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Eye on Demand | July 16, 2018

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FilmOn Review (For Live UK Television)

FilmOn Review (For Live UK Television)

Review Overview

Quality of Video Stream
User Interface
Channels on Offer
Device Availability
Airplay and iOS

Best on Roku!

FilmOn have been one of the trailblazers in Internet streaming television, not only being amongst the first pioneers in the industry but also offering some of the Internet’s best selection of live UK television channels available. Couple all this with a PVR to record content plus great iOS video quality and this could very well be a winning formula.

Sometimes quality is more important than quantity and for any live streaming television service to work for the UK, it must include at the very least, the core FTA networks. In this case, FilmOn offer not only the main BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and 5 channels, but no less than 25 that would be found within the UK on either FreeSat or FreeView, as well as various additional +1 channels.

This doesn’t mean to say FilmOn only offer 25 channels all up. In fact they advertise over 500 and a good deal of these are geo-restricted to particular regions. What is left could at least number over 200 channels and comprise a lot of categories with almost everything covered between sport and mind, body and spirit. In all honesty however, these appear more in tune with the “higher number channels on a cable or satellite subscription – in other words, the less ventured.

Despite that, hiding amongst all of them, are 25 official UK channels, which although not a lot, include the main FTA services that account for the bulk of daily viewing ratings. BBC One, Two, Three and Four, CBBC, CBeebies, ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, Channel 4, E4, More 4, Film4, Channel 5, 5USA, Dave, Really, Yesterday, CBS Reality, CBS Drama, Pick TV, BBC News, and to almost everyone’s surprise including our friends in Belfast, BBC One Northern Ireland region. (BBC Parliament is being mentioned purely for technical reasons as no human has actually been seen watching it)


FilmOn comes in two main flavours, free or subscription. For the purpose of this article, the subscription package we reviewed was the European TV Package at €9,95 when ordered via a computer, or €13,95 from the iOS app (as of March 2014). There are quite a few small differences between this package and the free service, though a couple of the more notable ones are:

– The subscription service offers significantly higher quality streams when viewing it on a computer.

– The free service has additional advertising from FilmOn during channel switching.

– The subscription service offers 10 hours free recording space, with more space available at additional fees.

Quality SDVideo quality is an interesting point with FilmOn. Regarding the free service, the quality offered is an extremely low 500kbps on web browsers and Android or a far more acceptable quality reaching 1100kbps through iOS. Although there are plans to increase the HD streams to a very impressive 3000kbps, currently the subscription service offers a maximum 1200kbps stream which is a tad confusing when comparing to the free iOS version.

An interesting feature from FilmOn which differs to the official services however, is that it offers 10hours for recording on the basic subscription package via its cloud servers. This isn’t a lot, but conveniently, additional hours can be purchased at any time. Managing these recordings is done from a 2-day EPG although there is no visible series link option so you must set each recording manually.



    FilmOn’s main web page is a somewhat cluttered affair. Channels are listed to the left, with a YouTube sized window to the right and details of the currently playing programme are displayed directly underneath. You will also find under the video window a record button which allows you to begin recording the current live programme. Like YouTube, you also have the ability to watch in full screen mode.

    Note: There appears to be some issues with the latest version of Internet Explorer 8 that are causing problems with FilmOn. If you experience this, try accessing via an alternative browser.

    Although adverts on the free version are more than an acceptable compromise, unfortunately there is the same level of advertisements littering the screen behind the paywall. Thankfully these don’t interfere with video playback in either case and are not visible during full screen viewing.

    One notable difference behind the paywall is the lack of ads between switching channels through the subscription package. This speeds up channel hoping significantly and between many channels on the HD setting, there was only a short delay during the actual change, making it pleasant enough to channel surf.

    Web Video quality though ranges from poor to acceptable, depending on your package. With a bitrate of only 400kbps available on the free service, watching television in full-screen is a painful experience. In fact, this is the lowest quality stream available for any of FilmOn’s main competitors, free or otherwise for the UK market.

    Things do improve as soon as you choose one of their subscription packages. However, it should also be noted, that FilmOn’s interpretation for HD found on each channel does not necessarily mean the general standard of 720p or 1080p. Although far improved over the free service, the video quality for UK channels still appears short of SD quality and although fine for general viewing, on the whole fast action sequences such as that seen in sport would prove challenging.

    A 2-day EPG for each channel is handily accessible as is the favourite (star) symbol, which can group together your favourite channels – a nifty, but important feature considering how many channels there are available in the lineup. It does require you to log in to make use of this feature.

    At the top of the window is a tab offering access to the current list of recordings and it is here that you can manage these or simply play them back. By recordings, I don’t mean that they are recorded on your computer but instead on FilmOn’s own servers. This means that you still need an Internet connection to access them and they are not available for offline viewing such as when traveling, but it also means you can have access to them on any browser based internet device.

    TIP: The quality of recorded video is the same higher quality level for both free & paid subscriptions.

    Additionally, even though the paid subscription would remove commercials that play between switching channels, those same ads will disappointingly still play behind the paywall. Another disgruntlement is the inability to resume from the last played spot. This should have been included as it is not a terribly difficult feature to implement.


    • The easiest way to access FilmOn content.
    • Access to recordings and easy to play back.


    • Very low video quality on the free service.
    • Low video quality through subscription service.
    • somewhat cluttered.
    • No Chromecast support.

    (Accessing FilmOn’s UK Channels from outside of Europe may require a VPN or good Smart DNS service)







    This service is geographically unblocked on this platform by the following Smart DNS providers:

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  • FilmOn also offer a dedicated app for the Mac or PC, effectively mirroring some of the web browser features but in a more pleasant and accessible format. In fact, at least aesthetically, it is a breath of fresh air compared to the browser version.

    Although it retains the same video quality streams as the browser platform, the channel listing is more conveniently located at the side of the screen along with access to the EPG to record upcoming shows. For me, the pick of the tabs is the thoughtful favourites only  view, which simplifies everything to show only the channels you really want.

    It’s not only visual appearances that differentiate the desktop app from its browser cousins, it also records programmes in a completely different way. The web browser simply records on FilmOn’s remote servers but the desktop app will record straight to your hard drive, without DRM, which in anyone’s book raises an odd eyebrow or two.

    This does of course offer what can best be called an ability to record programmes for offline viewing”. They can be transferred to a mobile device although they require converting to be able to run on iOS platforms such as your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Then it becomes possible to record your favourite David Attenborough documentary for that long flight to Easter Island. Likewise, recording space is limited to only that of your own hard drive.

    What could be seen as an advantage to some however does not come without its own rather significant downfalls.

    –   You must keep the desktop app (and your computer) running the whole time during recording and before if you have set up a scheduled event. Close down the desktop app and all your scheduled recordings will be deleted.

    –   Video quality is identical to your live viewing quality, so the free service will only record at 300kbps, whilst through a subscription you will have a 680kbps recording.

    –   You can only record the current channel that you are watching and this makes it extremely easy to mess up planned recordings – change the channel and visit the guide and your previous selection is cancelled without warning.

    In almost all circumstances, I personally prefer the desktop app over the browser for watching FilmOn – it’s simply more pleasant to use – with the exception of recording programs. The idea to be able to record offline is wonderful, but I would like to be able to choose whether to record locally or on FilmOn’s servers.

    What is notably missing for the OSX version at least is compatibility with the Mac’s own remote control. How wonderful would this be to simply sit back and flick between channels as if this was a normal television. Wouldn’t that be nice?


    • Clearer and easier to use UI on a computer compared to browser.
    • Recordings are stored locally.


    • Extremely poor video quality on free service.
    • Poor video quality on paid service.
    • Recordings are stored locally (can’t transfer to another device) and at the quality of your free/sub.

    (Accessing FilmOn’s UK Channels from outside of Europe may require a VPN or good Smart DNS service)








    This service is geographically unblocked on this platform by the following Smart DNS providers:

    Ad Getflix

  • FilmOn also offer a Windows8 tile app, which works quite happily with the UK channels.  If there was any complete departure from previous FilmOn incarnations, this app would be it.

    Like anything regarding Windows8 tile apps, it functions significantly better via a touchscreen interface. If you are stuck with a mouse or even a trackpad, you may want to return to alternative platforms, but grab yourself a touchscreen laptop, PC or tablet and you have quite a seriously cool and pleasant user interface.

    Firing up the app, and after their own network speed test, you are confronted with the best possible view – your own favourite channels – presuming you are logged in of course. No need to be confronted with hundreds of other channels you have little or no interest in. Swiping left or right on the screen will drag the channel list across, allowing quick and easy access to all the available live feeds.

    Just tap a channel and you are instantly there, whilst another tap brings you to full-screen. The only blight I could think of in this view is the FilmOn banner ad at the bottom of the playback window, even under the sub. It’s not large and can easily be closed down, but it is slightly disappointing to still have this behind a pay-wall. Not as disappointing though to find full commercials playing under a sub between channel changes! This was what a subscription was supposed to remove – as it does on other platforms.

    FilmOn tablet

    On the wider screens the currently playing channel’s EPG can be seen just poking through on the right-hand side. Swipe from the right to bring it fully into view and then up & down to skim through the listings. The information presented is clean and well designed, with the currently playing program in dark red compared to all others in grey. You will also find two additional buttons. One as a reminder, which can be set to chime an unobtrusive message 5-60minutes before a programme starts, and the other to record shows. Pressing this will automatically set the desired programme to record onto the cloud server.

    It is just a pity that playing back previously recorded content is not so easy. It’s not that there isn’t an obvious Recordings button – it’s clearly present on each channel screen. However, click this and you will leave the comfort and elegance of your Windows8 tile app and wind up in a dreary web browser. I can only imagine that this will eventually be implemented directly within the app at some stage in the future.

    Overall, this is the most elegant and well designed FilmOn platform to date. The video quality does not appear as high as via iOS and there is no easy way to wirelessly stream content to a television. But if you plan to watch purely on a touchscreen laptop or tablet, this would be one of the most pleasant methods possible.

    Platform Pros:

    • Elegant and well designed user interface.
    • Easy to read EPG.
    • Quick and easy to start recordings or set a reminder.
    • Works for UK channels.

    Platform Cons:

    • Does not work for US channels yet.
    • Ads still play despite being under sub!
    • No way to access pre-recorded material within the app.
    • Video quality not as good as via iOS.
    • No ability to channel hop on full screen.

    (Accessing FilmOn’s UK Channels from outside of Europe may require a VPN or good Smart DNS service)





    FilmOn win8

    This service is geographically unblocked on this platform by the following Smart DNS providers:

    Ad Getflix

  • FilmOn is available as a free dedicated app and through the Safari browser. Like the two PC/Mac based options (web or desktop app), there are various advantages and arguments for either side.

    For most cases, the dedicated app would seem to be the obvious choice. Its user interface is far more comprehensive and less cluttered than the Safari version. The video quality of the free service plays at 1120kbps* and averaged 1210kbps* under the sub. The same cannot be said of the mobile Safari version as it uses a far lower bitrate. So what are the reasons for the Safari version? Well, mainly the addition of proper multitasking during AirPlay. Whilst both the app and web browser versions of FilmOn will airplay content to your television, only the web browser itself offers multitasking, allowing you to switch off the device or use it for other purposes during playback.

