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Eye on Demand | July 16, 2018

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Seems Like Good Value, But Has Serious Gotchas

There are approx 18,331km between Wembley Stadium in London and Eden Park in Auckland, so who would have thought that such a small Internet broadcaster in the furthest nation possible from England could actually host one of the better value Premier League services in the Internet world?

Unlike many other sporting IPTV services, there is little else other then the English Premier League with, which shouldn’t come as any surprise when you read what’s on the tin. Don’t expect any other leagues to be showcased live, nor any other sports for that matter. This is a one-trick pony and little else, so the key will be resting on how well it performs the one important task in hand. And to be honest, not that anything is wrong with specialization, after-all, sometimes the best services are ones that concentrate on one single market.

Unfortunately, PremierLeaguePass shot themselves in the foot last season, in which you will see later, otherwise they had started out as one of the brightest sparks around for viewing the English Premier League. offer two alternative pricing packages, which both have the same restrictions and end up costing the same amount:

Monthly Pass: NZ$19.90 (£8, €12, US$13)*

Season Pass: NZ$199 (£83, €120, US$130)*

*Currency conversions at the time of publication.


Warning No.1: The Monthly Pass offered by PremierLeaguePass is somewhat misleading as it does not operate in the same way as most normal online streaming services. When a customer signs up to the Monthly Pass, they are committed to the entire 10 month season. There is no way to easily get out of the contract, which really makes this a full Season Pass in disguise.
Warning No.2:  In 2014 there are reports of PLP suspending a number of accounts without refund for subscribers who signed up outside of their territories, in most cases these are people who signed up to the far cheaper Asian subs, but not always. Although not providing a refund is in my opinion rather unfair by PLP, it is entirely within their rights as outlined by their terms and conditions. If this happens to you, I recommend attempting a charge back from your credit card company.

There is no doubt that PLP would want to protect its investment here. The company would have paid different fees for licensing in New Zealand and Taiwan, and they would not want to lose NZ income from everyone signing up to the cheaper Asian subs.

We always recommend playing it safe at Eye on-Demand when accessing content that is usually geo-restriced. if accessing from outside of New Zealand via a VPN or SmartDNS service, that access for the entire season is never 100% guaranteed. This wouldn’t be such a great problem for cheaper monthly subscriptions, but it may be when entire season subscriptions are taken into account. But because there is no true monthly pass available at PremierLeaguePass, we highly recommend avoiding this service completely.

Quality ButtonPremierLeaguePass offers some of the highest bitrates for the EPL online and at least from last season’s experience, some of the most reliable as well, with no buffering noticed during any of our tests.

In any event, their highest available bitrate is now a very impressive 4500kbps, which is a significant increase on the 3000kbps at launch. This is rather important as the fast action seen in sporting events can often cause pixelation and visual artifacts at lower bitrates. Actual game matches via are good enough to enjoy without loosing site of the ball, as long as your bandwidth is up to it. When the adaptive stream reaches the 4500kbps level, expect excellent quality video that works great with fast action sports. But if that can’t be achieved where you are, even the 3000kbps stream is very good.

All that said, their streams are only 30fps, which for the most part play very well, but some people may notice jerky movements. One thing to keep in mind though, is that often jerky movements at least when viewed on a TV set, may be a setting on the television more than anything else. It is worth checking out these tips if you experience serious juddering.

Platform support is still somewhat limited however, with the only option being a PC or Mac, Android and iOS apps and one Smart TV app for selected Samsung models. This generally means that at the moment, the only options to bring this to your television set are via AirPlay (on iOS) or an HDMI cable.



    Since only offers the English Premier League and little else, their website is incredibly simple to navigate.

    Unfortunately to those outside of New Zealand, without a suitable SmartDNS or VPN service, you won’t even be able to see the website. Instead, a message is displayed explaining their geo-blocking policy and thankfully, the obligatory Hobbit reference from last season has been removed.

    Once you are through to their website, you will find the four main sections at the top of the screen, HomeSchedule, Highlights, Standings and Account information.

    The Home screen will show a basic scoreboard, along with additional features. The Highlights screen does as you would expect, offering video highlights, which oddly enough was only available up to 3000kbps during my tests (lower than actual games). The Schedule or Standings tabs also doesn’t require a rocket scientist to work out their basic functions, but it should be mentioned that times are listed as NZST (New Zealand Standard Time) which considering the country is pretty much directly beneath those living in Britain, it should come as no surprise that NZST is UTC +12! This means that even the date may differ from what you should expect in the UK or Europe, so don’t say you were not warned. Finally, the My Account tab is where you can change your billing information and basic preferences including your favourite team.

    Watching a video forces a pop-out, which some people may like as it is easy to drag anywhere along the screen, but others may find it a little annoying. Personally, I prefer to have the choice but it really doesn’t bother me that much. What is pretty cool, is that the pop-out has a multiview option. Simply click the quad-game button, and you can drag any other match, live or pre-recorded into an available window to watch up to four games at once. Audio thankfully only plays from the selected stream, but although it is possible to expand to full-screen, the video quality didn’t make use of four 4500kbps streams and being far lower, it was not possible to really enjoy. (All four streams combined only tested at 1710kbps* which at around 427kbps per match, this is considerably lower than what a normal stream would provide.

