Previously watched list.
    • No episode management.
    • Controller requires both hands.
    • No timeline.
    • No easy channel hopping.
    • No backwards EPG access for catch-up.

    (Accessing UK’s Sky Go from outside of Britain may require using a good VPN)

    Sport BUTTON Movies BUTTON On-Demand - BUTTON Catch-up BUTTON HD BUTTON Resume BUTTON Live TV BUTTON Cross Platform BUTTON








    IPVanish VPN DNS

  • If you are already a Sky TV customer (the type with the horrible satellite dish blotting your neighbourhood), Sky Go is entirely free. In this case, it is certainly worth downloading the apps on to your mobile devices.

    In fact, it may also be worth subscribing to Sky Go Extra for an additional £5, as this allows not only more devices that can be registered at the same time, but also offline downloads.

    If you don’t have a traditional Sky TV sub, then you will be required to pay directly for the Sky Go services with prices at the time of publication as follows:

    • The Family Bundle (Sky’s Entertainment TV plan): £15 per month.
    • The Family Bundle + Sky Movies: £32 per month.
    • The Family Bundle + Sky Sports: £35 per month.
    • The Family Bundle, Sky Movies + Sky Sports: £40 per month.

    As with Sky’s old-school satellite service, there is no way to access the movies or sports channels without also paying for the basic channels.

    If you already have a Now TV account, you can sign up using those details, or you can create a brand new Sky ID.

    See here for more details.

    Remember, accessing Sky Go outside of the UK will require either a good Smart DNS or VPN service.

  • Sky Movies, Entertainment and Sports are also available on Sky’s dedicated IPTV service, Now TV.

    The Now TV Entertainment pass only costs £6.99 per month when compared to Sky Go’s Family Bundle of £15 per month, but although this offers extra channels, it lacks the additional platform support, especially the brilliant £10 Now TV box.

    The Now TV Movie pass costs a bit more at £9.99, but then again, Sky Go requires potential customers to add the Movie package on top of the Entertainment bundle, costing a minimum of £32 per month.

    With Now TV available on more platforms, easier to watch on the big-screen TV and at a lower price, why would anyone choose Sky Go?

    Answer: Sky Sports. This is pretty much the only reason I can personally see here.

    Sky Sports is available on a separate Now TV package, but it costs considerably more. Accessing the Sky Sports package via Sky Go will set you back a minimum of £35 per month (which includes the Entertainment package as well). Doing the same via Now TV would cost more than £44 per month with no other channels.

    In Sky’s defense, their argument is that Sky Sports on Now TV is only really meant to be used a “one-off” for people who don’t subscribe to Sky and have no real interest in the sports package, but may want to watch the odd event. Though in reality it probably has more to do with protecting the traditional satellite packages.

    So, if the Movies and Entertainment channels are more what you are after, I highly recommend the Now TV Box paired with Now TV’s Movie and Entertainment passes, which will set you back around £14 per month, less than half the cost of Sky Go.

    On the other hand, if it is sports you require, Sky Go is really the only way to go here.

  • Sky Go quite simply has huge potential. After-all, this is a contract free service offering premium channels and new release movies, both with a wide back catalogue as well as live streams, combined with some of the best sporting coverage in the UK. What on earth could possibly go wrong?

    Yet Sky Go debuts on Eye on-Demand with one of the lowest scores for an on-demand service, and this was not something I relished doing. The low score reflects two major flaws that quite frankly, should not have existed, and results in enormous difficulty with enjoying the benefits of Sky Go.

    1)  Confusing array of apps, websites and UI with no AirPlay or Chromecast.

    2) Extremely poor platform support, with very few options on playing back content on the main TV. Sky Go is after-all a pay-television service.

    Couple this with an incredibly draconian device limit (2 devices with only one change per month), no ability to buy the Sky Go Extra service unless viewers have a traditional satellite sub, no cross-platform support and no episode management, and we have a package almost designed to not attract new customers.

    In fact, it seems as if this is Sky’s policy all along, with Sky Go aimed entirely at existing Sky sat customers and only added the online-only package as an afterthought.

    Things have improved in video quality and with the addition of the PlayStation 3 & 4 apps, which offer by far the best way to access Sky Go, but we still require a much broader range of platforms before Sky Go truly becomes a cord-cutters dream.

    Sky are in an interesting situation here. On one hand, they want to protect their traditional satellite business. On the other hand, this is old technology and their traditional subscriptions are becoming less popular in a post-Netflix world. There is a phrase called “cord cutting” in which dissatisfied customers leave a traditional pay-TV operator for the new world of IPTV, and if Sky isn’t careful here, they could disenchant far too many customers.

