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Eye on Demand | August 15, 2018

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How-To: Changing Your Samsung D&E Series TV/Blu-Ray Country App Store

How-To: Changing Your Samsung D&E Series TV/Blu-Ray Country App Store

So you’ve got yourself a great D or E series Samsung Smart TV and thought to yourself how great it would be to install some of those on-demand apps from your home country, despite being abroad. It won’t take long for you to realize that the only store available in the smart hub is your local one, and there does not appear to be any way to change this. That is of course unless you use the backdoor, and it’s a lot easier than you may think.

Novice smallIt is quite possible to change which app store your Samsung TV will open. You can access a wide range of countries and each store will perhaps contain region specific apps. In doing so, this could unlock exactly the services you are after, whether the BBC iPlayer from the UK, ABC iView from Australia or maybe TVNZ Ondemand from New Zealand.

This guide is for the D and E series. If you have one of the newer F series TV or Blu-Ray player, you may want to try this method.

What you can do:

  • Change the app store to any country Samsung supports.
  • Install any apps from your chosen region.
  • Change back to your original region at a later stage.
  • Apps may retain settings after changing regions, so if you return to your original region and reinstall previous apps, they may have kept your previous settings.

What this will not do:

  • Install apps from multiple regions; only apps from one store will be available at any given time. Previous apps will be deleted before your region is changed. If you wish to install apps from multiple countries and retain on the single Smart Hub, this is possible with E-Series Samsung televisions, but you must also follow these additional and more complicated steps.
  • This will not change your existing satellite, cable or terrestrial services.

One very important thing to keep in mind is that changing regional stores and installing apps does not guarantee that the app will work outside of its native region. Many apps restrict themselves to specific regions and in order to access them outside of this, you may require a VPN or smart DNS service.

Unblocking geographic restrictions on this device is supported by the following Smart DNS providers:

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Help! In order to help other readers, we are trying to create a list of what widgets/apps are available on each television or blu-ray model. If you have tested this service, please don’t hesitate to post a short note at the bottom of this page and let us know what model Samsung device you have, if it is a TV or Blu-Ray player and which of the main apps/widgets you have installed. We are especially interested in the following English speaking stores: UK (for BBC iPlayer, BBC Sport, 4oD, ITV, STV and Demand 5), Australia (for ABC, SBS, Plus 7 or the other two FTA networks when they become available), New Zealand (For TVNZ and TV3 when it becomes available), Ireland (For RTÉ & TV3 when it becomes available) as well as any US or Canadian FTA catch-up networks.

Step 1:

Make sure your television is connected to the internet. If you require help, consult your television’s manual.


Step 2:

Power up your TV and enter the smart hub by pressing the appropriate key on the Samsung remote.

Step 2

Step 3:

Once the Smart Hub has appeared, press only the following keys in exactly this order:

  • Fast-forward (>>)
  • 289
  • Rewind (<<)


Step 4:

If the key-press sequence was performed correctly, you should have entered a backdoor service menu. A list of countries, representing the various regional app stores will appear so you can now select the one that you wish to use.

Step 4

Step 5:

If you agree with the next few terms & conditions, do so.

Step 5

Step 6:

After a short moment, you will be asked to update the Smart Hub. Press Yes.

Step 6

Step 7:

The Smart Hub will automatically remove all existing apps and install different ones from the new store. I recommend rebooting the television and agreeing to any further smart hub updates. It is up to you to choose which additional apps you wish to install.

Once this is complete, your TV will have effectively a dual personality. All normal TV operations will remain as it was, so your cable, satellite or terrestrial feeds from your local country will not change. However, your television’s smart hub will now offer apps from a second, alternative country. In most cases, this will include on-demand or catch-up services, but every now and again, you may come across an app that offers live television as well.

All you may need to do now is set up a smart DNS or VPN service. Because the Samsung Smart TVs do not have a facility to directly configure a VPN, it is recommended to choose a smart DNS service.

If this has successfully worked, you can now sit back, relax and enjoy on-demand content from back home, directly on your main television without the need of additional hardware.


