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Eye on Demand | July 16, 2018

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Official UK Live TV Simulcasts

Official UK Live TV Simulcasts

Having problems with UK live television simulcasts since the recent ECJ (European Court of Justice) ruling? Until the waves settle, we won’t know exactly where it all stands, but regardless of which, you can always still watch live television direct from the horses mouth, although you may need a VPN or Smart DNS service outside the UK.

Despite the lack of a central listing of television channels, there maybe advantages to watching through the official sources anyway. Video quality is often quite high and the BBC in particular offer extra services such as the ability to begin the current live programme right from the start, or in fact any time in the previous two hours.

Every link here will direct you to their official website. Commercial stations may play ads before the live stream and all links are free.

Some services, such as Channel 4, require you to set your timezone to GMT.


BBC One    BBC Two    BBC Three

BBC Four    BBC News    BBC CBBC

BBC Cbeebies    BBC Parliament    BBC Alba

ITV1    ITV2    ITV3

ITV4    Channel 4    47

E4    More4    Film4


This service is geographically unblocked on this platform by the following Smart DNS providers:

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    Have you tried Jo? It gives details of uk progs and lets you watch them on PC – better than Film On. Do you think it could be downloaded to Samsung Tv like Film On?

    • Hi Ken, no, is unknown to me. Are you thinking of If that is the case, I know that company. They have a very nice UI, but the last time I checked them, their streams were white labelled from FilmOn.

      You could always try them on a Samsung TV, but I don’t know how well that interface will work, if at all. Worth trying if you have a TV available. There are much better ways to get live UK IPTV though on a real television, though FilmOn (and some of their white label partners) are the only ones available outside of the UK for free (with the exception of Switzerland and using a service like Zattoo).

      Other services generally need a smart DNS or VPN to work abroad, at least if you want to watch on a TV, which isn’t free, but not too expensive. TVPlayer is free to watch for instance (and better quality than FilmOn the last time I checked them both), but it needs a Smart DNS service for it to work. Pretty nice on the Amazon Fire TV Stick though.