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Eye on Demand | July 16, 2018

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How-To: Combine Multiple Country Apps In A Single ES-Series Samsung Smart Hub

How-To: Combine Multiple Country Apps In A Single ES-Series Samsung Smart Hub

As shown in an earlier article, it is pretty easy to change country app stores on a Samsung TV in order to access foreign apps. But this limits you only to one country at a time. How about bundling widgets from multiple countries altogether on your Smart Hub? BBC & 4oD etc, mixed with RTÉ from IE, SBS from AU or Hulu from the US? You betcha…



Opps: It seems that Samsung’s latest firmware is causing some issues with this process. It still works however, but if you updated to the latest Samsung firmware, you may have to reset your Smart Hub (either via tools or the blue button) and re-install the latest version of the SamyGo widget. Make sure that you run Skype before trying to connect otherwise you may have issues. NOTE: Resetting the Samsung Smart Hub will a) delete everything from your hub, including any widgets you previously moved across to the user folder (a good reason to back them up on your PC), and b) return you to the original app store.


First of all, lets get through the red box stuff. Combining widgets from different stores onto a single Smart Hub is considerably more difficult than just changing country app stores. It includes installing a file on your television which involves a hack of sorts, allowing you to telnet or FTP into your television, copy files off the TV onto your computer and other files back on. Because of this, care should be taken as it is possible to accidentally wipe files off your television or potentially even brick it. Therefore Eye on-Demand considers this a job for “experts” and under no circumstances do we accept responsibility for any damage that may occur to your equipment.


Now that the scary bit has been mentioned, this hack can have the potential to create a truly universal and international Smart Hub with apps from multiple countries all working together on the one platform. As you can see from the example image below, I have combined various apps from different countries onto a single screen. The country store chosen here was the UK’s, but it could be any of your choice. All the apps identified with the USER banner, have been added from other country stores. As long as I use a Smart DNS, I can access these apps from the different countries. (click on image to enlarge)

Combined example large

What can this hack do?

  • You can install widgets from multiple countries onto a single Smart Hub. i.e. combine UK widgets with selected ones from Australia, USA, New Zealand, Spain, Germany etc and access them at will.
  • You can back up your widgets on to your computer or network.

What are the advantages?

  • Normally when you change to a different countries app store, all previous widgets would be deleted from the previous app store. However, now you will be able to retain all the widgets that you wish to keep.
  • When Samsung has problems with their Smart Hub, widgets often disappear. This will not happen to any widget you manually save onto your Smart Hub.

What are the disadvantages?

  • Outside of the country app store you are currently in, all widgets from other stores will need to be updated manually – i.e. repeating the process of this guide to save and move any new versions across.
  • Although this process has worked for me without issue on many occasions, there is always an element of risk involved.
  • Rooting your Samsung TV may or may not invalidate your Samsung TV’s warranty. This is a risk you must choose to take alone.
  • As long as the SamyGo widget is installed on your television, this may disable your TV’s camera. To return back to normal, uninstall the SamyGo widget when finished. (This won’t delete any widgets you have moved across)

What do you need?

  • This works on an E-series Samsung Smart Television. As far as I know, it will not work on other models. Please don’t try this on a C, D or F series television. Head here for a guide on the F-Series Samsung TVs
  • A small USB memory stick to transfer files across to your television.
  • A computer within the same network that you can Telnet or FTP from.
  • A Smart DNS service that works with the widgets you wish to use (see tip below)

As each countries widgets often require a VPN or Smart DNS service to function correctly outside of their region, a normal VPN will generally be impractical as you will have to switch servers every time you use a widget from a different country. Therefore a smart DNS is a far better option. However, not every catch-up or on-demand service works with Smart DNS through the Samsung Smart Hub. There is no guaranty that the service you wish to use will work with your Smart DNS provider. With that in mind, any Samsung Smart Hub app reviewed by Eye on-Demand has been tested through Overplay’s Smart DNS service. For other on-demand services, please contact your Smart DNS service company and ask them to include this service for the Samsung Smart Hub.

