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Eye on Demand | August 15, 2018

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USTVNow (For Live US Television) Review

USTVNow (For Live US Television) Review

Review Overview

Quality of Video Stream
User Interface
Channels on Offer
Device Availability
Airplay and iOS

Very Good Video Quality

USTVNow have been an American expats lifeline for a short while now, offering a wide range of live American channels in either a free, low quality stream or somewhat impressive nearHD quality on the other side of a pay-wall. Whether you watch on your computer, mobile device or even your television, welcome to America!

Technically, this service is only available outside of the US and was created for American’s living abroad or American servicemen and women, which does differ somewhat from USTVNow’s main competitors, FilmOn who offer a similar service within parts of the US and NimbleTV which offers a great service within New York.

Although the basic service allows you to watch live US television via the internet on your computer, with the right subscription and basic hardware, it is possible to watch the same live major American broadcast channels, anywhere in the world and on your main television.

USTVNow can either be accessed free of charge for 6 channels, or via a subscription. In fact, they offer quite an interesting range of plans, including monthly ones for US$29 (28 additional channels), US$39 (additional channels plus PVR). What is really cool though is that you can also purchase single day passes for US$2.99, a three day pass for US$6.99 and a weekly pass for US$15. Great for a holiday or business trip abroad.


But if you can watch US TV abroad for free, what exactly are all the advantages of subscribing to the service?

  • The subscription service offers significantly higher quality streams. You can test this on the free 45 day trial when you sign up. After the 45 day trial, your streams will return to low quality.(540kbps* average free bitrate tested to 1900kbps* average under a sub)
  • Only ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC and PBS are available from the free plan.
  • Additional channels, such as My9, A&E, Animal Planet, Bravo, Cartoon Network, CNBC, CNN, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, ESPN, Food Network, FX, Fox News, History, Lifetime, National Geographic, Nickelodeon, Spike, Syfy, TBS, TNT and USA are available from the subscription plan.
  • PVR service is also available at an additional cost.
  • The free service is only available on a computer. A subscription package is required to access on other devices such as mobile and Roku after the free 45 day trial.

Quality Button

Video quality is actually really good, which is something that can not always be said with live streams. As mentioned above, the HD streams are only available via subscription plans, but when you can achieve the highest quality feeds, they are not only good enough for films, but also for sports and other fast action sequences as well. The free SD service is just acceptable on the other hand, with artifacts and pixelation due to low bitrates prone to ruin any decent viewing.



    Ill be honest here, if there was a website that could instantly discourage me from exploring, this one could certainly fall into that category. USTVNow’s original browser experience is one of the most basic on the web. At best it could be described as functional, and that is me being polite.

    But then again, once you start watching a television channel at full screen, little of this matters at the end anyway. Speaking of watching videos, USTVNow’s website offers no less than four different windowing options. The most obvious and useful, full-screen mode, the standard tiny window to the left of the EPG, a larger window above the EPG (which incidentally improves the overall web experience significantly) and a probably more useful pop-out (in the same two sizes), allowing you to position it so you can watch the baseball while you work on your Excel spreadsheet.

    Then there is the expected EPG, which allows up to 14 days ahead to browse or set up potential recordings. You can hop backwards or forwards in time with the arrow buttons, which is a tad slow, but thankfully you can hot-jump to a specific date and time-frame via the drop-down menu. All that said, it is pretty easy to set up a video recording once you have found the show that you like.

    There is an option to view on a computer or laptop with a much more pleasant UI. Essentially, set your device to “Smart TV” and read the iPad (GTV) review tab.

    Platform Pros:

    • Good for watching on a laptop whilst traveling or windowing while you work.
    • Ability to change video quality level manually.
    • Window pop-out option.
    • The best EPG of all platforms.

    Platform Cons:

    • Not terribly sofa-friendly.
    • Very basic design and layout.
    • UI can be awkward at times.
    • Unable to set up recurring recordings.

