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Eye on Demand | August 13, 2018

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How-To: Changing Your Samsung F/H Series TV/Blu-Ray Country App Store

How-To: Changing Your Samsung F/H Series TV/Blu-Ray Country App Store

So you’ve bought your spanking brand new F or H-series Samsung Smart TV, and thought to yourself how great it would be to install some of those on-demand apps from your home country, despite being abroad. It won’t take long for you to realize that the only store available in the smart hub is your local one, and there does not appear to be any way to change this. That is of course unless you use the backdoor. It is not quite as easy as the earlier models, but it’s not terribly complicated either.

Novice smallIt is quite possible to change which app store your Samsung TV will open. You can access a wide range of countries and each store will perhaps contain region specific apps. In doing so, this could unlock exactly the services you are after, whether the BBC iPlayer from the UK or Hulu Plus and Netflix from the US.

This guide is for the F series, but should work just as well for the H-series. If you have one of the older D or E series TV or Blu-Ray player, you may want to try this method.

What you can do:

  • Change the app store to any country Samsung supports.
  • Install any apps from your chosen region.
  • Change back to your original region at a later stage.

What this will not do:

  • Install apps from multiple regions; only apps from one store will be available at any given time. Previous apps will be deleted before your region is changed.
  • This will not change your existing satellite, cable or terrestrial services.

  • IMPORTANT: Changing the country code will reset the TV back to the factory defaults.
  • Your TV must already be connected to the internet to set your country code.
  • Your TV or Blu-Ray player must have the “mute” key for this to work.
  • One very important thing to keep in mind is that changing regional stores and installing apps does not guarantee that the app will work outside of its native region. Many apps restrict themselves to specific regions and in order to access them outside of this, you may require a VPN or smart DNS service such as provided by Overplay or Unblock-US.

Unblocking geographic restrictions on this device is supported by the following Smart DNS providers:

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Video Guide

Step 1:

Set the source of the television to “TV” by using the Source button on the remote.

Samsung Step 1


Step 2:

On the remote, select the Menu option. The menu should then appear on your television screen.

Samsung Step 2

Step 3:

Using the remote, navigate to the system portion of the Main Menu, and then click to enter the submenu.

Samsung Step 3


Step 4:

The first option, Setup will be selected by default, click this to begin the setup.

Note: If Setup is greyed out, then it is likely you are not at the correct Input (TV Input), try going back to step 1.
Note: If a pass-code is required, enter this now, the default code is 0000 unless it has been changed.

Samsung Step 4


Step 5:

You should now begin the on-screen setup that you completed when you first bought the television. To make things easier, your previously entered information should be retained.

Note: Don’t change the country at this point, keep everything as normal for the country you are in, this is not where you change the country app store.

Samsung Step 5


Step 6:

Continue through the on-screen setup until you arrive at the Smart Hub Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy page in the on-screen setup.

Samsung Step 6


Step 7:

Before doing anything else, and with the Smart Hub Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy page up on the TV press the following buttons in sequential order.

Samsung Step 7

NOTE: Thanks to Ron who wrote in with this tip, as it seems the old >>289<< method from the D or E series works on many F-series TV models at this point also. So, if the above Mute… method fails, try the back button to return to the previous step (resetting any failed attempts), then forward again to this stage and try pressing FFW, 289, Rewind sequence on your remote.


Step 8:

The list of various countries should appear. Select your country from the list and then click to continue.

Samsung Step 8


Note: If you are asked to select the AERIAL TYPE, just select OK.
Note: If you receive a postcode request, enter one for the country app store you wish to access.

Step 9:

Your country app store has now been changed, but you must complete the rest of the setup procedure.

I recommend rebooting the television and agreeing to any further smart hub updates. It is up to you to choose which additional apps you wish to install.

Once this is complete, your TV will have effectively a dual personality. All normal TV operations will remain as it was, so your cable, satellite or terrestrial feeds from your local country will not change. However, your television’s smart hub will now offer widgets from a second, alternative country. In most cases, this will include on-demand or catch-up services, but every now and again, you may come across a widget that offers live television as well.

All you may need to do now is set up a smart DNS or VPN service. Because the Samsung Smart TVs do not have a facility to directly configure a VPN, it is recommended to choose a smart DNS service.

If this has successfully worked, you can now sit back, relax and enjoy on-demand content from back home, directly on your main television without the need of additional hardware.


Although the above steps are generally safe, Eye On-Demand takes no responsibility for any damage to your television or any other issues that may arise. Perform the above actions entirely at your own risk.

Due to the differences in firmware around the world, Eye On-Demand does not recommend purchasing a Samsung Smart TV solely to access streaming services from another region. This may be an additional bonus feature, but in our opinion should not be the main reason for purchasing this television. Backdoor features are not officially supported by Samsung for consumer use and although unlikely, this feature may change or disappear without notice.

Help! In order to help other readers, we are trying to create a list of what widgets/apps are available on each television or blu-ray model. If you have tested this service, please don’t hesitate to post a short note at the bottom of this page and let us know what model Samsung device you have, if it is a TV or Blu-Ray player and which of the main apps/widgets you have installed. We are especially interested in the following English speaking stores: UK (for BBC iPlayer, BBC Sport, 4oD, ITV, STV and Demand 5), Australia (for ABC, SBS, Plus 7 or the other two FTA networks when they become available), New Zealand (For TVNZ and TV3 when it becomes available), Ireland (For RTÉ & TV3 when it becomes available) as well as any US or Canadian FTA catch-up networks.

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Unblocking geographic restrictions on this device is supported by the following Smart DNS providers:

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  1. I have just tried to change my region but the Terms and Conditions page is already tick for my first setup and I cannot remove them and it seems that I cannot get the Internet Region menu. Can you help? The TV is F series 6500 bought in Cyprus where I live.

    • Hi Jeff, hmmm, I am guessing you are online, and the TV input is set to “TV”. Is it at the stage where you have to enter the remote sequence that nothing happens?

      • Yes i am Online and set to TV input. worked through setup until Terms and Agreement entry screen (unfortunately in Greek!)and tried the remote key sequence and nothing.

        • Now this puzzles me… has anyone else here any ideas?

          • Hi Jo I updated the TV software and did a new install in setup and now I have been able to change location to the UK and load the Apps. All I need now is a Smart DNS and will be able to use UK TV Apps.

            Many thanks

          • Excellent, I’m glad it is working for you now. Can I ask which apps you managed to install for your model? I want to check if the new F-series have more UK apps available, as the E-series Blu-Rays tend to have quite a fragmented app store.

          • Hi Jo I have loads of apps from UK Samsung store. Auto loaded where Netflix,Love Films TV player BBC Iplayer 5 On Demand 4 on demand Redbull and others. If you are interested in any specific apps let me know. But still cannot find a Web Browser which would be helpful and possibley Filmon.


          • Thanks Jeff for the info. Can I ask which model you have (TV or Blu-Ray) so I can create a list. As for FilmOn, I have been informed by the company that they plan a Samsung Smart Hub app in the future, but I have no details on any date. So far, your best method is via iOS and AirPlay, as not only does that work very well, but FilmOn have higher quality streams on that platform (at least on the free service). Sadly, that is a bit dear if someone is in the Android ecosystem. Until then, Zattoo have a widget in Samsung’s German app store, which under a sub gives great quality video for BBC1, BBC2 and ITV and very average for the other channels, but you will also need an Overplay SmartDNS subscription outside of the UK to access those channels.

          • Hi Jo I have the UE40F6500ssxxh Samsung. I have HD Filmon on an Android MX Box Dual Core and it works great since their recent upgrade and maintenance program last week. The box is also great with XBMC. The TV is new so trying to simplefy things for the operators.

          • Yvonne

            Hi Jo,

            I got the same problem – -what’s the solution and how to do it? Thanks, Yvonne

          • Hi Yvonne, by the same problem, do you mean that all the Terms & Conditions were already ticked so it didn’t work? If so, try resetting the TV. I have not seen this problem myself, but two people here write a similar thing. Possibly by resetting they mean updating the firmware (if possible) then going back to the very beginning as described in the how-to. If this doesn’t work, maybe try the >> 289 < < method described in the ES-series how-to. If none of that works, don’t despair, there must be a way as others have found it. Perhaps someone who had this problem and solved it could give more details?

    • Yvonne

      Hi Jeff, I have the same problem – how did you fix it? I don’t know how to reinstall what you mentioned??
      Thanks already, Eve

    • Great article Jo. For those who live outside US like me, you can access Netflix, Hulu and similar media stations on your Samsung Smart TV & Blu Ray Player by using UnoTelly or similar tools.

  2. yes jo nothing happens when I enter the key sequence

  3. Col

    Jo, I have a BluRay BD-F8500A, Aus the remote has a different layout ch(prog) up just changes TV channel. I was trying to change country to USA for NETFLIX and BBC Iplay using smartDNS and have channels on PC.

    looking for a work round by getting into “develop” and downloading the NETFLIX app/widget would it work?

    To try this I need apps/widgets as files to sync from the PC how can I get these?

    Thanks for yor time Col

    • Hi Col, did the tip from Tnt4ever & Jeff help at all? I no longer have an F-series Blu-Ray player at my disposal but there are some really good folk at the SamyGo forums who know there way around the F-series more than nearly anyone else. Hopefully they can help you. If you find the solution, can you also post it here?

    • Atef

      Hi joe,
      I have downloaded the uk apps like bbc player or itv after changing to the uk store but they won’t work here because of my U.S IP address . How to fix that ?

    • Jon

      Having recently set up a Samsung TV (Series 6) using this method in Aus. I bought a BD-F8500A and realised the same problem (different remote). Entering FF 289 RWD at the SETUP screen (not the Terms and Conditions screen as on the TV) worked. Timing is key so it does take a few tries to get it right.

  4. Tnt4ever


    Guys the above keys sequence will work if you powered on the TV for the fisrt time.

    if you are already uSing the TV then you have to go to MENU> SETTING > GENERAL> REST TV. If will take a minute then the Setup wizard appear .

    by following the above mentioned steps go to privacy page & don’t select the TICK.

    us the key in sequent & in 3 seconds the country choosing page will appear.

    SAY THANK if you get it working.

    sorry for bad English

    • Hi Tn4ever, Thanks for your help here! I think you may solve many people’s issues. And never apologize for English that isn’t perfect, I know from personal experience how hard a second language is to learn!

    • Tony Murphy

      Thanks for that information all working now! T Murph

  5. Col

    Hi tried from factory reset several times using the Blu-ray player. Essential Details is first screen. Key strokes make no change!

    note the TV led flashes for mute and tv+ while BD led flashes for return and channel.(again trying later in setup after channels are set the channel up flips to TV with key steps) Can only hope for a missing step out there to get this working? Col

    • Is there anyone you know with a programmable remote control? Something like a Logitech harmony? I know it’s not the best solution, but since your remote seems to be different, this maybe an option as you could program the remote to emulate the ones used on this guide. Also, I suggest asking the guys at SamyGo as if anyone can find a solution, it will be them. They’re a pretty clued up bunch of people when it comes to Samsung TV’s and Blu-Rays.

  6. Beagslife

    Hi Jo,

    I was about to ask you to take out the Blu-Ray reference in the title, as I bought the BD-F6500, on the back of the possibility of changing the Country region!

    I’ve just discovered though, that the old – Forward, 2,8,9 Rewind – trick still works.


    • Beagslife. That is quite big news, thanks! Has anyone else noticed the D&E method (FFW,2,8,9,REW) method as mention by Beagslife working on any other F-series Blu-Ray players? Hmmm, I think I may have to get hold of one again and start re-testing!

    • pmcd

      I have the bd-f5900 player. At what step did you apply the ff289rw combination? Doesn’t work for me at the Home screen. Do you have to go through setup and use this alternative combo in Step 7? Thanks…

      • Hi pmcd, try following the D/E method for the >>289<< method. It is important to have the Internet connected and working before you do the switch. If it still doesn't work, let us know and we'll scratch out heads a bit more. I don't have a Blu-Ray player at hand, only an ES and F series TV.

      • Ron

        @pmcd – I also have the BD-F5900 bluray player. To get the region screen using the >>289< smarthub setup. If you can see the terms and agreement text (black or grey out) use the >>289<< remote combination. Use them in sequence, it may take more than one or two tries until you see the region selection box appear.

        Once you select your region, the Terms and Agreement dialogue appears where you can check mark them to proceed.