The Samsung Smart TV is geographically unblocked by the following Smart DNS companies

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Step 1: Preparing the USB memory stick.

a) Make sure you format the USB stick to FAT (This will erase any data currently on the USB stick)

b) Download the following file from this location.

c) Unzip to the root directory of your USB stick.


Step 2: Install the Skype widget.

a) Enter the Samsung Smart Hub.

b) If the Skype widget is not installed, do so from the app store. (This may sound weird, but you need the Skype widget, although you don’t need any camera)

c) Power off the TV


STEP 3: Install the hack.

a) Attach the USB stick to the Samsung television.

b) Power on the TV.

c) Enter the Smart Hub (It may take a little longer than usual)

If the Smart Hub asks to update at this point, CANCEL out of this. Accepting the update will delete the SamyGO widget.


d) Navigate the Smart Hub until you find the Install SamyGO-E widget and select it.

Install widget

If the Smart Hub generates a network error warning at this point, you can ignore it.


e) When you see the message on the screen as below, follow the instructions by pressing ENTER and wait.


f) When the process is complete, you will see the following message.

SamGo 2

g) Exit the widget using the EXIT or RETURN keys.

h) Shut down the television.

i) Remove the USB memory stick.

j) Restart the television.


STEP 4: Select the widgets from the alternative country app stores.

Now is a good time to decide what default store you wish to use, and which widgets from other stores you may want to move across. Generally speaking, choose the default country by which widgets you use the most, as these will be automatically updated. I tend to default at the UK store, as this contains the largest collection of usable apps from any region, but this choice is entirely yours.

a) Change the app store to the country you wish to accumulate additional apps. For instructions on how to do this, follow the steps here.

Don’t worry if your existing widgets all disappear at this point, as you will be returning to your default store at the end anyway. However, there is no reason why later you can’t make backups of the widgets from the default store as well.


b) When you are in the country store you wish to acquire further widgets, install the ones you want from the app store.


STEP 5: Telnet or FTP into your television.

Once you have all the widgets you want from the additional store installed, you will need to copy them across to a computer on your network. It is possible with some methods to simply copy them directly to the correct folder on your television, but I prefer this method as it also creates a backup of your favourite widgets.

There are a lot of different ways to connect to your television within your network, but I find using a good FTP application easy enough. For the purpose of this guide, I’ll be using Cyberduck on a Mac, but other FTP clients may work just as well or better.

a) Ensure your TV is on and note down its IP address. This can be found  under the Samsung TV’s Menu => Network Status.


b) Open Cyberduck on a computer within your network and enter the television’s IP address into the top field and press Return to connect.


If you can’t connect to the television at this point, there could be a number of reasons. 1st, make sure your computer is within the same network, 2nd, ensure the SamyGO widget was installed correctly.


c) Navigate to /mtd_rwcommon/common/wgtmgr/info2.xml on your television using Cyberduck and examine this file (I find Quick-Look generally does the job). Here you will find a list of widgets that are on your television.



d) Look through the list and identify the ID numbers for the widgets you wish to retain. Generally speaking they are represented by a long number such as Zattoo which has the ID: 111299001432.

e) Now, navigate to /mtd_rwcommon/widgets/normal on your television using Cyberduck and find the widgets you want by their ID numbers and download them to a folder on your computer (Right-click on folder in Cyberduck and select Download To…). Note: Download the entire folder which holds the widget ID as name, not selected contents within.

Download to


You now have a backup copy on your computer. If for some reason you accidentally delete these widgets on your television, or they disappear due to something Samsung has done, it is possible to easily reinstall back onto your television. All widgets manually copied across sit in the USER folder and hold a different status. These USER widgets will not be deleted if you decide to change app stores at a later stage, for instance if you wanted to add new widgets from a different store, or check for updates.

f) Navigate to /mtd_rwcommon/widgets/user using Cyberduck and Upload the widget folder now on your computer back to the television, saving it in the USER folder.



