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Eye on Demand | July 16, 2018

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News: CBS Follows BBC’s Lead for Internet First Syndication

News: CBS Follows BBC’s Lead for Internet First Syndication

It may not roll off our tongues, but somewhere in our consciousness we are aware of the principle of television network syndication; traditionally the roll out of TV programmes across various broadcast networks and countries. But in a sign that on-demand TV is a new force to be reckoned with, the American network CBS has also announced their intention to begin selected Internet releases before conventional broadcast television.

Back in Feburary the BBC announced their own plans with selected shows and now it seems to be CBS’s turn in the US, whose planned release for The Good Wife begins with Amazon Prime Instant Video starting on March 14th, and then arriving at Hulu Plus in September with Hallmark scheduled for January 2014. Traditional broadcasting has been pushed a fair way back in the queue with local US TV stations acquiring the show around September 2014, a year and a half after its first on-demand release.

At least with the BBC, this was available free of charge via the iPlayer first.

Could this really be the future of television? With traditional broadcasting relegated to the distant future long after everyone has already watched the show? Could this be the end of campfire television, where families and friends all group around the TV to watch a show city or countrywide at exactly the same time?

Will there be anything to discuss at the office water fountain the next day?

Deep questions to ponder indeed, here at Eye On-Demand.

Source: CBS