    Alternatively and more usefully, you can watch picture-in-picture, using a similar method to select the second screen. Audio only plays from the main screen, but it is easily possible to switch between the two. Also, unlike the quad-game window, video quality was not at reduced at full-screen and you can easily drag the small window to a less obtrusive spot on the screen.

    Quality ButtonOtherwise, there are four video quality options to choose from, 400kbps, 800kbps, 1600kbps, 3000kbps, 4500kbps and auto. My own tests in Germany reached a highly respectable 4540kbps* which to be honest was quite impressive (5180kbps* when playing back via picture-in-picture)

    Tip: Some browsers handle the flash streams better than others. If you find your video to be quite jerky, try an alternative browser. Likewise, toggling the PepperFlash setting on the Chrome browser may improve the streaming quality (accessed via Chrome plugins)

    Finally, PremierLeaguePass kindly provide a 113 page “Annual” which can be access here, offering details on both the service and the season.

    Platform Pros:

    • Quad-game view to watch four games at once.
    • Picture-in-picture view to watch two games at once.
    • Excellent potential quality of 4500kbps stream.
    • Uncomplicated user interface.

    Platform Cons:

    • Requires an HDMI cable to connect to main TV.
    • Quad-game view streamed at much lower video quality.

    (In order to access these streams outside of New Zealand, a good Smart DNS or VPN service is required)






    This service is geographically unblocked on this platform by the following Smart DNS providers:

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  • Best Choice StampLIVE UPDATE: Initial tests during the first matches show a regular 4630kbps* average stream for the iPad and 1890kbps* stream on the iPhone. The initial jerky frame-rate from the first game was not evident on later ones.

    There is no doubt right now that the best way to enjoy watching games via PLP is through their iPad app, which combines the highest quality streams, with the best UI and fantastic AirPlay support. The app can be downloaded for free only on the New Zealand iTunes store.

    One of the nice pleasures of a basic service that concentrates on one task, is that a steep learning curve is rarely needed to come to grips with what is on offer and how to use it. The PremierLeaguePass iPad app is exactly that. It won’t win any awards for design, but it should also avoid any large number of complaints as well.

    Despite access to the the app without signing in is possible, your first step will be to hit the Sign In button to log in, so you will need an active account with Without doing so, the app will have about as much use as an inflatable dartboard.

    The Home page offers a promotional slideshow that covers most of the screen, and a short score board below, with the actual scores switched off by default. This is actually a nice move by PLP as you can also head directly to the replays from this score card if you haven’t yet watched the match.

    The Schedule page will list 7 days of action, which you can go backwards or forwards in time (to a limited degree), and select either a replay or live match if one is available.

    Once again, the Highlights and Standings sections provide exactly what you would expect.

    Quality ButtonVideo quality via the iPad lives up to all expectations, and I tested it just shy of 4620kbps*. It operates with an adaptive bitrate only, so it can take a short while before the highest quality streams are available. At this bitrate, the video quality on the small iPad screen looks absolutely stunning.

    The same couldn’t be said for the iPhone app, which delivered only a standard definition stream averaging 1570kbps* on my tests. Although this is perfectly fine for the small mobile screen, it does cause significant pixelation when airplayed to a big TV.

    And AirPlay is exactly where the iPad app comes into full force. The ease of sending the video across to the big TV screen via an Apple TV makes this one of the best ways to enjoy the PLP’s streams. At 4500kbps, video quality on the main television screen still looked amazing. The only downside here is that AirPlay on this app will not multitask, so you can not switch the iPad off or use it for other tasks during playback.

    Note: Tests have so far only been made on replay material as there were no live matches currently available. I will perform another test on the streams during live playback a.s.a.p.

    Platform Pros:

    • Great, simple and easy to navigate UI.
    • Fast and responsive.
    • Everything in English.
    • Quick from start-up to watching a match.
    • Fantastic video quality (tested at approx 4620kbps*)
    • AirPlay support.

    Platform Cons:

    • No AirPlay multitasking.
    • No offline downloads for replays.
    • No Quad-Game or picture-in-picture modes.
    • No manual control of video quality.
    • Only SD quality streams for the iPhone.
    • No Chromecast support.

    (A good Smart DNS or VPN service may be required to access this app outside of New Zealand)






    This service is geographically unblocked on this platform by the following Smart DNS providers:

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  • LIVE UPDATE: Initial tests during the first matches show a regular 1650kbps* average stream for the Android app.

    Naturally, PLP also offer their service to Android users, with the app available to a limited number of devices on the New Zealand Google Play store. As is so often the case, my up-to-date Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 running KitKat 4.4 was one of the many devices not on their supported list. So after downloading it, squeezing it into shape, banging it with a hammer and jumping on it with all my force, I managed to squeeze it into my device for testing.

    Once you have it installed, the tablet version at least is little different in UI to the iPad equivalent minus a couple of disadvantages.