That is basically it. You can repeat the process if you like, visiting other country app stores to acquire additional widgets. When finished, simply return back to your default app store and move the widgets around to more accessible positions.

It is your choice if you wish to delete the Install SamyGO-E widget on your television. If you do so, you will have to install it again to be able to FTP back into your television.

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Full credit to this fantastic hack goes to the clever folk at SamyGo Forums. It is the hard work of these people that allow us to be able to achieve a combined Smart Hub as shown here.

The Samsung Smart TV is geographically unblocked by the following companies

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  1. Robin

    Great guide, regrettably I have a C-series TV (and and E series home theater that does has smart hub but not skype)

    I THINK it should be relatively easy to install those other countries widgets as a “normal” user widget using the developer account. (It probably needs a bit of repacking into a standard install archive) but I can´t download the archives using this guide…. so is there somebody how can provide me with a backup some of these extracted widgets, so I can test repacking/installing on other series?
    Personally I´m most interested in the (US) Pandora widget.

    • Thanks Robin! There was a previous method that used the developer account, but that recently stopped working on the E-series (at least as far as I could test), so I had to go by this method. It’s actually easier, but it does limit itself to those devices that can install Skype.

      • David

        Hi Jo’,

        This ia a great article, unfortunately I too have a C series plasma. I was wondering if you had a link to an article explaining the process you described with the developer account. I arrived late to the SmartDNS party.


        • Hi David, sadly that developer method I was referring to was only good for the ES-series. I am on the lookout for other series hacks as well, so if I come across one, I will certainly link to it. If anyone else out there know of how to do this for the C,D and, well, F series as well, please don’t be shy and post a link!

          That said, Robin from the earlier comment had success installing an app using a developer method, so Robin, if you are reading this, is there anything you can add?

  2. DA

    I installed the widget as instructed, it also shows SammyGo installed press exit but I still dont have FTP or telnet access ? What could be wrong ?

    • Can I ask how are you trying to FTP? What software, are you within the same network, what are the error messages?

      • Martilas

        i got a prblem with the fpt also. Im using fireftp over firefox windows 7. tv is es6500… could you help me out? cannot access the tvs file system

  3. fuzzybear


    Thanks for the guide but unfortunately the link to the installsamygo widget is not working.

    Is it possible to provide a new link or direct to a location where the widget can be downloaded?


    • Hi fuzzybear, quite right, the link is down. I’ll check into the problem…

  4. Fatih

    Thanks for this guide Jo’.

    I can use 4 countries’ widgets at the same time.

    • vahittin

      SamyGO install yaptim ekrana bu geliyor ftp baglanti kukrulmuyor yardim

      samygo installed! press return to exit cevap lutfen

  5. landski

    Man, this looked so promising. Such a shame the install widget is unavailable

    • The good folks at SamyGO have fixed the widget so the download should be working again.

      • landski

        Works like a charm!! 🙂 We’re expats, and this made my wifer start using BBC iPlayer again, so easy. Much less cumbersome than my previous setup with a VPN router and dedicated box for UK content.

  6. Nima

    Thanks for the guide. But after installing samyGo the camera app is not working properly (black screen instead of live view). I remove the app and it works fine again.
    A Virt. USB is added for what?
    I downloaded the apps I like now I can remove ’em from normal folder and transfer them to user folder? Does it need changes in .xml file? Can I use my friends apps or they need signature?

    • I must admit, I tested this on a ES6900 model which doesn’t have a camera. Thanks for letting me know and I’ll add a warning about this. Glad the app works once you remove the SamyGo app. Don’t understand the USB question. Yes, copy the apps you want to the USER folder, no changes need to be made to the .xml file and other people can use these apps as they don’t need a signature (at least from my experience)

      • Nima

        After I installed samyGo a Virt. USB (Virtual) added to source menu. It had around 428 kB capacity and was empty. (FYI: My tv is ES7 series)

        • Interesting point Nima. This maybe something to discuss with the good folk at SamyGo who developed the hack. It does indeed sound interesting.

