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Eye on Demand | July 16, 2018

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News: Tank Top TV Now Searches Box-Sets

News: Tank Top TV Now Searches Box-Sets

Tank Top Movies – one of the best places to browse and search for on-demand films in the UK – has just launched a sister directory focusing on television, with an emphasis on box-sets.

With a searchable directory of over 73,000 television episodes via 24 different services such as Lovefilm, 4oD, Blinkbox and iTunes, Tank Top TV not only makes it much easier to find the television show you are after, but fun as well.

That very number explains the enormous problem we have today finding content to watch with such a wealth of choices. Tank Top TV’s new television directory makes this much easier by allowing users to select only the services that interest them. If this is just FTA catch-up, then services such as the BBC iPlayer, 4oD, ITV Player and Demand 5 are amongst those represented.

But so are many of the UK’s most popular subscription services like Lovefilm or the new Now TV Entertainment Pass, as well as PAYG services including almost everything from GooglePlay, Sony to the Xbox.

Searching is most enjoyable by browsing and scrolling through television posters, which can be filtered further by genre, but direct searching is also possible. Once you find something that interests you, clicking it will bring up more details and links to where the content can be found, either for free or via renting, purchasing or subscribing.

Tank Top TV’s database includes US blockbusters such as Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones and Homeland plus classics such as The West Wing and The Sopranos. There is also a wealth of British entertainment including Luther, Sherlock and Alan Partridge.

CEO and co-founder Liz Rice says: “Today’s TV viewer no longer needs to make an appointment to watch their favourite show at a particular time. But with such a wealth of online entertainment on offer, it can be a real chore to find something to view.”

“Our free listings offer a clear choice of TV favourites, hidden gems people may have missed and currently popular shows. They can either be viewed immediately or added to a watch list for later.” She adds “It can also save users money because they’ll instantly see how much each episode or a full box set costs on the different services, giving them a chance to access the cheapest option.”

Tank Top TV is entirely free with the service generating revenue by selling data collected anonymously on viewing habits.