    First of all, video quality is significantly lower than what is offered on the iPad. At 1600kbps, the stream equals the iPhone’s output, but languishes far behind the iPad’s 4500kbps stream. This is quite significant, especially if you are using an Android box such as the Minix NEO X8-H (which it also works on) for television viewing.

    In fact, an HDMI Android STB like the Minix is one of the best ways to watch on the big TV via Android due to the lack of Chromecast support here. (iOS users also don’t have Chromecast support, but AirPlay is possible).

    This is not to say picture quality is bad. On small mobile phone screens, it still looks very good. Pixelation can be noticeable on larger tablet screens, but not to any series detrimental effect. When viewed on a main TV, as long as you are sitting back on a sofa, the quality will also suffice for most situations.

    All that talk on video quality aside, the app overall operates pretty well, with the same easy-to-follow user interface found across all of PLP’s supported platforms.

    Platform Pros:

    • Same good UI as other platforms.

    Platform Cons:

    • Lower video quality than iPad maxing at 1600kbps.
    • Can be difficult to install on device if outside of region & device unsupported.
    • No Chromecast support.

    (A good Smart DNS or VPN service may be required to access this app outside of New Zealand)






    This service is geographically unblocked on this platform by the following Smart DNS providers:

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  • LIVE UPDATE: Samsung TV App is currently playing flawlessly. Video quality is excellent and streaming at an average of 4620kbps*.

    If you’ve got a 2013 (F-Series) model Samsung Smart TV, you can also watch PLP matches directly on your television with no need for an additional set-top-box or any other hardware. Just make sure the app is installed and enjoy the games in a quality comparable to normal satellite broadcasts.

    The app is only available in selected markets such as the New Zealand one, so if you happen to live in a different part of the world, you will have to change your Smart Hub’s region. Thankfully, this is an easy thing to do, just use the method described here. (Like any other platform, the actual streams are still geoblocked to NZ, so you will need a Smart DNS service to unblock them.)

    The app itself is pretty straight forward and doesn’t look terribly different to their mobile apps. Three main options are available, Featured, Schedule and Highlights, with the first two concerned with directing the user to the actual matches. Outside of this, there really isn’t a lot more to the app, which isn’t a bad thing.

    Video quality is quite simply fantastic and possibly even has a slight edge over the iPad app when airplayed to the main TV. Sport is always an issue when it comes to IPTV streaming, as compression, encapsulation and encryption all play a part in deteriorating the video quality. In this case, on-screen colours were a little bit harsh, but pixelation was kept to a minimum during the fast action sequences.

    My own tests averaged a very healthy 4620kbps* which lives up to PLP’s promise, although at the time of the tests, this was only possible to do via the catch-up content. I will perform some live tests once the season actually begins.

    If I do have any criticism, it would be the app’s handling of FFW & REW. This isn’t such a big deal for live delivery, but during catch-up it can be a little slow and frustrating. Oddly, this is often a complaint with Samsung Smart Hub apps which doesn’t seem to be so much a problem on other platforms.

    (I noticed that I required a VPN to NZ for the log-in stage. After that, Smart DNS worked fine for streaming).

    Platform Pros:

    • Fantastic video quality at the highest level PLP offer.
    • Simplicity and ease of use.
    • Built-in option with no need of external hardware.

    Platform Cons:

    • FFW/REW could be implemented better.
    • App sometimes crashes.
    • Only 2013 F-series Samsung TVs
    • Login has no underscore, which could be an issue if this is in your username.

    (A good Smart DNS service may be required to access this app outside of New Zealand)






    This service is geographically unblocked on this platform by the following Smart DNS providers:

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  • This section of the review is due for an update after the first game begins for the 2015/2016 Season. Please come back later for a comparison of alternative streaming services. Naturally, we can’t test live streams until the competition begins. disappointed us enormously when they began to cull paying customers who subscribed from abroad in 2014. Although this was in their terms and conditions, it marked them as the only known streaming company globally to cancel and keep their customers money we have seen who had paid for an entire yearly sub. This may be legal in New Zealand, but it has huge moral issues in our mind. It is worth pointing out that the customers who were culled, were still customers who paid PLP everything that was due, but had their subscription cancelled without refund simply because of their physical location. It is one thing to cancel a customer on the grounds of breaking their T&C, but it is completely another thing to not refund them for the time period not used.

    In my mind, that sort of attitude towards paying customers is enough for me to avoid them at all costs. It should be pointed out that only a small handful of people were cancelled at PLP and lost their subscription without refund, and we at Eye on-Demand were not one of those affected, but there are a number of things a company should never do to their paying customers, and this is one of them – If they must cancel a sub, then refund the remaining unused amount.

    At the end of the day, if you want to risk you hard earned cash with PLP and watch nothing more than live English Premier League matches at a good value price then should certainly suffice, especially with the ability to airplay content. If on the other hand you don’t mind paying a little more, you can enjoy the enormous wealth of additional sport available via Now TV or ViaPlay.