  7. Sergey

    Will it work for SAMSUNG UE40D7000LS “R”?

    • Sorry no, this particular guide is just for the ES series. There are plans to look into the older D series in the future.

  8. Gaston

    Having access to widgets from many countries is really great.
    Unfortunately I have a F serie blurays reader smart Hub…

    Do you think it could be done for the F serie ? Can we help ?


    • I wish the answer right now was yes, but at this stage it is not possible. As soon as I learn how though, I will post instructions here.

      • Gaston

        Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

        Is it possible to know what makes you say that it is impossible now ?

        Thanks again.

        • As far as I know, no one has hacked the F-series blu-ray player to do this yet. In fact, I don’t even think the E-series blu-ray player has this hack (Only the TV). There maybe other methods, especially using a developers account, but I don’t know of any available to the public yet. If you find out a method, please let us know 🙂

          • Gaston

            🙁 No other method…



          • Hang in there though, the F-series is new and it may just be a matter of time. Can I ask what services and/or country apps you are after in particular? There may be other ways to get access to them.

  9. AMC


    Thanks for sharing this info.

  10. Stammers


    Thanks for the guide.
    I followed the steps on me ES6200 and have the apps installed and showing up on the smart hub. However when I try open an app it either gets stuck on the smart hub showing “Connecting” screen or some apps will show a splash screen (eg Foxtel on Internet TV) but get stuck on Loading. Yahoo 7 just gives a black screen. I’m using UK as my default store and trying to add Aussie apps.

    Is there a final step that I’m missing, possibly something to do with permissions on the files that have been uploaded? I used ClassicFTP on my Mac to download from the TV and reupload to it.

    Any tips would be appreciated!

    • Hi Stammers,
      Have you set up an account with a DNS unblocking service? You can add any apps you like from around the world, but many will be geo-blocked to certain locations. I use Overplay which have a good selection of global apps working. At the moment, they are configured for SBS, though you may want to request ABC iView and Plus7 from them. If you already use their SmartDNS service and still having problems, that is a different story.

  11. Stammers

    My Skype also gets stuck on Loading now even when I’ve deleted the SammyGo widget and tried changing counties a few times to delete any left over settings. What’s the best way of restoring back to default?


    • Hmmm, that one is odd. I suggest you ask the SamyGo people directly at their forums here:
      If anyone can solve this, it will be these guys!

  12. miro

    I follow the instruktions, but when I install samygo from pendrive and turn off and on the tv and want to turn on the samy go I only recive this message “samygo installed sukces! Press return to exit” and nothing else. What to do smart guys?

    • miro

      Tv es6800

    • Hi Miro, you should remove the USB stick, restart the TV and then select the app store that you want to keep widgets from. Now comes the more complicated part, as you must telnet or FTP into your television from a computer within the same network. I find FTP easier, and the instructions are given here. What exactly are your issues? Do you have error messages when you try to telnet or FTP?

  13. miro

    I have each device connected to the same network. My problem is that when i have sukcesfully installed samy go, nothing happend on my tv, no wirtual usb is showing. Only sentence” samygo install sukces! Please enter return to exit.

  14. miro

    My firmaware version is 1037, meaby that why i can not install samygo properlly? But how to downgrade?

    • Hmmm, this sounds like a more complex problem. Maybe you should ask the folk directly on the Samygo forums. They created the widget so if anyone can solve this, it would be them. Wish you all the best!

  15. Jofer

    If anyone has tried this on E-series with evo kit installed, I’m interested in hearing the results 🙂

    • Michel

      Hi Jofer,

      I have a ES8000 with evoKit and no I did not get it working. They will need to find a way to root the evoKit I think.


  16. Sheheryar

    I’ve got this Samsung F6400 and I know its hack isnt available yet but Is there any way I can access to American region apps? as my LED is UAE region and all the apps in it are Arabic which I cant read at all.

    • Hi Sheheryar,
      Have you tried this guide yet?
      It should be able to change the store for the F-series to the US region, but you would only have US apps then.