    It is now possible not only to record content from the iOS app’s EPG directly, but finally also to play back. The odd bit is that the Recordings button at the bottom of the screen still doesn’t work, but a new tab called My Recordings at the top of the Channel List will take you to a web browser where you can play recorded content. This is seriously quite weird, and I have no idea why this is the case.

    Still, a rather annoying habit of the app is that you are always logged out when the app starts up. I have to say, manually logging in each time is a bit of a drag.

    Which brings us to FilmOn’s otherwise acceptable AirPlay support. No mirroring needed here, as FilmOn will happily airplay directly from the video window. As usual with properly implemented AirPlay, this is a great way to get that television back onto your TV. In fact, FilmOn via iOS is currently the best way to make use of this service. At around 1100kbps* video quality, iOS not only offers a good quality simulcast along with a pleasant UI, it is so far the platform of choice!


    • The best video quality on all platforms and very good even in the free service.
    • Easy to use UI.
    • Good AirPlay support allowing you to watch on your main television.
    • Ability to record and playback from the cloud at a good quality level.
    • Simply the best platform for UK live television with FilmOn.


    • Execution of playing back recordings is very odd.
    • No true AirPlay multitasking.
    • No Chromecast support.
    • UI quite clunky compared to competition (Zattoo & TVPlayer)

    (Accessing FilmOn’s UK Channels from outside of Europe may require a VPN or good Smart DNS service)






    Tip: If you are having problems seeing the UK channels on iOS, try creating a new account directly within the iOS app itself (rather than on a PC) and it will ask you your country and city. Choose Great Britain along with a city and the channels should then appear.


    iPad White

    This service is geographically unblocked on this platform by the following Smart DNS providers:

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  • Opps! It looks as though FilmOn playback on the PS4 web browser is currently broken. If you experience more positive results than we do, please don’t hesitate to write in!

    Viewing any streaming service on a set-top-box or Smart TV’s web browser is never going to be ideal, and that’s before taking into account that very few such platforms support any of the major television streaming services. If a service actually does work in the browser, then the user will have to content with generally speaking, a horrendous user interface, and here, we certainly can’t blame FilmOn.

    Some platforms have a browser interface that is so horrendous, I just can’t bear to even test if a service works on them. The Favi SmartStick for instance, is so painful to browse, I could easily spend 15minutes just trying to log in and loose half of what hair I have left in the process. My F-series Samsung Smart TV fares better, but without hardware acceleration, the video would barely play.

    Finally, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 both offer an incredibly rare situation where the browser’s UI is almost acceptable (especially in the case of the Xbox One via SmartGlass) and with enough horsepower to easily play back the live HD streams. Unfortunately, the number of supported streaming services are almost non-existent. (See the browser tabs review here for the Xbox One and here for the PS4)

    ThumbsupThat said, FilmOn get’s a seriously good thumbs-up for being one of the few streaming services I could actually get working on a set-top-box’s browser. Although the UI is far from perfect, or even remotely attractive here, this is not so much FilmOn’s fault but the issue of using a mobile webpage designed for a smartphone on a large screen TV.

    Navigating around the channel lists can be done in two ways on the PS4. Firstly by using the D-pad buttons, it is relatively easy to hop between the various links as if they were dedicated channel buttons. You can also use the analogue stick, but this requires more accuracy to stop in exactly the right place. However, the analogue stick comes into its own in other areas, such as navigating the playback window.

    PS4 Controller USTVNow

    Speaking of full-screen, don’t be tricked into using the DualShock’s dedicated full-screen button Squareas not only does it cut off the borders of the screen, it doesn’t actually fill the screen with the video either. This is done by FilmOn’s own full-screen button within the playback window.

    Channel hopping here is never going to be easy. This interface was designed by FilmOn after-all for touchscreen mobile use. But the business end of watching TV is sticking to a channel, and in this situation, FilmOn works just fine.

    Video quality itself is the usual FilmOn standard. I’ve only tested their free service via the PS4’s browser at this stage, which averaged 400kbps* in my tests. This does include pixelation and visual artifacts expected of a live stream at that bitrate, but I plan to test their subscription streams again in the near future.

    Overall, if you have a PS4 and want to access live UK television on your main TV, why not head for FilmOn’s website. You may be surprised at how well it does play back considering the restraints and tested bitrate. Of course, we at Eye on-Demand would love to see FilmOn provide a dedicated PlayStation 4 app, but then we would also like to see an Xbox One app as well, and Roku, Apple TV, Samsung Smart Hub and plenty more. Until then…

    Platform Pros:

    • Uses FilmOn’s mobile website.
    • A good solution to get FilmOn on your TV if you own a PS4.
    • Video plays back without hardware issues.
    • Access to earlier recordings.

    Platform Cons:

    • FilmOn are restricted by the limitations of the PS4 web browser.
    • PS4 web browser is one of the best STB browser’s available, but still is not easy to use.
    • Mobile version of FilmOn was created for a touchscreen tablet, not big screen TV.
    • Not easy to switch channels (channel hop).
    • Could not create new recordings (Javascript error)

    (Accessing FilmOn outside of Europe may require a VPN or a good Smart DNS service)

    This service is geographically unblocked on this platform by the following Smart DNS providers:

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  • The following app has been tested on a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 running KitKat 4.4. Due to the enormous fragmentation of the Android ecosystem, features, availability and UI may vary dramatically between devices.

    When you search the Google Play store, there are no less than 8 apps that sport the title of FilmOn complete with their official logo, but from three different developers. They may have slightly different descriptions, but I couldn’t find any real differences between them.

    I knew reviewing Android would result in confusion and the odd facepalm, but I didn’t think it would start so soon. In any event, the app tested was the one labelled FilmOm EU Live TV Chromecast from Europa Live TV Free… Phew.

    Like the iOS app, I had to keep logging in each time I fired it up, but I was pleased to see the quality level automatically defaulted to their so called “HD” version when viewing under a sub, something that doesn’t happen on their web platform.

    Tap on a channel to begin playback on the right-hand side, or tap the TV button to bring up a basic EPG with programme information, which is incidentally where you can set a programme to record as well. Unfortunately, I never found a way to add channels to a favourites list, which means the screen is cluttered by plenty of channels I had no interest in. I especially despise the Most Watched channel list, which seems to be comprised of channels all FilmOn’s users watch. Really, do I need Zuus Country near the top of my own channel list? Does it even work?

    One thing is certainly better than the iOS version, and that is recordings can be accessed directly from the app, which for some reason requires a web browser on the other platform.

    Video quality was quite poor for the free service, averaging a low 510kbps*, but this doubled to iOS standards under a sub with 1130kbps* streamed during my tests. I am still confused why FilmOn offer almost the same higher quality stream for both free or subscription streams on iOS, but not for Android or other platforms.

    The big plus for this app though is Chromecast support, which is missing from the iOS app at the time of publication – though in all fairness, Apple users still have the option of AirPlay. Read the dedicated tab on chromecasting for more details.

    Platform Pros:

    • OK user interface.
    • Ability to set and play back recordings.
    • Chromecast support.
    • EPG.

    Platform Cons:

    • Poor video quality for free service compared to iOS.
    • Far too many apps with the same name in the Google App store. Which one should people use?
    • Won’t automatically log in.

    (Accessing FilmOn outside of Europe may require a VPN or a good Smart DNS service)






    This service is geographically unblocked on this platform by the following Smart DNS providers:

    Ad Getflix




  • Whilst the iOS and Laptop/PC platforms could perfectly support Chromecast, as of the date of publication, FilmOn only offer this via their Android app.

    To be honest, I think this is the best place to start anyway, since many iOS device owners will happily airplay their content to the big screen TV, an act that is not so easy with Andrioid. Chromecast however, does an excellent job with this app.

    For the most part, Chromecast utilizes the FilmOn’s Android user interface to control it. The only difference now is that a small Chromecast button also appears if a device is within the network.

    Which means at least for this review, refer to the Android tab for an overview regarding the general user interface.

    To implement chromecasting, activate by pressing the Chromecast button found at the top/right of the Android screen, and if a channel is already playing, it will shortly switch to the television. If nothing is playing, a FilmOn flash screen will be displayed instead.

    Chromecast banner

    Video quality plays at about the same bitrate as it would on the Android screen, so no consideration is taken into account of the larger television starring straight back at you. Unlike the BBC iPlayer which outputs at a much higher quality when chromecasting than playing back directly on the mobile device.

    So what happens to the mobile device after the live stream begins? Well, FilmOn do a reasonably good job here.

    The channel buttons remain on the left hand side of the mobile screen, allowing a very easy way to channel hop. Switching channels is not as fast as with Zattoo, but still good enough, and under a sub there are no commercials between channel changes. All in all, the mobile device becomes a very good remote control, with even the volume controlled by the mobile’s up & down buttons.

    Being a Chromecast stream, you can also move away from the playback screen by pressing the back button, and either browse the FilmOn app, use the mobile device for something else, switch off, or even remove entirely from the network. You don’t actually need the mobile device at all anymore, well, except to stop the stream itself or change channels.

    And that is where quite a serious flaw exists. If you switch off the TV during mid-stream, there is no indication on the mobile device that chromecasting has stopped, in fact, my own tests suggests it keeps going on in the background which could cause all sorts of issues if your ISP imposes data caps! So be warned.

    Platform Pros:

    • Excellent way to bring FilmOn’s live streams to your main TV.
    • Full multitasking on the mobile device used for controlling.
    • Easy to use.

    Platform Cons:

    • Video quality does not increase to make use of the larger screen.
    • Stream will continue if TV is switched off before Chromecast on the mobile device.

    (Accessing FilmOn’s UK channels via Chromecast from outside Europe may require a Smart DNS service configured in your router, along with blocking Google’s DNS lookups)

    FilmOn Chromecast Android


    This service is geographically unblocked on this platform by the following Smart DNS providers:

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  • Best Choice StampIt has to be said, good old fashioned linear television really shines brightest when either accessed directly via a real TV or from a well designed set-top-box. Perhaps this is because we grew up watching television this way, or maybe it really is the best way to control a live stream. In any case, FilmOn have finally launched a true set-top-box app offering UK channels without the need of a mobile device or computer in sight.

    FilmOn’s Roku app is available free as a private channel, so head to your Roku account (UK or US) and enter KRNH5. This means pretty much anyone in Europe now has access to FilmOn’s range of UK channels on a proper television set without any real excuses, although those outside of Europe will still need a VPN or supported Smart DNS service.

    All in all it works pretty well, although to be honest, the user interface couldn’t really be described as soothing to the eye. Black text on dark red should never have passed quality control, but that’s a small price to pay for finally getting FilmOn available on Roku.

    My only real platform specific gripe would be the number of key presses to change channels. Unlike Zattoo and TVPlayer on the AFTV box, which employs single up/down keys to change channels just like on a real television, FilmOn requires no less than four key-presses to change one channel up or down – which is a real pity as otherwise FilmOn was the fastest to bring up the next channel’s video (although that could be more to do with the lower bitrate than anything else).