    USTVNow Mac


  • USTVNow lack a dedicated iOS or Android app, which is a shame really. But they do offer the next best thing, a web-app which can work happily on a desktop or laptop computer but finds its true home on a smart phone. To access it, point your mobile device here and if possible, immediately add to the home-screen – this will allow the web-app to function at its best, utilizing almost the full-screen with fewer distractions. (The web-app will only function under a sub).

    The Home screen offers three major options, besides the ability to log in or out or promote the product to friends.

    Watch Live TV is where the heart is, and lists all the available live channels in your package. The basic sub offers 28 channels and you can shorten this list down to a favourite selection, but the order remains the same.

    Clicking on a channel brings up further information if available but does not yet begin streaming, neither does interestingly enough pressing the View button, but pressing the play button on the next screen will finally start the live stream. I personally would have liked an easier way to start the live stream, maybe via a play button directly on the channel list, sitting alongside an info button that would take you further if required. This would make channel hoping much easier, and work better with AirPlay.

    USTVNow iPhone5

    Hidden at the top of the screen is a really interesting DVR button, the only one I have seen on USTVNow, which allows the viewer to automatically record the program either “in this timeslot” or “anytime it airs”, as well as accessing the Recurring Timers management page. My own tests couldn’t seem to differentiate between them, as selecting “in this timeslot” recorded two identical episodes from the same day. Maybe this was just a bug at the time.

    Pretty much everything works better here than via the traditional website, with the exception of the Channel Guide. This lists just the next three hours, one channel at a time. Which does not make it terribly easy to schedule recordings, nor is it a fast way to scan through the available channels. It is possible to set a recording here, but only the one-off as there are no links to DVR functions.

    AirPlay also works really well, with no mirroring required and looks stunning on the big screen. If you are accessing this from the Safari web browser, you can even multitask, but oddly enough, this is not possible when used as a web-app after being saved to the Home-screen. As for the video quality, it naturally looks near perfect on the tiny iPhone screen, testing an average of 1700kbps*, but was no slouch either on the main television via AirPlay.

    Overall, this certainly makes for a much more pleasant way to way to navigate from mobile devices, and is a good stop-gap until USTVNow (hopefully) releases dedicated iOS and Android apps.

    Platform Pros:

    • DVR Function.
    • Easier to use on mobile platform.
    • Remains logged in on iPhone when saved to the Home screen.
    • AirPlay support.

    Platform Cons:

    • Not as easy to use as a dedicated app.
    • Could be a quicker route to playing live streams.
    • Channel selector doesn’t remain on the iPhone when airplaying. (This could have made it easier to channel hop)
    • No AirPlay multitasking via web-app when saved to Home-screen.

  • Best Choice StampLike with the iPhone, there is sadly no dedicated USTVNow iPad app, but there are still three possible ways to watch.

    1) via the Safari web browser: If you thought the standard website was a little clumsy to use, it is even more so on the smaller touch screen. That said, this method is still available to free users.

    2) via the mobile device option, which effectively mirrors the iPhone web-app and requires a sub: To be honest, although it works quite well for the iPhone, outside of the increased DVR function over the GTV method, I found it also to be a tad clumsy on the larger touch screen. (Requires a sub)

    3) via the GTV, or “Internet TV” method: Possibly designed for Internet TV browsers, I found this works best for the iPad as well. So well in fact, it has taken the best platform title away from the Roku box. (Requires a sub)

    For a start, it is much quicker to change channels than any of the other methods. Simply tap the watch button after selecting a channel of choice. It is still not quite as easy as a single button operation, but close enough for most situations and works great when airplaying across to your main TV. I know I ask too much sometimes, but I do love a good bit of channel hopping and when something was easier in the 1980s than now, I just can’t avoid mentioning it.

    Still, the business end is watching television, and there are no real complaints here. Head on over to full-screen, or AirPlay directly to your TV and the video quality for a live television feed is extremely good. My own tests averaged 1770kbps* on the iPad, which is not terribly high, but outside of a few moments when the variable bitrate dropped for whatever reason, the video quality itself impressed.