Although the above steps are generally safe, Eye On-Demand takes no responsibility for any damage to your television or any other issues that may arise. Perform the above actions entirely at your own risk.

Due to the differences in firmware around the world, Eye On-Demand does not recommend purchasing a Samsung Smart TV solely to access streaming services from another region. This may be an additional bonus feature, but in our opinion should not be the main reason for purchasing this television. Backdoor features are not officially supported by Samsung for consumer use and although unlikely, this feature may change or disappear without notice.

Help! In order to help other readers, we are trying to create a list of what widgets/apps are available on each television or blu-ray model. If you have tested this service, please don’t hesitate to post a short note at the bottom of this page and let us know what model Samsung device you have, if it is a TV or Blu-Ray player and which of the main apps/widgets you have installed. We are especially interested in the following English speaking stores: UK (for BBC iPlayer, BBC Sport, 4oD, ITV, STV and Demand 5), Australia (for ABC, SBS, Plus 7 or the other two FTA networks when they become available), New Zealand (For TVNZ and TV3 when it becomes available), Ireland (For RTÉ & TV3 when it becomes available) as well as any US or Canadian FTA catch-up networks.

Unblocking geographic restrictions on this device is supported by the following Smart DNS providers:

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  1. serhan

    Works Perfect ! Thanks

  2. vinb

    do you know how to do this on the 2013 model, 558000F?

    • I haven’t created a guide yet, but it is possible – sadly though, not as easy as with the D and E series. Here is an alternative guide:

  3. I found a link which describes the process…it is simple and it works.

  4. shio

    thx for help

  5. Don

    Unfortunately I access SmartHub via a Blu-ray player BD E5900 and neither of the solutions given work on that machine (there’s no mute key on the remote, for example)

  6. Matt

    I purchased a Samsung smart tv (3D) in the Philippines (UA46D6600 series) last year and now i find on return to Australia that it is locked to analog channels only. My region options do not show australia and it only auto tunes for analog. Samsung has not been particularly helpful. Surely there is some way to install australian factory settings or unlock the digital channel tuning option? Can you help!!!

    • Hi Matt, sadly this is not as easy as changing the country app store. The method above is just for accessing internet widgets, what you have is a TV bought in Singapore with hardware tuners included for the Singapore market. There are definitely firmware issues involved here, but the hardware of the tuners itself may be different to what is inside the Australian model. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be helped there. You still have a great TV though, and an additional set-top receiver is perhaps your best bet. You could probably pick up a reasonably cheap one that will work with either the Satellite, cable or terrestrial Australian channels that you want. Sure, it’s not quite as nice as a built-in solution, but it will save buying a whole new TV – and you should be able to still use your Samsung widgets for Internet TV.

      If anyone else has another idea or even a solution, don’t be shy to help Matt here.


  7. Sami

    Hey Jo,

    I have a simpilier problem then the one you just described. IT also requires an initial question. I bought a 55″ 2012 flat screen, thin Samsung smart tv in the US and brought it to Australia. My TV simply can’t pick up free-to-air (free digital) tv (theres no more analog in OZ). Is this because its a US model, or is there another problem? Thanks.


    • Hi Sami,
      Yeap, this is much more complicated. It could be just that the firmware needs to be changed, but I wouldn’t do this without consulting Samsung themselves, as I have heard of people bricking their TV when changing to another country’s firmware. This can happen because of hardware differences between Australian and US terrestrial receivers built into the TV.
      On the other hand, if your US TV’s tuner was only digital as well, there may not be a hardware issue. Analogue services was NTSC in the US and PAL in Australia, which hardware-wise was incomparable, but new digital receivers may not have any issues.
      Do check with Samsung, but you could also ask the great folk over at Samygo. They have a forum there, and if anyone knows how to handle this, these people may.

      Until then, any local (and cheap) digital receiver should work with your TV – it’s not as good as built in, but it will get your TV working again.