    Outside of that, you get a lot of product for a free service. At the time of testing, the Roku box app didn’t push those horrible ads between channel switching on the free service, and it includes an EPG with access to recordings (but make sure you set the Roku’s timezone to UK for it to be accurate). On top of that, there is even basic PVR features, in that viewers can pause or rewind live TV (to a limited degree). What more could anyone want?

    Well… video quality is the same as usual for FilmOn, and at this stage we only tested the free service which streamed in at the expected and still rather low 510kbps*. This provided an acceptable video quality for basic television viewing, but I wouldn’t want to watch a movie at this level.

    One big gotcha is that viewers should be careful when switching off the TV, as if the Roku is left on with FilmOn playing, it will continue to stream in the background eating up potential bandwidth. Viewers on data-caps beware!

    Platform Pros:

    • Best way to watch live TV is on a TV!
    • Easy to navigate UI.
    • EPG access.
    • Basic PVR.
    • Access to recordings.
    • Fast channel loading.
    • No ads between channel hopping on free service.

    Platform Cons:

    • Sub SD video quality.
    • Too many key-presses to change channels.
    • Stream will continue if TV is switched off without Roku.

    (Accessing FilmOn outside of Europe may require a VPN or a good Smart DNS service)






    This service is geographically unblocked on this platform by the following Smart DNS providers:

    Ad Getflix



  • It’s very hard to criticize a free service, even one that is clearly sponsored by commercials. And in that respect, FilmOn’s free service is certainly worth exploring, especially if you have access to an iOS device where you not only can view higher quality streams, but you can also easily watch on your main television via AirPlay.

    That said, adding the EU subscription package will not only remove most of the commercials placed by FilmOn, but also notably improve the video quality. Include some of the additional recording space packages and you have quite a reasonable and functional live UK television service.

    On that note, 10€/month just for the European TV package to gain access to UK television is somewhat expensive when you take into account the lack of true HD and that you still only have 25 UK channels. Keep in mind the US packages offer higher quality streams for only approx €7,60 per month, considerably cheaper.

    Through all this, FilmOn have great potential in their endeavour to deliver live TV through the Internet, as one of the early pioneers FilmOn have already established themselves in the market and with a solid reputation as well. It’s not easy being a pioneer in an market which is changing at such a fast rate, not the least having to navigate uncharted legal waters.

    FilmOn shines the most when used through iOS. The UK video quality is quite good when free, and slightly better through the sub. Not to mention the ease of airplaying that content to your main television.

    Which leads us to the confusion over what platforms offers which bitrates. The chart below should help, but to put this into perspective, TVPlayer offers streams of 2130kbps* with Zattoo under a sub pulling a staggering 3400kbps*.

    Bitrate Comparison FilmOn



    • Includes the most important channels from the four main UK networks.
    • Available on a wide selection of devices.
    • Available on Roku!
    • Acceptable video quality through subscription service.
    • Includes the main UK FTA channels.
    • Records in the higher quality video stream, even in free model.
    • Desktop app (Mac/win7).
    • Windows8 tile app.
    • AirPlay support.
    • Chromecast via Android.
    • The ability to potentially have offline downloads.
    • Best video quality and performance on iOS devices.


    • Poor live video quality on computer browsers with the free version.
    • No HD streams.
    • Only a two day EPG.
    • No series link for recording.
    • AirPlay doesn’t offer multitasking.
    • No Chromecast support via Web or iOS.
    • UK package is overpriced.
    • iOS app will not automatically log in.
    • Messy way to handle offline downloads.

    Technical details:

    • UK Channels: BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4, BBC 1 Northern Ireland, BBC News, BBC Parliament, CBBC, CBeebies, ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, Channel 4, E4, More4, Film4, Channel 5, 5USA, Yesterday, Really, Dave, CBS Drama, CBS Reality and Pick TV. (Plus ITV+1, ITV2+1, ITV3+1, ITV4+1, CBS Reality+1 and OHTV).
    • Video quality computer (live) – free: 400kbps, sub: 850kbps.
    • Video quality iOS (live) – free 850kbps, sub 1000kbps.












    18.03.2013: Review published. Score: 5 Needs Improvement.

    02.04.2013: Overplay added Smart DNS support for access outside of Europe.

    09.04.2013: Additional FTA Sister channels added. Score updated to 5.4 “Getting Better”.

    15.04.2013: Dave, a very popular channel added to Channel listing.

    25.04.2013: Updated iOS review regarding recordings.

    03.06.2013: FilmOn improved video quality of iOS stream to 800kbps for both free and sub. Score updated to 5.6.

    23.06.2013: Filmon improved iOS app with ability to record and playback content. Score updated to 6.2 (Best on iOS!)

    12.07.2013: Major update to include Win8 tile app, additional channels and general re-write as there have been several improvements.

    12.07.2013: Score updated to 6.4 due to video quality improvements – actual bitrates noted.

    26.07.2013: SmartDNS support from Overplay is currently experiencing difficulties. A VPN service to the UK may be required when outside of Europe to access this service.

    06.08.2013: Added tip for accessing the UK channels from the iOS app if they don’t appear.

    26.02.2014: Added PS4 web browser review.

    06.06.2014: Added Android & Chromecasting review, plus major overhaul and re-testing. Score updated to 6.5

    09.01.2015: Added Roku review, score updated to 6.6 due to platform support increase. Best on Roku!


    *video quality results are averaged from multiple tests and may be affected by geographic location as well as available bandwidth.


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  1. Rowena

    I would like to know how to DELETE a recorded programme once I have watched it.


    • Hi Rowena, on which platform? via iOS just swipe to the side and select delete. via the web, just press the x button.

    • J White

      Click on the recording then swipe to the right. Delete comes up, click it.

  2. jon oly

    This is my first post on any forum, but when you live in Spain and have a very very slow internet connection less them 1mb. Filmon at 500kbs streams perfect without buffering and I see no reason why anyone would want it to stream faster. It will eat you data allowance much quicker. .. all other IPTV suppliers want a min of 3mb,I know in UK and other developed parts of the world this is relatively slow. But here in Spain 3mb is cutting edge when you live in the countryside.
    My wife loves her Emerdale. Thanks filmon….

    • Hi Jon, thanks for writing in, and it’s a good point :O)

    • Louis

      Cor you are lucky .
      I had the mis-fortune of getting the app for my iPad for when am away in my lorry. Bearing in mind I am in England- the service is useless. Keeps stopping and then says ‘can’t load film’
      I have just resorted to BBC I player. At least it works!

      • Hi Louis, are you having the problems using 3G or via WiFi? In any case, one of the best options for when you travel a lot, and as a lorry driver that is probably quite a bit, is to use the BBC iPlayer and 4oD’s offline download option. This means there should be no problem watching even if you have no 3G or WiFi at all – anywhere in the world. You will have to download the shows when in the UK (or via VPN/Smart DNS when outside), but it works a treat and a savings grace for people who travel a lot.

  3. SDP

    I always see the Recordings button on the IOS app but never see a way to actually start recording programmes. I’m in the UK.

    • Hi SDP,
      It is a bit odd on the app. You have to be signed in, and then tap the top Recordings button. This generally takes you to their mobile webpage which is where you can access the recordings button. That said, when I tested this again today, it seemed I needed to change the URL at the top to erase the recordings bit at the end, and start from the front page of the mobile web… Agreed, not the best.

  4. Pamela Price

    I am a new viewer and have not yet seen anthing. Your site has been reommended by a friend and we both live in Spain. I am encouraged by J Oly.
    Here goes … Splash

    • Hi Pamela, welcome to the site and I hope it all works out and you don’t have any issues!

  5. Josephine

    Hi, I am in Spain and free view tv goes off 2am tomorrow, 6th Feb ’14, (for real this time apparently). So I am trying to watch Filmon through my Samsung Smart Tv’s web browser but the channels either don’t load (black screen) or the picture freezes. Filmon works fine through the pc & tablet though. Any suggestions on how I can get it to work on the tv please.

    • Hi Josephine, the Samsung TV browser is not the best for video, odd as it may sound being on a television. The problem is the Linux backend and the lack of the latest Flash plugins. There isn’t a lot possible here. However, there are plenty of other ways to get access to UK television. If you don’t need the Spanish apps on your TV, you could change the Smart Hub to Germany and that will give you Zattoo (see the review and how-to on this website). Or, go to the UK Smart Hub, and you can download the UK catch-up widgets (BBC iPlayer etc). These do require a Smart DNS to use, which FilmOn doesn’t. If you want to stick with FilmOn, you may need another way to get it onto your TV. Perhaps an HDMI cable from your laptop? If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can connect that to your TV, and many Android phones also allow this. There are ways to get UK television to your TV in Spain, have a read of the latest article on our front-page, it was made just for this situation.

  6. John Stones

    Hi Jo’,

    We live in a mountainous area of Spain but are lucky enough to get 6mb download on the internet. Having today lost the rest of our TV channels we are trying out Filmon (at the moment the free version, we will upgrade if it works) it arrears good for watching live and two days ago we watched a recording of Dragons Den, that was perfect. Yesterday evening and today we have made several attempts to watch Sunday’s The Musketeers, the buffering is horrendous, 15 seconds of viewing then another 15 seconds of buffering. This, of courses, makes it impossible to watch, surly this can’t be the norm? Are there now too many users in the area? Will it work properly if we up grade? Please help! J.

    • Hi John, 6mb is great when it stays at 6mb. Sometimes though it is a lot less. This could be because too many people are using the Internet at that time. One way to check is to test other streaming services, perhaps some local Spanish ones. If they also fail at the same time, then it is your network connection (or even your local WiFi, as even a microwave oven can cause havoc).

      Another thing to try is local Spanish catch-up services, as they are also free. Catch-up works better than live because they can have a longer buffer – if the buffer is too long for live, it ceases to be live). If tests show that your network is too slow at certain times, upgrading may be the only way. Is that possible where you are in the rural area?

      As you can imagine, I can’t say that it will definitely work better if you upgrade your Internet, but generally speaking this is a good start. Do you have friends who are in the same situation but with faster Internet that you could query?

  7. Hi

    If I record a programe on filmon can I then play back on a mobile device using free wifi

    Thanks Viv

    • Hi Vivien, technically yes. It depends widely on the platform recorded and played back with FilmOn, but it should work. Give it a try, as I don’t think you need a sub with filmOn for the first couple of recordings.

  8. Isabella

    Hi, what a great service you provide, thanks. We are in Portugal & have recently lost our UK channels. However, I can not seem to get the program to transfer to my tv. I bought a Belkin cable & have it working with BBC iplayer so I know it works but for some reason Filmon won’t transfer to my TV. I would be very grateful for some help.

    • Thanks Isabella, and hopefully we can help here. Ok, I need to know what device you are playing FilmOn on, is this an Android tablet, smart phone or laptop, and is this cable you speak of the HDMI cable to the TV?

  9. Sharon Topham

    Hi, got a samsung smart tv and the filmon programme will not record a programme,,,any idea why thnx

    • Hi Sharon, is this with the Samsung TV’s own browser? Does recording work on other platforms, i.e. your computer or via FilmOn’s mobile apps?