    As with the mobile web-app, if you save this to your home screen (which for most situations is the best thing to do), you will loose the multitasking support in AirPlay. A bit of a pity to be honest, as leaving the iPad on while the live TV streams for a couple of hours is never terribly good for the battery life, nor I guess for the planet.

    Speaking of odd things, you can’t set the currently playing programme to record, but you can for any listed in the near future, which is effectively the next three or four hours in this view.

    The Recorded Programs page will list everything currently on your cloud recording playlist, and it is also possible here to switch on or off recurring function, although there is no way to differentiate between the “one time slot”, or “anytime it airs”. And if you do switch on recurring recordings from a previously recorded programme, it will only appear in the scheduled recordings page once you refresh the screen, which is a bit of a pity.

    All that said though, this is a great way to watch live US television, outside of the US, especially when your pair your iPad with an Apple TV and AirPlay. You could almost forget you are 10,000km away from home.

    Platform Pros:

    • Combined with AirPlay, the easiest way to channel hop and watch live TV.
    • Compared to the basic website, beautifully clear, clean and uncluttered layout.
    • Includes basic recurring recording function.
    • AirPlay support without the need to mirror.
    • Easy to channel hop especially when using AirPlay.

    Platform Cons:

    • No multitasking support during AirPlay when web-app is saved to the home-screen.
    • No True EPG.
    • Can’t record currently playing show.

  • Private channel: Code: “ustvnow” for Roku, or available directly on Now TV.

    04.12.2013: USTVNow is no longer available on the UK’s Now TV box (the budget re-branded Roku LT from Sky)

    Wow. Maybe you didn’t expect a wow in this review, but on this particular platform, it deserves it. Granted, the layout and design are still quite basic, but this is not so uncommon with Roku channels anyway.

    What works so well here is the channel and platform’s usability. On firing up the channel, you have a choice of four basic options, the Guide (EPG), Live TV, Favourites and DVR.

    The Guide is still not going to win any awards for design here, but outside of the basic webpage it is the best on all reviewed platforms to date. It’s easy to read in a 10-foot environment, and you can select live programming or set up a recording if you have an appropriate subscription.

    Live TV does exactly what you would expect. Instead of selecting a live feed from the EPG, you chose a channel by name.

    What should be mentioned, is that either way you choose to watch live television, USTVNow’s Roku channel is one of the easiest to channel hop with. Sadly, it is still not as easy as a 30 year old television which requires little more than a single button, but it is still quick in comparison to other services or platforms by pressing the back button, skipping to the next channel and play.

    I achieved the highest bitrates when testing the stream on either a Roku 3 box or the Now TV platform, which averaged at 2300kbps*. Video quality itself was a pleasure to watch in most circumstances, although I did see it drop a bit at one stage during a separate session. In any event, for the most part I would describe the live video stream as very good.

    Platform Pros:

    • Great UI for watching USTVNow.
    • Almost as good as watching real live television.
    • Better EPG than some other reviewed USTVNow platforms.
    • High quality video.
    • Fast and responsive (on Roku 3)
    • Easy(ish) way to channel hop.

    Platform Cons:

    • Channel hopping should require a single key-press still.
    • Design is quite basic.

    Read a full review on the Roku 3 platform here.


  • Viewing any streaming service on a set-top-box or Smart TV’s web browser is never going to be ideal, and that’s before taking into account that very few such platforms support any of the major television streaming services. If a service actually does work in the browser, then the user will have to content with generally speaking, a horrendous user interface, and here, we certainly can’t blame USTVNow.

    Some platforms have a browser interface that is so horrendous, I just can’t bear to even test if a service works on them. The Favi SmartStick for instance, is so painful to browse, I could easily spend 15minutes just trying to log in and loose half of what hair I have left in the process. My F-series Samsung Smart TV fares better, but without hardware acceleration, the video would barely play.