  8. pip

    Hi Jo can you pls tell how to change smart HUB country for samsung smart tv UE40ES6300, I tried the Fowaqrd 289 and rewind but nothing happend.. any other way to do it??


    • pip

      pls ignore.. manage to do it.. forgot to put sources to tv.. now working thanks

      • Glad it’s working now. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate… 🙂

  9. Wendy

    I have ps64d8000 and have changed dns to USA and got Netflix USA working. I also did the >>289<>289<< and now that won't work now. Please help

    • Hi Wendy, I just tested it on my ES-6900 series and it changed fine still. It is important to press the remote keys as soon as you enter the smart hub. (i.e. before any other keys are pressed). Also, make sure your remote is correctly pointing at the screen – this may sound odd, but if it misses one of the key presses in the sequence, nothing will happen, so you will have to exit the smart hub, re-enter it and try again. Let us know if you still have problems.

  10. Mig

    Hi Jo,
    Thank you for this tips!
    I have an es6900 too but my picture settings aren’t as good as expected.
    Can you share your settings?

    • I could, but I know my limits. I’m no expert on configuring picture settings. My video quality would probably make experts gasp in disbelief. Have a go asking the good folk over at AVForums, as they have some really good pixel peepers there.

  11. Mig

    Thank you,
    Already checked on avforum but settiings are almost for 6 7 8 series and no one have the 6990 model calibrated.
    From their settings brightness is always between 43-50 unlike mine wich is more, no way to have good black levels….with this panel

    • It seems to depend on inputs for me. Netflix on the Smart Hub seems very hard to control and get right for some reason, but looks fine via the Apple TV or Roku. But I am fine with the black levels on 4oD and iPlayer on the Smart Hub. Fine tuning a TV’s picture is quite a complex job. I remember meeting a guy back in Sydney a while back who made that his career – he went around to houses to perfect their picture settings (for a fee of course). I can understand how much that is needed.

  12. Smera

    I am in Turkey and bought BD-E 5500 blu ray player. Can I change region to get UK apps? It seems that command 289 does not work. Can the Samygo widget be installed on it? Also, there is no Skype among the apps offered. Thanks very much.

    • Smera

      It worked finally FF289RW and I was able to change to UK and download apps. I was previously pressing all the time wrong buttons. So, on BD-E 5500 this method works.

      • Great news. Thanks for keeping us updated!

  13. Damian

    OMG .. god bless you for this tutorial. Seriously …. thanks!!!

  14. BJ

    I have a UN50EH5300FXZC bought in Canada. When I type in Fast-forward (>>) 289 Rewind (<<) all I get is the Loading pop up in the top right corner. The country list does not appear. Any help?

    • I have never seen this one before, but I am not sure of the EH series. Perhaps it doesn’t work with these. Try asking at the SamyGo forums as they may have an idea.

  15. AKIN


    i was wondering if if you know of any other way this would work? I have a sasmsung UN45E6500 UN40ES6500 and it doesn’t seem to work. I know i was hitting the keys, but it just didn’t work.


    • Hi Akin, There were two issues that I saw could make this difficult. One was if I used the remote for other things in the Smart Hub. The trick is, start your Smart Hub, but don’t do anything else as soon as it pops up – not even move the cursor around. (And by Smart Hub, I mean the root of it, you shouldn’t actually be in the app store).

      The second problem was if the remote wasn’t pointed directly at the TV. It may sound a bit condescending (and I don’t mean to be), but try standing a little closer to the TV. Sometimes the remote misses the odd click, which in normal circumstances will not be noticed, but here it is vital. If these don’t help, let me know.

  16. Sam L

    Hey Great thread, Im trying this with my girlfriends Samsung Bluray c7500, and im having no joy, am trying to get netflix on it really. any help would be greatly appreciated. i have done the >>289< but nothing is happening.

    • Hi Sam, the catch is that letter C just before the 7500. This method is not possible with the C-series televisions. Thankfully Netflix has one of the best platform support of any on-demand service, so there should be a number of alternative devices you could connect to your girlfriend’s TV. (I can think of a number of good gift ideas there ;O) But sadly not directly on the TV. Does she have an Internet enabled Blu-Ray player, Apple TV etc?