    • Excellent video quality.
    • All content guaranteed to be with English commentary.
    • Additional features such as picture-in-picture and quad-game view.
    • Comprehensive and easy to use.
    • Good value for money.
    • Covers every EPL match.
    • AirPlay supported.


    • Cancelled a small number of annual customers in 2014 who were physically not in NZ without refund.
    • Limited to English Premier League matches.
    • Limited hardware and difficulty to bring to the television outside of AirPlay.
    • Quad-Game mode is really just a gimmick.
    • A bit expensive for just one league.
    • No Chromecast support.






    Technical Details:

    • Hardware support limited to Mac, PC and Android plus iOS apps along with a Samsung TV app.
    • 400kbps, 800kbps, 1600kbps, 3000kbps & 4500kbps streams available.
    • PremierLeaguePass only supports one concurrent log-in per subscription.

    * Bitrate tests were based on multiple averages and are subject to both the geographical location and ISP bandwidth at the time.


    18.08.2013: Review published: Score 6 – Basic but great value.

    28.08.2013: Review updated. Score increased to 6.6 due to reliable high quality streams and iOS UI.

    31.12.2013: Review updated with tests of new, higher quality streams. Score updated to 6.8

    11.08.2014: Update for 2014/2015 season begun.

    12.08.2014: Updated web, iOS and conclusion.

    13.08.2014: Added Samsung Smart Hub review.

    14.08.2014: Added Android review.

    16.08.2014: Updated with live reports on first day of season.

    18.07.2015: Updated with new details for the 2015/16 season.

    02.08.2015: Updated with warnings, new score.


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  1. Graeme

    I know you often say this in your reviews “Unfortunately to those outside of New Zealand, without a suitable SmartDNS or VPN service,” and I am going to get a trial 6 month Smart DNS service next week, BUT I still cannot get my head round the above quote. If I want to get the UK and NZ services, is the SmartDNS service enough or MUST I also buy into the VPN service to do that….?

    • Year, I need to clarify this somehow. Basically, unless otherwise stated, every service and every platform (on that service) reviewed at Eye on-Demand is compatible with Overplay’s Smart DNS service. This means that you only need Smart DNS and not a VPN. If a VPN is required, that short phrase under a platform will state only VPN. I phrase it this way, as sometimes the service switches off their geo-blocking allowing anyone to use it – of course, without informing me first ;O). So it would then be wrong to state that a VPN or Smart DNS is required – I don’t want people to start paying for something they don’t really need.

      So, in this instance, I have stated a Smart DNS or VPN maybe required, and that means you only need the Smart DNS as a minimum. (And the cheaper Smart DNS is usually recommended due to better performance and ease of use). The iOS app will not go up until Smart DNS is configured for it.

      Hope that clarifies things, but I agree, I need to find a better way to express all this, without overloading a page with too much information.

    • Mert Deniz

      Hi Graeme, I used smartdnsproxy last year to access and it worked great. My subscription continues for another year and have been watching the streaming for all games in HD quality. You don’t need a vpn anymore just get your Smart DNS Proxy and I can say that you won’t regret it.

  2. Jon

    Hi Jo,

    Another excellent review.

    So, besides viaplay, al jazeera and PLP, are there any others out there worthy of note?

    • Hi Jon, thanks very much. I’ve only tested the services listed in the Sports menu at the moment, and I don’t have any immediate plans for others as I have a few other reviews to get out. But if word gets around for another great value service, I’ll certainly see if I can fit time to look into it.

  3. Niall

    I like your reviews of these services and to be honest, me being too keen to have some service in time for the new season, I purchased the Basic pack as soon as it was available! It is something I regret at this moment in time though.

    The website itself, pretty well set out, except for the way they wrote the FAQ section which is very amateurish! What I also didn’t like about it was that they included questions about the mobile app which even as of now is not yet available on iOS at least. I have seen the Android app is now available but only know that through one of two forums I read about Premier League tv services.

    AJS is so much better for me. I’ve found the iPad app crashes a lot for me, it is hit and miss if it’ll play a stream but once it is on, after a few minutes, it goes from lego mode to crystal clear.

    At the moment, I’ve been using Photon browser on iPhone and iPad for PLP and quality is shocking but one bonus is picture-in-picture, which is a feature the iOS app won’t support I believe.

    I’ve also noticed on your review that you say you can’t turn the banner off. I thought the same till someone told me that if you click on game from the controls on the videoplayer, it will toggle it off 🙂

    Hope this helps some to make a decision. At the moment, I’m not too impressed with the quality but I’m one who is waiting on the app so time will tell. I’m all for connecting iPhone or iPad to TV either by cable or AirPlay so I base my views on that alone.

    • Thanks for your insight Niall, it is much appreciated, and other views of the service will indeed help people make a decision. As for the iOS app, I can imagine that are a bit embarrassed that it is not yet available. It is probably sitting in Apple’s waiting-approval pile and that unfortunately can take time. As soon as it is available, and if I can get it working, I’ll review that as well. Also, thanks for the tip on the banner issue 🙂

  4. Derick

    Loving the Ios app available through the NZ itunes store.

