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Eye on Demand | August 15, 2018

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How-To: Creating an iTunes Account for a Different Country

How-To: Creating an iTunes Account for a Different Country

Maybe you have recently signed up to a smart DNS or VPN service and you now want access to a specific iOS on-demand app from abroad. If you suddenly realize the respective television apps are not to be found anywhere in your local iTunes App Store, this is no cause for alarm!

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On the other hand, you may just want to access another countries iTunes store so you can buy music or videos not available in your own.

In any event it is quick and easy to create a new iTunes ID in another country where you can access any free content. If you happen to have a credit card or gift voucher from that country, you also have the option to buy apps, music and videos as well – all without interfering with your existing local iTunes account.

The only thing you need to set this up, is an additional email address. If you cannot easily get one from your ISP, you could always create a new one from a free web based service such as GMX, Google etc, or use your work email – presuming it doesn’t break any workplace policies. Any email address will do, as long as it is not the same as the one you currently use for iTunes.

Note: The only barrier we have found to using these steps below are with iTunes Match subscribers. Due to the way Apple treats iTunes Match, while users are subscribed they may not allow changing iTunes accounts and countries. If you don’t subscribe to iTunes Match, then this barrier should not affect you.

Step 1:

If you haven’t already done so, sign out of iTunes from your existing account.

Step 2:

Select the iTunes Store as demonstrated below and then click on the flag showing your current location. (it may be different to the flag in the example)

Step 2

Step 3:

Choose the country of the new store you wish to create an iTunes account for.

Step 4:

Now here is the important bit; Unless you have a credit card or gift voucher from the country you wish to access, you need to find a free app first and select to download it. This is of course exactly what you may want to do anyway if you were after a specific regional app.

Once you have found a free iOS app and begun to download it, you will jump to the Sign In window.

Step 5:

At the Sign In window, instead of entering your existing iTunes account details, opt to Create an Apple ID.

Step 5a

Step 6:

On the next screen, click continue to access the terms and conditions window. If you agree with Apple’s terms and conditions, tick the required box and click Agree.

Step 7:

Fill out all the required fields and then click Continue.

Step 7

Step 8:

If you have a Credit Card or gift voucher from this country and wish to use it for purchases, feel free to enter the details here. You will need some form of payment to purchase items that are not free. Naturally, it goes without saying that when dealing with any payment method such as credit cards, you should fill out the requested details correctly as required by law.

Otherwise, if you only require the account to download free apps from iTunes, then select the None option shown here. You will have to fill in the other details to the best of your ability.

If you do not see the None option, it is possible you didn’t access this form by first selecting a free app in the new country store. If you require this option, you must cancel out of the current form and return to Step 4.

Step 8

Step 9:

Finally, select Create Apple ID and a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you specified in Step 7.

Step 10:

After you have verified your new account by entering the requested details, you will now have access to the new iTunes store.


Important Notes:

  • Although all apps will function together regardless of the store they are purchased from, they may only offer updates if you are currently in the regional store they were purchased in. i.e. if you are currently in the US store where most of your apps were downloaded from, only those apps will update. You will have to log out of this store on your iOS device, and into the other regional store to update apps purchased there.
  • Once you have more than one Apple ID – To switch between country stores, you only need to log out from your current store, and log back in with the alternate Apple ID. This will switch stores automatically, as each ID is associated with a specific country store. You do not need to change countries using the method in Step 2.

Many apps are geoblocked from outside of their respective countries. One of the best ways to unblock television streaming services when abroad is via Smart DNS. We recommend one of the following Smart DNS companies:

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  1. Marko

    Hi, I struggle to get past step 2, as this kind of screen doesn’t seem to exist in my iPad (think this is a newer iOS). Is there another way of accessing a foreign App Store? Thanks!

    • Hi Marko, you have to do these steps on a computer, it doesn’t work on other devices such as an iPad. Try on a Mac or PC.

  2. Marko

    Thanks for the quick answer! Can i open the account on a Mac and then access the foreign store on my iPad to download an app on the iPad?

    • Hi Marco, you should install iTunes on your computer. Open the account there. Once you have created a new account, you can go to your iPad, log out of your current one, and then into you new account for a different region – all the region-specific apps will now appear. Two points:
      1) Try to keep all normal app downloads from your regular account. This just makes it easier for the updating process as you will need to keep typing your password for any updates from an app that originated in a different store you are logged into.
      2) Region-specific apps generally need you to log back into that separate account before you can see the update.

      These will become more clear once you have created the new accont.

  3. Marko

    Thanks a lot, managed to do it now!

  4. will

    what free app should i download? i dont get that part?

    • Hi Will,
      The app you choose is the one which led you to another country’s store in the first place. For instance, if you want a UK iTunes store, you may go for the BBC iPlayer, for the American iTunes store it could be Hulu Plus or CBS, for Australian, ABC iView etc. Any app that is free on that particular store.


    Thanks a lot. This worked just fine. I already feared I need to go through all that rigmarole to close my account in the one place, i.e. buy something stupid just to clean the credit, just to be able to open another account at another place. Problem I foresee though is say I want to open yet another account somewhere else. Sooner or later I will run out of email accounts as there are only so many providers.

    • Creating new email accounts for each country can indeed be a bit of a hassle. It pays to keep track of them, and which ones will update each country – as you will have to log in every now and again to launch updates of region-restricted apps.

      • Sambo

        Same goes for PSN. EU and USA accounts take different codes. And each region has different games to select from. Keep a regular MSWord file with all your credentials in it and then password protect it. email it to yourself on a regular basis (if you use a “cloud” email service like yahoo or google) or copy it to reliable (secure) place(s) that won’t fail.

      • Bronwyn

        If you have a google account just use the + trick. No new account needed. Say your address is john Gmail sees that as being exactly the same as, or, or The iTunes store sees these as different addresses though. I use for the UK store, for the Australian one etc.

  6. Nu

    Hallo there!
    I tried all of above but unfortunately at step 8 although selecting “none” I am required to give a UK address which I do not have! Can you help please?
    Kind regards

  7. Allison

    Hi, I’m looking to purchase music from the Australian store (that isn’t available in the US store). If I use this method, will I still be able to listen to the music in my library on my regular account? Do I have to create a whole new email address to do this? Thank you!

  8. JN

    Also got stuck on Step 8. Trying to create an account in Canada. The app I chose was free (I tried twice, with 2 different apps), “None” was selected, and it still would not let me create an apple id without providing a Title, First and Last Name, Street, Area Code and Phone number. 🙁

    Please update the instructions, thanks!

    • Hi JN,
      This part has not changed. Unfortunately, everyone needs to enter an address in the country that they wish to have an iTunes in. This part is the responsibility of each individual, as I don’t know who has addresses, friends or family and where – as you can imagine.

  9. martunes

    If you are trying to purchase iTunes gift cards internationally, the best site I’ve tried is they are super reliable and the codes are sent directly to your email within minutes. Highly recommend!

    • Pohara

      Thanks Martunes

  10. Nathan

    This no longer seems to work with the current version of iTunes. Apple now forces you to type in an address even if you are not purchasing anything. 🙁

  11. Pohara

    Brilliant. Im in Australia and want to access USA apps.

    This worked perfectly for me. Thank you!

  12. Omofar


    Thanks for the article. However, I am stuck around step 9. How do I resolve the following

    1) The fact that do not have the other country’s address since I do not live in that country.

    2) How do I pay for products from the other country with my own country’s card details.

    Kindly advise.