  10. Sharon Topham

    Jo chambers , ours worked through our lg tv few days ago,,,now today bought a smart tv and cannot get filmon to record, but will let us watch a programme,,so works that way…..thnx

  11. Jon Raynes-Wharton

    I too live in Southern Spain and following the loss of the satellite channels have been determined to make FilmOn work on my Samsung Smart TV. I have installed powerline adapters, connected the TV by category 5e cable and upgraded the broadband to VDSL giving 25-29 Mbps. I have also paid the subscription to FilmOn for HD, which is brilliant on the PC and the iPad but I am still having issues on the TV. Samsung support say the internal memory on the TV is insufficient to allow streaming, FilmOn support say that a specific app is needed but is not (yet) available.

    The annoying thing is, is that when it works FilmOn is first rate, but it can take several minutes to get a programme going, by which time I missed the start, and changing channels very often makes it crash and I have to exit and start again. Sometimes during a programme a notice appears saying the browser session has unexpectedly finished do I want to etc. etc.

    I just feel as though I am missing a trick here and ask whether any other FilmOn/Smart TV users have found whether a certain sequence of button pushing is an answer – or indeed anything else.

    • Hi Jon, I am assuming you are using FilmOn via the web browser on your Samsung TV. However, Smart TVs, despite their claim to have a great browser, rarely work with television streaming services – quite odd when this is a TV! Older TVs are worse than newer ones, and my 2012 ES-series has no chance. My 2013 F-series does a better job, and can play back reasonably well. What model TV do you have? Do you have any iOS devices? As this makes a great way to catch-up on live TV? Android Smart Phones can also work well, but I don’t know so much about them yet.

      Alternatively, you could consider catch-up for most of your needs. The Now TV box only costs £10 if you have someone from the UK that can send it to you. With that, and Smart DNS, you can access the BBC iPlayer, 4oD, Demand 5 and ITV Player later in the year. You can also use an app called PlayTo to stream FilmOn across for the live shows, but I haven’t personally tested that feature yet.

      You have a good Internet connection, so there is no reason you shouldn’t have excellent access to UK television. But you may have to invest in a few other devices.

      • Jon Raynes-Wharton

        Hi Jo’

        My TV is a UE40D7000 (2012) so maybe it is too “old”.

        I have posted another but related question under Apple TV but am interested in your suggestions above. There is a lot think about before committing, that’s for sure!

        Thanks for your interest.

        • Hi Jon, yes I would agree the D-series is just too old. My E-series can’t handle it either and my F-series can with FilmOn, but Zattoo’s high resolution kills it (though I have heard people with higher end F-series have no problems).

  12. sharon topham

    hi i can watch recorded film on live tv programmes on my ipad, and lap tops,,,but when it comes to the samsung smart tv this is not so can watch live tv but not a recorded programme…why is this?????? thnx

    • Hi Sharon, it sounds like you are in the mobile version of the website. Does it look very different to on a computer? If so, scroll to the very bottom of the channel list, and select Full Version, then log in with your account and under My Stuff you should find the recordings.

  13. Hi Jo

    Nice review. Informative and well presented too.

    I’m in Portugal and, in common with some of your other posters, we’ve just lost our Freeview service.
    I’m now using either an iPhone 4’s or an iPad 3, with the Filmon iOS apps and a 2nd Gen. Apple TV and it works pretty well.
    I’ve just ordered a 3rd Gen. Apple TV to extend viewing to the bedroom without having to unplug the existing Apple TV.

    I wouldn’t normally subscribe to these sorts of things but for €10 a month I’m tempted.
    I’ve just opened a ticket with FilmOn to see if there is any restriction to a logged in FilmOn account to two devices at once?
    For example my wife in the lounge (iPhone 4 to Apple TV) and my daughter in her bedroom (iPad 3 to 2nd Apple TV).
    Or, (Like Spotify) will we be restricted to one device at a time?

    I’m interested in your NOW TV box option. When you sat smart DNS presumably you’re referring to a proxy server to hide the IP address?

    Incidentally you have a nice site here, looks great on a 15″ retina screen. Very clean, tidy and apple-esque.


    • Hi Ric, thanks for your comments. Yes, a Smart DNS service basically gives you the IP address that streaming companies look for regarding geographic regions. If you have been considering €10 for FilmOn, and you have a good Internet connection, iPad and Apple TV, then you may be interested in Zattoo. This is a Swiss based service that also offers UK channels in that country (hence the Smart DNS required to access the UK channels), they have a free service, but their sub + Smart DNS from Overplay is cheaper then €10 and you get near HD quality streams from some UK channels (with SD for the rest), an amazing PVR including 7 day catch-up of every programme on every channel, 250 programs to record to the cloud and a fantastic iOS app with great AirPlay support. I highly recommend it.

      • Thanks for the info.

        I’ve just checked out the Zattoo site and, understandably, it say’s ‘not yet available in your country’. Obviously I can get around this with Overplay but would I then have problems paying for a sub with a credit card registered in another country?

        I used to rent a lot of films from iTunes USA and to get around not having a USA based credit card I purchased iTunes gift certificates via Ebay. iTunes wasn’t bothered where you were when it came to spending the gift voucher. To set up the account I used Apple’s own Cupertino address as mine 🙂

        I can see how a Smart DNS or VPN gets around the IP restrictions but beyond that the actual method of paying is sometimes restrictive.


        • Quite correct about some companies with credit card payments. However, I think Zattoo works at least with European credit cards.

  14. Heather

    Hi all

    I have a Samsung Smart TV UE40es5800, and can use Filmon fine. It´s not at all user friendly as it only allows me to save one channel in favourites and the picture is not fantastic. However my internet connection is fine so there is no buffering whilst I am watching.
    Do you recommend a zattoo solution? Is this the same as a VPN solution, and can you confirm the hardware I need to buy.
    I have seen reference to Expat shield or Hot Spot Shield or Hola Unblocker?
    I just want to get something which improves image quality and makes channel changing easier.

    • Hi Heather, Zattoo is a similar service to FilmOn, but it only works in Switzerland unless you have a Smart DNS service such as that provided by OverPlay. Zattoo has a free service, but only under a subscription does it offer the high quality streams. So, the minimum cost would be SmartDNS plus Zattoo, which comes to under €10per month (cheaper if you go for long term subs from both). Under a sub, Zattoo also offers the ability to record 250 shows as well as every programme from every channel being available for 7 days as catch-up.

      As for hardware, a lot of stuff works. Your own TV can switch to the German or Swiss Smart Hub and have the Zattoo widget installed, but their version for the ES-series TV is a bit unstable in my opinion. I personally use an iPhone or iPad + Apple TV to airplay (wirelessly stream) the live or recorded channels to my TV, but if you don’t have Apple already, this is quite an expensive investment. I am looking into Android options for this soon, but I don’t know enough about that yet to recommend it. Read the Zattoo review listed over the live TV menu above for more information. It also points out some other platforms that work with it.

      That OverPlay Smart DNS will also get you access to the UK catch-up apps that your Smart TV has. You can easily switch your Smart Hub to the UK (using this method) and then with the same service from OverPlay’s Smart DNS configured, you can access the BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5 catch-up if they are available for your TV. Worth considering. Remember, if you go for Smart DNS from OverPlay, you only need their cheapest service which costs US$4,95 or about €3,70 per month – You don’t need their full VPN.

      I can help you with configuring if you have troubles, as can they at OverPlay. With your current TV, you actually have right now a way to watch many catch-up shows immediately, and catch-up can often be better than live TV – at least once you get used to it.

  15. Heather

    Hi, I have successfully downloaded the Samsung smart tv hub for the UK as per the instructions on your site.I got the DNS proxy changed on a free site I found called Smart DNS proxy. However once I go on the Iplayer it tells me there is a problem of geolocation.
    Do you think it´s because of the model I have UE40ES5800,or may be the Smart DNS site doesn´t do the same masking as the Overplay site you were recommending to try?. There was a trouble shooting on their site to override the DNS which I did , but my tv even after restarting, still has the same error message.
    Do any have any hope?! Thanks if you can advise in any way.

    • Hi Heather, that’s cool that you managed to change to the Smart Hub from the UK. And yes, the reason it doesn’t yet work is most likely related to the DNS service you are using. Free ones very rarely work for this, as the cost of maintaining them would be too high. Not all paid ones work either, since not only do the Smart DNS providers have to get things working for each service (i.e. BBC iPlayer, 4oD etc), but also for each platform (Samsung Smart TVs, Sony TVs, iOS, Android etc) – as you can imagine, that takes a lot of effort.

      OverPlay do work for the Samsung UK widgets, (BBC iPlayer, 4oD, Demand 5 and ITV Player), so you could try them out. They offer a 48 hour period where if you are not happy, you can get a full refund, but I am pretty confident it should work for you. If you sign up, you will need to visit their Smart DNS page on their website and that will automatically register your IP address, and it will give you the two DNS servers you will need to put in your television’s network settings. I have a guide here that may help. If they give you two DNS servers, just put the first one in the TV.

      You may have to soft-restart your TV before it kicks in (that is switch off and back on with your remote). Then the BBC iPayer, 4oD, ITV Player and Demand 5 should work fine. If you have troubles, just send a note here, or ask on their support.

      One thing to keep in mind is that some ISPs in Europe change your IP address every 24 hours. If yours does, you may find that everything stops working tomorrow (ahhh!). Don’t panic, you just need to visit that OverPlay Smart DNS website and that will re-register your new IP address with them. I also know some ways to help automate this if it is relevant to you. Let me know how it all works anyway.

  16. Dave

    Hi if you subscribe to HD Filmon does it still have the Filmon logo on the screen

    thanks Dave

    • Hi Dave, yes, from memory it does. However, you don’t have the commercials between channel changes, and an improvement in video quality. I am not sure how much it improves these days as my last check was in August last year, and they may have improved since then. In August, it was a mild improvement.

  17. Heather

    Hi Jo, fantastic!!! It now works. The overplay DNS reference has taken. The iplayer image is tons better than I was receiving on filmon. I am really pleased.
    Thanks for your advice!!SUPER !!!!
    Now I will need to look out to see if the IP address changes a lot and later if there is a cheaper subscription if I pay yearly rather than monthly.

    • Really glad to hear it works. Here is a tip if your IP address does change daily. 1) Reboot your router just once, really early in the morning (say during a bathroom break, by switching it off, then back on). This will make your IP address change each day at this time – far better than at prime time or when you are watching a TV show. You can reset your IP address via OverPlay’s Smart DNS website, or use this great webapp for smart phones (Android or iPhone – if iPhone, save it to your home screen for the quickest access). It was made for changing Netflix regions, but it also is very quick at registering your IP address when it changes.
      Finally, have a look around this website. Almost everything has been tested via OverPlay’s Smart DNS, and on the reviewed platforms. So you can get an idea of the amazing amount of choices you have.