    Looks like the streams are now available at 4500kbps as well.

    Great suggestion! Thanks!

  5. Milly

    I,ve been running PLP all season with the Overplay smart DNS service from the UK and its been fantastic !
    The 4500kbps stream was introduced and the picture quality was amazing.
    Yes i used a ATV to get it to my 65″ tv and the quality does drop a little , but from my ipad its pure quality.


    • Agreed, those chaps in NZ are pulling off a great streaming service here.

    • martin

      hi milly

      when you say from your iPad do you mean from iPad to a tv or just on your iPad??

      • Both. Looked great on the iPad and on the TV when using AirPlay.

    • martin

      so guys whats the best way to get it on your tv??

      • Best way is via AirPlay if you have an Apple TV. If you have a Samsung 2013 Smart TV, you can use their app, but at the moment you will need a VPN briefly for the first sigh-in, then only Smart DNS is required. If you have neither an Apple TV or 2013 Samsung Smart TV, the only other way really is a laptop direct to the TV via HDMI. Not as elegant, and you will have to experiment with browsers to see which one works best with Flash.

  6. Ben


    Do you have the original prices for this service please?


    • Day Pass (Aug 2013): NZ$24.90 (£13)
      Day Pass (Apr 2014): NZ$19 (£9.40)

      Season Pass Basic (Aug 2013): NZ$149.90 (£78)
      Season Pass Basic (Apr 2014): NZ$99 (£49)

      Season Pass Premium (Aug 2013): NZ$239,90 (£125)
      Season Pass Premium (Apr 2014): NZ$159 (£79)

  7. Dennis

    Thanks for the review.
    Do you know whether non-New Zealand credit cards are accepted by PLP for payment?
    Do I have to modify the DNS in my device to point to a DNS server in NZ in order for SmartDNS to work?
    appreciate any pointers you have.


    • Hi Dennis, when the review was published, a non-NZ credit card could be used, however, I can not say whether this is still the case. I will be updating the review for the next season so will find out in due course. Keep an eye out here for an updated review.

      Regarding the DNS question, you will need to have your smart DNS servers either added to the platform used (either iOS, Android, Computer etc), or directly in your router. If you have the Smart DNS in your router, all devices in your home network will work with the Smart DNS unblocking.

  8. Darryl

    Thanks for the review.

    I have a query, the prices dated Aug 2013 at £79, and April 2014 at £49 – How does that work? You pay £49 when the season’s nearly over – do you get next years too?

    If I sign up now, would it cost me £49 for the year?



    • Hi Darryl, a very good question. The current prices are only valid for the 2013/2014 season, and at the moment, the only pass that can be purchased is a NZ$20 “Season Pass Platinum”, which as the price suggests, will only include old catch-up content. I have to admit, the website is not very clear regarding this. So, if you purchased now, you will not have access to any live games from the 2014/2015 Season.

      PremierLeaguePass plan to release the new season prices on the 1st of August, and the exact prices have not yet been announced. I hope this helps.

  9. Dennis

    Hello Jo
    Do you know of any other ways to subscribe to new EPL seasons steaming other than from They are taking so long to announce the new season pricing and details.
    Could subscribing to Sky sports or BT sports in UK possible for non-UK resident? Would it be cheaper too?
    Appreciate your thoughts, thanks.

    • Hi Dennis,
      Sky Sports offers a monthly package that works just via the Internet called Sky Go and has no long-term contract or the need for a Satellite installation. It is more expensive though and not so easy to watch on the big TV (although that will improve in Autumn). They do ask for a UK postal address when signing up though. A general review can be found here, but I will be writing up a Sports specific one later. I believe Scandinavia’s Viaplay and Sweden’s TV4 also have subscription packages, but some of the games may not have English commentary. Bein Sports (from the middle east) also do this and like Viaplay may be cheaper than Sky. But then Sky Go do offer Entertainment channels in English with the mix, or even movie channels.
      PremierLeaguePass was still one of the best, but it is only for the EPL. All of them will require a good VPN or Smart DNS to access outside of the UK.

  10. KK

    PLP have announced prices for the new season. It will be NZD199 for the full package with all live matches, shows, highlights etc. Last season’s subscribers will get it at a discounted NZD149.

    I spoke to the live agent on the website and asked if there will be pre-match and post-match studio shows, and the asnwer was no. The agent said there will be a preview but no live shows.

    Anyone knows if PLP have the studio shows last season?

    • Dennis

      KK, good update! Price has gone up unfortunately!

      do you know whether PLP accepts non-NZ credit cards for payment? Or whether Pay-Pal is accepted?

      • KK

        I don’t think non-NZ cards will be an issue. I’m more curious to know if PLP actually have the pre and post match live studio shows last season. Seems like they did based on what was written above: “Effectively the preview and post match review shows are only available on the day pass or Season Pass Premium.”

        Is the “post match review” actually referring to the highlights show after each weekend of matches? Maybe somebody who has a subscription last season can help clarify.