    Finally, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 both offer an incredibly rare situation where the browser’s UI is almost acceptable (especially in the case of the Xbox One via SmartGlass) and with enough horsepower to easily play back the live HD streams. Unfortunately, the number of supported streaming services are almost non-existent. (See the browser tabs review here for the Xbox One and here for the PS4)

    ThumbsupAnd this is where I give the thumbs up to USTVNow, as they support the PlayStation 4’s web browser. Once you log into USTVNow, and click your account name, three device options become available for subscribers, iPhone, Tablet and Smart TV. My favourite is without doubt, the Smart TV option. Unfortunately, for some odd reason, this doesn’t work on the PS4 so I had to resort to the only one that did, the tablet version (which is identical to the iPhone one)

    Visually, there is nothing particularly attractive here. The first group of options gives you the choice of watching live TV (cool), accessing your recordings (also cool), and the Channel Guide (very far from cool).

    What is good here is that the D-pad buttons work quickly and easily to navigate the menu. It is almost like having a dedicated app. Well, almost. But you will have to use the analogue stick in other circumstances, especially if you want to watch in full-screen.

    PS4 Controller USTVNow

    Speaking of full-screen, don’t be tricked into using the DualShock’s dedicated full-screen button Squareas not only does it cut off the borders of the screen, it doesn’t actually fill the screen with the video either. This is done by USTVNow’s own full-screen button within the playback window.

    Channel hopping here is never going to be easy. This interface was designed by USTVNow after-all for touchscreen mobile use. But the business end of watching TV is sticking to a channel, and in this situation, USTVNow works just fine.

    Video quality is the usual mixture with USTVNow. Everything looks stunning for the most part until heavy movement kicks in, when significant pixelation occurs. This means the stream looks good for most general television usage, but could cause a few irritations during sporting events. My own tests average 2370kbps*, about the same as the Roku platform.

    Overall, if you have a PS4 and want to access live US television on your main TV, why not head for USTVNow’s website, switch to tablet or iPhone view and enjoy. You may be surprised at how well it does play back considering the restraints. Of course, we at Eye on-Demand would love to see USTVNow provide a dedicated PlayStation 4 app, but then we would also like to see an Xbox One app as well, and Apple TV, Samsung Smart Hub and plenty more. Until then…

    Platform Pros:

    • Video quality can look pretty good for most parts on the big screen.
    • Works on the Browser!
    • D-pad can work quite well to navigate buttons and options.
    • A good solution to get FilmOn on your TV if you own a PS4.
    • Video plays back without hardware issues.
    • Recording possible.

    Platform Cons:

    • Long winded logging in process (must log in twice).
    • Video can pixelate during fast movement.
    • GTV (Smart TV) version of USTVNow doesn’t work.
    • Not the prettiest of UI‘s.
    • Full-screen button requires analogue stick to access.

    This service is geographically unblocked on this platform by the following Smart DNS providers:

    [pro_ad_display_adzone id=”16997″]

  • USTVNow offer some great plans and services to watch American television when abroad. When you combine their high quality video, excellent channel line up and selection of subscription plans, it becomes an extremely attractive television companion. I am especially impressed with the daily or weekly plan which could be a great idea for someone on a business trip or traveling abroad.

    It is a pity there isn’t a cheaper sub to just offer the basic OTA channels in HD, since these are generally available for free in the US anyway. US$29 for live TV for 28 channels could be considered a little expensive to some, especially when you have to pay an extra US$10 to add the ability to record. Although in fairness, USTVNow do offer free recording vouchers when you refer their service to friends.

    At first glance, the service looks quite basic, but when you consider it offers full AirPlay support things start to look a little more glossy. But the real killer platform is the Roku channel or the iPad using the GTV web-app. If you are living outside of the US, the Roku channel is a great way to sit down and watch live US television.

    On a rather disappointing note, I could not get USTVNow’s Internet TV designed “GTV” website to play streams on my actual Internet TV’s browser. Neither my Samsung ES-6900, Samsung F-5470 or the painful Favi Smart Stick browser would work. Of course, this may be due to the limitations of those particular browsers rather than anything from USTVNow, but I was hoping to have a bit more success here – especially on the Favi Smart Stick, where I spent a good 20minutes and 20% of my hair signing in (all fault on the Favi’s shocking UI) only to not be able to play a live stream at the end of it all.