  18. Roy Packham

    As has been mentioned, all the UK TV channels have been lost in southern Spain and many people are trying to find ways to continue to watch their soaps etc. There are countless numbers of companies now trying to sell their IPTV boxes, together with a monthly subscription for a content provider. With some of these boxes costing up to 200 euro or more and a monthly subscription of 15 euro and above, it can be quite expensive to obtain UK TV. However, Filmon is of course a very suitable alternative and need not cost anything at all to receive the channels. A so-called smart TV is not necessary , just as long as the TV has an HDMI connection. Initially, I was using a Raspberry PI computer to watch UK TV on the television (via Filmon), but what I have now done is to buy my own IPTV set-top box from Amazon, actually, from Amazon in Germany. The box is a CloudnetGO CR11S and is an excellent box, coming complete with four USB ports, camera and a microphone. It cost me a total of 116 euro, although there are many cheaper IPTV or Android set-top boxes available from 50 euro upwards. Whilst the cheaper boxes might not have a camera or microphone for example, they will equally stream TV channels. All I did was to connect the Cloudnet box to my Internet by WIFI and the output HDMI connection to the TV and within 15 minutes I was watching UK TV, via Filmon, on the television. The quality of the picture was really good and the HD excellent. Of course, with this box, I have also installed XBMC which allows me to watch almost any cinema movie I like. There is absolutely no need whatsoever to use any satellite company. The only possible drawback might be if one is interested in TVcatchup. If one wants to see a missed edition of EastEnders, then this is not possible(?). Also the remote handsets that come with these IPTV boxes are not the best, but are usable. So, to sum up, for 116 euros I am now watching all my favourite TV progammes once again – for free. Very happy !!!!

    • Paula

      Just arrived in South of France and trying to figure out how to receive UK TV. I am completely new to this and your post was most helpful. How easy is it to set up the Cloudnet box? Do you need a keyboard?

      • Hi Paula & Janette. I’ve not tried this Cloudnet box at all, but it sounds like an HDMI Android dongle, similar to the Favi Stick that was reviewed here. If it is the same, I would be careful about using it, as the user interface maybe quite unpleasant. The problem with many of these sticks and boxes, is that the front-end was designed for a smart phone (and works great), which has a touch screen. Without this and used on the big TV, they can be quite painful to operate. I personal stay well clear of the Favi SmartStick unless I really have to update the review. There are other ways to get FilmOn onto your main TV set, and perhaps the new Chromecast stick will do a better job. (It is quite cheap and although looks similar, a totally different beast). Keep an eye out here for more information on that, as it is about to be launched officially in Europe.

  19. nuno baptista

    hi guys

    i’m portuguese & have been looking into the loss of BBC & other UK channels in the Algarve for a scottish friend of mine
    the very best solution i could come up with ( easy to install & set-up, reasonable cost too.. ) was VyprVPN which then allows him to access BBC iPlayer or ANY streaming TV service in the world…

    in the case of iPlayer HD video quality IS top notch, however due to his slowish internet connection, live streaming in HD is not really feasible but after installing the BBC Downloader, no problem – just select what program you want, click on download & later you have it on your computer to watch at your leisure

    monday i’ll get him a long HDMI cable to connect his Mac Mini to his 42” plasma TV & i know it will work perfectly – this for a very reasonable 7 dollars a month or so…
    another advantage is that you can cancel your subscription at any time, i suggested my friend to start w/ a one month subscription ( 9 dollars per month..) just to gauge how well it performs & if later he’s satisfied then upgrade to the yearly subscription which brings the price down to roughly 7 dollars per month/70 dollars per year or so…

    please note i’m in no way associated with or work for any of the companies mentioned, it just makes my blood boil to see all these companies sprouting up offering set-top boxes, larger dishes & other equipment against considerable amounts of money which not only ARE NOT necessary but risk stop working at any moment
    on the other hand a VPN service is MOST LIKELY to keep delivering since that is the very basis of their income

    just my 2 cents….

    regards to all & best of luck


  20. Jemal

    Hi Jo,

    I really hope you don’t mind me jumping in and going a little off subject but I really need some advice…

    I’m looking to buy a Samsung F7000 this week and was hoping I could use it to watch beIN Sport (aka Al Jazeera) using the web browser but after reading a few of your comments I’m now unsure if this will be possible! any idea or advice?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Jemal, I haven’t personally tested BeIN sports on the Samsung browser, but I wouldn’t keep my hopes too high that it will work. I found at least 98% of video streaming websites fail via Samsung’s browser (or any other Smart TV or set-top-box for that matter). I haven’t tested BeIN since it changed from Al Jazeera, so I’m not really up to speed on what platforms are best with that service. Sorry I can’t be of better help.

      • Jon Raynes-Wharton

        My advice to Jemal would be to contact Samsung support and ask the question. They were kind enough to call me at home, believe it or not, to advise me that my D series browser was unsuitable to stream TV. However I understand that later browsers may well be able to stream. Worth a try.

  21. Janette McCaffrey

    Filmon Question, I really do not get the difference is there is any between watching recorded stuff by clicking on the rd arrow or by clicking download, is there a difference? have to say the red arrow often buffers badly. Also if I click download where does the file save to? My lap top or uo in a cloud somewhere. This is I know a very basic query but it is bugging me. We are in Spain too and I am not tech savvy. The loss of Uk TV is a problem and solutions offered variously all cost money and often a lot of it. How does a box like thre aforementioned CloudnetGo CR11S improve things???

  22. Adi

    We are in Germany and lose Filmon every evening at around 8pm until after midnight – internet bandwidth checked with and all other websites are unaffected, just the Filmon website refuses to load. Next morning all is ok again. Anyone else getting this problem?

    • Hi Adi, I’m not seeing that on the web or iOS versions.
      Do you also loose the FilmOn channels when you watch via TV Guide?

  23. I had recorded some really great programs from uk tv and today I saw they have all been erased-not by me! Can I recover them?

    • Hi Liz, sounds like this could be a question for FilmOn’s own support. I have never seen this myself, and I have no idea if they could be recovered. Good luck and let us know what FilmOn said.

  24. David119

    I have used Filmon in Greece for some time.
    I have just started to use a free program called XBMC I can highly recommend it. It has made more viewing more reliable and convenient.
    I wanted a way to connect my iPad to my TV/monitor.
    The TV/Monitor is connected to a Mac Mini but I found the OSX Filmon app much less reliable than the one on my iPad and it all much more fiddly to change channels especially if I have gone to bed !
    I installed XBMC on my Mac mini and set up it and my iPad to use Airplay.
    Now when I fire up Filmon on my iPad, I can select my mac mini on the airplay output box and the TV appears in brilliant quality on my TV !
    I have discovered that I can equally use my iPod touch or Android phone as the “remote”. The android phone uses DLNA (similar functionality to Airplay).
    My next step will be to buy a Raspberry Pi. This is a credit card size computer that runs XBMC and cost around 30 pounds.
    This isn’t an out of the box solution. You need to do a bit of research and installation, but I find it works brilliantly.
    When I get my raspberry Pi I will report back on how that works.

    • Hi David,
      Thanks for all the info, and we look forward to your Raspberry Pi results!

  25. Alanna

    Hi Jo
    Am in the process of having broadband and wi-fi installed. (Up until now I had a usb mobile internet connection with a monthly allowance insufficient to use filmon for more than a couple of hours per month. I have a MacBook pro and an iphone 5s and an ancient tv (which I know is useless). I live in Spain and like everyone else have lost all the bbc, itv etc channels which I had been receiving via a dish and decoder. Should I buy a new tv? With which features? And what would be the best way for me to be able to throw live tv via Filmon onto the tv screen. Can it be done without more cables? I would really appreciate your help as its all new to me. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Alanna, first of all, let’s see if we can do this for the least amount of expenditure? When you say you have an ancient TV, is it a really old CRT (fat tube) type, or an older HDMI capable flat screen?

      The reason I ask is that you have an iPhone 5s, which is an amazing phone, and with an Apple TV, you will be able to airplay (wirelessly) watch FilmOn on your TV (via the Apple TV) and using your iPhone as a controller. Basically, you use the iPhone FilmOn app as normal, but with AirPlay switched on, the video will play back on your main TV. But this needs to have an HDMI port for the Apple TV to connect to it.

      If you really do need a new TV, I suggest a Samsung one. The reason for this is that you will be able to switch the Smart Hub to the UK, and via a Smart DNS service, you will have access to the BBC iPlayer (in HD), 4oD, ITV Player and Demand 5. I don’t know yet if the new H-series TVs from Samsung can do this, but the F-series can. You will still need an Apple TV to transfer FilmOn wirelessly across. I don’t recommend an Apple HDMI cable, as many services don’t support that, and it is very expensive for what you get – a cable. The ATV costs more, but is so much more worth it. (If your Macbook Pro is new enough, AirPlay will even work via that).

      You will need good WiFi for this to work though.

      Have a look around the site, there are so many options for streaming live UK TV (Zattoo under a sub is a great consideration), as well as really good and cheap ways to get the UK catch-up apps (Now TV box is only £10 if you have a friend or relative in the UK to ship it to you).

      • Alanna

        Thank you for such a quick reply. You have given a lot of info and I need to digest it properly.Will get back to you.
        Many thanks

  26. Steve

    Is it possible to chromecast Filmon from an iPad? I can’t get this to work. I’ve got the apps for both of these installed. Thanks.

    • Hi Steve, not yet. However, this could very well be in the works. Chromecast has just been added to FilmOn’s Android app, so there may be iOS support soon. I’ve reached out to FilmOn and will let you know as soon as I find out.

  27. Alanna

    Hi Jo
    At last I’m getting back to you. With more questions!
    Having read up quite a bit I’m not so keen on the ‘smart’ tv as they appear to be cumbersome to navigate and also for the money seem to be poor value (wiithout updates) when compared to the various ‘boxes’ on offer.
    So I’m thinking maybe of buying a ‘normal’ tv.
    And now to my questions:
    Would a chromecast dongle work for me to stream filmon on the tv through my macbook pro which is new? I have good Wi-Fi and a new iphone 5s.

    You mention also Now TV box. Am I right in thinking this would only work for me if I had a smart tv with the smart hub switched to UK?

    As you can tell my main interest is in getting live uk tv programs.

    Thanks again for your help.

    • Hi Alanna,
      Fair enough, although I think the latest F-series Samsung TVs are ok these days. And they do have all the catch-up services. But, if you are going for the set-top box, there are a few options.
      * Chromecast: Currently, FilmOn only support this via Android mobile devices, there is no iOS or web based support via your MacBook Pro – yet – which is a real pity as this would be an ideal solution for you.
      * Now TV Box: This is a great little box which will give you the BBC iPlayer (HD), 4oD (SD+) and Demand 5 (SD) for only £10 – but you need a relative to ship it to you from the UK. That said, it won’t work right out of the box. You will need the following:
      – A Router where you can manually add two DNS servers (This may require a friend or family member if you are not that technically savvy – it’s not hard, but it is above the normal level of configurations). Note: Most routers can do this, but not all.
      – A monthly fee to a Smart DNS service that is compatible with the Now TV box to unblock the services. We use OverPlay here at Eye on-Demand, but there are others. OverPlay charges around €3,60 per month, but this gets you a lot of services unblocked.
      – You do not need a Smart TV for the Now TV box to work – any modern (dumb) TV will do the job, as long as it has a spare HDMI port in the back – and all modern TVs have that.