  17. Mitch Buchanan

    I’m in Australia and trying to get NetFlix to work on my BD-D8500 Bluray/PVR.
    I first manually set my DNS to use a temporary UnBlock US server and then, using the fwd-289-rwd trick, I was able to install the USA SmartHub including the NetFlix app. But when I launch NetFlix it tells me I don’t have an internet connection. I know that’s not correct because I can watch Youtube videos. Any suggestions on how to get this to work? I noticed on one of the menus in the SmartHub settings, it says something about NetFlix ESN not support and there’s an ‘X’. Does this mean Samsung has barred my device from using Netflix?

    • Hi Mitch, are you still having this problem with Netflix? Does Netflix work on other platforms, such as the web interface, mobile device etc? The D-series Blu-Ray’s are an older STB so it is possible that Netflix is not supported, but to be honest that would surprise me since they offer the widget in the store and Netflix is widely available.

      • Mitch Buchanan

        Hi Jo’, yes, I am able to get Netflix on my laptop with the same DNS setting. On my Blu Ray player the Netflix app is there and it seems to launch, but just mid way through launching it says I don’t have an internet connection. Pandora and Hulu seem to work. I can only guess that Netflix knows I’m using an Australian Blu Ray player, and blocking me. Have you heard anything like that before?

        • Hi Mitch, no, I’ve never heard that before and I know other Australians have had success with Australian Blu-Ray players. It sounds more that it is a problem with the widget on your player. Possibly it is not compatible, or for that particular model, the firmware doesn’t work out. What was the model number?

          • Mitch Buchanan

            Hi Jo’,

            Model: BD-D8500A
            Model code: BD-D8500A/XY

            Frustrating that I am able to install Netflix but not use it. I guess I will have to buy an Apple TV or something.

          • Hi Mitch, it could be that the D-series is not compatible with the latest Netflix widget. The D series is one of the first true Smart DNS Blu-Ray players from Samsung. This is a complaint other people with the D-series have made.

  18. Jeremy

    Hi, I’m having trouble to change the country. I have a purchased-in-Korea UN46D6400UF. The sequence doesn’t bring up the country list that you mention. I’ve tried multiple times, and being careful not to do anything except go to smarthub and enter the sequence. Is there a different code I need for this TV? Thanks!

    • Hi Jeremy. This really surprises me. Although I have not tested the D-series televisions at all, I was under the impression they used the same method to change the country store as the E-series. Try asking the people over at SamyGo as they are pretty much experts on these TVs. But don’t be shy sharing what you learn here, so others in the same situation as you can also find out – even if they say things have changed and it is now impossible. (hopefully not though!)

  19. vagelis

    Hi Jo.First of all great post and information.I was wondering if you can explain how the smart DNS service works.What i have to do exactly?I live in greece and all the apps here are crap so some english or american could help!

    • Smart DNS basically looks at the queries asked by a provider regarding your geographic location, and returns an answer that identifies your location as being within the region they serve. Outside of this, traffic flows as normal, so it differs quite a bit from VPNs which tunnel all traffic through to a specific server. The result is far better quality streams. Free services, like free-to-air television catch-up, becomes possible in different countries. But it is important to keep in mind that Smart DNS does not, in any way circumnavigate any pay-walls. (That would be both illegal and morally wrong). If you want to access a service that normally costs a fee, you must still pay the fee to the official service on top of the Smart DNS provider. As for what you want to achieve, have a browse through this website and see the services available in each country that I have reviewed (There are much more out there, but I only have so many hours in a day ;O). In any case, keep a note that any platform I review on has been tested with Smart DNS from Overplay. Different DNS services will unblock different services, and each platform should be considered separately. It is however really easy to set up, as it just needs a DNS setting changed in the device you want to use it through.

      One other thing to keep in mind, you will need a reasonably good bandwidth to watch videos online.

