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Eye on Demand | August 15, 2018

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How-To: Full Factory Reset of Samsung TV

How-To: Full Factory Reset of Samsung TV

Got yourself a misbehaving E or F series Samsung Smart TV? Has the normal Factory Reset not worked for you? Follow these instructions to complete a much more complete Factory Reset that normally only technicians would use.

The instructions below will work on an E and F series Samsung Smart TV (I have not tested this on earlier models, but it could also work with those as well). You will need the normal push-button remote that came in the box – this will not work with the high-end touch remote, nor will any virtual remotes suffice.

Warning! This technique will boot the TV into a service mode that was NOT designed for general users. This mode is meant for technicians only, which means there may be a few switches and knobs that could raise an eyebrow or two. We at Eye on-Demand highly recommend users to not play with these other settings unless qualified to do so, as they could cause problems that require a real service technician to repair! Eye on-Demand hold no responsibility for any action taken on your TV.
However, the scary stuff aside, following the procedure as described below should be relatively safe as long as you don’t deviate from the given path.
Video Guide

Step 1: Make sure your TV is on standby (i.e. off, but plugged into the wall)

Step 2: Using your remote, press the following buttons in exactly this order: INFO – MENU – MUTE – POWER.

Note: You have to press them rather quickly one after another, and make sure the remote is properly pointing to the TV.

Step 3: The TV will now switch on, and after a moment, display the service menu. If after about 10 or 15 seconds the service menu doesn’t appear, switch off the TV and try again.

Step 4: Press the Options button (It’s the first option).

Step 4: Press the Factory Reset Button (Again, it’s the first option).

Step 5: The TV will now switch off.

Step 6: Switch the TV back on, and begin the full setup process from the beginning.

It goes without saying that a factory reset will wipe all your presets and any favourites you have set. It will effectively return the set back to what it was coming out from Samsung’s factory.


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  1. Neil Dean

    Thank you, I thought my TV had a virus or something it. I was watching showbox on my phone and sharing to my TV. Then it kept turning its self off. Your solution worked perfectly. Samsung were no help. This was by far the best advice.

  2. Mustafa

    The remote I have is a touch remote and has no dedicated info button. What to press instead?

  3. Darkvader


    Thanks for the Factory Reset information. Now my question for you is, if by mistake and trigger the Service Menu HDMI Calibration process, will doing the Factory reset bring those settings back to what they were when the TV came out of the box.

    Thanks in advance for you help.a

    • This is a more complex question than I can answer. The best place to ask this would be at the SamyGo forums or with Samsung themselves.

    • vic

      Read above (!)
      ” You will need the normal push-button remote that came in the box – this will not work with the high-end touch remote, nor will any virtual remotes suffice.”

    • Darren

      I think I may have messed up my setting like this also.
      Did you manage to resolve your problem???

  4. fiza

    hi. there is no INFO button on my remote. my samsung smart tv model is UE40f5500AW. please help

  5. fabio

    I have problems with web browser I see black screen
    what can I do?
    best regards

  6. Peter

    I cant access the smart hub on my tv. When i push the smart hub button, the blue background appears, but the icons dont. What can i do? I tried this full factory reset but it wasnt solved the issue… 🙁

    • Hi Peter, if even the factory reset doesn’t fix this, this is a problem for Samsung. You should contact them and they should provide you with a solution or a repaired TV.

  7. sam

    I tried to use this on my HU9000 and it didn’t work. do you happen to know how to do a complete Factory Reset. normal factory reset is not doing it

    • Hi Sam, sorry, I don’t have any further info for your HU9000 model.

  8. Jose

    Thank you si much 🙂

    The volume was going down on his own…. And Now is working perfecly.

  9. Magda

    I have the problem with set up of Smart tv Samsung. I used the wrong button (Ive swiched off) during the setting up Smart tv. When I turned on TV the system freezed on 5th steps. And I cant do anyting more. Please Help 🙂

    • Hi Magda, if this is a brand new TV, and it sounds like it, the first thing I would do would be to call Samsung support. Outside of that, which model TV do you have?

  10. Jim Reynolds

    Worked a treat on my F4510 (UE32F4510) LED. Cleared a problem I was having where Netflix would not load. I did the reset above, worked through the normal first-time setup and network. Ran Netflix … job done 🙂

    Not sure what killed Netflix. It may have been a Smarthub firmware update or it may have been the bank account details for netflix needing to be updated after I changed banks. Either way, sorted now.

    Many thanks !!!!!

  11. rami

    When i turn my tv to service mode. The option button is red. And i cant navigate down or up or even enter the option…..
    Please help

  12. boicus

    worked like magic. thx. used for my ue39f5300

  13. Richard

    This did not work for me, I don´t know why. I have a E8000 and when I do the procedure, the TV just turns on and absolutely nothing happens. I have tried pressing the buttons REAL fast in the correct order, and nothing. It just turns on normally, no menu. I need to do this because Netflix has stopped working and the regular menu reset does not work.