  17. Steven

    Everything fine until the FTP part. I can’t connect the tv to laptop. TV is wired to router, would this make any difference as opposed to using wireless?

    • Hi Steven, no it shouldn’t matter how they are connected to your router, as long as they are in the same network (which I assume they are). Can you ping your TV’s IP address from your computer? Immediately after the SamyGo widget is activated, you have to return to the Smart Hub. I just checked the procedures again a couple of days ago, and it still worked so there could be another reason why this isn’t on your network. Hmmm, try asking also directly on the SamyGo forums. Those guys are much more clued up on potential Networking issues than me, I tend to stay clear of the heavier IT stuff these days.

  18. bigmh

    I have the Danish smart hub as standard on my F7005 and followed this guide from Step 5 and forward to get apps from the US and UK smart hub.

    Hulu Plus, Padora Radio, BBC iplayer and 4 on demand works fine but i cannot get ITV player and Demand 5 to work. I only get a black screen when trying to start these two apps. They are not loading at all. I think something is missing? Perhaps it has something to do with Adobe Air? Anybody know how to get these two apps to work?

    UE40F7005 Firmware T-FXPDEUC-1107.3 Rooted and now with multi-region widgets SmartDNS from

    • Unfortunately, both Demand 5 and ITV Player seem to have some issues at the moment, and that is also in the UK without the need of Smart DNS. I was reading about a person in the UK who has exactly the same ITV problem as you with a D7000 model. The widget was working fine until three months ago when it suddenly stopped. He has contacted Samsung & ITV but has no response yet. I suspect it is a problem with some models and hopefully a resolution will come out soon. It is not good news to read, but at least you know you are not alone and that Samsung & ITV are aware of the problem.

      It is a cruel world as I just tested ITV player on my ES6900 series (one level and a year behind yours) and it works.

      • bigmh

        Both ITV player and Demand 5 works perfectly when using the UK smart hub as standard.

        • Now that’s a new one for me. So it works if you swap to the UK store, but fails if you just move the two apps to the Danish hub. Hmmmm. Has anyone else experienced this?

          How about moving to the UK hub and then drag the Danish apps across. i.e. the other way around. Does that work for all the widgets?

          • bigmh

            Yes that is correct.

            If i drag the danish apps across to the UK hub the HBO Nordic app dosen’t work.

          • This is the first time I’ve heard of this one and it’s over my head. Maybe the guys at the Samygo forums can help – they created the hack so they may have come across this or know a work around.

  19. lemonaed

    Hi Jo. Thanks to your great website (and bigmh13 above) I am now the proud owner of a rooted F series, complete with my Aussie SBS and ABC apps, and all the English apps too. Thanks to you, you’ve made an Irish man living in Australia so happy! What with your smart DNS advice, and your guide to install multi-widgets, it’s made the world feel like a very small place now.

    I have tried to locate the RTE widget but on my TV however it is located in mtd_down/widgets/normal but i cannot access this on ftp. Would you be able to direct me to somewhere where I could possibly download this widget? Once I get RTE and TVNZ I’ll be in business! Love your site, I check it almost daily to see what’s happening in the

    • Thanks lemonaed! Did you not find the RTE widget when you accessed the Irish store, and TVNZ on the NZ store? It is possible that these may not be available on your model TV. This is an odd one…

      • Finbarr Brady

        I have RTE Player installed on my F series from the Irish store. Would love to get this hack to work on my TV to combine UK+Irish widgets.

        • You are not alone Finbarr. There are plenty of F-series owners also hoping for this. If it becomes possible, I will do my best to post some instructions here.

    • John_H

      Hi Lemonaed,

      You mentioned that you got multi-country widgets to work on an F series TV. Would you mind posting some instructions as I know a few people would greatly appreciate this?!

  20. Tim

    I tried to root my ES8000 2012 with EvoKit 2013 and firmware 1003.1, but so far haven’t succeeded.