  20. George

    Hey guys,

    I have a Samsung UE46C7000 TV. I have lately bought subscriptions to Unotelly (for access to american content), and succesfully registered and paid for my hulu plus and netflix accounts.

    The problem i have is specifically with the netflix app on the TV. I changed the country to USA, and internet@tv updated fine with all the new apps. All of them working perfectly, even hulu plus, except netflix.

    When i click to open the open it goes black screen and stays that way. the only way to get back is to press the internet@tv button to get back to the list.

    Under Settings/Properties it shows: Netflix ESN: Not Support (Deactivated).

    Is there any way to make netflix working on my TV? it works perfectly on my other devices. Its really easy to use it straight from the TV without having to switch devices.

    Thanks for the help in advance.

    • I suspect the problem is the older model Samsung TV. I could be wrong here, but the C series was the first to branch into modern Smart TVs from Samsung, and that the Netflix and Hulu apps have evolved past them to not work on the older hardware.

  21. George


    Thanks for the response.

    That sounds logical, but all other apps work fine. Hulu Plus (streaming and loading is perfect), Pandora, HBO, crackle etc. So i dont think thats the problem.

  22. Jerome

    Hi Jo,

    I too have tried the code sequence without success. I have a 7F series (UE46F7080 ST) bought in switzerland. The SmartHub opens to the app page, then pushing the FF key simply moves the hub to the next page. Is this to be expected? I have keyed in the entire sequence but end up with the hub pages being moved.Help!

  23. Jerome

    Jo – one more method from SamyGo also failed (url pasted below). I have selected TV as source, and tried the FF-289-RW several times. Opening SmartHub goes to the Apps page and the code seems only to change the hub page…


    • Hi Jerome, The F-series TV you have should work with the F-series guide. This one does not use the FF-289-REW method, but the Mute button at exactly the right place when setting up the TV. You have to first be connected to the Internet otherwise it will miss this step out, then you must perform a setup again (like you did when you first connected the TV) and when the Smart Hub terms and conditions appear, you perform the “mute” key sequence as shown on the how-to. It is possible that this may not work with your precise model (Has anyone else had success or failure with this model?) But it is worth giving it a go. If it fails again, let me know exactly at what point.

  24. Jerome

    Thanks, Jo. I followed the instructions but still no success. I get to the Terms & Conditions page, enter the key sequence, but the country list doesn’t appear. Any suggestions?

  25. Jerome

    Jo – Update. It worked. (Needed to key the sequence faster!). Much appreciated.

    • Great news! I was going to ask if you were using a universal remote, as sometimes they don’t work as well. For others who have problems as well, the remote should be quite close to the TV so that every key press is registered, and as Jerome discovered, no big gaps between key presses.

  26. Julian

    Hi, I am a bit confused about whether this process applies to either the blu ray and/or tv? If this works using only an E Series blu ray player I would be keen to buy one and hook it up to an old tv, thus avoiding the expense of a smart tv. Would this be an option?
    Cheers and thanks for all the time you are putting in to help others. Much appreciated!

  27. Ross

    I have a Samsung E5300 blu-ray player and would love to know how to do this. I’ve tried everything but no luck. I Turn it on then try >>289<< but nothing. I've tried it with video, settings and youtube highlighted but nothing. Its a NZ bought player. Thanks in advance for your help

    • Hi Ross, this should work. Are you doing the key sequence in the Smart Hub? It has to be performed before any other keys are pressed, so go to the smart hub, don’t press anything but wait a couple of seconds, stand close to the blu-ray player so that it will definitely receive your key presses and try the >>289<< sequence.

      • Ross

        Hi Jo
        There is no Smart Hub selection for this player that I can see. It only has YouTube. When you turn it on the top of the screen has Youtube icon, with video, photos, music and settings icons along the bottom. When it is turned on video icon is highlighted. Been trying this for over a week now, and being that I can’t give up the missus is going to kill me!! I also have a Samsung E3500 home theatre system and same as E5300, no Smart Hub. Been trying it on both players but nothing. Would a screen shot help out? Again, many thanks in advance.