  14. john

    Hi, I have the new Samsung touch remotes that dont have the info button. is there any way I can do a full factory reset?

  15. Jack

    Messed it up haha now no power indicater light on or anything any ideas how to resolve the problem

    • Hi Jack, that is indeed bad news. Can you warn others here by saying what you did? Perhaps you didn’t do anything wrong and there was a serious issue with your TV which caused you to try this method, but that just took it over the limit? In any case, my first course of action would be to contact Samsung support. Still. Try a full power outage, that is, unplug from the wall for a few minutes, then plug back in.

      • Jim Estela

        Hi there, I was going though the update page but instead of pressing the right button the remote to select NO I pressed OK and it started to update via channel. The TV went off and did power on again. The power light flashes in the following sequence: flash, flash, flash, flashflash, off for 2 seconds and back to the blinking light. Tried INFO+MENU+MUTE+POWER and EXIt too and still nothing. Unplug it from the socket, plugged in a USB with firmware update, plugged the cable back in and still with the same blinking. Any ideias?

  16. Selcuk

    my model is LE40A552P3R and it is hanged at firmware upgrade and doest no switch on now 🙁

    info-menu-mute-power and 12 seconds exit button does not work for me. stuck 🙁

    any idea ?


    • Hi Selcuk, was this a standard firmware upgrade supplied by Samsung? If so, I suggest you contact them – they may be able to help. If this was a non-standard firmware upgrade, give the folks at Samygo forums a buzz.

  17. Selcuk

    hi yes it was from samsung’s website. i removed the usb by mistake during upgrade 🙁
    i will, thank you.

  18. U people has help me alot now I have got all the digital channels I was looking for God bless you.

    • Thanks Nana for letting us know of your success!

  19. Tibi

    Hy. Y have a Samsung smart TV 40h6400 and Y can’t access from the menu the broadcasting submenu. It says THIS FUNCTION ISN’T AVAILABLE. I did a factori rest from the hidden menu info menu mute power,and it sais the same like before. What should I do? Pls. Help me. Better can contact me true mail. Thanks. 1000 regards

    • Gustavo

      I have the same problem. Could you resolved the problem??

  20. Danny

    Thank you it worked great .. I was ready to throw this Samsung TV out.

  21. Sarah

    Hey…..all of a sudden my samsung smart tv has decided it cant connect to the internet, it says its connected to my router but cant connect to the Internet please contact service provider….the thing is every other device of all discriptions and brand are using my internet no problem….the tv is the only device complaining…tried factory reset and nope….
    It seems to be getting a mac address an ip address subnet mask gateway and dns server,all these things seem to have an address after them

    • Hi Sarah,
      Yeap, Samsung have just rolled out a botched update by the looks of things. We’re hoping for a fix soon.

      • Guy R

        I’m experiencing the same problem than the one described by Sarah. I also have few other devices connected to the same router and they all work just fine. TV was working OK until yesterday and suddenly, some apps stopped working. Quick investigation has shown the same symptoms (TV connects to router but can’t access internet, as per Network status on the TV).

        This issue seems to only affect Netflix and other similar streaming apps (“Network interference detected” message when trying to use these apps), but doesn’t seem to affect other features: As example, I can successfully download/update apps from the Smart Hub. This makes me conclude that despite the error reported in the network settings, the TV is still connected to Internet.

        So, I looked at the firmware version on my TV (version 1031.0 for a SmartTV 55″ series 6, model UN55D6050) and compared it with latest available from the Samsung’s support website. Well, same version and this firmware has been released in 2013 and never been updated since then (for what I know).

        Of course Samsung can remotely push firmware updates. But would they do it in complete “stealth” mode, without at least informing the end-user, and if so, why wouldn’t they change the firmware version number?

        I am not saying it’s not possible but could it be that instead, as part of the network status validation routine, the TV is connecting to a specific server to confirm connectivity as well as to discovers external IP of the TV (which can only be done by “asking” to a remote server) and so on, and it is this server that is in cause?

        These apps all have in common that the need the client external IP to operate properly. It is conceivable therefore that these apps rely on the TV’s SDK (software development kit) to get the external IP (I’m almost sure they do), and since the TV failed to retrieve it (as per the network status page), these apps can’t operate properly. Actually, any other app that doesn’t rely on the client’s IP for validation/authentication seems to still working fine (including the SmartHub itself).

        Just a theory though, plausible?

        Guy R

        • Very plausible Guy. My initial idea that it was connected to a software update is looking less likely, and the problem seems to be more associated with Samsung’s servers in South Korea. I’ll put your theory as the most likely cause right now. Thanks for your input!

  22. Adresa

    same problem in România also!!

  23. Sam

    Thank you so much for the update regarding the 25.02.2015 botched update from Samsung. I have wasted so much time trying to resolve this since yesterday.
    I really wish they would stop releasing their untested rubbish and just leave it in a working state.
    Thank you again.