      Do you have an iPhone or iPad (I ask as you have a Macbook Pro). If so, an excellent alternative is an Apple TV (€110 from any local store). It doesn’t have a lot of apps built in for the UK, but using AirPlay and your iOS device, you can wirelessly stream lots of stuff directly to your TV. FilmOn works great like this in Europe and you don’t even need to unblock it. However, to use the BBC iplayer and ITV Player, you will need to unblock it with a Smart DNS service (which has that monthly fee).

      This brings me to another great live TV option, Zattoo. Under a sub (from the Swiss webpage of Zattoo), you get live UK television in HD for the BBC channels and ITV 1, and SD for the rest (channel 4, 5 etc), plus 7 days catch-up of every show, plus 250 personal recordings. Check the review here at Eye on-Demand, it is an amazing service. I like it so much, I use Zattoo even for German channels, despite having a satellite dish that can deliver that! But Zattoo under a sub isn’t free. You will need to subscribe directly to them, as well as a DNS unblocking service to get the UK channels, but that comes under €10 a month.

      If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. There is just too much to write in one go 😉
      A good place to start would be this quick guide for beginners. You can also ask questions there, and if you find things are clear enough, please let me know. I want that guide to be as clear and understandable for the layman as possible.

  28. kathy

    Hi, I am definitely NOT technically minded!! I use my computer to watch filmon and I accidently pressed the record button on ITV4 to watch Roland Garros Tennis and consequently I cant watch it live. I have spent an hour trying to figure out to no avail how to cancel the recording so that I can watch Rafa!! help……

    • Hi Kathy, we would need to know if you were using FilmOn via a webpage or their dedicated app to help here, but I guess it is pretty late. By the way, I find FilmOn’s support to be very good, so if you are in this type of problem again, don’t hesitate to contact them.

  29. KK

    I’m can’t decide between Filmon and Zattoo. All i need are the UK channels. Which of the 2 provides better quality streams (higher bitrate) for the UK channels?

    • Hi KK, FilmOn has the better quality video over mobile devices for a free service (within Europe). Zattoo, when free has a lower quality stream. (outside of Europe, you need a VPN or Smart DNS)

      On the other hand, Zattoo under a sub (and with Smart DNS when outside of Switzerland) has the best video quality of any UK channels from any online service. It’s not free (Zattoo Switzerland plus OverPlay Smart DNS is around €10 per month) but it will give you the really high quality streams, plus 7 day catch-up on all programmes from all UK channels, plus 250 recordings, fantastic AirPlay and upcoming Chromecast support – all this helps if your timetzone is not the best for live UK telly. If you are already a Smart DNS subscriber, why not just try one month under a sub and compare with the free version and FilmOn?

      What is your bandwidth? For the highest quality streams from Zattoo, you will need a good steady 6mbps or better. If you are not a Smart DNS subscriber, my suggestion is try this: Sign up to OverPlay for just the Smart DNS service ($US5) (this will also get you loads of other services like the BBC iPlayer, 4oD etc). They offer a full refund within 48 hours if you are not happy. Once you have things working (test with the BBC iPlayer) then, go to the Swiss Zattoo website and sign up. You can also test a month there with no further commitment. Zattoo don’t offer any refunds however, but if you don’t like what you see, switch off auto-renewal and you would have lost around €5.50. But I think you will be happy, as long as if you have good bandwidth.

      Tip: Zattoo has an amazing iOS app, and a good Android one. Try these if you have a mobile device. FilmOn also have an iOS and Android app.

      feel free to ask for any more questions

      • KK

        I have a fast connection and stream from most HD sources with few issues. Guess Zattoo with a sub is the way to go. Their website says the HIQ channels stream at 3000kbps, sounds pretty good.

        Thanks for the useful info cheers.

        • Yes, they stream about that (my own tests show a tad higher actually) but generally speaking we need double available to allow for bandwidth fluctuations, as well other people using the Internet. Your fast connection should be fine. Zattoo have just launched Chromecast for iOS today, and Android must then be around the corner. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to ask here.

  30. Rebecca Dunse

    How do I watch my film on recordings on my iPad? I tap on the recordings, but nothing happens??

    • Hi Rebecca, FilmOn via iPad has a really odd way to access the recordings. The Recordings button at the bottom of the screen doesn’t work. You have to scroll the left channel list all the way to the top and use the recordings button there. From memory, it will take you to a web page where you can access your recordings. Weird? Yes.

  31. Barry Hislop

    Hi, we have been “watching” filmon uktv using an android tv box, the picture quality is poor on the free service and I would like to buy a months subscription to watch the world cup. We have a steady 5mbs connection (wireless) and the microwave must leak because when its on the tv Buffers until it switches off. What sort of picture quality can I expect on your subscription service? Also the now tv box by sky asks for location but will only work in the uk.

    • Hi Barry, just to be clear, we don’t sell any subscriptions at Eye on-Demand. The FilmOn subscription must be done entirely through FilmOn itself (although we do have affiliate programs with various companies). However, I can advise you where possible. The FilmOn subscription will improve video quality (refer to the chart on the conclusion tab of this review), but it is not a spectacular improvement. It will suffice, but I fear there will still be pixelation on the fast movement that is expected with sporting events. However, with the equipment you have, a month or two with FilmOn under a sub won’t cost the earth and should hopefully get you through the event. I don’t know how powerful your Android box is though, and if it can handle the higher quality stream of FilmOn under a sub. If not, you should still be able to use your laptop and connect via HDMI cable.

      To answer your second question. If you purchase a sub on your laptop, it will also work on any other device, including your Android box. You must however log in with your account to see this.

      My personal choice would be Zattoo under a sub, which is a bit more complex to set up, but not too difficult. It requires a Smart DNS subscription (I use OverPlay) as well as a Zattoo subscription from Switzerland. But both together it will cost around the same as FilmOn. The difference is that you can actually achieve HD quality which is great for sport. My suggestion here would be to use it on the laptop with an HDMI cable going to your TV, as I have heard of problems with the app on Android TV boxes. Generally I recommend a steady 6mbs connection, but 5mbs could still work. See the Zattoo review here. OverPlay have a 48 period where you can get a full refund if you are not happy or it isn’t working, but Zattoo won’t offer any refund, so that end would be a potential loss if it didn’t work out.

      Final bit of advice… don’t use the microwave during the match 😉 I personally suggest a BBQ instead.

  32. Barry Hislop

    Also, I save in the shopping cart 1 months subscription using the tv (Samsung) but the remote is useless as a mouse, so I tried the laptop but the cart was empty, if I buy a subscription on the laptop can I still watch on the tv? Thank you.

  33. lago

    I used it free…………..many ads, very poor recordings etc etc!
    I bought a monthly subscription…………………absolutely no difference!!
    I contacted FilmOn by email explaining…………. I still get ads & bad recordings, in fact a waste of time……………….they replied asking for subscription details!!!
    My PAID service has not changed one iota since!!!!
    My advice………………………..use the free service, if you can, except you can’t anymore, or at least I can’t, I pay or nothing, or I should say…………..all I get is ads, no programs!!!!!
    It’s good value paying but as they advertise ‘NO ADVERTS’ this appears a fraud, also recordings are a waste of space?

    • Hi lago, I have seen only one platform where the ads still play even with a sub, the Windows8 app. Is this the platform you had the bad experience with? All other platforms tested in this review do not have commercials between channel changing (The sub doesn’t remove the normal ads that ITV, channel 4 etc play of course)
      If you are still seeing ads on a different platform, please write back here so I can also investigate it. One thing to make sure, is that you have to log in before seeing any change.
      Also, some platforms like the website will stay on SD unless you manually switch to HD, even after paying a sub. Could this be why your recordings are still low quality?
      Finally, you say you get no programmes at all??? This is a series issue. Do you just see a blank screen?

  34. lago

    I don’t know who you are????
    BUT I emailed your site/www twice & although I got a reply it was unresolved regarding the adverts I get.
    You read my original comment so you understand my/your problems???
    I paid my subscription, I still get 30 second ads before connection on ALL CHANNELS, I am logged in!
    YOUR COMMENT…………………………
    ‘If you are still seeing ads on a different platform, please write back here so I can also investigate it’.

    I’m not a moron, obviously I know normal channel ads appear, it’s YOURS? I’m getting BEFORE CONNECTION.
    ALSO YOU DID NOT ADDRESS my other problems re the unwatchable recording results, I know it’s your problem because I watch the same programs LIVE OK, but playback is useless?
    You mention W8 problems, I have W7 64 Professional O/S……………………………….just another SMOKESCREEN I think?
    Regarding H/D………….S/D also absolutely no difference.
    Finally with your so called FREE offering…………………………all I get is continuous ADVERTS, so maybe you could answer 1 question, HOW DO I RECEIVE YOUR FREE SERVICE, OR INDEED is it still available, with ads & S/D ??

    • Hi again Lago. I do sympathize with the problems you are experiencing, so let’s start by getting the company right first. The issues you are having are with a company called FilmOn. This website on the other hand, is a review/news website which is not FilmOn. We do not sell FilmOn subscriptions here at Eye on-Demand, nor have we ever. We have though, reviewed the FilmOn service. There are two key points on this particular page which indicates that. The first is the title FilmOn Review, and the second is the score under it.

      I am still happy to try and help you through your problem, but it is also from a third party perspective. The only true way would be to go to (the website for FilmOn) and contact their support team.

  35. lago

    OK thanks,
    It’s just your report/info is incorrect.
    It appeared you were sponsored by them.

    • Hi lago, thank you for contacting us again and we are glad that the difference between our company and FilmOn is now clear.
      That said, I have to say that the FilmOn review published was correct at the time of publication, and a quick test suggests it is still as such. As you can imagine, we can only review and write about what we personally see and experience. However, our readers are more than welcome to contribute with their own experiences.
      Finally, I can assure you that Eye on-Demand are not sponsored by FilmOn. All of our IPTV service reviews here are totally unbiased and based on our own experiences at the time of testing.

  36. Alan

    When recording filmon from an android tv box do you need to leave the box turned on ? Also is it ok to leave the android box on all the time and is it possible to change the order of the channel list on filmon ?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Alan, as I have not tested this on a Android box, I going to go entirely by assumption here. If the Android box uses the same app as normal Android phones, then you won’t need to leave the Android box on. The recordings should be performed in the cloud. However, the easiest way to check this is to give it a whirl. As for changing the order of channels, unless you can set Favourites, then no, there is no way. Many FilmOn Platforms allow you to create a list of favourite channels, but this varies between devices.

  37. Heike

    Hi Jo,

    just been reading through all your comments, which are a great help.