  11. Derick

    Jeez the price has gone up considerably.
    I was a subscriber last season so will probably subscribe again this season at the old rate but next season I will definitely look at other options.

  12. Dennis

    Hi Jo, hope to read your review on the new PLP season packages. The subscription window going to start soon.

    Cheers, Dennis

    • No worries, I’ll be updating the review a.s.a.p. before the season, and once again afterwards. Naturally, I can’t test live streams and report on them until they actually happen.

  13. Darryl

    NZ$199 is for the Season pass basic? So circa GBP £100 for the season? Still good considering – Shame it’s gone up 25% though.

  14. Nice reading.I have something to share.When you use the season pass from taiwan.Its only $5 a month.I use it with a dns sever and its perfect.I signed up via taiwan and i can log in for the normal nz site.

  15. Darryl

    Hi Kenny, how do you go about signing up via Taiwan?


  16. Darryl

    Nevermind, I’ve signed up to it. Used a free Taiwan VPN 🙂

    49$ – Bargain!!

  17. Hello Darryl,

    Nice to hear you signed up.For the other people.You can use hola to go the taiwan version of premier league pass.Subcribe and you see the prices of taiwan and you are ready to go.I made a nz itunes account for the app and stream it by airplay.

  18. Chris

    If I signed up via Taiwan will I have to use a Taiwan VPN to watch the football ? Or will my normall VPN work ? Thanks for review I’m new to the website and curious to see how peoples experience is before I buy. also did a UK credit/debit card work with a uk billing address ? Thanks

  19. Hello Chris,

    I use unotelly and they will work just fine.I pay with a dutch debet/credit card and i have no problems with it.Just give your normal adress what you use with your creditcard and you will be fine.You can also log in on the nz website when your signed up on the taiwanees website.Airplay is also good to go.Enjoy it.

  20. Chris

    Thanks for quick response 🙂 Do you pay monthly or for the year ? will probably buy the 7 day trail just to make sure it all works. Virtual high 5 to you my friend and the person who discovered the pricing in Taiwan 🙂

    • Hello C,

      I pay montlhly but i think a year is better.High five back.

  21. KK

    Just managed to sign up for $5 a month using Hola, tested some videos and i have to say excellent streams.

  22. Dennis

    KK, Chris, Kenny,
    Is non-NZ credit card accepted for subscription payment? Even for the subscription via Taiwan site?

    • KK


      I had no issue at all with my non-NZ card. I loaded the front page with Hola set to NZ location (tried with TW location but was geoblocked). Once in, i changed Hola location to TW and loaded the subscription link with the TW prices.

  23. KK

    For anyone who haven’t subscribed yet, PLP have twitched a 25% discount code:

    I tested it on the TW site and it works. With this code, new price is $36.75.

    Offer ends 19th August.

  24. Dennis

    Thanks KK.
    Non-NZ card – solved!
    Still need to download premier league pass app on iPad. In order to do that, need an NZ Apple ID. In order to do that, need to register an email address. Current email addresses all used up for different countries Apple ID…
    Without the app, I can only watch it on laptop. 🙁

    • KK

      Make sure to use the discount code, it only works for one time payment season pass (won’t work for monthly payment).

  25. Kk,

    Can you change from monthly to one time payment? Just wondering.I paid just one month now.Thanks.

  26. Chris

    I currently use as my VPN for various things like WWE network etc…but I don’t get the option to chose the location. I would use hola on the laptop to sign up(change to Taiwan) etc but once I download the app for iOS would I need to use a NZ VPN or would any location VPN work ?.

    • KK

      Does unblock-us support plp on both laptop and ios? If yes then it should work fine, otherwise you need to get a vpn or service similar to unblock-us that supports plp on ios.

      For signup, you need hola. Unblock-us won’t change your location or ip.

  27. chris

    up and running now 😀 does support PLP. my uk billing address has worked, using hola to set location to NZ then once at home screen reload it to Taiwan.. Thanks for the people who have helped me & others especially with the promo code and Taiwan price ! 😀 on a final note it works great on iPad with the app(again had to set up a NZ account to download) bye bye sky sports

  28. Chris,

    Nice to hear.Enjoy this season.

  29. MS

    I can’t get Hola to work on my laptop, it installs ok but when I try and use it on Firefox, it connects to a host and shows ‘Testing Connection’ but then times out. Tried turning off all blockers, no joy. Is there another way that I can get to the Taiwan PLP site? I have unblock-us subscription so can getto the New Zealand website, but want to take advantage of the cheaper Taiwan Subscription. Anybody help please?

    • Chris

      Use google chrome with the hola extension. Remember also to change location to NZ first to load up PLP website. Then once it’s loaded up then change it to Taiwan and go to the subscriptions.

    • Chris

      If using chrome & hola existention doesn’t work reset the internet setting on the laptop to default so you no longer have a vpn set up. Then again try hola via Firefox or chrome and use that to set region to NZ,Then once it’s loaded Taiwan .. Then once your signed up etc reconfigure your internet setting to the unblock-us vpn setting.

  30. BM

    Can people not keep this info to themselves (Kenny…)?