        I'm glad I found this site, it took me agonizing days on the phone with Samsung tech who couldn't figure it out, until someone here mention the D/E method still works with the F models.

        • Thanks Ron, just a quick question… So, on the F-series, is the stage to perform the >>289<< at Step 6 on this guide, or in the Smart Hub itself as with the D & E series?

          • Ron

            Run the remote sequence on the ‘settings’ > smart hub setup screen. From there, you should see the smart hub terms and agreement selection. Run the remote sequence when you see it. For the D & E series, it’s done on the main screen, if I remember correctly.

        • pmcd

          Hmm … I am not sure which smart hub setup you are referring to. I went to Settings and there are different sections. One lets you set up the smart apps and so on … I couldn’t find the screen you are referring to but it is in one of the sections. In any case running the sequence there did not work. I went through the setting up smart apps and it asked for language, screen, network, … But I did finally give up and go back to the home screen and ran the sequence there which did give me the choice of countries. So something I did worked. I am just not sure what as I had tried in the past at the home page and it didn’t work. Could you be a little bit more specific where you find the smart hub setup? Thanks.


  7. Carlo

    I have a big problem. My new Samsung Remote does not have a mute button. I use the new remote with the mousepad like feature. Kindly help me. I really need to access that Internet Service Location Screen. I’m losing a lot of sleep because of this. Thanks.

    • Here are a few things you could try… see if you can download the Samsung TV remote app on iOS or Android phones, maybe that will work and have a mute button? Or borrow a friend’s Samsung remote that has the mute button. Do you have a programmable remote you could configure (or access to a friends?) You could ask at a shop if you could borrow one they use for their display models (offer to put a deposit on it so they know you will return). Can you say which model you have so I can warn people that these don’t come with mute on the remote?
      One last group of people to ask are the good folk at the SamyGo forums. They are pretty clued up with loads of tips.

  8. Cihan

    Hi Guys,

    why it makes sense to Change the counry of the app store? Which Country app store ist he best?
    Can you get there other apps?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.


    • To answer your first question, it could be that you wish to buy or download a free app that is only available in another country’s apps store. For example, television apps tend to be only available in the store that the network actually resides in. By switching stores, you can then add or buy those apps (to buy you will need a way to load money onto that store) – Music or films is another reason. Maybe you are in a country’s store which is lacking films from your home country, or simply films in the wrong language, by changing stores, you can buy films and music that is not globally available, or without dubbed audio. For your second question, the best store is simply the one that has more content for you personally. Everyone is different.

  9. Cihan

    Thanks Jo for your answer.

    I seriously thinking about to buy a Samsung F series TV in Germany. I found there are 2 Version of the same TV one is the german Version called UE55F8090 and the EU Version called UE55F8000. I seen in a few online stores the Prices vary almost 900 EUR.
    Because of this I called Samsung Hotline and they told me the german Version is optimised for he german area also the EU Version does not have HBBTV. I wondering because some online store they have written UE55F8000 incl. HBBTV.

    Just I am very confused. 900 Euro is a lot of Money…

    Do you know if these Versions are only Software issues which can be easly Change?

    thanks a lot for your support.

    Best regards

    • Hi Cihan, sorry, I can’t help you with information regarding these different models. I have not checked into that side of Samsung TVs at all. Perhaps someone else reading this can answer? Or perhaps the folk at SamyGo forums or AVForums?

  10. Dn

    Hi just got the bluray F5900. I want to change stores but there is no mute on the control (really annoying) and the >>289<< isn't working…
    Ay ideas.

    • Dn

      Just did what tnt4ever did (on another site) and it worked on my US bluray f5900 🙂
      Home then >>289<<. Do it before you agree to the terms.

      Thanks :)!

      • pmcd

        It doesn’t seem to work. Do you have to run through setup first? That is, will this work for a player that has already been set up?

  11. Tian

    it worked on my UA55F8000 TV, so cool

  12. Derick

    Worked fine on my new UE40F6500 bought in Germany.

  13. Josep Serrano

    I have a DUNE HD TV-303 box to receive streaming of IPTV from my internet supplier. I wish I could command this box from the Samsung remote control.
    These TVs come with the universal remote that can be setup to command an external set top box. The setup is pre-configured with a list of TV suppliers and if you unlucky and your supplier is not in the list then your set top box is not supported.
    Now the IR extender and the universal remote are technically capable to send IR commands to any receiver. It shall be possible to configure it for any box.

  14. Johnboy

    I have a new Samsung UN60F7500AFXZA and I cannot get the Country listing to come up after entering the required key sequence found in the guide ‘How-To: Changing Your Samsung F Series TV/Blu-Ray Country App Store’.

    Any suggestions?

    Help Please!

    • Without seeing the problem first hand, I’ll need more information. What actually happens? At what point does it fail? Have you looked for more details at the SamyGo forums etc?

      • John boy

        The App Store problem has been resolved.
        I Reset the TV back to factory default and entered the code again and it worked. The TV is now in the UK App Store.

        Now I have SmartDNS from OverPlay set up on my Router and all the Apps function perfectly EXCEPT EuroSport, which for some reason ignores the smart dns and tells me that the app is not available in my region. I got it downloaded fine but it can’t get past the geo blocking.
        Any ideas anyone?

        • SmartDNS must be configured for each service, and sometimes for each platform as well. So, even if it works on a PC it may not work on every device. You could send a request to Overplay to ask them to add EuroSport on the Samsung Smart Hub, but I suspect they have a quite a list of requested services (which is understandable) so it may not happen immediately. In any case, I am glad you managed to get the TV sorted. As for the Blu-Ray player, try some of the tips other people have written here, perhaps using the method for the D/E series here, and if all that fails, hopefully the SamyGo forums themselves can help. In any event, once you get it switched, let us know here so other readers can learn how.

  15. ala

    Hi Jo, i wanted to change the country of my app store for my F5500 Tv but the STEP 7 didn’t work can you help me! Thank you

    • In which way did it not work? I need more information.

  16. Graeme

    I hope you can help out with this! I finally have taken a 6-month sub to Overplay based on your great reviews! have changed the DNS to those given me on my Sony Bravia TV. I now appear to have a US selection of available US apps on the TV. I wanted the UK apps (like BBC Iplayer) but I am wondering if I ALSO have to change the “country” on the main TV set up first. Do you know whether doing this would screw up the TV and mean (my wife!) can no longer see her Spanish TV channels?

    • I don’t personally have any experience with Sony TVs. In fact, the reason everything on this website is about Samsung televisions is due to the ease of that make being able to switch regions without too much trouble. However, if anyone else here has had success with Sony models and knows the answer to this question, especially the point about not affecting the original Spanish channel line-up, please don’t be shy to help out…

  17. George Miley

    I have tried to change country on a new F6500 Blu Ray player bought in the Netherlands without success. Samsung NL Support told me that it was no longer possible with the new firware. The player automatically defaults to the country you are in. I have a working SmartDNS, but that doesn’t seem to help. Is the only solution to first set the player up in the UK and download th apps there? Should I think of connecting to a proxy server?

    I am thinking of buying a new Samsung TV too, but first would like to know definitely that the instructions given above still work.

    Many thanks

  18. ilan

    Hi all
    Is it possible to define 2 countries?

    • It is possible something may work on certain F-series televisions, but not having an F-series to test that on right now, I can’t say.

  19. John boy

    I got a BD-F5900 Blue-Ray Player bundled with my TV.

    What is the code to change the App Store?

    >> 289 << Has not worked for me.

  20. Marky Mark

    As far as I can tell, this trick works perfectly on a German Samsung F6740. I have spent the last two hours trying everything out (though I haven’t got Smart DNS yet to actually watch anything), but all the apps are there (iPlayer, 4OD, 5). TV is kick-ass as well! 🙂

  21. Kostas

    Hi Jo…
    I have a ue46f6500 smart tv and my smart hub has only 3 panels…I saw exactly the same tv on youtube review, and has 5 panels. (On tv and movies) are missing from my tv….Do you know why?

    • Does this change when you switch to a different country store and update the Smart Hub?

      • Kostas

        I can’t change it. The trick is not working for me.
        Is there something else that I can do for that?

        • Where does it go wrong (what step in the instructions?). Have you made sure you are connected to the Internet first? This is very important.

  22. Jirka

    Hi, my question will sound a little weird but… by changing the location, it will only change the applications menu of the Smart TV? Or even the menu of the “Smart Features” of the TV menu? I ask you this because I have a UE42F5500 TV and later on I bought the american version of the Samsung camera STC3000/ZA because the european version (STC3000/XC) doesn’t support the hand motion control.

    My surprise was that once I used the american camera in my european TV, the motion control gesture had to be turned on through the TV menu of the “Smart Features” and not through a specific menu related only to the camera as I thought. So, the camera works properly in Skype, but looks like that the motion control feature is missing in the European TV’s (although in the e-manual appears there!!). I don’t understand how the hell the Samsung guys were able to do such a thing, it’s a huge discrimination! While an american guy can enjoy his american F5500 TV + STC3000/ZA camera with motion control, and european guy has just to wish that he could bought a non EU TV… it’s a nonsense.

    So, as I said, by changing the location to the USA for example, would it turn the “smart features” menu into an american menu aswell? I know it’s a silly question because I can imagine that its going to be a thing of TV software or even hardware, but just wanted to share my opinion in case somebody knows something more about this issue.

    Thank you for your kind attention and nice work with all these tutorials!

    • Hi Jirka, that’s an interesting point and I agree with you it is quite wrong to not allow the hand movement gestures in the European version. To be honest, I can’t really answer your question, but I suspect changing the location will only change the app store. The effect you describe sounds much more like it is related to the firmware – and that is quite different to this procedure (and generally not recommended as changing firmware from US to EU could brick the television). However, you could ask if there is anything else that could be done over at the SamyGo forums. If anyone is going to know the answer, it will be these good folk.

  23. Jirka

    OK, thank your for your answer, I have already asked there… so, let’s wait and see if somebody will know what the Europeans we can do to solve this issue!

  24. Dave

    Worked like a dream on my UA46F7500. Many thanks

  25. jtempest


    been trying the below to change smart hub country on my ue22f5410aw. … MWvxIDU%3D

    I never get the terms and conditions section. After the tuning channel page it says “cannot connect to server please contact Samsung support” Tried with Wifi and wired connections to the internet and no luck.

    Within the smart features settings section “terms and policy is greyed out, and upon selecting states “this function is not available.

    anyone else seen this,


    • When using the shipped country’s widget store, do you have any network issues? Can you connect to the smart hub without errors?

      • Jtempest

        I cant get to the widjet store either. When i press smart hub on the remote, it goes through the process of setting up smart hub. It also confirms successful internet connection, but on the following step i get an error saying “there are some problems, please contact the samsung call centre for assistance.(message code:0)

        Its on firmware 1112, any ideas


        • What model do you have? Is it the same as NV’s? Does any one else have issues, or are others able to still change country store on the F-Series?

          • Jtempest

            I think NV is referring to a Samsung Blu-ray player. I just can’t get to the terms and conditions section. Any more ideas?

  26. NV

    The country store change in the Samsung BD F 7500 seems to be a problem. the 289 solution does not work. Have done soft reset, factory reset, agreeing/not agreeing to terms and conditions, reset SmartHub reset…all several times…but nothing happens at all.
    The Mute, Channel Up sequence is not possible as the remote does not have a mute button. Downloaded the ios remote app and tried, does not work…
    Nothing in the SamyGo, or AV Forums regarding this.
    Can someone help me please?
    Thank you

    • Luis

      I also have a Samsung BD F 7500 and the method did not work until I unchecked all agreements from SmartHub. After it I’ve gone to the home screen and pressing the >> 289 << keys on remote control, and voila! it has worked for me and I have could change the country!! (there should be no disc in the tray)
      Try it.

      • Luis, thanks enormously for the tip!

  27. steve rochester

    Hi Have a new Samsung 46f7000 in Turkey have tried your proceedure but with now joy, i get to the stage 7 when i input the code nothing happens. the remote i have with the tv does not have a mute key but i have an old model remote that does and this controls the tv ok.
    Any idea where i am going wrong

    • It seems that some F7000 series Blu-Ray Players don’t work with this method. NV also had problems with his F7500. Yet other ranges don’t seem to have any issues. I have not tested an F7000 series personally yet, so I am keen to hear reports from others.