    We live in Germany and have, like many others, lost the British channels this spring over the sat dish. We have been waiting to see if a bigger dish would do the trick but were informed that it would have to be over 2m big!
    So next I was looking into the internet options. Before we had our dish rewired and bought a Humax 1010 Freesat Wifi receiver. So we can already get the on demand channels like the iplayer. But they don’t work that great, channel 5 and 4 often hook up at the ads, so that is not a long term solution. Also you can only watch something in a certain time frame…
    But to make that happen we already have a slave VPN router, which works fine.
    Out TV is a 6 year old flat screen Cineos by Philips which still works fine. It has 3 hdmi ports.
    We also have a mini ipad, an ipad, 2 iphone 4’s and 2 macbooks.
    Our pattern of watching british TV is live breakfast BBC in the morning and the rest usually taped and watch when we have time. As far as I can understand from your postings, a zattoo sub seems to be the best option for that? Should I get an apple TV for that for streaming or what would you recommend? I do not want to hook up my macbook with an HDMI cable all the time…
    How does the zattoo work technically for me in Germany to receive British TV?
    I am really looking forward to your answer as it is terrible (:-)) to be without British TV…
    Many thanks

    • Hi Heike, it sounds like it should be really easy to get Zattoo working for you.
      Basically, you will need to drop the VPN, and use Smart DNS. This is usually cheaper anyway. (unless your VPN goes to Switzerland, as that is where Zattoo is – despite the UK channels). OverPlay can provide the Smart DNS service to you which runs at around €3,60 per month (US$5).
      You will then need either an Apple TV (which costs around €110) or a Chromecast (which costs around €35). The Apple TV is a bit more polished to be honest and the Chromecast has a gotcha in that it needs a bit of wizardry to get working properly for geo-blocked content. (But the chances are, your slave VPN router is the type that can do this)
      If you use an Apple TV, it is as easy as putting the two OverPlay DNS servers in your Apple TV and iPad / iPhone, and it will airplay beautifully across to your main TV.
      For Zattoo, you will need to sign up to the Swiss service (once you have Smart DNS set-up), and when OverPlay is configured, you will automatically see the UK channels. Zattoo’s free service is pretty poor in video quality, but their sub which is not very expensive (see review) is excellent (as is their recording options).
      You must use the Swiss version of Zattoo ( and not the German one, but this should be automated with OverPlay.

      What can go wrong? Not much, but make sure you have good WiFi in your home, and good enough Internet (6Mbps or more is really needed, the higher, the better).
      OverPlay have a full refund policy if things don’t work out, if you request within 48hours. Zattoo don’t, so that is something to keep in mind.
      I would also buy the Apple TV or Chromecast from a store where you can easily return it if AirPlay doesn’t work well because of your WiFi (So always open carefully from the box).

      But I will be here to help if you have issues, and OverPlay also have a support team.

      Oh, if you get rid of your current VPN, you may not be able to use the catch-up services on your box. They may or may not work with Smart DNS (although OverPlay offer a VPN + Smart DNS for €7,20 ($10) per month). However, many other devices will work with the BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5. Probably the cheapest thing to do here (and best) is to also buy a £10 Now TV box when you are back in the UK.

      Anyway, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. What you want to do is certainly possible, and not as complex as it sounds.

  38. Heike

    Hi Jo,

    thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

    I am afraid it does sound quite complex, so I have a few more questions:

    What doe you mean by dropping the VPN? We only have our satellite receiver running on that slave router, all our other gadgets go through the main router…

    I have looked into the Smart DNS on overplay but could not work out if I need a different router for this or do I just reconfigure my laptop?

    I would get an apple TV, we tried one before to rent films but they took a long time to load in HD and as we did not have any other use for it at the time, we just plugged the HDMI cable into the laptop. Airplay worked fine from our gadgets to our TV.

    I would get a sub from Zattoo as we want to record; that is very important. But I don’t know if our internet is fast enough. Does it just come in HD? Because we can manage the iplayer programmes fine in SD and ok in HD.

    I have just done a speedtest and download is 2,939 kbit/s and upload is 329 kbit/s. Would that be enough?

    Thank you very much in advance for an answer!



    • Hi Heike,

      The VPN router was in reference to the “slave VPN router” you mentioned in your first post. I may have misunderstood this, as I was referring to the fact you don’t need to VPN traffic to the UK in order for the other “Smart DNS” service to work.

      Regarding the question using your router for Smart DNS, you don’t need to if you use an Apple TV. You can easily configure both the Apple TV and the iPad to work with Smart DNS, and not touch your router at all. When I say configure, all you have to do is add two DNS servers supplied by OverPlay into both devices’ network settings. It is really easy and OverPlay give a guide (I also do for the iPad here, but I think I should also add an Apple TV guide as well)

      You can also add the Smart DNS servers to your laptop and any other device. It will mean the BBC iPlayer will also work with them as well.

      Thanks for mentioning the speed check. The original 2,939kbps download would probably be a bit too slow. But if you can upgrade to 16Mbps, do another test afterwards and that should be fine.

      Zattoo’s video quality differs depending on the channels. All BBC and ITV1 come in what they call HiQ, which is sort of just under HD quality. It is not quite HD, but very good all the same. All the rest of the UK channels come in SD quality, which is certainly not as great, but still very good.

      I always recommend starting with the basic monthly service first. Just in case anything goes wrong. No point in buying a year sub from Zattoo and find some issue gets in the way. Things should work fine, but I tend to side with caution always on these things.

      Just a note: You can begin recording immediately with Zattoo under a sub, but their 7 day recall begins the day you take out the sub. What I mean by this, is that the 7-day recall is Zattoo’s amazing feature where you can access every programme from every channel for the last 7 days. (This is on top of your recording ability). So, if you just missed a show say on BBC Two, you can go back on the EPG (TV Guide) and watch it without having to record it. You can also record it by the way, which is quite cool. But this feature starts on the day you subscribe, so after the 2nd day, only programmes from the last two days have the recall feature, and it will take a full seven days to get all of them (but you can still record anything from the future).

  39. Heike

    Hi again Jo,

    I have just talked to my DSL provider and they told me I can get now up to 16MBit/s! So the speed should not be a problem anymore.



  40. Heike

    Hi Jo,

    sorry I have to ask you again. I have had a very frustrating 4 hours trying to set everything up. We have got the apple TV, but I could not add the DNS I could just change the one that was there, so I could only use one of the overplays 2 DNS’.

    I have added both DNS into my ipad but zattoo will only show me the German channels. I have tried to throw off the app and then go onto the Swiss page but I always get the app again from the German store. Maybe that has to do with my German email address? And of course the App store is the German one on my ipad?

    Anyway I managed to watch some German TV from the free Version through my old slower Wifi, that seemed to work. Just not getting the English channels.

    Can you help, please?

    BIG thanks and regards


    • Hi Heike, no worries. First of all, that should be fine with the Apple TV. As long as the only DNS address in OverPlay’s, then you only need one.
      The Zattoo app can be the one from the German store. That is absolutely fine. Once OverPlay is working, it won’t worry about that.

      Also, make sure that OverPlay is registered with your external IP address by visiting the Smart DNS page on their website.

  41. Heike

    Hi Jo again,

    I have just tried the iplayer on my ipad which has both DNS and it tells me I am not in the right region. So something is not right there. I have ADDED the 2 DNS to the existing one, as stated in your how to for iOS. Is that correct?



    • This could be where the problem is. You must only have the OverPlay DNS addresses in the iPad, not the old ones. So, delete any DNS servers that isn’t the OverPlay DNS servers.

      Don’t worry, we’ll get this working!

  42. Heike

    YES!!!! That was ist! I though to add means leave the old one…. probably a language problem :-). Thank you so much, Jo! I have not managed to get the faster wifi yet but it does not work too badly with the slow connection.

    One more thing, if I may ask: I have been looking everywhere for a guide how to make a list with my favourite channels but I cannot find anything. And the help in Zattoo comes back to me as bad request…

    I am sooooo glad this is working now and thank you very much fpr your time and patience with me!



    • Glad it works! That help in Zattoo is geoblocked to Switzerland IP addresses. Probably a good thing as they are not really supposed to help customers outside of their country ;O)
      Anyway, I’ll see if I can provide the answer here. On the channel list (menu>channels) swipe a channel towards the left and a selection of icons pop up. Tap the star. When the star is filled, this means it is a favourite channel.

  43. Heike

    Hi Jo,

    thank you very much yet again.

    I am afraid that Zattoo is not working this morning – no connection – and I found out that my Provider sends out dynamic IP addresses and anyway even if I had a firm IP address they would cut the connection shortly after 23 h, but I cannot have one as it is only for businesses. 🙁

    So I have been looking into whether our router can configure a dynamic DNS and there seem to be restrictions by the telekom for that router. That does not sound very good now.

    I know somebody that knows more about all this but have not been able to reach him. I think this is a little to complicated for me.

    Is there anything else I can do in the meantime?

    Thank you and kind regards


  44. Heike

    Hi Jo,

    so I have been looking a bit more at your How to … and now installed the web app from overplay onto my iphone and voila – it works! my ipad shows everything again! That is certainly quite an easy solution… So you can ignore my question from before!

    Kind regards and your blog is great!


    • Glad that you got that working Heike. At the moment I use the NAS method, which automates everything fully. A NAS is like a small, low-powered computer/hard drive that is always on, where the household stores shared files, music etc. Because it is always on, I have a small script on it that automates this whole process. I can imagine though, that this is not a solution for the average household.

      I’m working with OverPlay to try and create an easier solution that everyone will be able to use, but I have no timeline when that could be completed. In the meantime, one great tip for most routers is to switch it off and on at some unholy time during the night just once. For most routers, this is when they will create their new IP address, which means each day, this will change in the middle of the night. This means that:
      a) It is easier to remember first thing in the morning to use that webapp to re-register.
      b) The changeover won’t happen in the middle of a programme being watched 😉
      Oh, and the iPhone has a dedicated app in the app-store!

  45. Heike

    Hi Jo,

    just wanted to let you know how very pleased we are with the whole set up and especially your help. It has been working since last Thursday and even with our slow internet connection we have been able to watch everything. It is no problem to change the IP back every morning with the help of the overplay app. My husband and I have it on both of our ipads and we use apple tv which is great and works wonderfully. So this has been a great solution for us. Thank you again!


    • That’s brilliant! If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I can’t promise we will have every answer, but we’ll certainly do our best. We also have some exciting plans here at Eye on-Demand for the near future, so do come back as well!

  46. Max

    Hi, I use FilmOn based in the UAE and whilst it works fine on my Windows 7 based laptop, it does not work so well on my iPad4. It constantly shows the error ‘could not load film’ and the touch buttons do not work especially the full screen option. The small screen viewing when working, shows disproportionate screen viewing. Any advice please? Thanks

    • Hi Max, is this for their on-demand content or live?

  47. john plush

    Hi! Simple question: one can pause a filmon recording, but is it possible to rewind by a few seconds? Thanks

    • Hi John, no, you can pause on some platforms (and only for a limited period of time) but there is no true PVR. For that, you would need Zattoo under a sub which has not only full PVR (Pause, rewind and full restart of a TV show from the beginning if you jumped in), but also every programme from every channel is “recorded” for 7 days to catch up, as well as the ability to add up to 250 “permanent” recordings.