    I have certainly learn my lesson to not waste any more money on these so called Smart TVs with all the technical issues they seem to be plagued with across various / all models. Rant over.

  24. Guy R

    Thanks Jo’,
    just to comment further, I would be very interested to find out what we, us experiencing this issue, have in common (same firmware version 1031.0 or near same date of manufacturing maybe?).

    I mention this because if this is effectively caused by a faulty or down server on Samsung’s side, then we must have in common the address of this specific server, which have to be “hard-stored” either in the firmware or elsewhere in the NVRAM of the TV itself.

    It doesn’t seem to be specific to a region – I am in Canada (not South Korea) and have the issue. I bought the unit in March 2012 (about 3 years ago) so it must have been manufactured late 2011.

    Also, I am pretty sure that this affects only a limited number SmartTVs. If this would affect ALL units (this would be millions for sure), we would certainly hear thousands of people screaming and ranting all over Internet… and Samsung’s support page would show some message about it (hopefully!).

    Anyway, I am trying to get in touch with Samsung support (this is not that instantaneous…pfffu…) and will keep you posted about the results, hoping this will get resolved sooner rather than later…

    Guy R

    • Hi Guy, from the reports I’m hearing, this is affecting D and E series TVs (which I think matches the date on your set). The problem seems to be a server at Samsung (most likely in South Korea) which the Smart Hub on the D & E series must connect to. What is confusing people is the somewhat confusing error message that is returned, which suggests the problem is with people’s own network – which it isn’t.

  25. Dimitri

    Same problem in Germany. Do you know about any official SAMSUNG webpage about this issue?

  26. Roger

    same problem here in Germany. TV model UE55ES6990SXZG, 18 months old. Internet was fine until two days ago. Cabled. All other equipment, like iphone, iPad, laptop, everything running ok, except the TV. I tried the Google dns, full factory reset, no firewall, but nothing solved this issue. No help from KabelDeutschland also. Shall we just wait for Samsung’s benevolence ir what???

    • Yeap, the error message is throwing everyone off. The problem is certainly not your end.

  27. sfyn

    Looks like I’m not the only one. Everything seems to be working fine except that I can’t go on the Internet

  28. MichRat

    Same in Switzerland.

    Software update is working though – TV checked SW version and downloaded it without any problem (version 2005 to 2015).

    I have done it after Smart TV stopped working 😉

    • Michele

      Same problem in Italy…
      Today a samsung technician told me that Samsung has sent an advisory related to this fault and also that problemi on f and d series are fixed. Nothing right now for es series….. I have ue40es8000.

      • Tim

        Same issue in Sweden. Connects to router but not internet. This started yesterday. I also did a factory reset and downloaded firmware but still not working. Router connects to everything else I throw at it so something is fishy with my tv. Thanks to this website I quit trying to fix the problem and enjoyed a cup of tea instead ( ; hope it is fixed soon.

  29. Soren

    Hi all.
    Im also hit by this problem.
    TV = UE40ES5505
    Smart hub not working, but streaming using HBBTV from works fine.

    Thanks a lot for the info. I found this site looking for the guide to make a factory reset… You saved me the trouble. Thanks for chromecast so streaming still works for most of my subscriptions.
    Somebody at Samsung must have really red ears 🙂
    Hope they will fix rhis asap.

  30. Neil

    You MUST update the tvs firmware first!
    Go to the Menu- Support Update firmware online.
    re-do the network settings and smarthub starts working again.
    Canada TV PN64E550D1FXZA 65″ Plasma

    • Manny

      Wow, you are a life saver, thanks a lot, after try some many thing this one was the only solution, Thanks a lot.

  31. catalin

    No it doesn’t.
    At least on my UE46ES7000 is doesn’t work even with last firmware update.

  32. Guy R

    Indeed Jo’, you are right. It has nothing to do with local network. It’s getting clearer as more info is coming in (thanks to you btw for you website).

    LATEST NEWS (5:45PM EST, [10:45PM GMT]):
    I finally got in touch with Samsung’s CS (in Canada) few hours ago. After doing the basic troubleshooting and confirming that my firmware was up-to-date, I managed to explain to them what is going on and why this is not a local network issue.

    Surprisingly, they listened and took the “full report” of it and will apparently investigate and even call me back, so they say. Best I can say is that the person I spoke to sounded sincere(!).

    I’m still waiting to hear from them and as soon as I do, I will post it here. My guess is that when I will hear back from them, well, everyone’s problem will be resolved…

  33. Daniel Alfaro

    Just got the same problem today. The Smart Hub updated yesterday & today we couldn’t connect to the Internet on TV only. I did a software update to the TV using the Samsung remote. Go to Menu, then Support, then go to Software Update. I used the Download option NOT USB. I waited a few minutes as the Download processed. Once done the TV shut down & then turned on by itself (as mentioned on the screen). Once the TV a turned back on, I was able to go on the Internet.