  28. Dustin

    I have a samsung series 6 6300 that I brought from the US to Australia. Is there a way to change the settings to allow me to pick up Australian tv channels??

    • Watching linear television, i.e. the standard channels is not so easy to change as there may be both hardware and firmware differences between countries. Your best bet would be to buy an additional set-top box which includes a tuner (maybe something like a free-view service). If you are using an F-series, then you should be able to use the method here to at least watch the Australian catch-up services.

  29. Martin

    I have a UE46F6800. I am in spain and have followed your instructions and successfully changed the aps to UK.
    I have it connected to satelite and can receive the UK channels but do not have the Freesat EPG.
    When I went through the initial setup I was able to choose Freesat as my provider and the source is listed as Freesat.
    In the country settings my only options are Belgium and Netherlands – strangely not Spain.
    Is there a way to get the Freesat EPG?

    • Hi Martin,

      The instructions from Eye on-Demand are only to change the app store to the UK, not any satellite or other settings. Apps from the UK appstore (e.g. BBC iPlayer, 4oD etc) should work with a compatible smart DNS service now.
      However, I believe the UK Freesat EPG is only available on UK bought Samsung TVs, as that has a different firmware. It may be possible to flash the television, but I have heard stories of people bricking their sets trying this, so I don’t recommend this.

      What you could do is order a FreeSat box from the UK. Granted, this is an additional STB to have, but it may indeed work, presuming your dish is large enough to receive the satellite signals. I am no expert on traditional television services as I concentrate more on the newer streaming stuff.

      Alternatively, check out our reviews on live UK streaming services to find alternatives out there. I particularly like Zattoo, although FilmOn offer a totally free service to trial.

      • Martin

        Hi Jo’
        Thanks for the reply. I wondered if that might be the case.
        The UK ap store is working fine and I do have the UK channels on the Samsung and a separate STB, so I think that I will have to live without the EPG.
        Trying to flash the firmware is too risky for me.

  30. Sam

    Hi Jo’

    I have just purchased a Samsung UE46f5500, it is a European model and will only let me select Belgium and Netherlands. Consequently in the UK the channel order is incorrect.

    Is there a way to easily fix this?

    Kind Regards


    • Hi Sam, from what it sounds like, you want to change the tuner setup which is quite different to changing the app store. I am not sure about this, and maybe you will need to contact Samsung. Am I correct in understanding that shops in the UK are selling models from Europe with different tuner firmware, or did you bring it to the UK?

  31. Ken Ellison

    Can I put foxy proxy on my samsung?

  32. Martin

    Hi Jo’ and Sam
    As I said in my earlier post, I have a UE46F6800 bought in Spain from Pixmania. Like Sam, my only country options were Belgium and Netherlands.
    I have read on various forums about downloading WAV files to try to access service menus and other complicated tricks, but the risks of bricking the TV did not sound like it was worth it.
    However I have now found that it is really easy.
    All I did was:

    turn off tv

    press info -> menu -> mute -> power on tv

    This brings up the service menu.

    then under option you can change the country to UK.

    When you turn the TV back on again, go to Broadcasting and under the Aerial, you should have a new option for Freesat. I had to do a retune to find the channels, but I now have the full Freesat EPG

    One tip, I lost all my picture settings so if you have your picture set up just the way you want it, it may be worth noting down all the settings first to save time.

    I’m sure that if you play around with other settings in the service menu it is very easy to mess up your TV, so be careful not to change anything else.

    • Sarah

      Thank you very much Martin. I bought a F6500 TV recently and thought I had set it up incorrectly. I managed to get the UK Freesat channels when I initially ran the setup by putting in a Belfast postcode but I then lost my Saorview channels (Irish Free to Air) so was just watching whatever satellite channels it compiled for me. I missing Film 4 and a few others that I would have liked and I also couldn’t get a 7 day EPG. Just tried your tip above and even though it was already set to EU-UK, after I turned the tv off and on again, I was able to access the Freesat channels along with Saorview and now have a 7 day EPG for both…happy days!

  33. Ken Ellison

    Hi Jo, followed your excellent instructions but don’t see the term and conditions page at end of set up prog.

  34. Ken Ellison

    Just seen Martin’s post, tried it ,got conditions page but still won’t work – should I agree conditions first?

  35. Ken Ellison

    Hi Jo,
    Have solved the problem. The method above did not work because I have a samsung UE46ES set. I used >> 289 and << and it worked. Thank you on behalf of all the people you have helped. Does the OVERPLAY DNS install directly from TV? Will it conflict with the foxyproxy I have on my laptop?

    • Sorry for my late replies… Great that you got it working! Overplay Smart DNS can be installed directly in the DNS settings on your TV, no problems at all, and it won’t affect any foxyproxy settings on your laptop. But since it works for more things (generally speaking) than foxyproxy, you may want to install it there as well. You can use it in as many places as you like within the same network (TV, laptops, set top boxes etc). As long as you don’t have someone using it at home while you try to use it when away.

      • Ken Ellison

        Thanks Jo, realise you must be very busy! Installed the Overplay DNS and as you say it does not conflict with foxyproxy Loaded the Overplay DNS via explorer as foxy is on firefox (just to make sure) can I get the Filmon app on TV as when I go thro’ the Samsung browser I cannot switch to full screen. Will also try and put my Sky access on Tv – will let you know how I get on. Thanks for all your help

        • No worries Ken, hmmmm, FilmOn via the TV’s browser isn’t very good as the Samsung web browser is really just a stop-gap solution. FilmOn works great from an iOS device and airplayed, but that also needs an Apple TV. Zattoo have a dedicated Samsung TV widget in the German store, which works with Overplay for UK channels live directly on the TV (and in full-screen). It should also be possible to “add” it to the UK app store using this method. But it is a bit more complicated.

  36. Ken Ellison

    Hi Jo,
    Have found another way round the filmon problem. I bookmarked the URL and click on it to open it,. After selecting the channel, I change the link browser to pointer (yellow button on remote) and navigate to the full screen square on top right of screen and – bingo – full screen and all landline channels in UK for free – with ability to record!!!!

    • Excellent Ken, thanks for sharing the tip!

  37. Luciana

    Hi Jo, I’ve just bought an F5900 and what to make it region free. The problem is I don’t have that keys. Mi remote control is the AK59-00166A. No mute, no volume, no channel button. Can you help me, please? Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Luciana, have you tried the FF 289 REW sequence used for the ES series? Try the instructions at the link – it often works.

      • Luciana

        Thanks Jo, it worked for the apps, but I still can’t play region 2 dvds. It reads region 1 and 4 for a strange reason. Do you know how can I solve this problem, because I have lots of region 2 movies. Thanks again!

        • Hi Luciana, glad it worked with the apps, but this method is only designed for that. It wouldn’t work for DVD regions and I don’t know any method for this. Perhaps the SamyGo forums can help?

          • Luciana

            I’ll try, thanks! If I get to know anything, I’ll let you know.

  38. Patrick

    Hi, thanks for your great tutorials, everything worked nicely….
    i now enjoy pandora, amazon prime instant video etc. On my ue46f7090

    One thing which drives me nuts however is netflix! I cant get it start, it just goes black and then goes back to regular tv…..

    The really strange thing is, however, I think (!) it worked once, I am not sure however, since I use netflix on my ATV2 and my PS3 as well….

    Does that sound fimiliar to anyone?


    • The Netflix issue is new to me. I have it working on my test F-5470 TV as well as the ES-6900. What hub are you based in? Is the Netflix widget native to that hub? I generally stay in the UK hub as that has the most widgets I find useful, so my Netflix app is native to the hub. That could be a key. I have noticed the F-series won’t allow me to move the Hulu Plus app across without an error message, unlike the ES-series where this is not an issue.

      • Patrick

        Hi, thanks for your quick response!

        I changex to US hub. It is mentioned in “recommended” just a the amazon and pandora one.
        Should I try to switch to the UK one? That wpuld mean losing amazon and pandora, right?

        • No, the US hub is a native Netflix hub just like the UK, but you would loose Amazon Instant Prime as you suggested. Can I ask which country you are located and what service you use to access Netflix (and if Amazon works fine)?

          • Patrick

            Located in Germany, usually use vpn service hidemyass on ipad etc.
            Been trying to use dns on the router now, which is connected to the tv.

            Am using dns settings found on the web….

            Everything works fine, but netflix wont start….grrmmmpf….

          • It is probably the DNS servers you are using. Smart DNS has to be configured not only for each service, but often each platform as well. For this reason, free DNS’s found on the web often only cover the basics. Here is my suggestion, try Smart DNS such as that from Overplay as I use them on the F-series TV myself and it is known to work. Try first by removing the existing DNS servers from your router and try the Overplay ones. Go to the Overplay website and associate your IP address with them on the Smart DNS page and about a minute later, fire up your TV and Netflix. It should work, and you should be able to select which Netflix library you want to use. You don’t need their full VPN package, only Smart DNS and they offer at least two days or so to check if it works in which if it doesn’t you can get a refund. In any case, let us know here how it goes.

          • Patrick

            Hi Jo’

            Unfortunately it still is not working. All,devices link to all US services but the samsung TV.

            Netflix works on ipad, android, ps3 and apple tv, all devices connected to my apple airport extreme, set up with smart dns.

            On my samsung tv, connected to my airport extreme which is setup with smart dns, amazon prime tv and pandora work like a charm. Netflix however, just goes black and then back to regular tv…..

            I think I have tried everything now.

            My last option is to buy a dd-wrt router, so I can maybe connect with my hidemyass credentials, maybe…?!?!?

            i appreciate all your help, alas, it does not work out…….


          • Hi Patrick, maybe your ISP is redirecting DNS. Try this link here, and see if they are using transparent DNS redirection.

          • Patrick

            Thanks Jo,

            Good site, my ISP actually is using transparant dns redirection.
            Once I use my VPN service, they apparently cant see anything. This afternoon I already ordered an additional router which can be flashed with dd-wrt software, so I can use permanent VPN, since it will be used solely for the tv….
            I’ll let you know how it works, once it has arrived and is installed. This won’t happen before the beginning of next week though…..

            Thank you again!

          • Patrick

            Hey, so I installed an Asus rt n-16, set it up with hma vpn service, and……..again, same as with smart dns. Everything works fine, amazon prime, crackle, pandora etc….
            I cant figure out, how to start netflix…., this sucks!

          • Am I correct in assuming you have successfully changed to the US store, and you can Install the Netflix app, but it won’t start or won’t let or sign or, or just won’t play videos?

        • Sander

          I am having the exact same issue. I use as the DNS service and it works on all my devices in the house except for on the UE46F6500.

          Default netflix hub in the US store setting and it just goest to black and then to regular tv. It doesn’t even show the “loading Netflix” like it does with all the other apps.

          My original region is the Netherlands, I’ll try going to my original netflix and see if that works.

          • Hi Sander, it is possible Unblock-US don’t support Netflix on the Samsung Smart Hub. The way these DNS services work, is that the provider must support not just a service (i.e Netflix), but also on specific platforms (e.g. The Samsung Smart TV, web, iOS etc). Netflix works perfectly well through the service we use here at Eye on-Demand, OverPlay, but this is because OverPlay actively support the Samsung Smart Hub. Maybe you can try OverPlay and see if it works. You only need to test for 48 hours, as if it doesn’t make a difference, you can still get a full refund, but I suspect you will have better luck.

  39. Graham

    I have changed my country to UK (I am in Spain) but all the apps are still showing Spanish, nothing from UK like BBC iplayer etc, will they only show when I get a VPN.
    My TV is a Samsung 42F5700.

    My LG TV I was able to change easy from the menu and on a reboot it shows the iplayer etc.
    I would appreciate your help please.
    Thanks Graham

    • Hi Graham, where did you change your country? This should only be done for the smart hub section. I am not sure about Spain, but I think if it is like Germany, when it starts it will ask you which country you are in, and then you should say Spain. But when you get the first Terms and Conditions for the Smart Hub, this is where you apply the hidden key sequence and then it should offer a change to the UK. You must restart the TV after everything in the how-to is finished and you should see the UK apps. Your TV must be on the Internet for this to work, but you don’t need a VPN to change to the UK Smart Hub. A VPN or Smart DNS is only needed once you want to actually use the BBC iPlayer, and for this a Smart DNS not only works far better than a VPN (in most cases) but is easier to set up.