    The more people that sign up through this method, the greater chance that we all lose out on our football.

    Have a think next time yeah?

    • Chris

      I think asking as people are paying they won’t be arsed mate.

      • BM

        They’ll be arsed when PLP decide to block all the VPN/DNS IP addresses and none of us won’t be able to watch anything.

        • chris

          only time will tell but thats the chance people take when paying little for this service by using a VPN.

  31. Darryl

    What connection is required to get the top stream quality? Only 4.5mb? So anyone on 5mb ADSL can get it? My download is 60mb, but only download 6.0/sec. So would I require 45mb download at 4.5, or a 450kb/sec to get the top? Lol.

    • Hi Darryl, generally speaking, you need at least 50% than the required bandwidth, and better to be double. 4.5mbps is the highest PLP can go, so your 60mbps should be enough. Of course, you may never actually reach 60mbps but this leaves a good tolerance. Because these streams are not originating in the UK, this creates additional issues, but if PLP are as good as they were last season, there shouldn’t be a problem.

  32. Adam

    I’ve signed up to the Taiwan site using Hola and paid $5 monthly pass. I can log in using Hola NZ or Taiwan, but when I try to watch anything I just get the spinning wheel. I’m using Mac OSx and am based in UK. Can you watch the site using Hola alone?

  33. MS

    So BM, you took the great info that Kenny shared but don’t want it being shared with anyone else? Considering its football related, your not being very sporting!

    Thanks for the info Kenny, I have now managed to subscribe at the discounted amount, cheers.

    Chris, thanks for the help with your advice on hola, cheers.

  34. Derick

    Is it just me or is the stream quality not as good as last year?
    Just wathcing a replay of one of the games this weekend but the image definitely is not close to HD.
    On OverplayDNS

    • Hi Derick, the bitrate is certainly coming through fine. I’ve tested it a around 4600kbps via OverPlay in Germany. However, you are not alone in asking this question.
      I have noticed a couple of matches had terrible juddering, but the majority didn’t. For my thoughts, the judder-free games were excellent. What is causing this juddering exactly is unknown, but some have suggested corruption from transcoding the 25fps to 30fps, but why it only affects some, I also don’t know. It is worth noting that these problems were also seen in NZ.
      Let’s hope PLP get all this sorted soon.

      • Derick

        Hi Jo!

        As long as it’s not just me and on PLP’s side I’m happy. Hopefully they will sort it out quicker then.
        Waiting for todays game to start. Hopefully that runs fine.
        I’m on 50mb internet now and last year I streamed fine on 12 mb at the time.

        • Keep us informed on how it looks Derick. Outside of testing and writing about the EPL, I don’t actually watch it. More of a cricket and rugby bloke myself. But I am keen to know how well the service works. I’ll still be keeping an eye on it every now and again so I can update the review periodically though…

  35. Derick

    As discussed, switching from Chrome to Firefox sorted me out fine.

  36. Peppeus

    Damn, guys i subscribed last week and today i got an email from PLP, they suspended my account now. I am not sure if they looked at my billing details as i live in UK and my credit card is registered here or somehow they saw me streaming from a non-UK IP address as to improve the streaming quality i usually disconnect the VPN after i logged in and after the stream is running :/

    I think i will wait few more days now before trying to resubscribe with different details and credit card.

    I copy here the email i received from PLP:

    Dear Potentially Sneaky User

    We have detected that you may be using your PremierLeaguePass subscription outside of New Zealand, Taiwan or the Philippines, which is a breach of our terms and conditions. As a result, we have had to suspend your subscription.

    If you believe you are receiving this in error, please contact us on one of the following numbers:

    0800 PL PASS (New Zealand)
    0809 090 192 (Taiwan)
    1-800-1-116-1165 (Philippines)


    • BM

      And there we have it.

      Too many people signing up via Taiwan and now we’re all going to get stung.

  37. Garry


    Has anyone managed to get a full screen image on their TV when using airplay? Mine has black borders.


    • Hi Garry, are you mirroring or using normal AirPlay. Normal AirPlay should not result in black borders. Mirroring will.

      • Garry

        Thanks – I believe it was mirroring. Will give it a go 🙂

  38. hicksmat

    hmm, something is going on:

    Your previous subscription has expired. To subscribe to PremierLeaguePass, please choose your preferred package below.


  39. Anthony

    Same thing happened to me. I tried emailing customer service and ended up just getting really rude responses which made it even worse. Any else had any luck?

    • Did you or hicksmat subscribe via Taiwan or New Zealand? There have been a few PLP customers who signed up using the Taiwanese method having their subscriptions cancelled without refund. This is of course within the rights of PLP as they have this outlined in their Terms & Conditions and highlighting their geographic restrictions (Not that this is comforting for you of course). People trying to access the cheaper Asian accounts would be obvious targets for PLP to do this as PLP would lose money. But there is less logic if they were people who signed up for the NZ account, as PLP make money from that. (They are also of course not wanting NZ customers to sign up to the cheaper Asian subs).
      Normally though, PLP have been upfront by explaining why an account was cancelled but nothing like this, which makes this a bit odd. If you have not had a refund from PLP, I recommend you request a charge back from your credit card company.