    • Stephanie


      After changing my smart TV’s DNS settings as well as other efforts, I tried what you said, Daniel, and all is working for me now!

      I was getting the same errors- that my TV was connected to the router but no network access. This was the only fix. Thanks!

  34. Michele

    Change DNS and after few seconds puf the TV goes on line. Now the update of smarthub is running.
    Italy ue40es8000



  35. Mark

    Got the same issue since the 24th or 25th. I’m in the Netherlands. I have a UE40ES6140W. It had firmware update 001033. Same problem, every other device (including my Samsung bluray player) did connect, the tv did connect to the Wi-Fi network, but not to the internet. Changing DNS-server didn’t help. I could update to firmware version 002004, but only when the Smart-hub wasn’t active (select HDMI 1 as input and then use the menu key). That didn’t solve it yesterday, but this morning the tv connected to the internet again. So I’m not sure what fixed the problem, the firmware update or somebody fixing the servers in Korea.. But I’m very happy it’s working again!

  36. Lester

    Samsung just blatantly denies that there was a problem. I live in South Africa. TV Model UA40ES6200RXXA .even we were affected 2 days ago contacted SAmsung and they say they know nothing of this problem

  37. Eric Rickard

    Had same problem would connect to router but not internet after update. Tried everything possible. Did reset last night and when i woke up it connected and Netflix started working again.
    Now I have to cancel my Internet provider’s service tech…LOL

  38. Guy R

    Problem solved this morning and TV’s network status is now displaying full internet connectivity.

    I didn’t receive/download any firmware update nor I factory-reset my TV. Obviously, this issue was caused by an external source (such as a remote server).

    Hope everyone in same situation are also back online.

  39. Guy R

    ..and oh, for those who solved the problem by changing the DNS setting, yes this can solve a problem but ONLY IF THE PROBLEM IS DNS RELATED, which is not the case with the network connectivity issue documented above. One could think it’s the same but it’s not.

    A typical home internet connection is set to use your ISP’s DNS server and those can (an do) go down. When it happens, the affected clients will rather be a locally close geographically.

    Google provides DNS servers for public use (primary: and secondary: and they are known to be rock-solid reliable (and they are). Switching to these DNS allows one to bypasses the ISP’s faulty/down DNS server and effectively solve a network connectivity issue.

    This will most likely be reported the same way on your tv’s network status page (TV connects to router but router do not connect to internet). I agree that Samsung could have done better with error reporting and diagnostics but this is a different story.

    *And if you wonder why Google would provide and encourage everyone to use their DNS servers, well, this gives them first-hand on the world’s internet traffic, which they can convert into detailed analytic, which can then be converted into revenues streams (addsense, addwords, and so on…). Clever move a must say.

  40. cccustard

    I followed these instructions as my remote was dead apart from power (yes, I did check the batteries). I get the factory reset screen but I’m then unable to activate the options and I’ve tried every button on the remote. Not sure what model I’ve got but it’s about 5 years old. Any ideas anyone?

  41. Deon

    Thank you so very much for this. I was struggling for 3 hours before landing on this page and finally all my issues were resolved in 5 minutes on Samsung H series U7000. You are truly a lifesaver.

  42. SteveB

    I have a UN46B800, and like everyone above since Feb 24thish, my Internet Widgets no longer work, specifically the Yahoo widgets got reloaded automatically from Samsung and now they load but if I try to navigate them they disappear and the TV reboots. I can;t edit the profile or delete it.

    After many many hours I personally tried to fix this(like 8 or 10) and two wasted hours with the level one crappy Samsung support, I still have nothing. I love how they can control my $2000 Tv and screw it up for me. If they had a local office I’d stop by and throw it threw their window and return it to them. A freaking crime.

  43. D Robinson


    I have done the factory reset as above and i still have no picture. I also have no sound now, but guess that is because it has reset and has no channels stored anymore?

    What should i do now please?

    Thanks in advance

    • D Robinson

      The model number is UE32F550AK

    • 1) Try doing a channel search for a start.
      2) Call Samsung. They may be able to offer a range of solutions including flashing new firmware.

  44. Carl white

    Not sure what happens but 2 days ago my girlfriend seemed to do something with the tv settings while she was cleaning.

    Original we got all sorts of stuff spearing on the screen which I googled and found to be e-POp that we have now turned off but also the picture quality seems to have gone real bright.

    Lowered contrast which makes it fine but if we turn if off, next time we turn tv on its back to 100 contrast.

    Tried changing from dynamic etc but same again it will be back to dynamic when we turn tv back on.

    Never had any picture issues in two years but this is pretty annoying, any ideas?

  45. Alex Page


    I used this in February and it worked perfectly. Yesterday my Smart hub went crazy and now most of the shortcuts have disappeared. I tried a reset and that didn’t work. It’s also coming up with the network error again (in smarthub), however the network is working in the main menu.

    Now I’m trying the factory reset, but the factory menu is not coming up. Has Samsung done their thing again?