  40. Graham

    Hi Jo
    Thanks for your reply, I have now managed to sort it out, I gave up yesterday, and this morning had it all sorted in 5 minutes (clear head)it was simply down to me being too far from the TV with the remote, I was using it from my settee as I do when watching tv, I managed it perfectly from about 3 feet (1 metre) from the tv… perfect.

    I really want to find a filmon app, so if anyone can help I would appreciate it.


    • Hi Graham, if you have an iOS device, you can happily airplay FilmOn to your TV. You will of course need an Apple TV. It works great.
      That said, if you don’t have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad already, the investment is very large. Android may also have streaming options, but others will have to answer that one, as I have not been testing Android as yet.

  41. Andrew24

    Hello everyone,
    I bought a Samsung BD-F8500 a few days ago in France. Having just got over the initial disappointment of not being able to plug a satellite receiver input into it anywhere (for UK and Italian television) and therefore unable to record anything other than French TNT, I was clinging to the forlorn hope that maybe I can use UK apps instead for iPlayer etc instead.

    I’ve tried the >>289<< thing and I've tried the Mute+Return+VolUp+ChUp+Mute trick to no avail. The latter just turns the TV channel over from the French privacy page. I'm sure there is a way with this or another secret button combo. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I might overcome either of these two hurdles, I'll be over the moon!

    • The Mute method should work for this model. Is your television connected to the Internet when you try this method? Are you at exactly the right stage? If performed at the correct stage in the set-up, it should bring up a menu that shows many different countries – these countries are the app store locations and changing this to the UK should allow you to install the BBC iPlayer, 4oD, etc… If you can describe exactly what happens, maybe we could help…

      • Andrew24

        Thanks, Jo. Yes, my BD-F8500 player is connected to the internet throughout. I get to the French privacy terms & conditions page, then whether it is ticked or not, the Mute method just mutes the tv and changes the channel, so I have to do it all again. I even tried reprogramming the remote so that it doesn’t operate the (Toshiba) tv, but that made no difference.

        There is an additional page of French privacy conditions, but from your screenshot it looks like you mean the 1st one. Do the boxes need to be ticked or unticked? I tried everything I could think of.

        • Hi Andrew. Thanks for the images. For a start, that stage 5 bit, where the language switches back to French and you need to agree to the data security for the Smart Hub, the French bit is fine. That is because your smart Hub is still French, despite your language change. However, I have been testing it here, and for me it always works. I never get the channel change part that you have. Of note, I can’t seem to un-tick the options (which is odd in itself). So, mine are definitely ticked. Anyone else seen this? Have you tried with the basic remote?

          I also should point out that for me, I can’t mute the TV at this point like you can.

  42. P.S. I took some screenshots if that helps.

    • One thing to try is a full factory reset? In my TV it is MENU > SUPPORT > SELF DIAGNOSIS > RESET

      • Just tried a factory reset, and also tried the Mute trick on the additional privacy t&c page with the same effect. Maybe this little backdoor has been removed/changed on the newest machines? Why does everything in life have to be so difficult?!

        • If it did change, there must be another way. I wouldn’t give up right yet, how about posting a question over at SamyGo Forums? If anyone has come across this as well, they may know. Do pass on anything you find out here though.

  43. Yay! Minor breakthrough. I managed to change the apps’ region settings with the old >>289<< trick, but in a different place. You can type this key combo on the F8500's main home page, not during set up at all. It doesn't require a factory reset, although after I changed mine from France to UK, all the French apps were deleted immediately after.

    I now see iPlayer, 4OD et al, but I have the DNS geo-location snag to get around now :-/ Even with these working, it's not quite as good as if Samsung had only deigned to include a Scart socket on the back and it rather relies on having lightning fast broadband which we don't out here in the sticks. Thanks for all your help.

    • Hi Andrew24, thanks for getting back with your success. Actually, it is more than minor, you managed to succeed exactly what this how-to wanted you to, but using the E-series method. That’s great, and also thanks for explaining where you made the key presses 🙂 Couple of points.
      * Loosing the French apps is expected. This was explained at the beginning. There is a way to hack the TV to merge apps, but that is quite a bit more complicated. This guide is just for swapping.
      * Geoblocking was also expected. There is an easy way around this with Smart DNS. Works a treat, and is easy to set up.

      Nothing will help poor bandwidth though. That said, a couple of MB/sec may get you a basic stream. Faster would definitely be better though.

  44. Yahya

    I have a Samsung F4500 (needs a separate wireless adapter, which I have bought). However, when I get to the setup, it asks for Language, I say OK. Then goes to “aerial, set top box etc screen, again OK. After that, it detects the wireless network, then EXITS! It doesn’t show the T/C screen at all!

    Also, when I try accessing the Smarthun, it says “Can’t find server”. But the network settings area shows I am connected to the internet.

    Any advice?

    • It sounds like it is an Internet issue of some sort. The reason you don’t get to the T&C screen is because as the error says “Can’t find server”, which is the Samsung servers. Did you have the smart hub working at all in any stage, could you have a particularly aggressive firewall on your router, and which country are you in?

  45. Jwcr

    This works on a samsung f5900
    I did a rest first then…

    1 – On your remote press HOME, you will see the screen that lets you choose apps, movies,… DON’T GO TO THE APPS SECTION
    2 – From there do de old FF289RW trick (FAST FORWARD + 2 + 8 + 9 + REWIND)

    The only trick is to STAY IN HOME, DO NOT GO TO APPS.

    Let me know if it works for you!

  46. Grant

    Hi Jo,

    I have a Samsung 55 8000 series LED and a 64 8500 plasma both of which I managed to change location with using the mute etc. sequence. I also have a HT-9750 blu ray player but have not had any luck yet on that one using the ideas above. if anyone has success with this model please let me know. I’ve created a thread on SamyGo as well.


  47. Tom

    Check this out: and it will work (switch to UK and back to the USA)

  48. john

    On step 7,TV do not accept codes,and nothing was appear.My TV is F6400,AND last sw is 1113
    any help?
    Also my mute is on remote but looks different.

    • Hi John, does anything happen when you press the key sequence? i.e. when you press the volume up, does the volume rise? Also, are the terms and agreements already ticked?. Sometimes it is important to be quite close to the TV so no keys are missed. If it fails, you can always use the back button, then go forward again to the same place and try again.

  49. john

    term are gray,and not can changed.Buton volume and channel change volume and channel.Unfortunatelly I reset smart hub ,and get back all deleted app.Anyway,main question is,does 1113 sw probably has patch for hub?
    If does not,I will try again,cose I saw that I have short time to type code,maybe is that part of problems.
    Consired me that terms which are signed ,and I cant uncheck them.
    regards from country with 1000 island,and not a Greece 🙂

    • 1113 is ok and I have that on my F5470 model. Just tested it and it works. Also, the terms being greyed out are fine as that is what I see as well. Hmmm… Sweden? 😉

  50. john

    btw i forgot mentioned after start sammy go,on screen step 1 no,step 2 no,rest was same as on your tutorial.

    Jo…..cccccccccccccccccccc 🙂


    • Happy new year John!
      By Sammy Go, do you mean the SamyGo hack to enable FTP and telnet access to the Samsung root?
      Ah, cool Croatia… Bet it is warmer and sunnier where you are today 🙂

  51. john

    Happy new year too.
    Yes,when i find sammy go apps on hub,i need start him and on on step 1 and 2 said No.
    i am affraid ,I am on north part,not near sea 🙁

    • Hmmm, it sounds like you are writing in the wrong how-to guide. This guide is for simply changing the country app store, whereas the SamyGo app is to hack into the TV to telnet in… So, I need to know your goal here. Do you wish to simply change the country store for apps, or do you want Telnet or FTP access to the televisions file structure?
      Inland… me too 🙁

  52. Lance

    Hi, worked like a charm, many thanks for this. One slight issue though, I can’t get Netflix to work, when trying to access the Netflix app it takes me back to TV source? basically ignoring the login process…help

    Is there a way to possibly uninstall / re-install Netflix? on an F series (its currently greyed out?)

    TV UA50F6400

    Best regards

    • Hi Lance, great news. You could try resetting the hub, or beginning the process again. Maybe try loading in a different country’s app store (UK, US, IE all have Netflix as well) and see if it works there. Something probably went wrong in the installation process. I presume you have a VPN or smart DNS set up?

  53. Jens Straten

    Does this work on the UA55F7100A model in NZ? For some reason I don’t get the country selection screen following the instructions above. Any ideas what I could try to get it to work? Thank you!

    • Some models seem to prefer the D or E series method (explained here), but I just added a video tutorial for this method if it helps.

  54. Chris

    I’ve the same problem with Netflix and my UE40F6500 in Germany. The Screen gets black and then im back to the HDMI Source.
    Have already done a factory reset etc.

    • Chris

      Here is the solution for not working Netflix App:

      “I recently experienced this issue as well – this is due to some incompatibility between Samsung’s recent firmware and the updated Netflix app version. You will notice that the Netflix App is version 4.005 when your TV is set up to USA region, whereas the UK region still has the version 3.x App – the 4.005 Netflix app does not work with the recent Samsung firmware updates. The only way to get around this is set up your TV to a different region that does not have Netflix (Australia for example) – this removes the Netflix app off your TV. Then set up your TV to UK region, and let it load the Apps to Smart Hub – you will see it loads Netflix v3.x – this will work. Now set your TV region back to USA, and it will not overwrite the Netflix App from UK Region (i.e. it will remain on version 3.x)

      Don’t forget to set your apps to NOT auto update – Hope Samsung sorts out the issue soon…”

      • Thanks Chris for the tip! One other good reason to set the TV to the UK rather than US is the proliferation of Britain’s free catch-up services. You may also find apps for the BBC iPlayer (+ BBC Sport), ITV Player, Demand 5 and 4oD, all of which offer quite a significant range of content not yet available on Netflix. The US hub is a lot more limited when it comes to free services.

      • Kevin

        Hey Chris!

        I just want to say a BIG THANKS to you!
        Your tip has nailed the issue which I had been cracking my head over for the past 3 days. It is indeed due to the incompatible version of Netflix app downloaded from US appstore with the Samsung Smart TV firmware. Followed your steps and I am able to open the Netflix app. Have just finished watching the 1st episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ on it too. 😉 Cheers!

        Hi Jo,

        I also want to thank you for starting this article, which I happen to browse into on Google. Great stuff here! Thanks.
        Note: I am using Samsung Smart TV (UA55F8000AF), with Blockless (Smart DNS).

        • Kevin

          Hi guys,

          Just wanna share that my joy wad shortlived.

          After managing to watch on Netflix the other day, it appears that the Netflix app did not work again (yesterday). I had to repeat the whole process of reverting to Singapore’s country code, UK and then US – all over again to make Netflix app work again. The same happened again today.

          Any other advices or solutions will be greatful.


          • This one is new to me, I’ll keep an eye on this and see if I have the same problems with OverPlay.

  55. john

    hey Jo`
    Well,I rather like to go inside TV with TC or telnet,but also I would like also gett app from UK and nordic,but I get nothing.My intention is go in root and install some player(vlc) and have IPTV cose I have great IPTV channel list on my PC.
    BTW I installed app which give you 7 days watching IPTV paket promo.When I reatarted HUB,that app was gone.I installed it again after 2 days,and all settings was same as before.
    I have linux sat receiver,and I watch sky uk,sky it,sky de and many others packages,but i will try to get root of TV,and then he is mine .hehe

  56. Graeme

    Works for the 46f7000. I’ve a got a DNS service and can use Iplayer etc.. I do miss not having On TV with recommendation as most programs on Spanish TV have an original audio option (most programs are from UK/USA) and we watch regular. I think I can solve this by having the Samsung Smart Blu-Ray player for the UK Apps and then have the TV for Spanish Apps and On TV.

  57. nathanael

    I have a samsung HT-E3500 bluray player, when I purchased this bluray player in South Africa it never come with default netflix apps, is there a way to enable this As it does not have a smart hub button, the American HT-E3500 comes with netflix installed already

    • Hi nathanael, sadly I don’t have any idea there. If this was a model with the Smart Hub it would be a different story. Maybe try the crowd at the Samygo forums?

  58. seb

    Samsung 46f8000 – apps store sucks, and support is even worse.
    Wifi working at 4-5 mb’s I’ve been told. mine is 6 inches away from router taking 2-3 hrs to download 1-2 mb file. which then still fails to work. very disappointing in deed

    • Hi seb, there seems to be a serious problem with your TV, router, or the current app store you are accessing is having issues. The app store should be almost instantaneous. Have you tried with an Ethernet cable to see if this makes a difference?