    This service is not region blocked outside of the US and is available globally.


    • Optional free service on a computer.
    • Various subscriptions including day or week passes (great for holidays or business travel).
    • Great Roku channel.
    • Mobile web-app works well on smart phones.
    • iPad works great via the GTV web-app.
    • Great quality near-HD streams.
    • Friend referral scheme to provide free recording.
    • Series link possible for recordings (with appropriate sub)
    • Full AirPlay support.
    • Not region blocked outside of US.


    • EPG can be awkward on some platforms.
    • Basic UI on most platforms.
    • Can be considered expensive.
    • No recording available on low cost packages.
    • No dedicated iOS app.
    • AirPlay multitasking doesn’t work when web-apps are saved to the home-screen.
    • Requires partner provider subscription for access within US.
    • Could not get the GTV “Smart TV” browser to play on the tested Smart TVs.

    Technical Details:

    • Broadcasted from Eastern USA Time-Zone.
    • Basic free channels include: ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC and PBS
    • Additional channels include: My9, A&E, Animal Planet, Bravo, Cartoon Network, CNBC, CNN, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, ESPN, Food Network, FX, Fox News, History, Lifetime, National Geographic, Nickelodeon, Spike, Syfy, TBS, TNT and USA
    • Only one person can be logged into the computer account at any given time, but three people can log into other platforms.
    • Live channels originate from Pennsylvania.


    27.06.2013: Review published. Score: 6 – Best with Roku.

    08.08.2013: Updated with Now TV channel added to the Roku platform.

    13.09.2013: Alert for Now TV Box, which may have broken the channel. (update working fine)

    22.11.2013: Major update adding mobile & GTV platform as well as bitrate tests. Score upgraded to 6.4 – Very Good Video Quality

    04.02.2014: All references to Now TV removed as its departure seems permanent now.

    28.02.2014: Major update adding PS4 browser review.

    * Bitrate tests were based on multiple averages and are subject to both the geographical location and ISP bandwidth at the time.


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  1. phil

    I’m living in Kuwait and only have DSL, not cable high speed like in the states. Will I be able to stream this without constant interruption and buffering?

    • You will have issues, but you should be able to test. USTVNow offer a free month’s trial and you may not need any SmartDNS where you are since this service is available outside of the US – though I don’t know if Kuwait block it.

      • andrew

        I live in amman, jordan and have just tried the basic service on roku 3 just a few minutes ago. Superb service! You actually cannot tell if its streamed or actual live tv.
        I m using dsl but with 10 mbps
        live the ustvnow! Something i ve always been looking fir. Have also the sling but not wuite as good.

  2. This is an awesome review, brilliant and funny. Our favorite part “The browser experience…at best it could be described as functional, and that is me being polite” : ) Thank you, you are 100% right !

    As for the sofa friendliness, just view in our.. “sofa mode” ; ) by going to

  3. Johnny

    GTV mode not working on my iPad Air ! Iphone mode and website works ok

  4. Kristel

    I am highly disappointed with the “free” service that is supposedly extended to customers. Prior to the end of the trial period, there are a lot of issues with the channels dropping in and out frequently. Once the trial is over and you remain a non-paying patron you will almost always receive a message saying that the theater is full for the particular show that you are trying to view and that they must give your seat away to a paying patron but you’re next in line (whatever that means!). Would have been a nice gesture if they weren’t using gimmicks to force you to pay. Sorry, I will find other means of watching US TV abroad rather than succumbing to the underhanded games of USTVNOW!

  5. I have been testing out this service for two weeks. So far I like what it offers and how the content is delivered. However, problems arose when I attempted to start a subscription. The “secure” payment page has some technical issues that the web site needs to address. For example; the “padlock” that indicates the page is secure, disappears after a subscription plan is selected and the page is refreshed.
    When the payment page is viewed in Chrome. The “padlock” has a yellow triangle above it. Something I have never seen before. Contacting technical support at US TV Now proved fruitless to date. I’ll wait and look elsewhere.