    • Hi Alex, I just checked this and the Factory Reset menu comes up on my reference F-series TV. I’m also not seeing any of the app issues you are. Perhaps fully unplug your TV from the wall for 30seconds and try firing it up again. Hopefully a good old-fashioned reboot helps. If not, definitely contact Samsung.

  46. Ray

    My tv reboots during the movie on Netflix. Do you know what causes it?

  47. Ken

    My exact model number is UN65F9000AFXZA – Version UD03 – here in Dallas. Purchased new from Best Buy – Magnolia Dept. TV has worked flawlessly and upgraded itself many times with no issue. Now, Software Version # T-FXP9AKUC-2109.3 that I let it download last night does not work. The TV completed the download and rebooted itself. Now, the TV will stay on 45 – 55 seconds then turn itself off. Picture is great and responds to all commands on the Remote until it turns off. Went into service menus and looked around – saw the word “FAILURE” on software upgrade. Dominican Republic based Remote Support says they will push a fix this coming Monday.
    Ironically, in todays mail came the offer letter from Samsung for extended support of warranty that will expire soon.
    THANK YOU, YES, I will be purchasing 5 year extension!!
    I will post again when this gets resolved.
    PS -first call to authorized service agent wanted to replace the mother board in the TV. <– NOT YET, I DON'T THINK SO.

  48. Ken

    PS – Yes, I tried the full factory reset. Had no effect – TV still turns itself off after 45 – 50 seconds.

  49. Ken

    1:00 PM CSDST – Dallas – Texas – Just spoke to the Remote Support group in the Dominican Republic again and they say this ‘glitch’ is only affecting the UN65F9000AFXZA or UN65F9000 series. They said the problem was noted as of yesterday. Hoping to have a fix out in 24 – 48 hours.

  50. Thanos

    Hi my model tv is UE32H5500 and yesterday all of a sudden when I tried to do screen mirroring it told me it couldn’t be done because a recording was in process but when I select to stop recording it tries to stop recording then says it can’t do it. Because of this the tv doesn’t let me do screen mirroring . Any ideas from anyone.

  51. Thanos

    I also forgot to say that I never started any recordings in the first place so not sure how the recording has started.

  52. edward

    I mistakenly changed the country for my samsung smart tv model LA32D403 and now the tv immediately tunrs on when plugged in a warning ‘channel not found’ it turns off itself after some few second. The remote ni more works on it.
    I need help

    • The first course of action I would do is contact Samsung support. They should be able to set you right. It sounds like you have changed some serious firmware settings regarding the input locale. I imagine this should be able to be fixed, but you will probably need guidance from the manufacturer.

  53. Marjorie

    I am having a problem the tv will shut off then turn back on! It’s in standby mode even if AV is connected but no picture!Then when its on you try anything with the remote the light on the tv just flashes no response.
    No internet oranything like that is connected to the tv. Just a decoder. went on Samsung site not much info.

  54. Daveyj6

    Hi Jo.

    I have a major problem with my 8 series. I have tried resetting as in this site but in set up section 3 setup>network settings I press next and it tries for about 1 minute to find the network then returns to the same page. I have noticed that my IP address has vanished and have contacted Samsung who were unkind enough to forward me onto a TV repair shop that would charge me a fortune.
    Is there anything I can do to find my IP address again even though I have tried the automatic ip address in the menu. It just seems to have lost it’s IP address and that is so frustrating. I never had this problem before. even when I moved house all was fine. I have a feeling that it was an update that caused the problem but am not sure of this.
    Samsung aren’t interested because it is now out of guarantee. I have everything from Samsung. Phone, tab, camera, blu ray. it is so frustrating.

    HELP. anybody PLEASE

    • Hi Daveyj6, another great place to ask this would be the SamyGo forums:
      Those guys there know the Samsung TV inside and out.

      Have you tried a manual IP address? If not, look at your laptop that is connected to the same WiFi to see what the IP address (Gateway etc) details are, then try pinging a number with a different ending to find an empty spot. i.e. if your laptop is, try pinging 192.168.178.x (x is a different number). If this fails in the ping, then try setting this up on your TV.

      Also, check if DHCP is set on your TV and on your router. But definitely ask the guys at SamyGo Forums.

  55. Daveyj6

    I have also tried going onto “Network settings” and started up the connect to wireless network (which I have an excellent signal here) and it just doesn’t find anything.
    would it help if I run a cable from my router, about 20 ft away. and tried to connect to a wired network using automatically find IP? would that IP address then come up and save on the TV for me to connect wirelessly?

  56. Daveyj6

    I do however get a mac adress

  57. Stacey

    Hello. I couldn’t get your order sequence to work to reset mine. Although, I did find one that worked. Same process, just different buttons.

    The code for mine is: Mute > 1 > 8 > 2 – Power.

    My model is: UN32EH5300

    Sorry, didn’t mean to intrude, just thought it might help some people.