  59. Gezim

    How to change region in UE55ES8000 with Evolution Kit . Both methods (ffv 289 rev and mute, return, volup chup, mute) don’t work. Any solution? Without Evolution Kit worked the first one.

    • Hi Gezim. Year, someone else had mentioned this to me once. At the moment I have no idea, maybe you need to ask to folk at the SamyGo Forums as they are pretty clued up on these things.

      • Gezim

        Hi Jo’ Chambers. I solved the problem. Somebody from SamyGo forums told me that the method for E series with Evo Kit is the same with F series. I tried this and before but I didn’t typed fast the buttons Mute, Return, VolUp, ChUp, Mute. The solution is that, you must press the buttons as fast as possible to come to the screen with country selections. I want to thank you for the idea to ask people at SamyGo forum.

        • Really glad it worked Gezim, and also I want to thank you for posting the solution here. There maybe a few others who are in the same situation! Cheers!

  60. Hi

    Great article. You mention BlueRay but only discuss the TV setup. Would you share with us how to change BD-F5500 BluRay? I am in Spain and trying to set the device to UK App Store to get BBC iPlayer and I shall report back if successful, but I need your help to get started.

    BTW, if you want to use iPlayer you must have UK IP Address regardless of what Device you use. BBC does not control the apps download but recognises your IP Address country allocation and blocks usage unless you have a UK IP Address (not diffcult or expensive to solve). However, this does not apply to iPlayer Radio which you can use anywhere in the world.

  61. Torbs

    Hi I have a UA46F7500BRXFN with a wired vpn router connected. I am living in Oman and obviously want to be able to access uk apps but am having real difficulties changing my country.

    I have tried the advertised mute button method to change my country and nothing happens, there is no ff or rew button to allow me to try the other method. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong but I have run out of ideas. Can anyone help please

    • Hi Torbs, does your remote really not have any FFW or Rewind buttons at all? Is your remote the same as in this manual as I see them on the bottom of the remote ( the < < and >> method):

      Alternative, you should try the mute method again, but be close to the TV (about 1 meter) and carefully press the buttons. You can always go back to the previous step and forward again to start afresh, as it must be the only button presses at that stage. It definitely should work for your model TV.

  62. john

    Very useful, thanks. We’ve got BBC iplayer on the TV now, geo-blocked, and the next stage you suggest is smart dns – but not sure how to download to the TV. Websites seem to list on computer-type devices to download to. (We already have VPN on the computers)

    • Hi John, you don’t need to download anything for Smart DNS. Simply sign up with a company that supports the Samsung Smart TV (like Overplay) and then they will give you two DNS servers (those four numbers separated by dots). You need to enter them into your TV at the Network settings (really easy and instructions here) and that is about it. Well, you will have to assign your IP address with OverPlay which identifies you as a customer, so you should do that first. But you can also add these smart DNS‘s to your computer and any other device, and it can unblock them as well.

      Tip: Some German ISP’s change your external IP address each day. If this is the case with yours, you may find Smart DNS will stop working tomorrow. If that happens, don’t worry, just reassign the new IP address with Overplay on their Smart DNS page (you do this by just visiting the page) and then all should be fine again. I recommend switching off and on your router once really early in the morning, as this will mean that time it starts up is the time your IP address will change. Better at 3am than in the middle of a TV show!

      It’s all very easy to set up, and Overplay offer a 48 hour period where you can get a full refund if there are issues, but you should be up and running quickly.

  63. john

    Thanks for speedy reply- we’ll try this then!

  64. Can you download Filmon from a UK Smart Hub ?

    • Hi Hazel, no, FilmOn do not have any Samsung TV widgets as far as I know.

  65. Hi,

    I have just bought a Samsung UE40F6320 and followed your method to change country to UK. I am in Spain. It has taken off a lot of the apps and I can now see the recommended apps in the background but they are not highlighted. I can also see them in the download store but they will not download. The TV is connected to the internet wirelessly through a router with a VPN setting which allows me to download material from the UK such as iplayer etc. Can you tell me why it won’t let me download the apps and if there is anything I can do to do so please. it is an English TV

    • Hi Kathleen, which apps can you see? It should install by default the four main UK ones, ITV Player, BBC iPlayer, 4oD and Demand 5 along with a few others. I did notice the Samsung Smart Hub was having some server connection problems earlier today, but perhaps that is over now.

      If it still fails, try switching doing a Smart Hub reset from the menu (Menu >> Smart Hub >> Reset).

  66. thanks Jo. I can see all those apps but they are in the background. they are also shown as available when I go into the samsung app but when I try to download nothing happens. when I press menu it does not show a smart hub option. It gives me smart features but no reset option. could it be lack of speed? I can access the internet on the Tv using my vpn router and use bbc iplayer etc through the internet but I know my speed is only about 3mb.. I have tried going through the whole reset then mute return stuff but no joy. though I think it has worked to change country as shows up as UK. I also tried putting the DNS in manually from my router box. If this is working for me to access bbciplayer on the web browser surely that can’t then be the problem

  67. have found the reset button and am afraid it didn’t work. still the same problem.

    • Hi Kathleen. My first thoughts are with some sort of Internet issue here. You have performed the region change correctly, evidence of this is the new UK hub with the UK apps (BBC etc). If the apps are dark, then it means they have not installed yet, and that usually means there is an Internet problem of some sort. It could be your end (3MB is not that fast), but it could also have been Samsung’s server (I’ve seen this in the past. In fact, earlier today I also had problems with the Samsung server as I was changing my set back to the UK – the effect looked very similar to what you were describing, although everything works now).

      I’m going to suggest you try returning it back to the Spanish Hub to see if you can see the Spanish apps. Follow the same steps as trying to get the UK hub, but select Spain. Let me know if it actually loads in the Spanish apps. (so that they are not darkened anymore). If this succeeds, try returning back to the UK Hub as if it works for the Spanish, it should work for the UK (This action is not geoblocked). I just tested it again right now, and it all worked smoothly for me.

      Question: You mention your VPN router. Do you actually have a VPN running on this router, or are you using Smart DNS?

  68. I am using a an open vpn system router supplied by sabai technology linked to myexpatnetwork. it is connected to an adsl router. It works fine on other devices such as sky on demand, ipad etc. will try what you suggest.
    I think it must be my slow internet as it has not downloaded the spanish apps properly either. It does warn in the info on the Tv that you should have 10mb just hoped that would be an exaggeration! guess I am going to have to plead with Telefonica to increase my speed but will be very surprised if they can oblige with the old lines we have here. Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Kathleen, yes, almost everything is pointing to the Internet connection. That said, I would be very surprised if the TV couldn’t even install the apps with 3MB, so there are a couple of other tests you could try:
      1) Is the TV connected via WiFi? If so, it is possible you have quite poor WiFi where your TV is located. Try directly connecting to your router with an Ethernet cable (best way to test) or try moving the TV directly next to the router for a better WiFi connection (Not as good test as the cable).
      2) Test your Internet connection speed on your computer/laptop via (If you can access the Internet Browser app on your TV, try it there as well, though I suspect that hasn’t loaded in)
      3) If is it possible, just for a test, try bypassing the open vpn router, and connect everything straight through to the normal ADSL router. I know this will not allow the UK apps to work, but it could be that the open vpn router is slowing things down too much. (Note: only do this if you are sure you can easily return it back to normal! I don’t want you to start unplugging things and find later you can’t easily get it back to how it was – ignore this if your clued up on tech)

  69. Just checked the speed on the web browser on the TV. Surprisingly it was downloaded and I was watching bbciplayer on it last night. Even more surprising when I checked the speed test this morning and discovered I am only getting1.22mbs. I do get 3 or close to that on my laptop connected via Ethernet without the vpn router so I am going to try an extra long Ethernet link today and will let you know the result. I’ll check using both routers. Thanks again for your help.

    • Hi Kathleen, year, it does seem your connection to the Internet is being compromised somehow. The cable may make it better. If it does, you could consider using a Smart DNS service instead of VPN. A Smart DNS doesn’t tunnel into the UK, so you generally have better speeds – it will make more use of what you have. Just an idea if the cable isn’t enough still. Let me know how your tests work out though.

  70. Hi Jo
    all sorted. Was able to download the apps using an Ethernet connection from the adsl. Have signed on with overplay and used some Devolo home plugs and everything is working well. wish I had found your site earlier. Could have saved the hefty cost of the VPN router. I am disappointed that the iplayer apps on the TV don’t give you the option of watching live TV as they do on the internet or am I missing another trick somewhere? I can access live bbc using the internet but the geolocation sticker comes up for ITV on the web browser on the TV and then just freezes. is there a way of bypassing this in some way?

    • Hi Kathleen, glad you have the main part sorted. As for live TV, that is always a bit harder, but there are ways. I haven’t tried the web browser for ITV live, but it is possible that it just needs the TVs timezone changed to the UK (Some services check for this). Alternatively you could try FilmOn via the TV’s browser ( They have various UK channels available live. The user interface is not especially great via the web, but it does work. (Perhaps their mobile version has better control via the TV’s remote:

      Now that you have OverPlay’s Smart DNS, have a browse through all the service reviews on this website, as almost all of them work via their Smart DNS service. You may enjoy a lot of additional options not only from the UK now.

  71. Dago

    I have got a Samsung Smart TV UE46F7090SLXZG bought in Germany.
    I am unable to get to the internet service location setup. The page simply does not open. I have tried the Mute method for ages, I have tried the Forward method as well. The list of various countries does not open.
    I have used several Smart DNS or VPN services.
    Up to now I have not been able to change the app store.
    Are things different with F7090 TV sets?
    Are things different with TV sets bought in Germany?

    • Hi Dago. I have not personally tried the F7090 TV set, but I believe it should still work. First of all, this is entirely independent of any DNS or VPN services, so you do not need to connect to a VPN (on your router???) to change your TV. Also, the method does work with German Samsung F-series TV in general, so again it should work.
      However, you are not the first to have problems. In most cases, the issue, as crazy as it sounds, is around how the buttons are pressed and exactly when. If too slow, or too far (or too close) to the TV, it may fail.

      The important bit is when you get to the Smart Hub terms and conditions (Step 6). If you don’t perform the key presses correctly the first time, it will always fail every other time after that – so don’t just keep trying. Instead, press the back button to return to step 5 so that you leave the Smart hub Terms and Conditions screen (very important), then return to step 6 and 7 and try the key presses again, maybe a little faster/slower, closer or further from the TV. If you fail again, return to the previous step and then back again and each time until you succeed. Once you do it right, you will find it incredibly easy in the future.

  72. David Thomson

    I ‘ve searched here but can’t find ref. to the Samsung BD 8500 blu Ray recorder as I’d like to access apps outside Oz. The workaround at the top doesn’t work on my device. Can anyone kindly offer suggestions? TIA.

    • Hi David, is this an F-series or E-series? In any event, I suggest you also try the >> 289 << method as described here, either in the same spot as the F-series mute-combination (during setup) or in the Smart Hub. One of them is bound to work.

      • David Thomson

        Jo, it’s the F series. Tried the 289 method – “Not available” popped up, the screen went black and the red light on the tv went out.
        The >>mute << method returned the screen to the tv broadcast. Not having much luck!

        • Hi David, this is rather perplexing. Has anyone else ever seen this issue? David, you could contact Samsung and see if their support team may come up with an answer – after-all, many people move countries and take their Blu-Ray players with them. Keep us posted here with any developments.

  73. Peter Noel

    Hi Jo
    Sorry for the earlier mistake on the post; I mistakenly sent you the message I sent to Zattoo asking if there was a problem since I had followed all your steps. This is what happened: I purchased a one month subscription today and tried to view Zattoo on my Samsung TV, but the picture was garbled and in low resolution. Prior to subscribing, I had the free version and everything worked well except for the low resolution. Has anyone raised the same issue?

    • Hi Peter, you are not the only person to experience video quality issues with Zattoo on the Samsung TV. Zattoo have told me that they believe the problem is related to Samsung’s firmware and have been waiting a while for Samsung to provide a new version to solve this. I’m not entirely convinced this is the only issue. I’ve been doing my own tests over the last few weeks with some other people and hope to find a solution soon. What is odd, is that I have no quality issues on other platforms. Zattoo via iOS is absolutely stunning under a sub, even when airplayed to a big TV. If you have an iPhone or iPad, let me know what the quality is like there for you. Likewise, if you have Android, Zattoo also have an app and I have heard the video quality is also very good on that platform. Zattoo plan Chromecast support very soon, which may be worth investing in (€35) if you get better quality results from your smart phone – even besides the video quality side, the user interface is so much better than their TV widget.