    If you are interested just in Sky Movies and/or their Entertainment channels, I would by far recommend their Now TV Movies or Now TV Entertainment Passes. It will cost less and work on far more platforms.

    If it is Sky’s sports channels you are after, unfortunately Sky Go is the only viable UK based, full-IPTV option going. It has few of the great features equivalent services from smaller countries like Sweden’s Viaplay offers, and at a higher cost as well. But it will be the only way to effectively and legally get Sky Sports via the Internet without a satellite or cable subscription as well.

    Perhaps we need more competition?


    • Access to the Sky Sports package.
    • Good video quality via the web browser and iOS.
    • Very good PS4 video quality.


    • Draconian platform limits (only 2 devices with 1 monthly change)
    • No AirPlay.
    • No Chromecast Support.
    • Poor platform support.
    • Expensive considering the lack of platform support and video quality.
    • Can’t purchase Sky Go Extra without a satellite sub.
    • No episode management.
    • No cross-platform support.
    • No Watchlist or Profiles.
    • Expensive considering lack of basic features.
    • No access to red-button feeds.











    25.07.2014: Review Published. Score: 4.5 – Needs Greater Platform Support.

    21.08.2014: Added Tank Top listings.

    06.02.2015: Added PS4 review and updated score to 5.

    13.02.2015: Updated with improved video on iOS. Score increased to 5.2.

    14.02.2015: Minor correction.

    18.02.2015: Additional minor corrections.

    04.03.2015: General updates and added Android app review.

    * Bitrate tests were based on multiple averages and are subject to both the geographical location and ISP bandwidth at the time.


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  1. Ricky

    Hi, just so you know if you want to make the browser stay full screen, open the SkyGo player in a pop up window and press F11 to make the window go full screen. Hey presto, you can do other tasks on your PC!

    The only other niggling issue I have with SkyGo is that they’re not officially supporting HD streaming when I suspect the service more is capable of it.

    • Sounds like a great tip Ricky. I’ll have to see if it works better on our Window’s machine via F11 when Sky Go are kind enough to let us swap devices 😉

  2. Ken Ellison

    Concerning iptv. If I connect a sky+ box to internet and tv with dns in france – can I get sky tv as transmitted by satellite.
    Is android tv a set top box to connect to smart tv’s, and can it be programmed to access sky?

    • I can’t answer the first one as I have never tried this with a Sky+ box. I don’t know the level of integration between the satellite tuner and the Sky Go service. Sorry. (But as far as I know, Sky Go has a lot fewer channels than the normal Sky Satellite service)

      As for the other question, it is important to realize that there are two ways to describe an “Android Set Top Box”. First of all, there is the official boxes which use Android as the OS, namely, the Amazon Fire TV (Available in US, DE and UK from tomorrow), and The new Nexus Player (only available in US now). This offers proper apps designed for a 10 foot environment – i.e. watching stuff on a TV 10foot away on a sofa. There are currently no Sky Go apps available for these devices.

      Then there are Android boxes like the Minix one reviewed on this site. Although these may have access to the Sky Go Android app (from the Google Play Store), they are often limited in video quality as the app was designed for a small mobile phone screen – and many video streaming apps don’t work at all. Secondly, their UI was also designed for a touch screen, so they may not be as comfortable to use when in a sofa.

      There is little information about Sky Go arriving on other platforms, though talk has suggested the Xbox One and PS4 may become available later this year.

      That said, if Sports is not what you really need, Sky’s other service Now TV may be good enough. They are available on loads of devices including the really cheap £10 Now TV STB, and are quite affordable for the movie and TV packages. (Sports are expensive on Now TV though)

  3. Mat

    Hi guys, I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not but Sky have finally launched Sky Go on the PS4. What isn’t being relayed through the media is that it is very much now an improved 720p stream for both love and on demand content. It is actually a very nice picture now, probably just shy in bitrate of BBC HD on Iplayer.

    • Thanks Mat,
      Just a quick question. Did you manage this with just a Sky Go account, as I heard that it requires a Sky Go Extra sub as well, and that requires a “normal” satellite subscription to buy?

  4. Mat

    Afraid not Joe, I love streaming pretty much anything I can, HULU Plus, Vudu, itunes US and UK, Amazon Instant Prime UK, Amazon Instant U.S, Netflix etc, but still make use of a Sky Sub at home.

    Also.. A quick tip.. Mubi is now live on Ps4, though it is very slow to load up right now.

    • Thanks for the info and Mubi tip Mat.

  5. JC

    If you want to use Sky Go using a 10 foot user interface (on TV from your sofa), use DratSky.