  6. MaryAnn

    Love, Love, Love this site! I’m currently in the Caribbean using and it has exceeded my expectations. I was able to watch this years Super Bowl game, and keep up with all my favorite tv shows. There are so many stations to watch! They also have a plan that let’s you record shows, however I do not need that option. I’m using on my older iphone and my ipad without any problems. The picture quality is perfect! I can use my HDMI cable and play on my large screen tv without any problems either. There was one problem with the site that only lasted about an hour. The techs were right on it and sent an email with their acknowledgement of the issue. They had it resolved quickly. If you want to watch tv like you were home, this is the site to use. The cost is extremely reasonable, the quality is exceptional, the ease of use is simple! Thank you ustvnow! I am recommending you to all my friends here, and no I do not work for, or affiliated in any way with this company. Just a very satisfied customer.

  7. anyo

    Picture quality is good? really good? by whose standards? I’m using it, and it’s extremely pixelated!

  8. Kylie

    i live in malta? how can i chnage ustvnow from eastern time please? Because in Malta it is 2pm and it’s showing live 8am in the morning….

    • Hi Kylie, unfortunately, live TV is exactly that, live. This means what you are watching at 2pm in Malta is exactly what people in the US Eastern timezone (8am) are watching. If USTVNow rescheduled for European timezones, it would no longer be live. There are a couple of options. One is to always record shows so that you watch them when it is more convenient for you. Secondly, perhaps a catch-up service like Hulu would be better? Hulu has many advantages, but of course some disadvantages.

  9. I am in Cuenca, Ecuador. I use TVCable with a 16.1 Mbs plan (probably the fastest in the country). My compression is 8:1, so 2 Mbs is the norm in high-use hours. At those hours, the service is erratic with freezes, pixelation and buffering every 30 seconds or so. About 2 days/week, I have to watch it very late or very early. When I set it to low quality to see if it helps, it seems to reset itself to high quality (odd). Much of this, I suspect, is the service provider. Some isn’t. Other comments: 1) yes, the UI is horrible!, 2) Why not NYC instead of rural Pennsylvania? 3) Why not a time offset correction feature?, 3) why not have a download app for recorded shows? 4) how’s about a better mix of channels? No food network, really? Us foodies need our fix. Still, it is the most USA like experience I have found. Keep working guys!

    • Some very good comments there Carl.
      For me, I miss a proper iOS or Android app the most. If I could have one wish, I would wish for that – of course, a decent app which also offers AirPlay and Chromecast support 😉 But seriously, they started moving forward with a Roku app, but stopped there.

  10. Robert

    I love USTVNOW I have been using it off and on for a few years now. I agree with the comment why not NY ? or hey Why not Los Angeles ? either way It is legal live TV and it is American at that, all rare qualities in the modern world….. online….

    The quality has improved a lot the last couple years, so has the stability of the service. But they seriously need to catch up on applications.

    We no longer just have Roku or Apple TV….. Google TV has evolved into Chromecast and now we Have the PS4 & Xbox one

    I have not used a Roku in over a year I switched to a HTPC and mainly used my PS3 till I upgraded to my PS4. We don’t have an Android App so that cuts out any mobile access unless of course you want to load up a website on your browser.

    It is seriously like development stopped, I mean I like the company sometimes the support is not the best it is kind of hit or miss most of the time. but when you get a hit it is worth it….. with the lack of support for devices and lack of active development ……

    I think it is a bit over priced, but I like the service and will continue to support them in the short term. I am really hoping to see some new developments come out by this October or I will be saying good bye.

    Flat out you can not charge a premium when you have competitors who support every device known to man even if you are the only game in town. I am much more likely to just pay Hulu who has support for my devices, No excuses you have been around for a few years and all you have under your belt is Roku !