  48. steinar

    i have just boght a skyworth smart tv but when i try to get filmon it dosnt show any playbuttons what can i do i have i thinkits linux os system

    • Unfortunately, very few streaming video websites actually work with Smart TVs. It sounds ironic, and it is. The problem is both Linux and Flash which don’t talk to each other these days. Sadly, there is are few ways around this without investing in a 3rd party hardware device. The cheapest solution for you, if you have an Android smart phone or tablet that installs FilmOn, would be Chromecast. As long as you are within the region FilmOn supports for the UK channels (most of Europe), you should be able to easily chromecast FilmOn to the TV.

      If you have iOS, FilmOn doesn’t yet work with Chromecast, but it will airplay. That said, a better alternative then maybe the TVPlayer app, but you will need Smart DNS or VPN outside of the UK.

      If you are outside of Europe and watching the UK FilmOn channels, you are problem either using a VPN or DNS service. This is no real problem with airplay, but chromecast requires a bit of magic at the router end to get things working – and not all routers can pull this off. Check the how-to menu for a guide.

  49. Hello
    I’m using film on on my LG smart TV. If I select full screen only the bottom half of the screen is picture, the upper half is black. It used to work fine. Any ideas why?
    Otherwise I’m a BIG fan.
    Thanks Annie

    • Hi Annie,
      The problem is most likely to do with an update on your LG TV. Browsers on smart TVs are generally sitting on top of a custom Linux/Unix OS, and Flash is not supported. Few video streaming services work well on Smart TVs, and the chances are (at least in the short term) they will get worse.

      If you have an Android phone or tablet, your best bet may be to grab yourself a Chromecast stick. This can be bought for around €35 and FilmOn has Chromecast support for Android.

  50. Elizabeth Scott

    Hi, I’ve just started watching FilmOn and today our 3 network says we have used up our surf time for this month. Is this connected?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Yes, anything that streams a lot of data, video and music are two such things, can eat up data allowances either for broadband, but especially mobile data. (For those that have data caps).

  51. sandra carpenter

    I have set on filmon tonight to record strickly but the time of the recording says 1.15 in the morning. As you know the programme starts at 8.00. Will this still record?

    • I Sandra,
      My gut feeling says no it won’t, but without knowing more information about why there are time differences, I can answer this one.
      Also, perhaps contacting FilmOn’s support is an option as they may have more answers.

      Finally, if you are really interested in Strictly Come Dancing, Why not just grab it off the BBC iPlayer? Video quality is stunning and you can watch it whenever you like. If you are outside of the UK, you will need something like Unblock US or OverPlay, but they are really quite affordable. Click one of the links to the right and check them out – Unblock-US will even give you a free week’s trial without any payment details handed over!

  52. Caroline

    We love using FilmOn in Crete but since last weekend the recording time has changed to 1 Hour which means that any TV progs such as JK can’t be recorded – such a shame; can’t you make the SD allowance just a bit more?????

    • Philip

      Yeap, seconded what Caroline has asked for. If it can’t be 10 hours, well hopefully more than 1hr. 3 Hours? For recording a film, or MOTD. I was even denied the ability to record Gogglebox as with ads it came it at 1 hr and 5mins. Love FilmOn but I’m currently in a timezone 8 hours off the UK and so this has really cut back on its usefulness as I simply can’t view most items live.

      • Hi Philip, definitely let FilmOn know about your requests here. The more people that ask for something, the greater the demand would be to provide it.

        • Philip

          Hi Jo’, well fingers crossed, I did what you suggested and emailed their support team at At worst it’ll be deleted, at unlikely best if enough people as you say contact them maybe they will give an increase.

          • Hi Philip, my experience with FilmOn support is that they are pretty good at helping with problems. As this is a request for a change in service, I’m pretty sure that at the very least, they will take it seriously in listening – of course, it probably will require a few more requests before they actually consider changing anything.

            That said, there are alternatives out there. Zattoo is my personal favourite, but it does cost money – though not much. They charge around 7-8€ per month, plus Smart DNS fee, but for that you get near HD quality streams for the BBC and ITV1, and near SD for the others (better than FilmOn SD), a full catch-up service of every single programme on every channel for 7 days – so you can easily flip through their EPG and select any show from the last 7 days to play back, plus recordings for 250 programmes. It is quite a lot really. A full review can be found here:

            It is worth keeping in mind that the Smart DNS required to unblock them will also unblock an enormous amount of georestricted content, including the BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD, Demand 5 from the UK, Netflix (all regions, so you can flip between libraries), Sky’s Now TV, Amazon Prime, PBS, Hulu, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, Australia’s ABC etc (of course, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or any service that needs sits behind a paywall will also need a sub, but the free ones like the iPlayer, NBC website etc all work). It is quite a lot of television and may be worth consideration.

    • Hi Caroline, I think this is something you should speak with FilmOn about, we just review the streaming services here at Eye on-Demand. Contact FilmOn’s support and hopefully they can help you.

  53. paz

    I have generally lived in the campo out here in Spain where options were once extremely limited. Filmon works great for us with limited monthly data with its low bandwidth usage and picture is fine on laptops which we tend to use nowadays whilst the tv is more of a gaming screen. I detest teh amount of scams out here, people buying ip set top boxes and all that nonsense when filmon will usually be the perfect free solution for them.

  54. richard

    I live in New Zealand and I have a Fibre 100 meg download speed. I have an HP Pavilion DV6 which is connected to the internet router via ethernet cable. I also have a Macbook Pro with Retina Scan and this connects wirelessly to the internet via 5G which is the fastest wireless connection. I can play any live stream perfectly except for one…you guessed it ‘Filmon’! Some days it is absolutely fine, other days it is unwatchable as you get about 10 seconds of program then a pause which can be as long as 30 seconds! When Filmon is unwatchable, I check my internet speed and also check by playing other streaming content. I personally think at certain times you have too many people online. In this day and age there is no excuse for this sort of thing to happen. I have not subscribed because of the time difference, and I’m not interested in watching news or breakfast TV in the evenings here. Channels like Quest are more of an interest to me, but it doesn’t matter what channel I want to watch, as when it freezes this happens on all the channels Filmon offers. What is puzzling is that when you select a channel, the picture does appear after a few seconds but it remains paused. After a couple of minutes it may then start to play, but for only a few seconds as mentioned above. I’ve been trying Filmon on and off for a few months now but nothing has changed. I’ve also tried using a proxy but no different, and in any case it can’t be the dns as it allows me to watch programmes on good days.

    • Hi Richard, how are you unblocking FilmOn? (It sounds as though you are watching UK TV?) Is it with OverPlay or another Smart DNS service, or via VPN?

      Watching live content from so far away can be a problem. I also have issues when I want to watch live streams from Australia (if you know of live NZ streams, let me know please).

      However, to test if it is FilmOn, try a couple of alternatives. Zattoo has a free service, but you need to sign up. If you are with OverPlay, point your JetSwitch for Zattoo to Switzerland and you will get the UK channels. The best free service is TVPlayer though, which has the best quality live stream for free.

      The timezone issue is of course massive, so how does the iPlayer work at your end? (Other UK channels have their own services, such as ITV Player, Demand 5 and the amazing All 4.)

  55. Got subscription for MacBook Pro but would suggest you wait until FilmOn gets higher quality streaming. There is very little difference in quality from SD to HD. I definitely will wait to subscribe to more months service.

  56. siggi

    when I use my iPad to play filmon via my apple tv why does it stop once the screen goes into sleep mode?

    • Hi Siggi,

      This is because the developers at FilmOn have not enabled this AirPlay feature. It would be best to contact them and request this to be added. Competing service from Zattoo does allow this, in fact, Zattoo will let you manually switch off the iPad or use it for other apps and the stream will still play on the TV via AirPlay.

  57. Hi
    I have tried to record programmes but get a message saying I need to delete other recordings but I have none saved
    I have deleted the app and re installed but it’s still the same
    I had no issues last year as I used the record function regularly
    Can you advise how I can rectify this problem

  58. Douglas

    I am having recent problems on Filmon watching UK terrestrial channels in particular ITV and even BBC one…………….it does not cease to buffer and makes it difficult to watch a programme from start to finish. I am in Gibraltar so well within Europe!
    What can I do?

    • Hi Douglas, are you watching on a browser, mobile device or set-top-box? This is important to know.

      One problem could be your WiFi, but it could also be your Internet. Perhaps even your ISP is throttling the service. Some browsers also have problems, so it is worth testing on a different browser.

      Try testing on different devices, for instance, on a different browser, or on an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet etc.

      Let us know if there are any differences.

  59. David


    We have film on our TV in Spain using minix 5 the time keeps coming on I need to switch from hd to sd how do I do this a the timer cuts the viewing off

    • Do you have a FilmOn subscription David? The timer is designed to cut off access to the higher quality streams for free users.

      If you have a subscription and still seeing this, I can recommend some alternative options that may provide much better quality streams for less if you’re interested.

  60. Hi guys,
    Does anyone know, where I can find the option on the film.on website to cancel my registration ? All what I’M told (what I can read) is, that I must cancel it on the website…. but I can not find the option.

    PS: Extracted from their terms and conditions
    15.1 You can cancel your registration to the FilmOn service at any time via our website at If you want to cancel you must notify us online via our website by clicking on the section marked Cancel my FilmOn registration and following the instructions shown there. We will track this request and it will form part of your customer account history. As soon as you have requested cancellation no further access to the Films, FilmOn3d or the Service will be possible. We only accept cancellation requests via our website and are unable to accept cancellation requests made via letter, SMS text message or any other method of communication.
    15.2 When your cancellation notice is accepted we will send you a confirmation email to the address notified by you upon registration.
    15.3 We will only refund amounts paid by you if there is a fault on our delivery system (and not any third party’s fault), and provided that (i) you notify us via email ( about such a fault in our delivery system and (ii) we do not rectify the fault within 14 days of your notice.

    • Hi Hubert,
      I don’t have a FilmOn subscription, so I can’t answer this one, but I would contact FilmOn support. They have a pretty solid help-desk that should be able to guide you through the process.

  61. Glenn tibbles

    Hi my name is Glenn and I live in Thailand, for me you’re product is fine for 70% of the time,
    But it has an annoying breakdown just when you get to the best part of a program, and when I try to start up again it just fails which means I go back to YouTube , today all day has been crap, I’m going to buy an android box instead because this really is so frustrating ..

  62. Glenn

    I have been selling android tv boxes for the last couple of years in cyprus and since approx 10 months ago the Filmon app takes around 1 min 15 seconds to buffer a channel. This only happens on certain boxes and I have tried everything to fix it with no success. Even some boxes I installed two years ago that did work ok with only a few seconds of buffering to load a channel now take well over a minuite which leads me to the conclusion it is Filmon that changed something. Many of my customers have switched to the mobdro app which incidentally uses Filmon streams but works ok.
    Any help would be appreciated

  63. Libby

    Can I watch British Eurosport on Filmon? My son-in-law is coming here to Portugal in June & will want to watch Le Mans 24hr race.

  64. Thanks for the article, is there any way I can receive an email whenever you publish a new update? gkgeebadgckekfaf