      Meanwhile, Ill continue with my tests with Zattoo and get back in a week or two right here.

  74. Peter Noel

    ThanX for your prompt response. Per your suggestion, I used Airplay to view Zattoo on my Samsung TV. Instead of AppleTV, I connected via XBMC, which has enabled Airplay. It works great. I do intend to get an APPLETV—maybe resolution will be sharper with that device. You perform a valuable service to us newbies, so please continue testing. For now I will change back to my US TV region until you, Zatoo or Samsung figure out a fix (I do believe you will get to the fix quicker).

    • Great that you can get AirPlay across to your TV, even if it is via an XBMC. I have no idea if the Apple TV will do this better, but it still looks fantastic on my own TV via AirPlay (as good as on the iPad screen, though of course from the sofa due to the larger screen size). Do you have a friend with an Apple TV? You could test it out with them before investing in the extra cash, to see if there is any difference.

  75. Peter Noel

    Response from Zattoo
    Hi Jo,
    I received a response from Zattoo regarding the scrambled picture on the Zattoo F Series App. Here goes:

    sebastian (Zattoo Support)
    Apr 15 07:23

    Dear Zattoo user,

    thank you for your inquiry.

    Unfortunately, after some tests we know that an error is present in some Samsung F-models. The error is that the streams do not just switch to HD quality at SD and stay. It is currently still difficult to say what needs to be adjusted exactly and we are in contact with Samsung.

    At the moment it is difficult to say when the error is finally resolved.

    Furthermore, our service does not work in America because we do not offer it from license-legal reasons.

    If you want we can, refund your money back.

    Thank you in advance for your feedback.

    Thank you and kind regards,
    Zattoo support team

    Jo, of course, I don’t want my money back; I just want them to fix it. Keep the pressure on, my friend.

    • Hi Peter,
      Has there been any change with Zattoo performance on the Samsung TV for you. OverPlay tell me that they’ve been working on improvements for Zattoo, and this should stop (or reduce) the issue where Zattoo on the Samsung Smart TV suddenly stops with an error message. I’d be interested to know if you see this improvement as I see it at our end. As for the quality level on the Samsung TV, this is indeed a problem with the app itself, as I see this even when connecting directly to Zattoo DE in Germany, without any Smart DNS service. Zattoo are about to launch Chromecast support, and this could be a great solution if it works out as well as we hope.

  76. Red Knave

    UN40F6300 TV – I just did the mute, Return etc. method before reading the comments here. I tried it 3 times in a row (without going back a step and forward again) and I found that if I pressed the smart hub button after the Mute key sequence I got the country list. This may be another thing to try if the key sequence doesn’t seem to work.

    • Hi Red, what a fantastic tip! Thanks for posting, this could very well help those that have problems with the usual method.

  77. Gav

    HI Jeff, I live in Luxembourg and I bought a 46F6320 and my problem is that I want to set-up the tv to receive the UK freeview channels via satellite but the only countries offered to me are Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands. I have been able to follow your description above which worked fine, but the tv is still set to Luxembourg channels. Can I remove this restriction?

    • Hi Gav, what you want to do is quite different, but maybe possible. There is a hidden service menu that may have this option, but I should warn you, it is hidden for a reason – it is possible this could brick your TV. The best people to ask would be the folk at SamyGo forums., as it sits outside the scope of “on-demand” TV. Hopefully you can find an answer there!

  78. Paul

    Just to let you know that I used this to set up my new Samsung UE55F6500 this weekend (27 April 14) and it worked perfectly – thank you.

  79. Princi

    Anyone had any expérience with the new H series?

    Just bought a H6410 Tv in France. No Zattoo app, can’t change country.

    I’m thinking I might just pop over to Germany and buy à Bd-H6500 Bluray player and see whether I can use that in France to watch Zattoo. Obviously I will need Vpn or SmartDNS.


    • Try this (it may work)
      1) First select TV as source
      2) Then press the Menu button on the remote
      3) Then select System
      4) Select Setup (If you are unable to enter Setup go to Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset)
      5) Then continue the set up – you previous information will be available
      6) Stop the setup when you come to the Smart Hub Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy page
      Press the following sequence on your remote
      7) Select the country you wish to receive apps from
      8) Once you have selected the country let the setup complete

      Let us know if this works at your end.

  80. Princi

    It worked! I think I might have done Ch Down the first time

    WOW – The latest Zattoo app, the latest H Series Tv, SmartDNS so I get all the channels – and even recordings are supported in the app!!!

    I can hardly believe it, although I have been waiting an incredibly long time for all this to come together.


    • That’s great news Princi! Glad it is all working.

  81. bobs

    On the Samsung BD-F6500zf, bought in France, for use in France with UK programmes.
    My remote doesn’t have the mute key, so I went to the home page, scrolled right to the apps window but didn’t enter,keyed in fast forward, 2,8,9, reverse. The country list appeared. Scrolled down to UK,and entered. I went into the apps page to download the ones that I wanted. Some loaded straight away, but some went to “downloading” and stopped. It was dinnertime so I powered off. When I powered up again,if I remember rightly,it wanted a valid postcode,then ,it promptly started to download the apps.
    Hope this is of help to someone.
    It would be nice of Samsung to tell people that the country availible will be the one first logged onto. I’m sure there must be many units returned because thay dont work as advertised!

  82. M_I_S

    thanks its great topic

    i have 32F6450 led 3d and did it AND very good works
    i did step by step as its discroption and works easy
    but as u know some apps is filter im my country and i cant watch ,anyone knows how i can bypass filter ?

    • Hi M_I_5, if the apps are supported by a DNS service such as OverPlay, you can easily add their DNS addresses to the television’s network settings and the apps will work in other countries. This is by far the easiest was to achieve this, but it does’t work with every app (though many of the big apps work such as the UK ones, many US, and more). You can test them out as they have a full refund policy within 48 hours.
      Alternatively, you could set up a VPN in your router, but this is more complex and doesn’t have as good performance.

  83. Peter

    Hi, have bought a samsung h 7750 surround sound. Have tried the method above with no success. The blu ray has no channel up button so was using the ^ button instead. If anyone has any suggestions I would be very greatful.


    • Hi Peter, I haven’t yet tried with this model H-series, but I recommend you give the D&E series method a go. It has been known to work on some F and H series devices as well. Here is the link: (Let us know if you have success or not)

  84. Peter

    Thanks for your prompt response Jo. The remote has no numbers on it so I don’t think I’ll be able to use that method. Strange the mute method won’t work as I thought it would have been that. Tried endlessly…

    • Hi Peter,
      This one is interesting, as I haven’t come across it yet. I’ll look deeper and see if I can find something.

  85. Rachel Constanta

    Hi. I live in Cyprus and have an F series smart tv. I have manged to set up the Tv to Uk network. I am using a wired connection. I have purchased a VPN DNS. I can now click on Iplayer etc but when I click on Samsung Apps icon or Amazon video icon a message shows stating I am not connected to a Network. Help, please…..

    • Hi Rachel, I’ll have to ask a few specifics to see if I can help. When you say you purchased a VPN DNS, which one are you using? You shouldn’t use a VPN at the same time as a DNS service as the DNS won’t operate over VPN. Have you set the DNS addresses in your TV?

      • Rachel Constanta

        Hi Jo. I purchased one from vpnUK. Info
        It is a
        On the website I registered the Dns and set it to the IP on my smart phone as it would not accept the auto generated one showing on the TV network settings.
        Last night I installed and installed and reinstalled several times and can now see the Smart Hub and can now watch IPLAYER. However I pay for Amazon Prime in the UK so was really hoping o to access the video benefits but Amazon knows I am not in UK and will not let me past the dull menu page. Please help as I do not know.if the fault is with me the VPN or the TV. Thanks

        • Hi Rachel,
          I’ve just checked this with my Amazon Prime UK account, and it works on the Samsung TV (F-series in my test). I suspect it is an issue with your DNS provider. Smart DNS has to be supported both on a service and a platform. So, your DNS provider may offer the BBC on the Samsung TV, but not UK Amazon Prime. You could ask them to add it, or try a different service.
          I’m using OverPlay, and this company supports UK Amazon Prime on a number of platforms including the Samsung TV. You could test this by purchasing a month sub from them, changing the DNS servers in your TV and seeing if this works. If it doesn’t (which would surprise me) you can get a full refund within 48hours. As it worked on my Samsung TV, I think it should work for you as well.

          • Rachel Constanta

            Hi Jo, Thanks so much. VPNUK who provided my Smart DNS were great and very supportive but Amazon was not in their white list. they are trying to add it but I am too impatient. I purchased from Overplay and am very happy with their support and the service. Amazon Prime choice is excellent and once loaded the quality it prefect.
            Many thanks for your advice. Of course I now have a second question which I will post separately.

  86. Peter

    Hi Jo,

    Just for your reference I was able to get an old remote and use the >>289<< method on the h series 7750 blu ray surround sound.

    • That’s great news Peter, thanks for sharing. It may then be possible for people with universal remotes to also try this. Odd that Samsung doesn’t have a proper numbered remote for this player.

      If you get time, you may be interested to try a new trick that may work with your H-series 7750. I have heard of only one other person who has done this with an H-series TV, and it worked there. The H-series allows people to keep favourite apps. If someone makes an app a favourite in one region (say US), then goes to another region (maybe UK) and makes favourites there, it was reported on the H-series TV that it kept the favourites from both regions. This could be quite huge if it really works. I don’t have an H-series to test this myself, and the F-series doesn’t have favourites.

  87. Rachel Constanta

    Hi, Is there anyway to view the live regional UK programmes showing in the right hand pop up panel when I click on the Channel List key on my remote?

    • Hi Rachel, that’s great news that you’ve had success with Amazon Prime. Not sure yet what you mean by the regional UK channels from the Channel List key. Are these satellite channels by any chance?

  88. Shan


    I have a H-series Samsung TV and I’ve installed Swiss apps(to get Zattoo with all UK channels) by changing the country.

    I am going to buy a Samsung Blu-ray player soon. I am wondering if I can setup apps from different country on the Blu-ray player, so that I have Swiss-apps on TV and UK-apps on Blu-ray player?. Is this possible?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Shan, yes, that is possible. If you choose an F-series Samsung Blu-Ray player, I recommend a 6500 or higher model to ensure that it has all of the UK FTA services. I am not sure which model of the H-series has all of the UK apps (iPlayer, 4oD, ITV Player & Demand 5) so if anyone else does, please feel free to mention it here.

      Just be aware Shan that some Blu-Ray players require the E-series method to change (>>289<<), while other seem to work with the f-series. There doesn't seem to be any consistency with it. At this stage, as long as the Blu-Ray player has the full Smart Hub, everyone that has mentioned to me that they tried, they did find a way to do it, even if it meant reading through all the messages on this and the E-series guide. But I always recommend keeping the box intact just in case you happen to buy the only model that can not change 😉 Alternatively, if you are only buying the Blu-Ray player for the smart hub, you could consider the £10 Now TV box (see review under hardware) as this also offers all the UK apps but for less. Or, you could still get that, and use the Blu-Ray player for yet another region like the US giving you Hulu Plus. Note: The Now TV box requires OverPlay's DNS addresses to be configured in the router (and not all routers allow this), but the Blu-Ray player should be jut like your TV.

  89. Shan

    Hi Jo’,

    I have no particular model of Blueray yet. may be you could suggest me something and let me tell you what my intentions are and what I’ve done so far:

    1. I live in Germany

    2. I have a 50″ Samsung H6470, using Overplay I’ve configured it to Swiss apps, purely for which gives me access to all UK channels(have HQ subscription for this).

    3. I am looking for an option to watch Premier League football games, and looking at both premierleaguepass and ViaPlay(after looking at your reviews), but I am not comfortable yet to combine apps from multi-countries.

    4. Hence I am thinking of buying a Bluray player and configure to NZ, so I can keep my TV on CH region and the Bluray player on NZ region.