    I tried:
    (a) Samygo – USB method: FAIL
    (b) Samygo via DEVELOP account: Could transfer samygo widget to smarthub via Widget Manager (, but FAILed to execute widget.

    I am interested if someone else managed to install multi-cuntry widgets on ES8 seriers plus evo kit. Specifcially if someone has access to widgets such as Zattoo and VUDU given DEVELOP access still exists to transfer apps.


    • I found that running the Skype app beforehand suddenly got it working again. Just having it installed didn’t seem enough. Maybe that helps?

  21. Quietlaugh

    Thank for this great tutorial but I must be more stupid than most. Everything seems to work great I ftp in and out but the widgets simply don’t appear. DO I need to install them from somewhere?

  22. Quietlaugh

    Ah never mind stupider than most. Switch off restart and all is well.
    Thank you very much for your guide!

  23. JIRKA

    Hello, I have a Samsung TV UE40ES550, I downloaded Skype from Samsung App Store, ran it, logged off, switched off the TV, put USB with the downloaded and extracted files in the root, the USB flash disk format is FAT16 as stated, after ran Smart Hub, but couldn’t find the Install SamyGo widget at all! What’s wrong? 😮 Would anybody tell me, please?

  24. vahittin

    samygo installed! press return to exit samsung ue40d8000 tv kan niet ftp verbinding dit kom op beeld samygo installed! press return to exit

  25. Nawaz

    Thanks for such a wonderful nd informative article… I want to ask does the same work for EH series ?


    • Thanks Nawaz, without having any experience with the EH series, I can’t say. The best bet would be to give it a go. You could also try the F series method as well.

  26. Roolis

    hello,your article is exactly what i am looking for,but before trying to do it,want to ask,will it work 100% on UE46ES5505?thanks in advance

    • I’m afraid there may be problems now due to a firmware update by Samsung. I am planning to look into this to see if it is possible to update the article with a more reliable method. Perhaps there are alternatives though. What apps and regions are you specifically after?

  27. Roolis

    originaly i use Lithuanian apps,but Netflix is not available for my country,so want to get atleast this app from UK or Sweden app store

    • Hi Roolis. Ok, so if it can’t be done any more on this model (mix apps from multiple countries), what you want to do is possible by adding a low cost second device. I know this is not ideal if you wanted an “all-in-one” but it does have one advantage: The Samsung ES range has a rather sluggish user interface. It can be retained for the Lithuanian apps and perhaps an Amazon Fire TV stick could be used. This can install UK, US and German apps together (or you could just choose one region) and this includes Netflix. This costs around €40 and you can add Smart DNS directly to the device to unblock the UK apps, and access all the main Netflix regional libraries (from one Netflix account).

      If you don’t use the Lithuanian apps much, you could just switch the TV to another country’s app store. This still works with the ES series, and you can use this guide here.
      If you set it to the UK, you will get Netflix, plus BBC iPlayer and more free UK stuff. You will till need a Smart DNS service, and this can also easily be configured directly on the TV.

  28. Roolis

    thanks for your reply,i know how to change Smart Hub region,but didnt try this topic method with SamyGo,just first wanted to ask if its working for my model,cause dont want to brick my tv.I want to use Lithuanian apps,basicly i need only Netflix from other country app,so dont want to add extra devices

  29. Roolis

    hello again,i have installed SamyGo,i have SamyGo user in Smart hub,i have Cyberduck for Windows7,typed my tv IP number,but have stupid question,what you mean to connect by presing Return?cant find it

    • Hi Roolis,
      By that I meant just type in the IP address in the field provided, and press the return key immediately afterwards. This would the open a connection.

  30. Roolis

    sorry for being such a noob,but where is that return key?maby its different on MAC?

    • Ah.. year, Windows refer to it as the “Enter” key. Sorry about that. “Return” originally came from the “Carriage Return” lever on a typewriter. If you see this symbol ↵ on a computer keyboard, it is the “Return” symbol but also means Enter.

  31. naziksm1le

    i have this massage
    Some installation files not found on usb:/dtv/usb
    what i need to do