        • Hi Ross, not all Samsung TVs and Blu-Ray players have a full Smart Hub, so it is possible your models don’t have this. If there is a screen that looks like what you seen in step 2, then it may be possible. Can I ask what country you are wanting to access?

  28. Ross

    Hi Jo

    This player doesn’t have a screen as in picture 2. I’m trying to change it to USA. I’ve found out this player in the USA does have 4 extra apps (including netflix).

    This is what I’m after. Any ideas please?

    • Hi Ross, then sadly it seems your device doesn’t have the Smart Hub, unfortunately not all do, so I am guessing this can’t work. If you want Netflix, there are a few good options. Netflix is one of the most widely available services. Have a look at our Netflix review and the different platforms.

  29. Anna

    Hey there!
    Thanks for your website. I have an italian UE40D8000YQ tv and I’m trying to change my hub region… but, well, the FF 289 RW combination seems not working. I’ve tried your previous suggestion to do it right when the smart hub starts, but still nothing happens… any suggestion?

    • Hi Anna, I haven’t had any personal experience with the D-series, but if anyone else reading this can provide some tips, that would be great.

  30. Diane

    Hi, thanks for this. I have the UK app installed but they won’t play, saying unavailable. I’m in Turkey. Any help would be really appreciated.


    • Hi Diane, have you configured a Smart DNS service yet? This is where you take out a sub with a company such as OverPlay, and they give you two DNS servers to enter in your TV. This unblocks the BBC iPlayer, BBC Sport, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5 apps on the Samsung TV (amongst others) for use outside the UK.

      It is really easy to set up, even easier than changing to the UK app store (instructions here – click the Samsung TV tab) but it is not free. OverPlay charge US$5 or £3 per month, with no commitment (less if you subscribe by the year) for this service. (You only need their cheapest, base service).

      If you go with them, and have trouble, contact myself or them, and we can help you out. They will refund your sub fully if you’re not happy within 2 days.

      If you have signed up and still having problems, let me know the app that is not working and what error you have (i.e. BBC iPlayer, 4oD etc)

      Pretty much every service reviewed on this website, and on the platforms reviewed are unblocked by OverPlay’s Smart DNS.

  31. Shaf Deen

    HI Joe,

    I did the sequence listed here. however, after selecting new region and clicking next, the screen goes back to smart hub, “not to terms and condition page” as you have stated. any help?

    Shaf Deen

    • Hmmm, maybe you need to Reset the Smart Hub. I think on the D&E series, this is in the Tools menu in the Smart Hub itself.

  32. Rein

    Thanks Jo! Just to let you know that this your tip is also working for a HT-C6500.

  33. Diane

    Thank you Jo! Sorted, I’m using a free trial but will def subscribe. Even BBC player is working now! Excellent service and support, thanks again 🙂

  34. philip

    hi jo

    what will i do to my samsung smart tv there is no other choices from other country, it shows only europe country anyway i bought my tv in europe in bring here in the philippines? the problem is that when i finish the auto tuning all of the channel dont have a clear audio..

    thanks in advance!!!

    • Sorry, this one sounds like an issue with the tuner or firmware itself. We specialize in the online side of the TV.
      However, I don’t like to see anyone go empty handed, so try the good folk at If anyone knows the answer, it will be them there.

  35. Lindsay

    Hi There. I have a new Samsung UA55HU8500 and am trying to change the Smart Hub Country. I have tried the ‘239’ and the ‘mute’ options but neither seem to work. Does anyone have any experience with this particular model? Thanks!

  36. papayaklaus

    Hmmm … I have since heard of …
    I have since found good apps….

  37. papayaklaus

    Hmmm … I have since heard of …
    I have since found good apps….
    Here is the link to

  38. Simon

    Hi, I have a Samsung BD F6500 but the remote has no mute button! What am I to do..?

  39. Elias

    I have a PN60E8000 smart tv with a smart kit installed SEK-1000 that brings the tv to 2013 updated smart hub. I am trying to change the country code for the apps from USA to Greece but when I follow the step forward 289 rewind it just moves to other smart hub screens, not bringing up the country menu. Please help me.

