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Eye on Demand | April 21, 2018

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News: WD TV Play Announced

News: WD TV Play Announced

In what appears to be a direct nod to the popular Roku on-demand box, which in turn seems remarkably similar to the Apple TV puck, Western Digital has announced their new streaming set-top box, the WD TV Play.

Offering the usual American based services such as Netflix, Hulu+, Crackle, Vudu and many more, it is unknown yet what this will mean for other international regions. If a promotional image on WD’s online store is anything to go by, this device may very well include ABC’s iView from Australia and the UK’s BBC iPlayer.

Sporting the expected HDMI port for 1080p connection to high definition televisions, there is also a composite port ideal for older TVs, naturally without HD support.  This does make the WD TV Play attractive to people who have not yet updated their television but still wish to embrace on-demand services.

How exactly will this compare to the Roku device is not yet clear, but price-wise it sits within the same range at US$70.

Source: PRNewswire