      This should also go out again as a warning that there is an inherent risk of an account cancellation. I always recommend people err on the side of caution and don’t take out expensive long term contracts.

      I also really don’t recommend people try and save money by subscribing to the Asian services from PLP, as they are bound to take offence to this and put a stop to it.

      • Hicksmat

        Yes Taiwan. However I think its silly to say they will cancel Taiwan account but not NZ accounts. I am sure they are indiscriminate based on what I have read on twitter. I was using overplay smartdns and have reported this to them. I am certain this will affect other users soon, it sounds like PLP are making a concerted effort to stop people from outside the Taiwan/NZ territory from accessing it, even tho I am sure they have made a small fortune out of it.

        I would like my money back, keeping it would just be fraud on their part. It’s tricky because these VPN places are shameless in their advertising of PLP as a supported service, and they actively push it in order to attract customers to their VPN services, but it wonder how many of them are feeling sheepish now they are going to get customers complaining about PLP cancelling their accounts?

        • Anthony

          I don’t think there’s any chance of a refund. Here’s the transcript of a conversation I had with their customer services. Some of their replies are outrageous! I couldn’t believe it!

          • Hi Anthony, unfortunately, regardless of any position I have on this matter, I couldn’t include the transcript of the conversation. The reason is that there is another person involved and they may not want their part of this conversation to go public. I have to respect their right to privacy here. That said, I was rather shocked by their abrupt manner in this.

  40. GB

    I signed up to the NZ version and had my subscription cancelled in less than a week. £100 gone just like that.

    • Hi GB,
      This is the first I have heard of people being cancelled from signing up to the NZ version. I absolutely recommend that you request a charge-back from your credit card company.

      • GB

        Thanks. I’m gonna register a claim with them definitely but considering streaming from outside their territories is against their terms & conditions I’m not sure how to approach it? Surely they can just say no to my bank as well.

        • Hi GB, PLP is a registered company in New Zealand, where the actual monetary transaction took place, and as thus are bound by New Zealand law and consumer protection regulations. I suggest you contact the government consumer affairs organization in NZ ( and tell them your case (with honesty). NZ, like the UK and other developed nations, has good, strong laws in place to protect consumers. In fact, the online consumer laws were recently updated a couple of months ago in the favour of consumers. The good thing also is that like the UK, the national language in NZ is English.

          • GB

            Thanks for your help.

    • david

      Hi GB – I had my NZ account suspended as well about 3 weeks ago. My bank returned £100.00 by way of chargeback but PLP may try again with my bank.

  41. Darryl

    Just had my account suspended :). Not to worry! Plenty of other options are available. I’ll get a chargeback sorted out, and sign up to an alternative. Worth pointing out, they’re all from the same source – just different companies.

    • Hi Darryl, thanks for the info. Just out of interest, were you signed up with the NZ or Asian service?

    • david

      Hi Daryl – what are these other options that you mention?

  42. danbottomburp

    PLP are now blocking accounts who use VPN aswel as DNS . VPN are easily detectable , so i wouldn’t recommend trying to sign up to this service now .

    • Hep

      How is VPN easily detectable if the servers provide random IPs each time you log onto them? To me that is the same if signing in on a mobile device using a home network with auto IP configuration?

      Are anyone else finding subscriptions are being cancelled?

      • Some people have suggested it is foreign credit cards that ring PLP’s alarm bells, rather than VPNs themselves. But only PLP could answer this and they probably would prefer to keep mum.

        • Hep

          Fair one, thanks Jo.

  43. Rakesh Singh

    Hi Jo,
    Any chance you can run a new test on the PLP iOS app, for the iPhone?
    With the larger iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and the update to iOS8, I’m interested to see if PLP have implemented a new, higher bitrate.

  44. Derick

    So I subscribed for another season and I have to say the quality of the stream has gone down significantly from last.
    You can still select 4500 which is supposed to be good and even though its really smooth the picture is not close to HD and nothing like it was last season.

    Just thought I’d mention this to others thinking of signing up for this season.

    • We appreciate you bringing this up Derick, thanks for the feedback 🙂

      • Derick

        No problem. If you like I can send you screenshots. Pretty sure you’ll be able to see it on that if you like.

        • Absolutely if you have the time. But let people know as well what country you are viewing from and what method of unblocking (if outside of NZ). As the problem could be independent of PLP.

  45. John

    Using Overplay with an NZ registered subscription on PLP since the start of the season and they nuked it without warning the other day – f**kas …

    Alternatives to PLP?? Those streams are broadcast all over the world so there must be alternative sources using Overplay etc??

    • What got cut? Have you spoken to OverPlay, as they usually can sort these things out? Or did PLP cancel your account?

      As for alternatives, there are a few around the world, but the Smart DNS providers have been concentrating on only a few. PLP was popular because they covered all the games via a good price. Sky in the UK don’t cover every match and charge quite a lot because it is their main market. Anyone else reading this have any tips?