  11. Al

    Hi I have been using this system for a long time. I have the paid option with recording option. I have the Roku3 and when I am busy or travelling I record my favorites shows. Now they have the planning recording option.

    I would like in the future to have all the channels in full HD, at the moment thet have, CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC , ESPN.

    I agree that it would be great if they improve the Guide screen. I Love it, I am planning in the future if I found a complement to cut the cable at Home.


  12. Paul

    USTV Now needs a standalone app for the android tv box with channel selections from the epg and channels switching between channels

    • Agreed. In fact, USTV Now needs dedicated apps for lots of platforms. It seems rather odd to me that they don’t even have an iOS or Android app and rely on a clunky browser interface.

  13. jim

    ustvnow is terrible! I thought i would try the free service and then sign up for the paid subscription if i liked it. It lags so bad i dont want it for free! Tried watching the superbowl on it an i literally missed more of the game than I was able to watch! My roku is 20 feet from my router and I never have probs streaming other sites. Then when it does finally come back on it is showing what happend 3 minutes ago! I really was hoping this would work because its could of been a great alternative to expensive cable packages but the service is crap! no good at all, youll just get 2 or 3 minutes into watching something and then nothing for 2 or 3 minutes!

  14. Mike

    Terrible reception since day 1. AND after I removed channel/quit subscription they have been charging my credit card 29.00 a month. Total rip off.

  15. jonathan service

    I love this review and a lot of it is true, the service is great basic cable is what you get on the paid service and it is worth the money. Sure there are sometimes pixelation issues but that is more to do with your isp or network congestion.

    Overall i would recommend watching on roku as i do as long as you have an excellent unlimited use download speed from your isp. If it had single click hop then it would be complete.

  16. Mark McCully

    USTVNOW.COM is terrible so far. I have upgraded to get all the channels and live in Ecuador. I can download at 15mgs and they require about 3 megs to get video in high or hi-def. Well I get freezing at low resolution and always freeze or no video at all at the upper resolution levels. They gave me a website to test what there speed was for me and it was less than ONE meg. Even when I test my speed in their city, NYC, I still get 8 megs. They have been trying to “FIX” this for 45 days. I think their outgoing bandwidth is too small for the number of subscribers. I don’t know what I can do now.

    • Do you need live TV? If not, would something like Hulu Plus be ok for you? It covers a great deal of American television and you can watch when you want, rather than letting the clock decide. That, and I’m seeing great video quality here in Germany.

  17. Dunn

    We have been using the $40/month paid option with pvr for several months now and love it. At first we used an old Roku XS, and had some issuex with long load times and getting kicked back into the menu. Once we updated to the new Roku 3, all issues seem to be resolved. For the price, you cant beat USTVNow. Additionally, we have a G Box Q set up with Kofi, which allows us to channel surf. While playing a channel, you can just hit the back button to get to yhe channel menu, while the video continue to play in background, and easily change channels. We have had a few intances with broken channels, but the response tine when submitting support tickets has been very fast, and the issues always resolved.

    • Henry

      What is the model number of the roku 3 that you are using? Are you still happy with the service through the new roku?

      • Jo Chambers

        Hi Henry, my Roku 3 is the 4200X model. Am I happy with the service? Actually, I also have been experiencing buffering issues that other people have been reporting on, so I would be careful before investing too much money. If you already have a Roku and want to try them out, give them a go, but I wouldn’t recommend to buy any products for this service right now – due to regular reports of buffering issues.

        The catch with that is that where you are, you may not experience any issues. Geographic location can play a big part.

  18. Tarajee

    Service sucks

  19. Charles

    If you’re having issues, ask them to do a “refresh”. That helped me big time. It still buffers a bit when you’re watching a highly demanded event / channel, but for the most part, things playback well.

  20. Rolf

    I’m in Puerto Vallarta Mexico and I get really excellent viewing with my USTVnow. A year ago there was lots of buffering but now they seem to have solved that problem and their tech people are very responsive to emails. I could NOT live without their DVR recording capability which by subscription is unlimited; we never watch commercials.