    Any suggestions? 🙂

    Thanks a lot once again

    • Hi Shan, to be honest, I haven’t tested any recent Blu-Ray players and to be honest, I don’t know if the PLP app is actually available on the Blu-ray hub (some apps are only on the TVs). In any case, I’ve reached out to PLP and asked for clarification.
      Do you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad by any chance, as if you do, you will have a much better way to send Zattoo to your TV than via the Samsung’s Smart Hub. Zattoo via iOS is absolutely amazing and by far the best UI around. You would need an Apple TV, but that costs less than the Blu-Ray anyway. Then you could have the TV set to the UK hub for the catch-up services as PLP will also happily airplay to your TV.

      Unfortunately Android doesn’t really offer anything as practical. It has good Chromecast support for Zattoo, but you need DNS access to your router for this, and as you say this is not an option.

      Just an interesting thing about your TV. I have been told by one person that the H-series TV like yours can easily mix and match apps from different regions. She changed to one region, made some apps her favourite, then when she went to a new region, although it deleted all the apps, it retained the ones she set as favourites. I don’t know if this was just something like Netflix which was available in more than one region, but it may be worth testing this by saving Zattoo as a favourite and then switching to UK and seeing if it is still there in your favourites. Let me know if it is.

      • Shan

        I do have an iPad and thought about the Apple TV option. But Zatto TV would have been the only thing I would have used it for I believe.

        PLP website says it supports both TV and Bluray player. thats when I started looking at the Bluray player option since I may watch some movies.

        But I will definitely give the ‘favourite apps route’ a try and post the response.


        • PLP just got back to me and said they have no information yet on whether their app will work on a Blu-Ray player, can you send me a link as to where you saw a Blu-Ray reference?

          If you have an iPad, and it has iOS7 on it (better for Zattoo these days), I do believe this will be the best option, especially if you are using Zattoo under a sub (better quality video, and recording). PLP also offering AirPlay would give you two reasons, and if you want to watch movies, you can always subscribe to Netflix which has an amazing selection. (OverPlay gives you access to all of Netflix’s regional libraries once you subscribe to Netflix).

          This way, you can do it as follows:
          Samsung TV: UK hub – will give you access to BBC iPlayer, BBC Sport, 4oD, ITVPlayer and Demand 5.
          Apple TV: Set to US if you prefer – this will give you access to Hulu Plus if you like (loads of the latest American TV shows, plus plenty from around the world and some films) Requires a sub
          Apple TV: Used as an AirPlay base station.
          iPad to Apple TV via AirPlay for Zattoo, PLP and a range of other stuff for free that you may be interested in such as Australia’s ABC iView.

          Just a thought.

          • Shan

            Click on the FaQ link on all the way to the bottom), which takes you to which says:

            How do I get it on my TV?

            You can get PLP on your TV using our app if you have a selected Samsung Smart TV or Samsung SmartHub Bluray Player. Otherwise the easiest options are connecting a computer up with an HDMI cable. See our connection guide for more info.

          • Just had a second confirmation from PLP regarding this Shan, it seems they made an error publishing that on their FAQ. Currently Blu-Ray players are not officially considered supported for the app. Hopefully thy update their FAQ soon.

          • Just an update on this. I have seen a “3rd party” report that the BD-F6500 blu-ray player, when set to the NZ smart hub did indeed have the PLP app, and it worked. I have not verified this myself, but it is worth keeping in mind…

          • Shan

            Just tried to mark Zatto as a favourite, but can’t find any such option!! 🙁

          • Shan

            I tried the ‘favourite apps’ option, but it doesn’t do the trick. it stays in favourites’, but trying to opn tha app throws a mssage saying ‘it doesn’t exist’

  90. Shan add to that,
    Changing the DNS at the router is not an option for me

  91. Chris

    I recently purchased an H6740 in Germany. Changed country, but App Store doesn’t load any UK apps (only the default apps… Skype, Facebook, Vimeo etc.), very disappointed, I wish I’d gone for the grey import H6700! Anyway, the Zattoo app works, and BBC iPlayer works via the browser (though a little clunky), as does ABC iView, and a live streaming Australian football site. I didn’t check other sites… I guess I’ll be purchasing an Apple TV after all… though the Now TV box looks interesting for the money.

    I use

    • Hi Chris, this is the first time I have heard of this happening. Have you tried other smart hubs? If you switch to Australia, do you get the ABC iView and SBS On Demand apps? If you switch to NZ, do you see the TVNZ and 3Now apps? When changing smart hubs on all other Samsung TVs from the D, E, F and H series that I know of, it has always downloaded all the available local apps. Smart DNS isn’t needed to download the apps, only to actually use them.

      If I understand correctly, when you switch to the UK hub, you don’t get the BBC iPlayer and 4oD app, but when you switch back to Germany, you do get all the normal German apps including Zattoo? Would it be possible for you to photograph the UK hub once you switch to it? I would like to help resolve this one for you.

  92. Chris

    Hi Jo. What you say is correct – when I switch countries I only get the default apps, but none of the catchup services I’m looking for. Only Germany provides a full board of German specific apps. I would love it if you’re able to help resolve the issue for me! I will send an email to info(at) with some photos.
    In the Audtralian AppStore I was able to click an advertisement for SBS on demand. I clicked through and then clicked download, and was given an error message “failed to download.(300)”

    • Hi Chris, I believe the Smart Hub has somehow become corrupted. I suggest a Smart Hub reset.
      Step 1: (presuming it is similar to an F-series): Go to menu >> Smart Features >> Reset Smart Hub. Then try changing stores.
      Step 2: Try contacting Samsung. There has been reports of other people having this problem on this model TV, so maybe they have information on it.
      Step 3: If all else fails, you could try a full factory reset. This will return it to the stage of just leaving the factory and there could be risks doing this. Still, it has been reported to fix many serious faults on Samsung TVs. Follow the instructions here:

  93. Tom


    I know this is all about the F series, but as I could not find a blog about the Samsung H series, I have taken the liberty to post it here. Sorry folks !!!

    I have had a Samsung DVD-player BD-H6500 and a matching TV UE40H6470ss for a few weeks now. I bought it because I read on the net that the H series is easy to change. Sorry, that is the country code from Germany where I live and bought both to the UK app store.

    But after trying and trying for hours I can NOT get any of those two to change to the UK apps.

    I have a OverPlay smartdns account and that works well with an android system and the computer.

    Please please can anyone help me, as I am about to loose the will to live.

    I have even considered sending the DVD-player to a specialist to have it changed to the UK app store but I can not find a company that offers that service.

    • Hi Tom, ok, I guess you have also tried the E series method and that also failed. When you try the key sequence here (mute… etc) what happens?

      Tom, you have three devices in your home which should technically be able to watch UK telly. The Smart TV, Blu-Ray player and Now TV box. I am absolutely determined to get at least one of these working for you! The best place to start is the TV and BluRay player, as we don’t want you to spend any more money.

  94. Tom

    Hi and thanks for the quick replay.

    “When you try the key sequence here (mute… etc) what happens?” Sorry but nothing happens.

    I am not worried about spending more money, unless it is like tons of it, as long as things work.

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but the best solution would be an extra wifi-router (connected to the “back” of my German O2 router, that one does NOT have the function of manually putting in a DNS) that only works with my Overplay SmartDNS and either the DVD or TV with UK apps.

    That way I have one SmartDNS to change and not worry about how many other devices I want to us for UK services as long as those connect via wifi to the extra router.

    Best regards Tom

    • Fair enough. My advice for the router would be to buy a good 3rd party one. The reason for this is that they are flexible, and generally better quality than the cheap ones ISPs bundle in with their service. I use a FritzBox 7930 which is great, but there is a more updated model available. These are not cheap, but they have strong WiFi, and a wealth of options in configuration. You can add DNS Servers to the config, and you can even do internal IP routing so things like Chromecast can work. I would recommend replacing your router (why have two routers on at the same time and use twice as much power, with twice the chance of failure), but first, I’d phone O2 and double check that this router is compatible with your service. They will also have to give you details on how to configure the router to connect to their service.

      There are cheaper routers out there as well that will do the job of replacing, but I can only advise on what I actually use.

      Still, I personally wouldn’t give up on your TV issue this soon. First of all, I would try resetting the Smart Hub. The option is available (on the f-series) Menu >> Smart Features >> Reset Smart Hub. Then I would try the mute… key sequence again (and any other options such as the FFW 289 REW one from the E-series.

      If that doesn’t work, try the FFW 289 REW combo as soon as you enter the Terms and Conditions page (before pressing any other keys).

      On some Blu-Ray players, the FFW 289 REW combo can also be done on the “home” screen, before agreeing to the terms and conditions (haven’t tested this out yet). Others add to this that try un-ticking any terms and conditions, then go back to the home screen and try it. (Someone mentioned a “home” button on the BluRay remote)

      (Don’t laugh) but some people have recommended standing about a meter from the TV and trying. It seems to help.

      Some people have tried a full factory reset (but this looses all presets), so it maybe something else to consider. After a factory reset, try everything above: Link here.

      So, try everything on both the Blu-Ray and Smart TV. One of them is bound to work, but if not, still don’t give up. Write a query with these guys here, they are the gods of Samsung TVs, and if they don’t know how, no one will.

      • Tom

        Hi Jo,

        thanks for all the info. I will try the UK app setup later this weekend. That’s when the wife and son are in bed, so that I don’t get into trouble if they can not watch TV. 😉

        If everything fails I was thinking of selling the H6500 DVD and getting myself a Samsung DVD with WiFi function that can easily be changed to the UK apps hub. Would you recommend a model?

        The O2 router can not be changed, I have found that out the other day. I can only “add” another router at the end of the O2 router. I am not to worried if it sets me back €100 or so. If everything works fine and I can run all the UK appliances (such as TV, DVD, NowTV …) via WiFi of the second router the family would be very happy. Now that is worth €100 or so, isn’t it?

        Have you and anyone else got an idea how to sole the O” router problem?


        • Tom


          it is me again.

          Would buying a BD-F6500/EN (what does the “/en” stand for?) solve my TV/DVD problems to start with?

          It seams as if the BD-F6500/EN is a save option when it comes to using the UK-app-store over here in Germany.

          Can a German BD-F6500/EN be switched to the UK apps even if it is connected to a computer monitor that has hdmi?

          Thanks for all the help.

          • Hi Tom,
            To be honest, I haven’t personally tested this model. That said, I have heard from a couple of people in other countries that have tried a local version of the BD-6500 model (no knowledge on the last few letters), and it worked there. I have also been told that anything below the 6500 (lower numbers) doesn’t have all the UK FTA channels, so the 6500 was a good model. But I stress here, I can’t be 100% sure as I don’t have one in my hand.

            I always recommend everyone when they buy these things, to unbox it gently, so that if it can’t be changed, it can easily be boxed back up and returned for a full refund within the specified time (which I believe is two weeks in Germany).

            Apparently changing the Smart Hub on some of the F-series Blu-Ray players is a little different to the above guide, but other comments on this page seems to suggest the FFW 289 REW method on the “home” screen (before any other key presses are made) seems to do the trick.

        • Hi Tom. Although I haven’t tested any of these routers, you could do an ebay search for a DD-WRT enabled router. These routers have been flashed so that they can be used with VPNs, and they can be quite configurable. The chances are, one of these here will work exactly as you need. Just make sure it can be used as a wired (or wireless if you prefer) bridge to your main router. (in other words, this router should not actually route via the Internet, but be configured to accept wireless or Ethernet connections from devices like the Now TV or Roku box, have the Smart DNS servers configured inside, and then send to your normal router on the network)

          • Tom

            thanks for the replay and you are 100% correct. What I found on Google some time ago was this configuration:
            – Keep, or should I say I have to keep, the O2 router. The O2 router is connected to the phone line and therefore to the internet.
            – the “normal” computers will be connected to the O2 router via Ethernet cable
            – then the DD-WRT enabled router will be connected via cable to the O2 router (with the wifi function of the O2 router switched off). The DD-WRT enabled router will have the OverPlay SmartDNS setup and the wifi function switched on. All UK-devices such as NowTV, TV and other will be connected vi wifi to the DD-WRT enabled router.

            Should easy but I do not know how to do it.

            I have found these DD-WRT routers online D-Link DIR-615, TP-Link WR1043ND, D-Link DIR-300 and Tp Link wr1043nd.

            How do I have to connect the second router and is it a case of simply putting the smartDNS into the new router?

            Thanks for your help.


          • Hi Tom. I’m looking into this now for you. It seems that I have come across someone else saying that they have a very similar setup to you (O2 with a “6431” router that can not configure DNS servers) and they had problems daisy chaining a secondary router to the O2 one. I want to look deeper in this before you order a router.