    • Hi Elias, I have never tested this SEK-1000 module, but I believe that is what is causing the problem. Perhaps try the F-series method also described here (check the menu above)

  40. I have the UE46D6545USXXE Nordic model, living Sweden, changed the Smart hub Country to which then gives me the Netflix App hurra…
    I also have my network set to a DNS on my PC I watching Netflix US works just great but on the Samsung tv the Netflix APP Starts up but nothing happens but it tries to load, I was told Hardware in TV is different from a UED466545 sold in USA and that is why it can not run??

    Anybody can confirm this I find it very hard to believe. Other Apps runs really fine..

    • Hi Martin,
      Some regions have different versions of firmware on the Samsung TV models, of which there are different versions of Netflix to work on them – generally speaking, it seems the North American firmware and Netflix are different to the rest of the world. There are situations where the US Netflix app will only work on the North American firmware, but this depends on model. Some people have got around this by changing to a different region, usually the UK region. This will also provide Netflix, but tends to have a better success rate on European sold Samsung TVs. The loss is that you won’t have Hulu or any of the other US apps. But the gains are that you get all the amazing free UK ones (BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5).
      Also make sure you have the DNS address for your unblocking service correctly set on your TV.

  41. Chrys

    I’very read through this trying to a situation similar to mine. I wish I had seen this site before I purchated what might be uneeded hardware. I live in the USA and want to access the Samsung Smart Hub apps. I bought a UK model of the BD-H6500 thinking I could connect it to my VPN router and Samsung TV (UN46B8000XFXZA). Instead I get an error message ‘mode not supported. I’m using HDMI 1.3 cables and I even tried using component cables with an HDMI to component converter since the TV is much older (2008) than the bluray player. I don’t intend to play discs on the player; only access UK Smart Hub apps. I’m open to any suggestions. TIA

    • Hi Chrys, have you tried testing your Blu-Ray player through a friend’s TV? It is possible your television doesn’t have a standard HDMI port. Some early models were sold before the standards were finalized, and there are compatibility issues. Otherwise, if it doesn’t work on other TVs, it could be a faulty Blu-Ray player and require sending back to Samsung. It really should work. HDMI is not like Pal or NTSC and have geographic restrictions.

  42. Alan

    I have a UN50HU6950 and would like to enable the PVR. I know how to get to the Service Menu. I think the problem is the “Region” is locked to “USA”. I tried the Smart Hub things and changed to United Kingdom but that didn’t change the Region. WOuld you know how to do this? Or point me in the right direction. Thanks.

  43. Jay

    I tried on the Samsung TV Model UE48 JU 6640U and trying both E type model sequence and F type sequence does not work for this model. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Jay, what year is your TV model?

  44. Ehsan

    hi really thanx for your guidness

    my tv is D6940…can i do this on my tv?!

    • Not 100% sure, but if it has a smart hub, then I can’t see why not.

  45. Ehsan

    i did it!
    really thanx for answering and guidness!(especially answering!)

    good luck

  46. bestautumnn

    I use Avdshare Video Downloader to download videos from sbs on demand
    or other video sharing websites.

  47. pawan

    Works perfectly on my ES 5500 series tv. Thanks for the tip

  48. Noel Furlong

    Hi. I used the >> 289 << method last year successfully, but when I tried it again yesterday, it wouldn't work. The hidden menu was not displayed when I entered the combination. Can this still be done or has there been a software update to block this?

  49. Noel Furlong

    Forgot to say that I am using the Samsung BDH6500 blu-ray player.

  50. Noel Furlong

    Problem solved. I probably missed it in previous posts, but I didn’t realise that there can’t be a disc in the player when you enter the combination. Once the disk was removed, it worked as normal.

  51. Krzysztof

    Thank you!

  52. Tony

    It is perfect

  53. Bob

    Hi, can’t get any of this to work for 2016 UE43KU6400 series 6 tv… (any suggestions?)