    • Absolutely no intrusion! Thanks for the tip and sharing 🙂

      • Stacey

        Whew! Awesome! My pleasure, and I hope it might come in handy for someone.

  58. Wil

    Hi, im having a problem with my samsung UN55HU7250 the porblem is i cannot full screen any media that i play. Maybe its because of the latest update. I want to factory reseet it. But the code doesn’t work. Please help me. Thanks

  59. Jay

    Ue46f7080 worked like a charm, I was getting my apps deleted every time I turned on the tv. After reinstalling they would disappear again. Tried all kinds of reset, smart hub reset etc but didn’t work. After this reset I noticed the memory got free by 80mb or more so there was quite some rubish there.
    Thanks for the great tipp!!

    • Great that it worked Jay! Feel free to join our new forum ( and let people know there as well.

  60. bassam

    Hello sir
    I have samsung led 3D smart tv type no: UA40ES6200.
    I have a proplem that it cant contact to any wireless router Neither automatically nor manually.
    I reset it using the reset supported by menu and it didnt work.
    I tried your way but still i get the same proplem. Any advice ??
    Thank you very much in advance

  61. Christina Esta

    I have a samsung 48 inch flat screen tv i need to reset and dont know how to, model number is hg40na577lf. Can u tell me how? Thanks

  62. Dan

    Anyone had this problem I have a samsung ue55f8000 smart tv and have had no problems until yesterday when I bought an evo kit and installed it. After installation my tv now has a strange green tint to everything and shows up more on a grey or black background. I have done everything to try rectify it and nothing works and even a factory reset does not fix the problem. Please can anyone help !!

  63. Alan

    Model le26s86bdx/xeu won’t let me do a channel update, doesn’t even let me into channel menu. Tried this fix and it worked. Thanks,( but it still won’t let me into channel menu after reset )

    • HASSAN Baig

      Having the same problem Alan with my series 5 model ue5000 can’t get in the channel option even tried the hard reset. Can you Jo or anybody assit me…

  64. Pascal

    I have the following on my mode UE55C6000RWXXN
    I tried to enter a ci card which works well in another Toshiba TV i have.
    When trying to find channels the tv stalled. Normally i had to be able to push enter to exit, but that didn’t work. So when nothing else possible and after a long wait I pulled out the current.
    All the tv did afterwards was immediatly showing a red blinking light on power-on.

    After lots of trying, I ordered a new motherboard.
    I tried the same thing and yeps. Tv is dead again.

    The big problem is that I do not have a bootable TV so I can’t try a reset and since the tv starts immediatly with blinking power light, I can’t try your sequence.

    Any thoughts because I am certain nothing is damaged, but software?


  65. Aldo

    Hi Guys,With the hard reset I can get rid of the web browser updates and come back to the original version of the web browser ? After the update I cannot see my Ip camera in my baby room.

    • Hi Aldo, did you need any additional apps installed for the IP camera in your baby room? How was this connected to the TV?

  66. Aldo

    Actually I had my Ip web cam working great for almost 1 year,after the update of the web browser of Samsung tv,it doesn’t work anymore.After 2 months useless exchanging mails with Samsung support I was aware that I only loosing my time.So I wanted to do this hard reset hoping my web browser loose the update.So can you confirm that?

    • Hmmm, I see. So I suspect this browser update removed support for a particular protocol. I have seen a lot of this, the most famous is Flash support, but there are many others. The assumption would be then that a full factory reset could return back to an older version of the browser and then it should work again.

      However, is it possible that the TV immediately began updating the browser (for security reasons) after the update? Although I’m running out of ideas, I know a bunch of people that know their Samsung inside out, try asking the good folk at the SamyGo Forums.

      • Aldo

        Guys the hard reset didn’t reset the web browser version.Same problem.Is it possible to install another browser.I was using my TV only for my IP camera

  67. Aldo

    Was connected with a wireless router and it was working great.I can see thi IP camera from others connected devices but no from the TV.

  68. Yahya

    Hello my friends
    I have a problem with service menu (samsung ser8 tv)
    My smart remote control is disabled in service menue but button remote control is enable.what this option to enable smart remote in service menu?

  69. Ciara

    Hi. can get as far to service menu on samsung TV and from then on my remote is dead the only button that will work is the power button therefore i am unable to navigate up down over etc in the service menu which is stopping me from accessing the reset facility. please help!

  70. Hasly

    Hi Guys
    Does anyone have a solution where the smart TV(UA55J6200)is getting stuck on Setup 4 on the initial setup.
    Would a factory setup as advised above work ?
    If so is it the same combination for my TV ?

    I found another article with the exact same problem I have, but no solution was given other that replace the unit.

    Link to the other article

  71. Pascal

    I have the following on my mode UE55C6000RWXXN
    I tried to enter a ci card which works well in another Toshiba TV i have.
    When trying to find channels the tv stalled. Normally i had to be able to push enter to exit, but that didn’t work. So when nothing else possible and after a long wait I pulled out the current.
    All the tv did afterwards was immediatly showing a red blinking light on power-on.