            Otherwise, your scenario here looks fine as you describe it. The exact configuration of the DD-WRT router, and what this problem was that the other guy mentioned is what I am looking into now.

            Just out of interest, what model router do you have?
            Also, did you have any luck changing the Samsung Blu-Ray player to the UK hub? The BD-H6500 should be able to do this.

  95. Tom


    I know I will look like a real Muppet if I post this but I will do it anyway.

    Today I posted another question, this time about NowTV and the problems with the German O2-router that does not allow to manually set up a DNS, such as needed for OverPlay.

    For the life of me I can not find that post anywhere.


    • No worries Tom, you posted it here.

  96. Tom


    thanks for the info. I still feel a bit silly.

    Have you got an idea how I could solve the NowTV-O2-router problem?

    Ups and the UK-app Samsung problem as well.


  97. Tom


    and many many thanks for your help. I really really did not expect anything like it. Brilliant !!!!

    About the second router I am not to worried about the price, within reason of course. As long as it will work at the end and the family is happy I am willing to pay (almost) any price. 😉

    The DVD player is causing me still problems but I will try to work on the tv as well. But I will try it on Sunday as the family is away for the day. If it takes a bit longer to get things working or get it back to factory setting I will not have the family on my back telling me to hurry up.

    Best regards Tom

    • Hi Tom,
      Any luck with your Blu-Ray player on Sunday? As for using a DD-WRT router, and how to configure this, I have a guide. If you contact us via, I’ll send you the link.

  98. Tom


    sorry but I did forget to let you know what router type I have.

    It is a o2 HomeBox 3232.


  99. Kat

    I have just bought a Samsung UE32H4500 Smart TV from the UK and brought it back to Singapore. I followed the instructions above to change the country app store – it worked brilliantly – thank you. We have Overplay DNS which is working great. Most apps are working perfectly but ITV player will not play anything – we can see all thats available but nothing will play and an error message comes up saying try again later. Any thoughts. The other that doesn’t work at all is Wuaki TV. That doesn’t load up.

    • Hi Kat,

      First, regarding Wuaki.TV, I don’t believe OverPlay (or any other Smart DNS service for that matter) currently supports this service. If it is something you would like to see, send OverPlay an email, tweet or facebook them and request it to be supported. They may not know of this service until more people request it.

      As for the ITV app, I am not sure about this one. I have heard that the ITV Player has issues on TVs bought in Singapore, but since yours was bought in the UK and shipped across, I am surprised there is an issue.

  100. Kat

    TEST – I posted on here a few days ago – how do they get posted/responded to? Really keen on any suggestions…

    • Hi Kat,
      As OverPlay and Unblock-us are completely separate to Eye on-Demand, I can’t say how they respond to service requests. From what they do tell me, they weigh everything up and look at how popular a service may be, and compare to any overheads involved. Hopefully there have been a few others that requested I know I would like to see that one supported as well.

  101. Damon

    hi all,

    i have a ua32f6400 and i use unblokus to make me us or uk.. i set the dns to US then changed my tv to the unblocked dns, then i ran the setup and changed region to US, got the apps. now hulu and vudu open but netflix crashes smart hub. i read somewhere that netflix works with the tv time settings however the tv is australian and i can only chooses regions of australia for time settings.

    • Hi Damon,
      Try setting the Smart Hub to somewhere such as Mexico and try Netflix there? Let us know if it works. There has been a recent Netflix update on some regions that doesn’t like the Firmware still existing in other areas.

  102. Damon

    no good, exact same issue for UK US and now Mexico

    • Hmmm, not so good. Have you tried a full factory reset? (link) – warning, this will reset your TV to the stage it left the factory!.
      Then I would try different country hubs (maybe also Brazil) to see if one works.

      Of interest, when I change the Smart Hub region on my F-series, it only forces the time zones on countries with one zone (i.e. NZ), but if I change to a country like AU or US it has more flexibility. Is this not the same as yours?

  103. Ollie

    Hi Jo,

    First of all, I’m really impressed that you are responding to all these queries! Top bloke!

    I’ve got the smart DNS from overplay and can watch iplayer via the web browser but want to make it as simple as possible for my OAP parents and download the iplayer app in Croatia.

    They have a f8000 but only have the silver remote with the touch pad, no black remote… Do you know how I can change the smart hub country in this instance?

  104. Ollie

    Hi Jo,

    I’m such a div! Just found the mute button on the side of the remote.

    That is 2 hours of my Christmas Eve gone that I won’t be getting back!

    Merry Christmas!

    • Glad you could find the hidden mute button. Not having the remote myself, I wouldn’t have been able to help there. Hope you have had a great Christmas!

  105. KiwiTim

    You have a great website here! It is an excellent source of info for those of us who wish to get the most out of our Samsung TVs. I have noticed that Samsung have a habit of shutting down options that they do not wish their customers to have access to. Initially, the Netflix app worked on my F6700 TV when I changed its Smarthub region to UK. Then Samsung updated the Netflix app to version, which no longer worked. I then discovered a version Netflix app in Mexico and posted that solution over at Cnet forums. Now that solution no longer works. There are still other countries with older versions of the Netflix app, but I think it is best not to publicly say who they are, as that will alert Samsung to upgrade the Netflix app in those countries. I think it is best to give people just a good hint that if they work out which countries have Netflix, and then hunt about by converting their Smart hub to a few different Netflix enabled countries, eventually they will find an old version of the app. If someone posts which countries still have the old app versions, then Samsung will be alerted to the fact and update Netflix in those countries to Version and we will then have no where to go to find an old version of the app.

    • Hi Tim.
      Actually, from what I have heard, there is no real motive behind this except that Samsung periodically updates their firmware in different regions at different times, and Netflix only provides updated apps for that new firmware when a region requires it, so over time, Netflix just stops working on TVs from different countries with different firmware.
      Likewise, sometimes some countries begin working again in different regions when their firmware matches the alternative region and the Netflix app update.

      Samsung generate an enormous amount of customers from the expat community who change the Smart Hub region. Many people choose Samsung TVs just for this purpose. With such small margins they make from TV sales in the incredibly competitive world that it is, they would be shooting themselves in the foot if they started cracking down on this. That, and other devices allow easy switching between regions as well, some, like the Xbox, PS4 and iOS are happy to mix apps from all regions together.

      My tip is that if Netflix on your Smart Hub stops working, grab an alternative STB as well. There are some really good boxes out there.

  106. KiwiTim

    I started having trouble with resetting the country on my F6700 TV’s Smartup recently. When I reset to UK, the UK apps initially load, but when I restart the TV they get deleted. Same deal if I set the Smarthub to Australia. Tried a full factory hard reset, but still UK and Australia get deleted. Some countries do remain (I won’t say which ones in case our Samsung friends are watching), but only a few. Most seem to get deleted. Obviously I can’t ask Samsung for help with this issue, but am wondering if you have come across this issue before. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Tim,
      Actually, you can ask Samsung if you like – after all, you bought the TV, are a customer of theirs, and people are allowed to change the Smart Hub. Expats do move countries after-all. So, I would give it a go, and ask why it no longer works. For the second part, I have not come across this problem myself yet. I changed hubs on my F-series TV to the Australian one today without issue. I know that Samsung periodically go through issues with their network and servers, and a failed connection to their servers can result in apps not being installed or indeed deleted, and this has been noticed affecting only selected countries and TV models, so the problem could just be a temporary one.

      Check it again and let me know if you still see issues.

  107. lsami

    Have got BBC3 and Channel 4 working but itv player won’t work. it recognizes the London postcode but still doesnt work. Does it require a space in between the sets of digits and how do you do this with the remote?

    • Hi Isami, it looks like ITV Player have made a change to their service. Which Smart DNS service do you use? This should be able to be resolved once the Smart DNS service is contacted and notified of the problem.

  108. KiwiTim

    Has anybody tried region changing with the new Samsung J series Tvs, which now use the Tizen OS?

  109. Keiser

    Hey there, i please need your assistance in a matter. I bought a Samsung 3D Blu Ray Player, BD-F5500, but for some reason it did not come with a Smart Hub interface – is there any way of adding the interface to the player via my PC?

    • Hi Keiser, I’m not 100% sure here, but I think the minimum model for a full Smart Hub was the BD-6500. I think the 5500 simply doesn’t have a proper Smart Hub and there is no way to put one on. What apps are you wanting to use with this, and from which country?

      If you have just bought the player and still have the box, I recommend taking it back to the shop for a full refund.

  110. Neno

    hI, my tv is Samsung UE32F6400 Smart LED TV (model:2013)
    when I went to the country list it freeze on T and is in a bootloot (soft brick). It’s booting the Samsung welcome screen, then the apps/smart screen (black screen with the menu of 3 figures) and then lost signal. In a minute it turns off and start over. I’ve digged a lot but no result. As far as I read I need to find how to do a eeprom pls help?

    • Hmmm, this sounds serious. Have you tried a full power reset? i.e. Power off and unpacked for a minute before putting back on?

      I’d also recommend considering this reset:

      Have you contacted Samsung? For this to happen, there must have been a major issue with your TV in the first place. The region change setting is just a standard action that doesn’t use any deep technicians menu. For the TV to fail at that stage meant it probably could have failed any other time. I’d contact Samsung for this as there must be a solution to fix it.

  111. Tim

    I’ve scrolled the thread and can’t see any referance to HT-H4500 Bluray surrounds.
    I tried the tutorial but mines different, I don’t have a TV setting and I’m not even sure it has Smart hub, but it does have VOD apps which seem to work, I want an Amazon app.
    Any ideas?

    • Hi Tim, I don’t think the 4500 models have an actual “Smart Hub” as such, even though it does have VOD apps. For this reason, it is unlikely this will work.

      If your goal is the Amazon Prime app, I highly recommend buying the Amazon Fire TV Stick. This will give you Prime (plus loads more) and is not expensive (and is hidden behind the TV). I know buying more kit is probably not the ideal situation, but it may be the only way. Besides, the Fire TV stick is constantly evolving, and has new apps being added, whereas the BluRay player is at the end of the line and without a hub, won’t expand. The good thing is that the stick is not dear, and can be bought for around £35.

  112. achiou

    Hi all
    the method described above does not work anymore !!

  113. deldev

    Well, this method works fine with my UA40J5500 i have changed the default region of smart hub but after that i have got a problem.
    The process of changing default region of smart hub was successfully.
    Everything ok but when i go to smart hub i can not find defaults apps (except navigator and netflix)
    and I can not install any apps because the internal memory of 1Go is full, there is not free memory.
    I tired reset TV and reset smart hub but still the same problem.
    I tried test network. Everything is ok, the tv is connected to internet (i can use browser normally) but the test connection of smart hub show error: ERR08005
    Is there any trick to free the memory? i just want back my free memory to install some apps.
    Thanks in advance

  114. nick

    Hey guys. The above worked for me and i thank you! But my problem goes further. My samsung tv was bought in the UK. When I try and change country I only have UK or ireland as an option but i am living in the netherlands. This is stopping me from watching freeview! Is there a way to override the uk ireland thing and make digital channels EU or NL?

    • Jo Chambers

      Hi Nick, sadly I don’t think so. As far as I know, the tuner is controlled by specific firmware loaded onto TVs in each region, unlike the smart hub which is pretty much global (outside of small variations).

      I could be wrong though, and the people who would know would be the folk over at the SamyGo forums, but if I am right, your best bet would be to import a FreeView box from the UK. I know it is a separate device which is not what you want, but it would work, and they start very cheap (although the more expensive models have some pretty cool PVR features and direct access to catch-up TV from the EPG).

  115. Ramon

    Hi guys,
    I bought my tv in March 2016, on arrival it had the screen smashed so I have to wait for a new one to be delivered. Then after 2 months the tv failed to turn on… again after 3 weeks the tv was repaired and returned… after installation the smart features won’t work and a call to samsung support was made… I was required to enter the secret menu and do a factory reset… all was good… then on setting up and tunning I noticed that United Kingdom wasn’t and option just few eastern countries … so I selected the only obvious option which was Others.. the channels are all over the place… wrong order, they are mostly duplicated and from other areas of UK… going crazy here …This TV has been a problem from day one and I was wandering whats your experience about returning the tv and getting a refund… I am really off the bloody TV

    • Ramon

      Sorry… I is an UE40JU6400