    After lots of trying, I ordered a new motherboard.
    I tried the same thing and yeps. Tv is dead again.

    The big problem is that I do not have a bootable TV so I can’t try a reset and since the tv starts immediatly with blinking power light, I can’t try your sequence.

    Any thoughts because I am certain nothing is damaged, but software?


  72. Raja

    My Samsung color tv shows pink color, what I have to do for this problem

    • Hi Raja,

      Contact Samsung, they will be in the best place to help you with this problem.

  73. Viv

    I have accidentally cancelled all the BBC channels. I’ve done auto ret and factory reset etc .any ideas plz

  74. zeshan

    Salaam. My led ua32f5500 A jxzk problem is when I on my tv it stuck on Android interfaces. Please give me solution

  75. Joe

    I just bought my 60″ Samsung smart tv yesterday and had it working fine. Later at night was playing xbox and wanted to switch to game mode.. After turned it off. The next morning I go to turn the tv on and the screen is so dark I thought it wasn’t turning on. Now I can’t see any of the menu or tools to get it fixed to where I can see the screen. Any ideas how to reboot to factory settings!?

    • This sounds seriously wrong. Try calling Samsung on this one, you may have to send it back 🙁

  76. Mark

    Any idea how to reset the firmware back to it’s original state? The latest firmware no longer allows AVI’s to play.

    • If you mean downgrading firmware to an older version, no, I don’t know how to do this. It may be possible, but I suspect it is really difficult. Perhaps the folks at the SamyGo forums have an idea, as they love to hack the heck out of their TVs.

      Alternatively you could consider a cheap STB or HDMI dongle that does the job. It may be a lot easier. Where do you store your AVIs, on a separate computer, NAS or USB stick plugged directly into the TV?

      • Mark

        Thanks for the reply Jo.

        The AVI’s are stored on a PC which I connect to over a wi-fi network.

        I never had an issue playing AVI’s until I updated with the latest firmware, so I was trying see if I could revert to an older version.

        • Hmmm, check your TV if it has a Plex app. If it does, try this. Install Plex server on your PC where the files are stored. Test it by renaming one or two files using the Plex file and folder format: Usually an episode of a TV show is something like name – s01e01.avi, and make sure Plex adds it to its library. Then on your TV, fire up Plex and see if it plays the files.

          Plex is a (mostly) free media centre that is so much more advanced than the Samsung’s DLNA function. It does require a bit of learning, but once you figure it out, it works (and feels) like Netflix but for your own content. I also had issues with the Samsung media player, tried Plex and could never go back. Feel free to ask more questions here (or even better, our forums) if you have more issues.

  77. steve

    Hie guys please help,i have samsung ua48ju6000k tv at first when i connected a usb drive i was saying no content yet theres stuff inside then i did a reset from the menu to try fix this but it failed to complete it got stuck on choosing source for live tv,i had to pull it off a/c now when i swicth on it displays smart tv then goes blank.

    guys help please

  78. Mo

    I have done the factory reset as above and i still have no picture. I also have no sound now, but guess that is because it has reset and has no channels stored anymore?
    Screen is dark nothing could access
    What should i do now please?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Mo, if I were you, I#d do two things: 1) Contact Samsung support as this sounds like a serious problem. While that is in process, I also recommend asking the folk at SamyGo forums, as they really are experts on the inner workings of Samsung TVs:

      • Mo

        Tanx I contact Samsung support they didn’t help all problem when I updated the new Softwear

  79. An dang

    Hi All, i have samsung 60″ 4k smart tv un60hu8550fxza, the problem is after turn tv on about 30 minutes the screen start to flickering i tried to replaced power source PC but it not go away, please help me out thank you so much

  80. Anup

    My Samsung ua32es6200r smart 3d tv power light blinking please advise me

  81. Kamran ahmed

    My samsung smart led tv UA40ES6100, remote control with this model no info button, problem with my tv is, when I turn tv on , after display samsung logo, when android logo display tv stuck on android ogo, please guide me how I factory reset set my samsung tv

  82. Kim James

    Hi, We have a Samsung Smart TV (don’t know which model) and it will be fine for about 45 minutes and then we get this error message:

    Please go into service mode and setup below options.
    – Type, Local Set, Front Color Option

    Should I take it to a TV repair place? Why did this come up? Will following your instructions and doing Factory reset fix the problem?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Kim, before you do anything, contact Samsung support in your country. They should be able to advise you on what to do next. The full factory reset can solve many issues, but it should be used only if Samsung’s own advice fails to solve the problem.

  83. Michael

    Hi, I have a Samsung HG40NC690DF and i can’t access that menu. I encounter a problem each time i hit the mute button. Once i hit the mute button, nothing works. Not even the mute button itself to un-mute. The remote control goes dead and in non responsive to the tv. The only way i can get the remote control to work again is by unplugging the power cord and plugging it back in.

  84. Geri

    Hi, I have a Samsung smart TV UE40F6320. Guide preview and sound not working properly, when opening the tv guide, there is a small box in the upper left corner that is supposed to show a miniature view of the live tv. However for me, it is only showing a “loading” icon (rotating bars). I use CI+ card and TV provider is UPC.
    You have any ideas for solving the problem?

  85. Pauluz

    Hi dear fellow Samsung users,

    If you are using a DVB-T module, remove the module because the options-menu will closes during authorization!
    At least that happened to me 🙁

    I figured out why this was happening!

    hopefully this is a useful tip for someone 🙂


  86. Daniel

    Thanks worked a treat with a Series 6 Samsung TV.

    After TV was switched on 4 of the app icons showed during typical boot sequence then apps intro disappeared and last stored TV channel displayed for a couple of seconds before TV made an error beep and switched itself off and back on – repeating that cycle in an indefinite loop. During which time both remotes and toggle on TV set were unresponsive apart from volume controls.

  87. Hari

    Hi my Samsung tele UE48H6240AK keeps rebooting itself in cycle after the smart logo – tried factory reset via smart hub remote but nothing really happens. Checked all internal boards looks ok. Any ideas / suggestions are much appreciated, Thanks

  88. Courtney

    Hi I am wanting to factory reset my TV, once I get to the Service menu I am unable to Navigate using my remote? Any Ideas??

  89. chris

    if you have a HU9000 do this:

    Mute ,1,8,2 power

    that will bring up the menu

    here are all the known methods below:

    Method 1

    Put TV on standby and then push in series these buttons on the remote: ‘info, menu, mute, power’ the TV will then turn itself on and display a menu.

    Method 2

    Turn the power off. On the remote, press Mute followed by 1, 8, 2, Power in sequence.

    Method 3

    With the TV in standby, press the {DISPLAY} {P.STD} {MUTE} {POWER} on the remote.

    Method 4

    With the TV in standby, press the {SLEEP} {P.STD} {MUTE} {POWER} on the remote.

    Method 5

    With the TV in standby, press the {DISPLAY} {MENU} {MUTE} {POWER} on the remote.

    Method 6

    With the TV in standby. On the remote, press Mute followed by 1, 1, 9, Enter in sequence.

  90. Vikram Randhawa

    Hey all my Samsung smart TV f5500ar have problems for screen mirroring and connect to network only with wire and dongel not connect with wireless network please send me solutions my smart TV problem please urgent

  91. Lasha

    hi to all. I apgrade my samsung tv model ue40h5270 with usb and after have problems with sound. the sound is not recognized and very low vollyme this factory reset will halp me?

    • M. Azeem Zia

      Ur t.v Standby mood…then info+mene+mute+power button serial one by one press and t.v back on power switch on and menu on ur screen u enter 1st option click and again 1 option click …
      Reset ur led factoy

  92. Dane


    All HDMIs not working! Tried factory reset, software upgrade and unplug method still none worked… 🙁

  93. Tony

    My hdmi’s wasn’t working. I removed the leads I did the re-set works fine. Only messes up when streaming through one off the hdmi’s

  94. vikas

    i reset my samsung tv 2005 model, first it was showing reddish display but after reset instead of resolving the problem, it darkened my its showing videos but very low brightness and high color concentration hight contract however the reset values are in normal figures…its a samsung plano DNIer jr 2005 model..please Help

  95. Sara

    UA46D5500 samsung. Tv is not tuning on cable am in pakistan plz help plzzzzz

  96. M. Azeem Zia

    Hi. I have problem my led remort not working after 30 sec. manually working but remort just 30 sec working. my sumaung LED 32 INCH module UA32H4100AR…please help me. Advace thankx.
    my e.mail.
    cell no. 03002398854
    Karachi. Pakistan

  97. Ole Alnor


    Jeg har et Samsung PS50A416C1D som jeg ville prøve at nulstille helt tilbage til Fabriks indstillinger og så starte forfra med opsætningen helt fra bunden.
    Det lykkedes mig at nulstille mit tv, men nu kan jeg ikke opsæt det fra start igen. Det vil ikke finde nogle kanaler overhovedet. Hvad skal jeg så prøve gøre nu ? Skal jeg bare prøve forfra eller ?

    Med Venlig Hilsen

    Meget trist mand.

  98. Emilio Bruno

    Hy guys,
    I have a Samsung Smart TV ue48j5500 and, playing in the secret menu, for mistake (or stupidity…) now the images on the screen are rotated 180°. I can’t find the option again: can someone help me please? Thanks in advance.

    • hahahahahahahahaha eeprom is corupted

  99. Ria

    I’m using Samsung hospitality led tv 40″ series 6. Those functions are not in the menu and also I tried info + menu + mute + power. It also not working. On the tv screen it says ” please check your network. Please contact front desk “